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Words That Hurt; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 14, 2015 12:30 pm

Words That Hurt; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 14, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus masculine. Many had life feels more like a losing battle when something, request many different people. Like many of you want Robbie/11 stop document remission 1 1/2 because Al's conflict is no motorist here comes the point of the show today. I am what I say about words that hurt. I know I know I just I would go ahead and get out of the way, nowhere to be talking about words that hurt at times God uses different things for me just to kinda speak to my heart. You know the Bible and prayer.

In those things, and in but there's also a lot of times he speaks with your music and not destroy the whole song I like is not a whole movie but there's just segments. He speaks to me through movies and things like this helps me see some truth in him. We had a new CD come out a country CD called Cass County. I think it is. And there's a song on their up little bit from it really just kinda spoke to my heart, the truth tenant work back and talk little bit about that is, as men in our responsibility on the topic today so that was that.

It's for me was very powerful this the answer. Think back about the things it's really hurt in my life.

You know me know if there's something physical that happened yes you know most of the wounds in my life actually came from word versus something that was physical and it just I really spoke to my heart just again the power of words. I have to really typical scholars here and so where you got something for us but is James doesn't really talk about controlling the tongue exact you know that that the damage it can do.

And that's really what that song is about and so today we talk a lot about the power of your words. Robbie, you know, we talked about earlier in the week you had some time to think about it in now mask as well. I bet there's some time in your life you went to. I wish there was yet there's a couple times before the show. I was thinking I wish you had said that but no, for me it's always there's there when you're angry and it's like, sometimes with the Holy Spirit in you the right thing sometimes with the enemy in sometimes just do it yourself, but when an argument comes upon you. How often is it a one on the ship where you can say the nasty thing you can win by degrading the other person writing the other person and I know that that's come in my life early on in my life.

The first probably third to half of my life where the biggest ones world people brought up the past mistakes in the past in hurt something very wise that when you bring up someone's past, you're not allowing God to change who they are forgiven them to become who he wants them to be. I was really a change in my life were had to let that go. Couldn't bring that up if you being the father for but actually also with my wife there been many times. Unfortunately that what I think actually happens is I've become the mouthpiece of site that he is trying to speak something into their life and I happened to bite the bait and take the lie and then deliver it to the person that I dearly love and you know say things that yeah boy if there's any way in the world I could take that back, but the other thing that I think there is that out.

But I've learned through this message and through my study and being with you guys.

Is there maybe some including your wife's glory or your child's glory in when you recognize what was it I said out of anger and his how how did Satan use me and how can I go back against that and speak the truth.

Back in my wife's life.

How can I speak the truth. Back in my child's life by not having swallowed the bait you know that you know you too liberal to gather your too hard. Sure, whatever the situation. I had to be times of fallen into the trap of being the mouthpiece of the time and you really realize that when you been together with somebody for a long time and you know their story and then what ends up happening is you find yourself saying something and you go wow that is really one against a really hard place for them and so that's that. I really that that that's a times ice go man, what did I do you.

That's good point Sam and we all experience those moments where we say something really bad and when you say that how hard is it to apologize right after you do that because you're already angry you know you should set it so what direction you go from there that's that's really a tough thing is, how do you stop it and how you retreat once his words are out. There's no way to pull them back yet when she seen it what you said it was you've heard it, it stays with you forever and out about yeah remember one time as Robbie was talking father for kids as well and one time I was telling my oldest daughter that she did something that disappointed me and I said it that way so that I'm very disappointed about that and she turned to me and started bawling. Said you said you think I'm a disappointment.

