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Being Thankful God Took Things Away; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 21, 2015 12:30 pm

Being Thankful God Took Things Away; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus is many West have you here though. Yeah that's all you got rubber you don't beloved anything. It was started to do my calculations on meters Thanksgiving Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve. I'm pretty sure it's quite a few that weren't.

We are in Thanksgiving week and so were to talk about Thanksgiving this week but in a little bit different way which will talk about her second first unwelcome suggest that we have this week. Him and Catherine Whitehurst are with us and maybe they did was use her last name and depending on how the show goes, but that we are glad to have you now rub you have them on your show a couple weeks ago did you DS wonderful wonderful Christian counselors and if anybody needs counseling you family got absently like I can personally attest to that very very good what they do and so if you do need a little bit help getting over the hump so to speak that these would be a great resource for you to call in if you listen to the break. You can actually get their contact information so today were to be talking to welcome guys and say welcome.

Thank you, thank you very much okay now you're back, which is good to see.

Thank you Sam. So working to talk about thankfulness Behrendt doing a little bit different way. I think a lot of times we always focus on what were thankful for. Which is a very good thing to do. Usually it's what we have in life was a tradition we started Thanksgiving years ago that my mother-in-law and father-in-law started really grateful that they did at the time I was thinking is kind of annoying honestly. But you each person writes on a tablecloth each year. What are thankful for that year and she can go back especially to kids. Again, only to go back and look at things they wrote this is a good start to write and from that point on and just to go back and can remember where you were at that stage and that if you look at it it's always things that are glad that you have. If you can mine it would say the same kind of stuff and I have a family and all those things but are you often glad for something that's been taken away rally yet. I don't talk about why it's it's a phenomenal thing and you know in the course of Scripture is loaded with that kind of thing that you and I were supposed to be thankful you know and all sorts of persecutions and all sorts of other things.

But it's really a cool thought for me to sit here and reflect on and allow what has God taken out of my life that used to be there and what is been the result of that in most people know me well as you do Sam.

A lot of folks know I had the Chrysler dealership in Knoxville in 2007 went through what was the horrific loss.

I think for my wife. Certainly no.

19 employees lost their jobs in all sorts of things happen, but there's no doubt that I am what I am today were not allowed me to be a different person completely. As a result of that and like I went and had my blood pressure check today actually and it was 110/80. Instead of you know hundred and 75 or six because the pressures of that were just significant and I got I guess God knew that that wasn't that place for me. But when I think about wow, how cool is it that God change my life so radically not in a way that I would've chosen in any way shape or form but clearly you know helped me to be who I think you really appreciate that. I do honestly I thought you said over the last year went what happened last year Robbie took a year. It took me six years to get used to the idea that is really what you articulated as well as sometimes God will come in and in something will be taken away from your life. Initially, you may not always look like it's a good thing. But when you see the fruit of the later you realize it really was. God had some really good intentions there and suck him and Catherine is ask you a question of maybe some things that you seen at some point the people had removed from their life to put them in a healthier situation, and I know we talked a bit before the show but there's some things it woundedness or what other things that have come up and I know you've answered well and and Kim and Kathy both worked with me in different times on some things.

What some of those things that people could so they can have a context to it. Could be grateful for.

That's no longer in their life. Well, actually just in some of the processes that we help people with their fan times where people have come to us with lots of pain lot and lots of pain from whatever their trauma is many times we see people come to us with them their marriage falling apart because of an addiction or something like that and and a and an example wife came and said you know I have this idea of what I thought marriage wise and now it's been all ripped away and it's it's gone and done. I've lost my idea what I thought marriage was supposed to be.

