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The Responsibility of a Good King; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 28, 2015 12:30 pm

The Responsibility of a Good King; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 28, 2015 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Jesus many one feels more like a losing battle, and something less. Glad to have you with us in the post-well if you missed last week until you really missed a good show.

We had great guests are back with us this week.

Human like their friend Kim Catherine Whitehurst and we did learn that Al is afraid a kids show.

So how can you tell us about pretty pretty Princess. If you don't know were talking about. You should listen last week as I was actually grade of the Wizard of Oz, not afraid of it. Just like it. It's okay to stay away from negative things like counselors right see this is healthy when they're really healthy based phobia… Don't break open wounds and talk about flying monkeys is break so if you need to get out anything for Christmas at soundtrack was about because it's good to know that we know you a lot better this week than we did last week. She, like all this week.

Last week we talked about Robert.

You remember we talked about last week. It seems like it is because it was Thanksgiving. We're thinking about wow what could be thankful for the goddess kind of extracted out of your life, not just the things that you hope your Thanksgiving was. Not real painful sometimes is a painful situation. So were were glad you're on the backside of that was a case of it and start classic movies with plans Wizard of Oz noticed today's topic will switch gears. Today's topic really talk about what Robbie you want to set up a topic for the it's instantly thing the other day I was. I went to lunch with Jim Kinnear you may know, had a feature on the station for 11 years and he said you know roughly what good key kings of Judah all had in common and kinda stumped me.

I said well is it. I knew that there were like 22 bad kings of Judah and their only eight good ones. What was the difference is one thing that I can really point to that was clearly something that they had in common was they remove the remaining natural polls in the bales of those kind of things. But as I started the process that I called you last exam. What a cool topic is is we are kings and God gives us our kingdoms, to whatever extent it may be your home or maybe your job or wherever it is that you consider to be your kingdom and what is it that we can do to be good kings that would be consistent biblically with that which we talked about other things as well and so did the kings of those days remove the idols over there and so luckily we have a couple counselors with us today is idle, something that people struggle with these days a minute just an old biblical topic or is that some of the people still struggle with. Sure they do, but people don't necessarily see them so well have to really stop and look what is said that there really setting their focus on what is it that my career is that my my family is at my husband so when we set our eyes on something someone that is higher priority than God. It really can get us off track thank you note and ask a question beforehand, but you didn't nailed it. That's what I was looking for the we all have or have had at some point in her life. Idols false comfort her's. Whatever you might want to call him and maybe a little different times. Robbie made a great point before he came in the kingdom wasn't really naturally removing his own idol was a now humorous interest was taking idols out of his kingdom, and a lot of the people that were affecting his people, which you know a good king is more concerned about you know is the people in the kingdom.

The necessarily hunger that's of Jesus you know did what he did and so I know you're shocked that I might've set up this clip that my clip would be from the movie cars and in interestingly if you're familiar with the movie there was lightning McQueen. It was a racecar and obviously clearly obviously his idle was the piston cup which no NASCAR drivers. They have their own cup that they're going after it happens, into a little town where there was another. There was a different king in this little town adapted to be Hudson hornet and this Hudson hornet.

Unbeknownst to lightning McQueen had been a piston cup race very successful and then one day lightning happens in to this kings kingdom for which he gets a lot of trouble for going where he shouldn't of gone by that king did a tremendous job in a rather gruff way of helping take the idle away from lightning McQueen to an extent just by calling it an empty cup initially lightning doesn't recognize but eventually comes that realization doesn't, well, you have to listen okay. Other games you finish his last race will raise on something really that there was sort of a deal. Ehrhardt Earnhardt while you are in our character who had pushed disorder Richard Petty character to spin the car out and as he was in a rollover and looked all trashed out actually lightning McQueen did a little back to where he remembered the pictures of the Hudson hornet were rated been crashed any.

All of a sudden realize now I'm chasing the wrong goal here. I could have an opportunity to go after this kings heart who was the racecar that been crashed and so he stops at the finish line rather than winning the piston cup and goes back and pushes the Richard Perry character cross so that he could finish his last race and the thing that so cool about the movie in a course. The crowd goes wild because they see it's real racing but the thing for the more I look or study of the scene or whoever wrote it see that Hudson hornet is sitting there and he was the king that set up the took away her expressed to at least lightning McQueen how this it was a night when his life and see sort of the untold hero in the picture is the king he didn't get the credit for portion, the other guy crossed the finish line and he didn't get a credit for for what happened in the movie, but actually was all set up by the Hudson hornet because he had been the good king and in the in the same.

