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Authenticity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 5, 2015 12:30 pm

Authenticity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 5, 2015 12:30 pm

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Every man, Jesus was one feels more like a losing battle for welcome journey were really glad to have you with us today.

Already in December. That's pretty amazing as an hour in December and already I can't believe it is like this.

Just last week it was Thanksgiving or something. When I was old as you are probably flies, but even faster than it does for me three days older than you see them three days. Jesus was raised in three days looking all that can happen in that time. That's right yeah that's right always go back to the Bible and you get in trouble right now that's December and it feels like it. Today was a little chilly is a chilly day I'll actually days son good football. Whether this time year over were not talking football. Then he does want talk football because he is a Giants fan so we can talk about the giant's were not talking football while he's the giant so that better. We are not talking about football today. We're talking about authenticity and I know that you say no we just talked about that before.

Yeah but were talking about it again and will talk about it again because it's something that people struggle with now. It's kind of hard to be authentic, sometimes for people and especially this time of year when you're gathering around a large groups and you know you start thinking you start worrying about who you are and how you act in their people to think I'm crazy or is my no lunatic relative you know going to drive me nuts to have to deal with that. It's difficult to put together a few don't have a lunatic relative, you probably are, the more you got Sam a Robbie how are you it's great to be here. Better to be seen. Love you say it's Christmas Eve 2512.

Yeah, I got 20 Malachi 20 Alameda made a good point completed my degree point actually about Christmas time.

How hard it is to be authentic. The challenges around that time and and Robbie. What are some of the things that do make that a challenging I'll talk a bit about the family and the gatherings. If I ask you what makes it hard to be authentic.

Sometimes a Christmas how would you while the people that in our families are generally the most that are you know the ones that are nearest and dearest to us, but the interesting thing about the people that you love the most.

Can also hurt you, the worst and so a lot of our biggest wounds have come at the hands of our family and to try to find a safe place. Is is the opportunity there is to do to develop oppose him around your family because of there someplace where you can really get hurt.

It's right there so like Adam. Now you would think of all the people oppose with why would each put the fig leaf up with God, but he was the one that that he was afraid was hard absolutely because he was his family right at that point I guess is over for those Adam really had the father is like you but grandma even makes a mean Apple by for me sometimes that authenticity comes in a couple different ways you listen you not having a great Christmas. You don't want to be that person to go and say hello will you you don't be that person and sometimes you just don't really want to talk about stuff and so you know it's just easier to say you know things are good because you just don't really want to get into it so sometimes the family want to really talk a lot and especially mom yeah you your business.

They want to know so how's this: in the hearts in the right place is not that their noses are there yet will yeah it's just that sometimes is going, I don't right now. I just don't have to do that building is commonly you had a bad time at work and I so how's work on you. Just consider your life and yet I would be being not authentic so lesson authentic their sin involved.

I can see that well you know all right is kind like maybe it doesn't really say which part of the all right that it's our so Vinnie, what do you think makes it kind of hard sometimes a Christmas to to be authentic. Well, the first words out of my mouth when my in-laws come over. I say it's great to see Christmas and little light goes downhill from there. On the second question how you stand because the comments all the lessee's taillights, taillights, Lord it's hard to miss if you don't leave so now you have a clip you set up really that is another question will going to the clips. Think about it, but what what's it like when you're able to live in authentic place right when you feel like there's no pose really going on. Whether that's around a group of people or little points in your life you ask. It's hard to be that way all the time because society is not that easy to be in. Sometimes you non-sometimes it's using good discretion not throw everything out there and I don't know that I could be totally authentic with everything everybody in my life because I don't know that it would go completely was thinking the word anybody just as you say that I/either you just think one of the neatest things in life is to have a dear friend and you have a real problem. I mean, you got some really struggling with, and that you desperately need to share this course you should have a God, hopefully. But to be able to lay that out to somebody that provides for you such a safe place and you also know that in spite of how bad you may look in this still free there still going to love you and not your not feel one bit judged you're going to feel like somebody is really there trying to understand you and I don't know of a place that's closer to heaven than that. Then when I failed horribly. But I feel like I have a friend listen to where it where it is I am and how I got there and and help me process that without condemnation.

You're welcome and you are that are that as well is been a friend of mine for over 20 years.

As I got left out is I said you second said Sam, now you actually called Allison you well know their lights go.