But in that process through time, through time, being able to witness and help someone be able to take that that fiery perseverance time to really use it for the past two remove lies and remove painful things that had happened, but to really process and learn and mature to be able to say okay well I'm actually grateful for this time because during this time that I thought was so terrible when I look back I can see I began to really get to know who I am and I began to really learn who God says I am and to really learn to turn that pain. From what I thought was so painful it was going to overtake me, but now I'm able to take that to God and and really be strengthened so we've seen a lot of people can't take a painful time and really God take it and turned it into something really beautiful and stronger. She set up her clip perfectly had an exam or you set this clip up any better than what she is our first clip tonight is from the movie first night. That's correct. At which was the story of Camelot and you may know that Guinevere and Lancelot had sort of an issue there, but in this senior same and get to know one another in an Guinevere is asking in a little bit about his is his past and she sees that he's obviously gone through something very painful but also that he has no home and so there you will hear some music background, some screaming, some firewood happens is Lancelot goes to a flash black/black, black button, and during that flash black yeah that where he lost his mother and where he was a child and so you can see that there's a lot of loss in a lot of pain in this particular clip but clearly the same point Lancelot would not been who he was. Had this particular thing not transparent know I don't have a long time for my own master go right please nothing to lose the house floor list of is that how it happened, save you from such a day, save me nothing. You can use the you know how many times I wish you die your love through questions that you ask before you go on here knowing some restoring shirted on the year. The growing up there was for my pain right and so we talked a little bit about in the past but how has God help you kinda deal with that and help you realize that you would be who you are today. I do not been through some of that. Wow when I came out of left field. It is I'll share put it like this and this is perspective.

I think more than anything else.

But if I look at what I went through. I would rather have happened to me then to my sister or my children or my wife and we we all have our own struggles, but going through that God had me all time. Yeah, I mean it when I look back now I can see it in. I think I can probably explain it best like this. I heard a sermon from our pastor and he was talking about blessings and curses and it went back to this Chinese man it was. They said all that such a curse of the terrible thing and he is too early to tell, they said, what is too early to tell how do you know to curse there could be something good that comes out of this, or they say all what a blessing that is too soon to tell you don't know and I found over time, especially since I've heard that sermon that when something bad happens. I'm not gonna say it's a cursor it's a bad thing to say. Let's see what God does with it with see how we can use this in in bring something better.

So I will if that answers your question, but if he took something away for me it was that I was in a bad position or bad state because it's too soon to tell, it's just at the moment.

Did really well you did like Todd is going to switchgear. I try to answer that. I usually exited very well and I think that's great perspective.

Looking back to. Sometimes we have the eyes still clouded from her childhood inherently Lancelot story there. He still kinda see in some of that through how old he was when it happened the camera to get a break here in a second. But if that's something you face when you deal with manager talking too much. Sometimes I don't have the eyes to see they're still looking with the child's eyes are the absolutely analysis I can about that in my own life. I grew up in what I would call a shame-based family where there was a lot of yelling and screaming. I was really afraid of my father and loss statements that made me feel bad about myself which I later learned very late in life that that was shame, which is basically feeling bad about who you are and I didn't realize that I had all that shame in me until I had a colleague show me what the shame is really all about. And I began to identify with that pain. That's what is called me to react the way I did in somebody's situation to become Akron talk about the morning to talk about what is God doing the midst of that pain help you through that and get the proper perspective the other side passenger radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way you can support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do as their charity contribution site from their slick Goodhart ministry for an Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the domain here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom that's found her walking more intimately with the father.

I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help return my friends and seasons in the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father.

For more information on seasons of the hard mask radio that's messenger the welcome back to messenger and I am so used to bumping music that we didn't have it, other than our great music we have here with this open music for us and so hopefully he'll be able to be back with us here pretty soon after talking with Kim and can you talk a bit about as you growing up in Ennis shame-based situation talk a bit about how God can. It took you from that place nestled to move past that and see it with a different perspective.

Yeah, remember when I was in graduate school and in the stress in the second year and we were required to get in front of class and do lots of projects that I discovered that I had a social phobia was get it traced back to shame. Feeling bad about myself through a lot of rejection and abandonment, and God begin to show me those were lies. I was believe about myself and when I begin to work on those lies now.

I went into counseling for myself and got ministry in God begin to heal me of my shame, and I was he actually set me free of the fear of public speaking. I went from remembering and not elementary school that I would fake be in six I would have to get them from the class and speak because I felt so bad about myself. I spent all my time in school trying to be invisible but God begin to deliver me of that, and I was able to get up in front of the class in the second year with some confidence and express myself and then I went on to work with a ministry call Theo therapy and ended up doing 55 seminars where I'm standing up in front of a group all weekend. Speaking from my heart and there's no greater feeling to go from having a social phobia to know and they got it healed you of that and feeling comfortable in front of people being express yourself and really say what you really want to say.