This is your favorite movie tickets movie, but you as it is apparent and you and have a kingdom so to speak that you you're responsible for biblically that you how can you remove idols from your kids lives and how would you practically go about doing something like that. I'm not intelligently prepare for this answer okay or question okay you know I think for me the important thing is to keep everything grounded, everything spiritual that I will see everything but the the center of the house is God's gotta be God and that's what I try to do with my kids is now like we were talking earlier about how that the third appendage is your your cell phone you we have to have limits. We have to.

I have no idea Sam on the side you start to go there.

I think this is apparent you have to be active, you have to kinda look at those things never to do it many many times are you kids and I were not going to go there when I get to do this well. In point of just the behavior. I don't think much about that is not. I try to be proactive. For instance it's it's a role in my family that when you wake up you have to give your first fruits to God and there is no finer fruit in the first moments of your day.

After you get to sleep by your eyes so my kids each have a one year Bible in each go through and they read the Bible and the pray my daughter my son did it as well, but shall come. It's in my lap until he better story and we talk about it. We pray, we find some kind of way to try to apply to her life in by her seeing me get on my knees with her but me listening to her tell the story you know she knows that the most important thing to me is that God is her father. Spiritual father is most important in her life so when if we can keep that. I think a more proactive ways we see things you know I try to steer away, but I don't think you can you get to be able to pull them out of the world. If you don't keep the spirit inside of human capital and ask a question. I didn't ask before because I like to do that but as a king or as a friend or as a spouse or parent.

You can tell somebody about the idle they have in their life, but at some point dislike lightning had to make a decision to do something with it. Doesn't that individual also have to make a decision that to do something without idle for to really move you have to make a decision that it really takes a lot of looking at yourself and saying what is this what is the what is the purpose of this idle in my life and what is it accomplishing is accomplishing all that I want my life I really have something that I idle talk a bit more about the idols of computer life and also what responsibility king has what Jesus did stray for some to talk about that you want to come back and join us radios are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries for Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger the domain here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father.

I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons in the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father for information on seasons of the heart. That's messenger the welcome back to masculine journey. We're glad to have you back today with us on this post Thanksgiving show talking about responsibility of a good king. What we talked about before the break was good king biblically rob you. Ted had removed idols from the land right before we left. We start talking Catherine will bit about the people still had to make a decision not to worship those idols secure my I know that there are times you had to point out the people in their life that they have something that's a higher priority in God or something. They're looking to for life really isn't going to sustain them and sweat some of those things you see that none of look to for life that are isn't a sustainable repeatable thing form. 25 years as a Christian counselor I work with men that struggle with sexual addiction and pornography and offices in addiction that will destroy their life in the whole family's lifestyle and typically come to me when they're in so much pain or their life is being destroyed her marriage as being destroy the family minister Epstein men lose their business, their family, their ability to see their kids up evincing some of them go to prison because basically what they're saying is I have all this pain and I'm gonna use sex as a drug to help me avoid my pain and that that that creates an idle anything Catherine said anything that you put before God becomes an idol so we have a saying in the ministry when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain a changeable chain so there they get to the point where their desperate to let go of the idle of they're going to die. Typically, addiction leads to premature death.

So in a lot of cases, if men don't let go of their addictions are gonna die prematurely.

Other than lose everything else and obscene men go to prison. Obscene men commit suicide. I've seen men just come completely unraveled because they've created idle in your life but I've also seen lots of men let go of the idle and get free of it in the process of recovering from addiction really draws you closer to God. When we say the first three steps.

I can do it he can do it.

I'll let him do it. So basically you're surrendering the idle to God and then you're surrendering your whole life to God that he comes in because that's what he wants. He wants an intimate relationship with you and changes you and you become stronger and stronger and stronger through recovery so something that was meant for evil can be turned into something really good if somebody really lets go. The addiction you know that statistically man by large struggle with pornography, Catherine.

I know we have a lot of female listeners that may not be the thing that really is an idol for the female listener out there. What some things that women fight with that they put is an idol and he talked about a little bit earlier but as you've worked with women what some of things you have to open their eyes to specifically to a female.

A lot of times to see well what I tend to see is an and it goes back to really Ephesians where it says husband love your wives and wives love respect your husbands, wives really have this need, desire, they want their husband to love them perfectly to us many times meet all those needs that were not met. Maybe in childhood and there is something that's put on a husband at times. That is, I need you to fix it for me and that's not appropriate that's not really the love that that she's supposed to be getting from her husband. So really, that is kind of as placing her husband in an idle position because really you're asking what we have to show women sometimes is to say you know you can't get that from your husband you're going to have to get that from God but didn't receive appropriate love from your husband so that sometimes something that we have to shift perspective.