It's getting really really hard drive. So now what are you talking that's talk about something good. The really biting today. Did you but it's fun. It's a great season it's it's this is the joy is what makes holidays and friends so special. Actually, if you if you would ever have the opportunity to come to our preshow or post-show you'd find it if you not use tour group sounds a lot like that you haven't gone in and were guys and that's how guys can love on each other little bit sometimes.

Is this to give each other hard time so I what's it feel like when you can let down your guard and really just be authentic around somebody you're relaxed. I mean, the first thing the first thing that I think of as I can be myself.

I know there's nothing I have to think about, which is, like when talking with you.

Absolutely nothing to think about.

I thought it was a lot funnier and it wasn't came out I wasn't listening as you look great today. By the way, but for me there's a freedom it freedom in your identity that you don't have to worry that all were they getting get on me about this for Mike. You look stupid in front of the boss.

It's difficult this difficult manager self in large groups when you talk about that friend that a small group of friends that you can just be yourself with others. Just a piece comes over you but if you notice I was in a last week I was in the when the Christmas parties and wind people oppose the most when there's a lot of people together they pose the least when there's less people together so it's it's when you're your afraid with your identity is in their eyes got to worry about your identity is in God and yourself. I like to the times that have been able to be completely myself use word freeing. I think what happens for me is the enemy has no more old because as long as I'm posing as a grasp on something there.

It's almost as if they knew this about me, they would turn and run or whatever might be, so we can find that you can get that freedom were that that holders is broken.

There's nothing more refreshing than that it's going get to the clip and Alaska's another question. For questions today so I'll tell us a little bit about this clipping and why it's important they were using.

I like this movie. Robbie has really brought a lot of kids movies and you really get some good bite with that and this is a movie about a guy couple good points to it, but he's going after her heart but is going after her hard on who she really is on.

This is from cloudy with a chance of meatballs and this is where our hero has built this Jell-O castle nor Jell-O castle for girl who loves orange Jell-O and he's going after her heart is you get into this, you start to hear why she puts on her pose that she thought the only way she was ever to be accepted was in oppose to hear what it sounds like I mean, say, some smart, but this time to: smart staff says that you agree with glasses on what weight Jell-O scrunching and now feel that now he radios listener supported.

Thank you for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support us if using Amazon to purchase things you need to do as their charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more, and father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the heart. That's messenger the is going on. We didn't get you brief on you gotta tell me what was going on was she pretending she was put not opposed to be cool. Yeah. Yes, she thought to be cool so she thought. But her real beauty was who she was and that's what our hero is trying to tell her in. She'd been believing that that was not the should should push that down for the people to accept her look a certain way act a certain way and if you notice when she was talking about Jell-O.

She set up and it tastes good, so she is playing dumb because she people made her feel stupid for being smart irony of life.

I get to that all the time. Okay what you think about that.

I know you like that cook quite a bit. I love that because obviously it is really cool when we begin to see the glory of another person needed that when it shows up and hadn't seen it before, and then you try to figure out how to call that out and as I was telling you this week.

I watched a Christmas movie on Netflix called Pete's Christmas and it was kind of a crazy set up about this middle child who had the worst Christmas ever. And believe me, if you watch the movie, which I highly recommend you will agree had the worst Christmas ever coming from the mistakes. His parents forgot the Christmas present sit near the tree.

The ones like to get people present at the present and then a bunch of other stuff goes on he gets blamed for it. It's just it's it's like the worst Christmas ever, but the problem is he's gotta keep reliving it like Groundhog Day movie and it keeps going on and on and on in the way he finally does it decides to take on his problem of the most miserable day ever. Which is this Christmas Day is he starts to understand where his brothers glorious where it is that the but the real kid is on anything what the pose is any starts to call out you know what that really is in his brothers and his grandfather and as he begins to see them in their true identity.

Then all the sudden he's having a great time because just like you know I forget the name of a giant cloud with a chance of meatballs remember that he rents. I called Mark hero, our hero okay the hero in my cloudy chance. I mean the girls have a good time get to be herself, but he's having a marvelous time getting to see the beauty that now is being revealed is easiest. As he says in that reveal when you get to see God's glory come out and another person, especially when it's somebody that you love, then I don't know that gets any better. His name was Clint Lockwood. By the way in Robbie and lock with that lot job in honor of the movie Robbie's word in order scrunching with his ponytail. Robbie does not go as we talk a little bit about specifically Christmas way hard sometimes to be authentic just in everyday life. What some of the challenges that people face not from the clip we just listen to couple things should have been fighting the part of it was believing something that wasn't true and so there's there's times in her life that the enemies come out us constantly and tries to get us to believe things are true, especially about our identity so he can get us to mask their identity.