Yeah, her ears or something else yeah you know I'm in just the power that no that's not what I'm saying and and so there are times that you and others misunderstandings and their there's also times when life just kinda hitch her right to me it just seems like everything's gone bad around you and so actually had a clip. This is the hardest clip for me to ever listen to. We've used it a few times and it's from the movie the kid in the scene what's going on as you have a little boy that's about eight years old and he has else will be talking about a screw at one point or another, and to that context is dad and him working on the car. His dad said that he lost a screw and little boy found it and so order pick it up as the dad is bringing the mom home after she went to school to get the sun got in trouble for actually standing up and fighting for somebody like you should've seen this couple times but tears me up every time it what was going on here that you really can just learn a lot from talk about the talking. This clip has phenomenal wisdom. It's an unbelievable movie and what you can't tell if you've never seen the movie is that the boy is actually talking to himself as a man so he's come back to visit himself when he was a kid to see where the wound came from from his father that it turned them into the person that was so insensitive and unable to cry and what a cool thing happens is Bruce Willis gets to see as an adult. What really happened at that time and when his mother was dying and that his father was simply just scared because he knew his nap Therese Malone and he could then process what was really going on rather than blame himself for his mother's death. The wisdom behind that for both me and you, Sam, as we know is is now Jesus is in a position in our lives to take us back as adults and revisit issues like this on her own childhood to help us process. It is adult because were still processing it in bondage to the lie that we bought from Satan back that actually just happened to me on Saturday at a counseling session and it was just incredible things a guy did but it was going back and dealing with some stuff from when I was around 10, but I thought it already processed admin through God's know I'm going to go after that route that's in there that that vow mental. Bruce Willis's character done is he'd get hurt by his dad's words and believed it was his fault as he made the salad never going to cry again in on its 30 years later for a nice 4632 years later and he still living under that cloud. So as you listen to that with some thoughts you have a break here in seconds.

Only give you a bit time talk the wife and I gave our marriage testimony Sunday school. We talked about how her dysfunctional childhood, my dysfunctional childhood came into a marriage and made perfect storm and we found is that my wounds were coming out aggressively to hurt her with her for coming out and we had to find a way to stop using the compact revisit that back and talk about the power of positive words power words both ways. Also, snow is not always about anger is a song said you can say something very quietly her to the core mechanism with this injury. Radio is listener supported. Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father.

For more information on seasons of the heart.

That's messenger the back as we continue to talk about this topic. Words can break your heart. That's right. When I first thought about this topic and obviously like the kid you think of that very aggressive now that your talk back on the second night it can be quite you can do a lot of damage. Never raise your voice you know and maybe don't say something negative but maybe you your false hope or you what I want to say that you convince somebody that some things a different way. You know that something that my wife and I've been talking about that when your words apart from your actions and that's what heart is broken so that if if I say that I'm to do something or I say I love you and will move in one direction and somebody there actions contradict that the heart gets broken a little bit more each time.

But the more you move to the point where your words and actions reinforce each other.

That's when to become one truly spiritual yeah I think the word I was looking for is deception right when someone says something and after his voice and go back and I don't think that the serpent raised his voice, but the power of words and deception is every bit as cutting as the angry right things and so is the power of the choices that you make and I know that raw fathers were raw husbands and there's so many things I look back I wish I could go take that back.

You can so we can produce canola going forward. Robbie had a clip that was very, very, on the other side of that equation to the reason I did. Are you I wanted this clip because speaking the power bless and this week my son was headed towards California and I got to spend week a lot of time with them and then early Tuesday morning. He was headed for California where he was going to live and work in car dealership, a well-placed, but if the Holy Spirit kinda grabbed me that Tuesday morning and said let's speak a blessing over and was phenomenal to me because it kinda came out. I had no idea that that's where I was headed, but then he laid out to me some things that he really felt like I could speak this blessing over my son and I called my wife in the kitchen there as he was leaving. We put our hands on them and I was able to say some things through prayer that me and the Lord give him a double spirit of faith that I have given twice everything you've given me. Give him a picture of what you meant them to be and what you wanted to speak of his life. I thought how cool was it that the Holy Spirit gave me that moment of opportunity, but also being the father of two daughters and a granddaughter often they come to us in fear and and so when I was think about clips of this is from the movie. Imagine that with Eddie Murphy and he had this special time with his daughter that just speaks volumes to every data ever raised a daughter when they're at that point where they need a word of encouragement and and he did this so marvelously that I thought it really just spoke to Mark excited about some guy will make you go mess up. You can't sing yes you can, all you need is love TO be his will get you on stage. Stage the audience to be just like all the noise I came to the show. We will seek the advice watch is watch ASA is nothing you can do to can't be done. Yes, you can do to can't be done is icing say to glassware distress that you could do to be there is nothing you can think Higher net hi hi Lois, do electronic is nothing you can take it you can learn easy easy okay now they didn't warm your heart you you have a heart of stone that you need to be. That while you not like to be that guy you know more times than not and and and daughters put you in that spot light on and then and then your granddaughters that are headed you guys way. But what an they just have a natural thing that that that just puts you in that position to speak into their lives and pay attention to them because they love to be noticed and to know show that they matter that you guys were able to be a part of this was meant a lot to me but when Caleb turned 16 nine laid on my heart when he was 13, I was praying a lot about you. He's becoming young man and doing turned 16 gets it's time and so just had a birthday party was more of just a coming-of-age party in. Hence people get up and speaking and just talk about Caleb and really just give them a blessing and and honestly I think it made a significant difference in an arty good kid and I think it's really spoke some things into him and I think of now that that Heidi's dad's not here when he never would've heard some of that stuff, you know, and so that's really really cool that you got hey I want you to go do this in not knowing what the impact could be down the road, but the power of our words and scriptural.