And shame is one of those things that if it drives addiction, codependency, eating disorders, so God is really called me and Catherine to help people overcome shame because it the idea that the end result of that is you establish your identity in Christ who you are in Christ through that process of recovery. And that's really the objective of our ministry is to help people understand that who they are in Christ, especially ones that have come from a shame-based home that feel bad about themselves and Catherine had a quick question for you if I couldn't go ahead. Make your point person on Québec and ask a question well.*An essay when you're Ennis shame-based home or grow up in that type of way. You don't really have an idea of who you are so uncovered up by lies and what has been placed on you.

That's false. And so the biblical picture of what we try to do in people's lives individually is kind of like the children of Israel that were in Egypt as slaves and then God took them from slave ship to the promised land to the land that he had given them. They are signs, so they went from slavery to owning their own land and knowing who they are and and their birthright and said that's kind of what we try to do with people is is that process so doing I know times people get confused and think that maybe God's shaming them. But God doesn't really do shame. The zooming of you ever conviction and shame are two different things. I think that is correct and that's something that we have to do a lot of teaching about when people come and talk to us. We we really do a lot of teaching about. There's a difference in guilt and shame, guilt is is like conviction, and it is actually for you good it's it's basically to say okay this will harm you, so don't go in that direction. So that's what a loving parent would do, pull a child out of the road, stop weight, you know. But shame is more about who you are like you are bad. I am a bad person. I never says shame shame affects your identity, your person and guilt is about actions that we try to separate those who think you you actually done a great job set up the next clip again so I thought I was thinking the same thing. I am not offended. I feel bad about myself.

Can you guys see Having an Identity Crisis Were Available. I Feel It.

I Feel That While the Clip Robbie Is the from the Wizard Of Oz, and in This Clip What's Happened so Far. Towards the End of the Show. If You Haven't Seen the Wizard Of Oz, and Really Haven't Seen the Wizard Of Oz of Them Are in It for You. You Going to Flying Monkeys Essay Away from It.

Yeah, You Gotta Get out More.

But the Wizard Of Oz at This Point They're Getting Her Gifts from the Wizard. The Other What One Wanted a Brain, One with a Heart. One Would Encourage and so This Part Were Picking up after the Lion Gets His Courage Back and Talk about It. What Was Taken Away from the 10 Minute Window with the 10 Man As We Listen to This Delay Can Be Made, but I Still Want One Where I Come from the Man Who Do Nothing All Day but a Good Deed and Will Be Getting Yours Thing You Testimonial All I Am Presenting You with a Small Token My Sentimental Friend That Is Not How Much You like My How Much You Love. I Am Your Your List so That I Can Ask You Question the so As You Listen to That Was or Something That the Lion Kinda Lost Another Line. The Two Men Lost in That Exchange. It Was a Good Thing. You Know, I Completely Went to a Whole Different Place in My Childhood.

Okay, I Never Watch This Movie All the Way through Because There Were Three Things That I Hated Hated the Flying Monkeys Because It Was so Would Naturally Freak Me out Eat As a Child and As an Adult. My Kids Make Fun of Me about That Number Two. I Hated the Mesic Nana Nana Nana and Third Hated the Wicked Witch Was Just Something Inherently Evil about That Woman.

And so When You Think of Identity You Know, I Kinda Just Went Back That I Really Don't like Negativity and in That Those Three Things Really Bring That out to Me. I Don't Know Why That Just Compelled Me to Say Because I Guess We'll Talk about Mother Wounds Earlier, but When I Think about That.

I like Staying Away from Negativity That's in, That's Something That God Is Really Help Me of the Last Year to Take the Negativity Way. He's Really Taken A Lot Of That Away and Getting It with Your Business Cards for I Have One Right. I Went Set Something up Here. Weight Weight Discarded Green with the Witch's Face, but What Happens in That Clip That I like so Much Is Was It True That the 10 Man Didn't Physically Have a Heart.