God's glory said yeah and essentially become alarmed little bit about that I am misreading this book by William Graham called the Christian farmer and he made this point about the belt of truth that I never heard made or understood anywhere as it is, it began to unfold in my mind what he was saying was that if yes, the belt of truth is to put on the word of God and in clearly the Bible and in that part of the armorers is a big part of it but there's another part of it that comes from having sincerity in heart and actually being truthful in who you are in being in your identity and so when she was in this case not wearing her glasses and not speaking to her actual level of intellect. She wasn't being truthful and thus she was unarmed because the people that thought she was a great weather person, or whatever didn't really know who she was, so she could really feel the love when she was with flintlock there. She and being herself.

She could feel the love of who she was, which that's real love because now I'm feeling like wow they love me, not the pose, and so like you said earlier when you were describing. I don't feel like Satan has a hold on anything anymore and then she had let go of that than Satan.

Now didn't have a hold on her anywhere and she was armed with her belt of truth, that's absolutely amazing and I think that there's some other things at times that are challenged but many want to add something. Yeah I want to get funding okay let's say Christmas, you know, it's a wonderful time you family and buddies opening up the presence and every by single law that's beautiful is just what I wanted.

Oh, thank you grandpa thank you grandma and aunt that goes on all day long will the presence opened up did you go the next day to a Macy's Costco or something longest line is where it says to return the pose is beautiful, but it's not really beautiful. I guess I'm feeling when that thing that's funny is that you don't hurt somebody feeling right now that there is a time for authenticity and then there's also that time for discretion the kind of play it a part of that, but sometimes we don't know how to walk that line very well will hide behind discretion and not be authentic when we need to get to the clip and will come back and talks more strongly when you set up this clip. I think it's one of its people might know a little bit and now we don't do a lot of black and white clips because you can't really get the effect of the black and white. What is a Christmas classic.

As you know, and it was originally black and white. It's a wonderful life, Jimmy Stewart, absolute classic Christmas story and I love you ever thought about that George Bailey is going to get an opportunity to come out of his pose an opportunity to see who he really was the whole time and had totally bought a lie that he was somebody that he wasn't. But when he realized who he was.

How much better life was as a result of that, and once he asked God to get his life back even realize before the life he had once he understood what the life was deep was slap him on his belt of truth please God let me live again. George Joe, you treat usually all right in you would do so if that's authentic for Robbie crazies love you don't see the freedom yeah absolutely, absolutely. I was just to say hello to Shirley and George Bailey. At that point I'm pretty yeah I will say hello to you. I couldn't imagine you know people not knowing how that that would feel. But the common denominator was when they were themselves, there was joy both of aside from that there was really no peace when they were in the pose. So the question is sometimes people post so much they are finding yourself in your identity is critical it is, you know, we like to say that Adam, you know, why was he posing in front of God, but have we never done that one porn another.

I know that I have and in I think that even though God sees through it. There's something in us that tries to want to hide.

Sometimes it's when we want to hide. As we get it, as you say Robbie to lift up the hood and see what's going on underneath there is to call things that are here available to us. Number one is her own identity but in the Christmas season is your there with your family. One of the things I've seen from Pete's Christmas is wow. I wonder if I can spot the true identity of the glory of somebody else and try to call that out through the you know my time with them at this Christmas not asking those nosy questions or try to dig deep and authenticity, but simply to see and find a place where they are obviously thriving were God's gift to them and see if I can call them back to Friedman, absolutely, to be able to give them some freedom for Christmas and more of their identity.

I don't know that there be a better gift that they could have other than your salvation, obviously, but that that would be incredible to see some people start to come back alive, didn't even know that they were on life support may see in the Christmas knowing my in-laws will even say I'll see you next year. What story is here. That's it. Robbie said watch for somebody's glory. But how do you go about calling that out and somebody.

How do you enter into that if you never know where prayer is obviously a big part of that.

But as you begin to see them hiding and you go to show me how you do that and you begin to say wow you are really good if they are in fact you're being authentic and you are really good at that. Show me more that and enter into that and and watch it show you know we haven't really done this in the air but had asked us to pray with us that father would just ask you help us to not hide this Christmas and you help us to understand authenticity to Stephanie that with her family with her friends in a way that is pleasing to you.

That would show discretion but also truly who we are, but also help us to call out the glory and others. We can help them find the life even trying to give them in their true identity, which is only found in

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