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Finding Your Passion; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 2, 2016 12:30 pm

Finding Your Passion; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine using hand life feels more like a losing battle when something done, request no happiness as the day old, 2016 try right now not done okay so far so you loads of money that is sounds real good to me. When you start out 1931.

Wow, that was just a couple years after Robbie, we will in studio today. There's Benny and Robbie, and now myself and you probably be in inundated right now with ads like everybody else's ads for weight loss companies all stop smoking and all those kinds of things and do a show on that are Robbie now is not a resolution. Time is not a resolution time so it's a revolution. Is that something that you know, we might learn about what I want to do first is only going to get to the clip because if you find your life.

Kind of like this next clip is its commercial from a few years back we used it a couple times. It's a classic. So this sounds similar to your life you really want to listen the show today file all will know that I don't care how it makes me laugh every time just to get old because that's not what we dreamed of now, you know, but that's where we find ourselves a lot of times, and if you're not now you probably have at some point in your life like you there and so question is do you feel like you're there today. Maybe in some area of your life.

It may not be work. Maybe it's personal or hobbies or whatever might be in so united I think that finding these passions are really really important to your heart to ask your questions. That's right.

If records are okay.

Have you ever had something that you didn't know was going to make you feel like you come alive like a passion. It is surprising that you learned hey I do enjoy this a lot yeah believe it or not I was chosen around in 19 9006 to take care of the night street in the church because everybody was call me grandpa and I was old in 1996 really old so I had to take care of the kids. Somehow they went out they told the priest on the Catholic I'm sorry no I'm not sorry if that's where unapologetically Right and they told him that they had so much fun. We, grandpa, and he came and talked to me he wanted me to teach catechism the young kids I said are you crazy nuts the same thing when sister call entertainment build a church.

So I've heard that term.

A number of times but it became in my heart. He says teach the kids as his father. I don't know the Bible, inside and out pieces just read it to them and you listen to yourself. This is yet a sounds okay. Will became a passion I was teaching the young kids in charge for catechism make their first communion and I enjoyed it so much that you know that we could not go by fast enough before I had never forget. It was 14 kids grandpa grandpa grandpa grandpa you know what I'm grandpa. So yeah that became a passion and I'm still doing it but only go on doing it. Grown men and teenagers but God has become a great passion of mine to be a list that's when you need and then prayer and I've been through a heckuva kind of a rough life, but now I'm enjoying this passion that I live with the all these old people you know they were all old. I'm just junk and they keep, the medial people asking me for advice and stuff of that nature. So I don't know yet it's dealing with people and the Lord of course the Lord is speaking through me and I'm enjoying it very much. Thank you, Betsy may seem like a drastic jump there, but I wanted Vinny to help us segue kind into the topic for today so Robbie can you help us connect tie this up a little bit where he talked a little bit about this sound like the is your life you like that. Also, inventors talk about something he discovers he really enjoys. It's been a long term passion for tied up. Do this before allowing the that one of the neatest things in life is to discover these adventures with God. That's how I got is been doing that for me for years and at night I was that way with hunting. I was that way was sailing.

I do know I love to sail and my father bought a sailboat when I was like in my 30s and I got out there and the more I did it the more I found out that the job really came after me there and then the last spring.

My wife and I rented a sailboat for out the ocean in the big 31 footer and I went out into the ocean and really took on Nina we thought will may will just go over to the Bahamas or some Hudson realized man, I have this in my blood and it was so much fun to see because you could feel God in the wind and when he feels the sales or he doesn't feel the sales of the case may be, because sometimes you sit still. It's just an amazing way to that I enjoyed that passion. I did not have, but still it was part of the adventure with God.

But there's lots of different ways that come to absolutely you know there's times we get stuck in a routine get stuck in a right and all the sudden we seem like the years can blend in last year. Enough are not careful in five years and buyer decades gone by and it seems like were just living that Groundhog Day kind of life are you wake up every day and it's the same thing in maybe a little bit different flavor, but not a bunch need to say there's gotta be more to life than this, and there is there is more to life than this. There's a lot of passions that you have in your heart maybe suppresses a little bit to try to go and get to another clip from Jim Carrey real quick and that's what's surprising about it. This is a clip from Jim Carrey, the comedian and I want you to listen to his words. He is addressing a group of kids are getting ready graduate college.

I want you to listen to his advice and see if it doesn't apply to you a little bit as I know it does to us what my father's love world around me and do something in a realized one night in LA my life is world by experienced others is through smoke and mirrors distracting lines on the size itself. You can join the game is played with your sentence is let anything stand in his wrist being seen all of your glory. I've often said that I wish people could realize their dreams.