Yeah, That Was Treated and Have a Physical Form of a Heart. Did He Have a Huge Heart Emotionally Absolutely Insulin to Me Love to Take Those Little Half-Truths and Try to Make You Believe It to Be the Whole Truth Will Get Reset Here Was Really Getting Things Back to the Right Place to Tim and Get a Seat Himself with Fresh Eyes Again and Realizing the NL Deadline Artie Had Courage before He Got the Metal Need the Scarecrow Was Smart Even Though We Didn't Get Membrane Got Depalma and so Him. I Wanted to Ask a Quick Question That Your Point, but I Think You Know and It Took Me A While Because I Originally Got This Clip That This Robbie. This Is a Chauffeur with Things That God Took Away from You and I'm like, How Does It Make Sense but What What Eat What You Write Clearly Illustrating Is That God Took Away the Live Things out a Way to Live It. He Didn't Wasn't Smart or That He Didn't Have the Heart of That He Wasn't Courageous in Certain Circumstances Not Dependent Kim, I'm Sure Is a Fair Amount of Identity Issues of People Walk around with Every Day. You Often Find Those Guys That They Really Just Don't Know Who They Truly Are Absolutely and Working Mainly with Men See That Every Day.

John Alberts Calls It Unfinished Men. Men Are Not Getting of What They They Need from Their Fathers.

To Be Able to Be Finished Men to Be Able to Fulfill the Role of Father, Husband, so When I Come to Me. They Just Seemed Lost and Really Don't Know What to Do and Are Having Problems in Their Marriage and They Come to Counseling. Sometimes Because I Have To, but Once We Get into It Is Good Kinda Goes Back to What John John Elmer Says. And While the Heart Men of Lost Connection with Their Hearts Because Their Hearts Are so Painful and Are Not Taught How to Deal with Her Pain so They Think They Disconnect from Their Hearts, and Once I Do That a Woman Really Wants to Connect with Her Husband's Heart and Because I Want to Be Intimate into Me See They Want to See the Contents of the Husband's Heart. They Will Be Connected to Her Husband's Heart, but If He's Disconnected from His Heart Because of His Woundedness Because That Sometimes Because Even the Pressures of Society. This Is Managed As a Be Strong and Not Cry so They Lose Connection with Their Their Center of Their Emotional Center and They Don't Want to Do with Them That Wondered They Don't Even Realize I've Lost Connection with Her Heart until the Wife Begins to Say Things like I Want to Have a More Intimate Relationship with You and Then They Lacrosse. I Had the Wife's Going What He Talking about. There Have Any. They Don't Have Any Idea What Toby and Intimate Really Is until They Come to See Someone like Catherine and Me. We Begin to Explain That, but the John Albers Talked about It in Water Heart How to Get Reconnected to Your Heart Because God Looks at the Thoughts and Intentions of the Heart, and You Can't Be a Whole Person That You're Disconnected from Your Heart and yet Sometimes You Just Have To Encourage Men to Go Back There Because It's Pain Is a Painful Process to Get Reconnected to Your Heart and Work to Those Issues and Forgive the People That Have Hurt You and and Another Thing That Happens There Is You Developing Your Image of God from Your Father's so If You're Disconnected from Your Heart. Once You Get Reconnected with Your Heart, You Got a Filk of Some Issues with God. Maybe Some Anger with God and God Is the One That Can Heal You. That's One of the Things That We Do Is Help People Deal with the Distorted Images They Have of God so That He Could Actually Come into Their Life and Intimate Way and Heal Them of the Hurt Absolutely and That Heart Is so Vital Because It's Not Just Your Intimacy with Me. That Is a Pretty Big Component of Your Deepest Desires Are There Your Identities Comes from There. Your Deepest Thinking Comes from Their Units Not Nestling Your Brain, It's, It's That the Deep Things within Your Heart and I Don't Get Married Has Makes Logical Sense or Because You Read a Mouth CAC Math Calculation Get Married Because It's a Heart Decision Should Be, but the Deepest Things Come from That Hearts Will Not Shut off.

You Have No Idea Who You Even Are. It's Completely Stolen from That Point. That's Right Just like Us That We We See People That Are Just Completely Lost Because They Really Are There Completely Out Of Touch with When We Help Them Rediscover Their Hearts I Can Figure out Who They Are As People, and Also As As Music Plays. Anyone Wants to Jump in and Say Something That God Away from the Sure That There Thing for Me, Took Away a Strong That I Had in Some Fear Which Is Really Really Cool Was Very Freeing and Completely Different Than I Did Just Even Short Time Ago. Now I'm Exactly What Was One of the Things I Prayed for the Beginning Here Is God Work on My Pride and His Fees Found Ways to Crush Me.

Whatever You Mean, Seriously, This Is Been a Really Fun Journey. As I Watched That Brought Anyone Else Has an Aptitude Go to Our Website to Find out Will Put Them on There but As You Join Us Next Week and Come Back

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