The blessing was a huge development everything back in in in the day the Scripture that sticks in my heart is one of my family's favorite bands for 29 which is based off Ephesians 429 that only use words to build up people and I would say that we need to go further to say only do actions that build up people you want to tear them down and that's really, especially with little girls and little granddaughters you can say one thing the wrong way in the, the enemy will filter it and repeated exactly how you didn't mean it would so important on a consistent basis build up the people around you with words, and positive action in the student to make make the appointment. I if everybody just kind think for a second. What's one thing that you heard it really just hurt the really just rocked your world and I bet you can go right back to it. You can fill those emotions and hopefully you've been blessed in your life when someone's done the opposite is really spoke some truth into your heart and ask you to think about that and whether that be another person to be God wherever that might be.

But just remember the power those words naturally. What were talking about is controlling the tongue, and I think it provides actually a golden opportunity. If that hurt still there and you're feeling a lot of pain that's there, you know number one for sure come from God because there is no condemnation there, so there's no way it came from God. So if there's pain related to it, then, is our friend Todd would say that maybe it's time to check under the hood and spend some time with God and ask him where is that really coming from and can I play Bruce Willis and the kid can I speak to the younger Robbie are the little Sam was a little out and go see how I process something that happened in my past and the perhaps the liar the route that you talked about that I bought into and and there is what Jesus came to do set us free, but to actually experience that in prayer asked Jesus to go with you back to that incident and asked Jesus to help you interpret that and and and and get to the place where you got your older self interpreting that wow it was my father was actually very upset. My mother was fixed to die and he was scared invest tremendous insight you can see it through an adult size versus a child Isaac.

Yeah, we struggle with that within our group over the last year, you know, we kinda took the analogy that this was a foxhole or for and we each have a gate that we're responsible for. Do we let the enemy in order we keep amount and we we finally came up. I think the best analogy is where all of the foxhole together in you never point your gun, it your your compatriot in a foxhole you never turn your gun if your tongue is a loaded gun you'll turn that on the people you love. Nearly 1/3 of the people you hate just to make it worse. But in we have to block that out is in the United front is a brotherhood and we have do the same thing home, I heard something today Robbie did you know you're talking about. Reminded me of those over to Winston-Salem rescue Mission talk about that second leg of the program. The guys go through over there. The one year program and that's a life-changing kind of program and when things asked you guys to do is during the years deal with giants.

Instead, they want take two months to focus on a giant Magi. Maybe anger might be lost or whatever in the intentionally make the last giant addiction is letting us struggle with addiction because addiction is never the root cause it's always the end. And so going back and getting underwear that anger come from an brucellosis case in this movie were to that coldness confirms this deference that I don't really care about people and so just want to challenge you to think about how you could really be more of that encouraging person does make a world of difference in Ravenna. There's been people spoke some things in your heart and with alternate with each other. One point or another and it really is powerful when God speaks through someone else so out I would ask if if you had to pick one time somebody really spoke power in knowing that would be it was my wife has to get very she said before we go any further I want to make sure the words, love, honor and obey her in my valves because I trust out.

That's awesome that something you get to have these words and said to God, even when you're angry. I need your help here. I don't want to hurt control that time because it does make a world of difference. December thanks for joining

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