Thank you Robbie as it is apparent you know what's some things that you'd say that may not with your kids but you work with kids in Sunday school. Lots of different times been around kids what some things it could struggle with his idols may not be as apparent. You know you said a cell phone now that's that's one today. That's really pretty high up there but some of the things of your vast number of years and you over the millennia things are saying but when one of the ones that that really is pervasive is his sports. You know that that they find out they've got what it takes in basketball and they find out I got what it takes in football and that the next thing you know they they want to be a professional athlete worse than anything they're actually idolizing professional athletes because they are able to do certain things and it really their focus changes like this is where my whole thing is I've gotten the end up with a lot of eggs in that particular basket and man there's a lot of broken hearts riding along those lines, and you can't help but think you know what that the good kings do you know in order to set up to structure because we live under grace and so how do we gracefully take away the idols of our children know there's there's some real deep questions there and honestly don't have the best answers in the world but I do know that that at least I can pray to God, show me how I can work on this.

I see this. I love my job life.

You know my daughter's fantastic actress if you listen to Christian card I theater she so easily that could become an idol for her is is is you know the whole acting career.

So what can I do to pray. God give me some wisdom here to help remove this before it becomes that. And that can still be what she was designed to be in love to because clearly my son loved to play basketball week get them into their identity without going into idolatry right and how do you not strip it completely away from the present may not be the answer.

But how do you help them get perspective is a good king helps people with the perspective portion as well as in removing idols and some try to tie in my click to your building like Robbie so be talking about that clip now. It's from the movie Shrek Shrek yeah I do love Shrek Shrek is great, especially donkey donkey rise without a lot and in so we this clip good you to the punch. I was going to say the same thing about you guys, I in this clip you have, Arthur. It's from Shrek three that he is supposed to be the king.

He doesn't want to roll and all of a sudden some things happen where he has to interject he has to take action and he steps into that role. I want you to listen to what's happening here because there's this divide of good and evil and so he comes in and he doesn't really address the good is much as he does the people that see themselves as evil Rickenbacker to talk about you telling me just want to be villains. Your whole lives is the only thing we know you ever wish you could be something else. It's easy for you to say so be vigilant and true strong side, boiled his work with the world. Roy said okay, fair enough.

You're right. I'm not a talking tree but you know a good friend of mine once told me that just because people treat you like a billing or an ogre or just some loser doesn't mean you are one thing that matters most is what you think of yourself if there's something you really want someone you really want to be the only person standing in your way is you what I mean is, each of you is standing in your own way. I always wanted and you have all those weapons being thrown back in and Robbie the time is you been waiting on it is the king helps with idols doesn't mean that that oils idols always a positive thing is you can hear these evil people identifying with her evil identity and their chasing after they think they are. But the king helps with perspective the steps in and he says now you're chasing the wrong thing.

You don't have to be that you'll have to stay there. You have to live there and help them find that identity times are you guys and see people just chasing some really really bad decisions. I'm assuming that be a guess at some point, absolutely. Our second this you're talking howl. If your performance is driven by if your self-worth is driven by your performance, then that becomes an idol is a lot of people and in our culture performing at a high level is very important and you see children getting really stressed out, you know, in various things like dancing in sports because performing is everything and you get a lot of attention and affirmation. If you perform a very high level that will use analogy.

If you if you go into a boring and put the rope on your hand open the shoot and you goal over the bowl to kill over the ring and he throws you off if your self-worth is based on the performance then is like riding a bull will eventually get thrown off and you get hurt his leg.

If your identity is not in Christ, then you're going to try to perform the feel good about yourself and other people have other people have control over you when your performance is driven by your work. Also another example is an exit, and eyeball idols skews me an idol, sometimes for women, or even for teenagers is like shopping close that kind of thing. And what we try to do and would teach with with children with people dealing with idols is when you think about it's like with parenting or with people when you discipline with don't do that.

That's bad that actions wrong, focusing on the negative that that reinforces the negative. But when you say when you affirm the positive and then you're going after what they're actually doing right you're actually building that up and then the negative starts falling away so with that example. It's kind of like with the idols with your children with people. What are they doing their shopping there that idol. I need to have this the set of closely set of shoes. What is that what is that pointing at a need to self-worth.

So whenever you contend to that me and say let me build in and bless the self-worth. Let me bless this child of mine or this made of mine, then that idol begins to fall away.

It's a great point. Absolutely great point. No, if you're out there in your king, king's sister charges something you over something your responsibility for something you have lots responsibility. You may not know you need to look for those idols need to look for those perspectives that only you can really speak into your you can help take away that is your role if you don't fill that role was going to. This will have responsibility to do that in each other's lives. To help point to also always pointing back to God is really the answer to that. Thanks for listening.

We'll see next week

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