Well see that it's not as you listen to some things and initially when you listen to doesn't really make some sense into you listen to a few times and talks about laying down your armor was Christians were told to put on the armor, but he's not talking about that armor he's talking about the pose is talking about that pretend person you throw out there because you're kind of afraid to be yourself around people. Now I want to ask a quick question, surprising at all and I led have you seen people start to come alive when they drop tiptoes and I dropped that armor start to really just be themselves and let the world experience that goes back to what you say and when you don't worry about acceptance. You really can become yourself when you do that there is no freer feeling. I mean it's like I just float on water.

And I think that's what ends up happening 4/times we want this acceptance Christ talks about word. The world's not going to get us as Christians right rights when I can be accepted by design, it's it's going to be different than that. And so if we go for acceptance in this. What were going to find as it were moving away from that life and that passion for God really had in store for us had a boss in the car business at Rice Reynolds round all crown organization and how was a general manager. One of his most profitable stores may been the most profitable and he called me one night and I will forget what I said to him, but I remember his response to me was Robbie, you worry too much about what I think he said ultimately I don't determine your career you and if you're worried about what I'm thinking your warning about the wrong thing you need to worry about how to do your job and what a marvelous piece of insight that one was wisdom as we come back and talk a lot more about how you start to find that passion once was. Things you have to go to hell this time with God helping helping unpack that you can find some things to talk about more Baha'is done that with us and how you can live your life this year in 2016 come back and join us in just a few moments during radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for masking during radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father.

For more information on seasons of the heart masking. That's messenger the Robbie dance before that's see again that is having a seizure.

What was going on… Making light of thousand 16 about Yahoo Robbie Denzer who so obviously probably didn't think this morning when you got a piece and I will listen to WTR you that you can listen to Rod Stewart sing about passion not the type of passion he's talking about is not the same type of passion with talking about here, but you there's some passions out there. It talks about that little clip there that everybody searching for passion right may not have that word for it will call it their calling subculture purpose, whatever that might be one of those things that make you come alive. Now we were talking of fair about this topic and your tongue mother sometime some steps you have to kinda take to get that point we can find some of that one of the steps would be wise getting off the couch, getting off the couch, you got it. You gotta step outside of your comfort mean if if you get into a routine eventually turns into a mock and he can't get out of it. You're stuck on the treadmill of life and no I know for me one of those is going to boot camp and longtime goal of mine was learn how to fly fish but I just didn't know.

I thought that was all done out Western in the Midwest and think it was done around here in lo and behold somebody came and spoke in my life. His big tall tall statue of a man was chips. It was done, visited, been around it, but knowing he spoke into my heart and then taught me how to fly fish friends that something you now really enjoy. Absolutely passion about another lots of things it if you would ask yourself maybe five years ago 10 years ago would you find so much joy and something you had taken some step outside their comfort zone defined what I was in that place. A lot of guys get to where you just you work all week is when I go home.

You don't do anything just what to be left alone but when that happens you get into all the rot. The mock is just blinders go on. You don't do anything you literally God worked at time of discontent so that it forced me into that boot camp. It forced me to go off for a week and it forced me to go spend time you know draw closer to him and to draw closer to some passion.

I think that there are times it is in your life. Robbie, you were doing something now for a living you enough that you're going to do years you have Christian cargo started 10 years ago this year and I never in fact I was terrified. Talk about your comfort zone. I'd like to do commercials, but you never think about it will be on the radio, but that came from something that we really enjoy doing it. Boot camps is covered in the silence times and that was something that I'd incorporated my life earlier where I had those times with God and I would really go to him and ask him. You know what you what you think, inherently think a man when he came to me actually on the idea of having him start a radio show was like you got the wrong guy you heard this voice I can't possibly go to college.

Learn how to talk on the radio yet. I don't have any education here usually got the right man all my word how my heart came alive to Robbie the good is you could've said, have you seen this place that was definitely a way for you to get broadcasting and I think there's a place for the Peter Brady voice before he hits puberty market share for the if you would continue to what you are doing unit found some joy and passion you didn't know you had another's lives would've not been affected have been reached and storage of heard back about what God's love you to do and so none of that would've happened if you stayed in that comfort zone if you stayed on the couch. You kept your head in the smart phone. I could not find your passion in the smart phone you may find lots of things that you will find that and so that's is part of what we're going to talk about how do you take steps towards that one of those would be getting off the couch. Another one would be spending time in prayer. Whatever thoughts do you guys have about stepping more into and finding this passions is a challenge. I want to challenge a great everybody with the sheer is to get to the end of the year and at least discovered one thing you didn't know that you enjoyed the God brings in your life. 2016 I was at a meeting this morning with some of your friends and Christian businessman, and there was a man there that I knew it had a really difficult relationship with his father for years and years and years as follows alcoholic.

He said I just can't believe what's happened in the last two weeks with me and my dad. He was in the Navy I was in the Navy and I got these videos and he and I start watching these movies about the Navy and it was like two old sailors, together and as I look at 2016. I think how cool would it be because the rebuild the connections with their own fit for those of us who still have our fathers, whoever mothers whatever, you know, extended family to reach out and begin to to see what happened because I saw this guy's eyes light up in. I'd never heard one good thing about his dad over the years and I'm not a regular while and then all of a sudden man he was you. You could see what it meant to him to to get that from his father that he had never gotten his father stopped drinking 10 years ago or so, but it still never gotten back into that relationship. So what a cool thing to realize is that you have this relationship with your father that you never have a chance to yeah and you know it's not about the war… Right now it's about the time with his dad. It's about the time of acceptance is connecting and disconnecting and I want to make sure they were on the same page on something I'm not talking about not saying that this is something you may do for career or it may just be something God can open your passion to something like hunting what you did with you. Robbie would assure that real quick.

Sure, my father really didn't like guns when I was growing up. And so I was nowhere near having when I was a child and never something I ever even considered until about 25 in one of our used car salesman said hey Robbie if you notice all these dust flying out around here. You know I would love to shoot some of Manasseh. I've never done anything like that ago she had to go get a shotgun. He told me an hour to go. I didn't know what to get, but I got a shotgun and I got a license, and he said I will back your if you see one fly you great and shoot it while I didn't even know what adults look like with flulike whatever I'm walking through this for in this coil gets up I did know was a quail time, but it was like instinct, I was like a bird bird flew up and my gun came up and boom it dropped and I was like this is that my friend was and we could be on our way to jail.

Your buddy not only did you shoot it dove you shot a quail odysseys. Hopefully, the statue limitations over at this point in time because it's been nearly 25 years ago, but it ignited and something in me that truly God has taken me on this adventure, and a lot of people could be listening and thinking while Robbie actually kill animals and I killed the deer the season that Tribbett God has shown me something about life and how fragile life is, and what an honor it is for an animal to give up their life term on nourishment. You may understand that through your package hamburger where we got bacon this morning that there was an animal he gave up his life to do that. But when you actually are the person that processes that animal and you do that yet you get an understanding of the fragile date of life you get an understanding of things that you know for me are are a significant part of the way I walk with God and and and and things that I discover with him along those line reminds me of a couple Easter's ago when Caleb and I went out you spotted the lien and I am not a hunter never really been around that just there's a perspective there you get from Scripture when it refers to some things and things you don't really realize until you walking out with God, double-click clipper clicking a link back in and talk about this is from Robin Williams. You've heard lots of times before going to really listen to it with fresh ears and language what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world. Mr. Pitts, I 19th-century literature has nothing to do with going to business school, medical stuff and you may clear them thinking yes we should simply study are Mr. Prichard and learn our rhyme and meter and go quietly about the business of achieving other ambitions left. We don't read and write poetry because it read and write poetry because we are members of the human race in the human race filled with passion, medicine, law, business, engineering, noble pursuits necessary to sustain life. Poetry, romance, love life for me over the life of the questions of these recurring of the endless trains of the faithfulness of cities filled with the foolish good and made these life answer here life exists and powerful play goes on. You powerful play goes on. You may contribute verse one University big question what we are verse be real quick. As we got over minute moment when you go out to be a professional fisherman, probably anytime soon. What you find when you're out fishing makes you more alive when you come back to other parts of your life. When I stand in the middle of the river in a lookout and see just endless trees and water I realize just some beauty that you can take with you may not be in that river forever, but that beauty stays with me for a long time and gives me a piece that doesn't leave me Robbie, what about you and you're out hunting what what is it that you get from that it allows you to come back and be stronger to Christian car guy or whatever God has on your plate. It's an adventure that he is along in and definitely supplies and it just makes my heart, as part of what it becomes to be me in the video. Quick things. It really speaks to your heart when you get to work with the kids are worth back to when I was young. I wish I had somebody help me along like everyone else but you know know most of you out there know that on blind if you don't know blindfolded in a Catholic but I have learned find that God taken my side away has made things a lot clearer.

Thanks for listening

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