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What Do You Fear? Click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 16, 2016 12:30 pm

What Do You Fear? Click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 16, 2016 12:30 pm

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Every man is one Jesus masculine one feels more like a losing battle, no together last week and so it's good to see you well most of actually I hadn't seen you this year we have the life situations come up last week and Sylvia Goodwin things we don't normally do it played a previous show and so you know, those provisions are really good. You should go back and and you can get those there today were to be talking about a really interesting topic and an Studios very evenly how you doing today doing good good good and Robbie of course is here and now. LOL hello, Sam, and then I'm here and so we talk about a topic that Rob is going to introduce to us aerobically tell us a little bit about the topic today.

Yes, I've been reading this book called the Christian informer by William girl and he finally after 200 pages of this book finally gets to the armor in which the first base armor.

Talk about is the belt of truth and is the finding that in ways that I'd really never thought about before this wonderful thought-provoking things and he mentions that the belt of truth. You can find places where you're not armed with the belt of truth wherever you have fear that any fear that you have in your life is a point at which God's love is not yet you know touch that area of your psyche.

So speak and so all of a sudden when I realized that it was right the first year I said well I need to do an image for here what is it that I fear because when I started to look at what I fear most places I was alarmed. I was sort of disarmed the belt of truth, because obviously God loves me in that place and I shouldn't fear if I am fearing that an extent I'm unarmed. And so I had to do an M. Tory and here I found so I sent an email to my brothers and said hey guys, what do you fear what scares you and is at a point where we need to get some armor counterfeits clowns. Clowns either, but italics got in touch me where the spiders will chink in the armor, but Robbie others, macho guys right to you know nothing is really going to affect them that they are just bigger than life that they have no chinks in the armor they will admit to. Well have a clip on that. All I so so we tousled about the clip yes back in my 70s.

There was there was a movie called Mr. mom and hitman found himself raising his children and of course, not being employee left him in sort of a position where we would say he was posing to be more of a man because he felt his masculinity was challenge because he didn't have a regular job.

The most common things and he certainly makes up for this club is clip his wife is been picked up by her boss right to be taken out town for conference and so he had just lost his job, as you said, and finds himself in a different place.

Let's see how he handles interaction just waiting for Carolyn. You know I like to think my share what I'm doing time off to a whole new way here these walls out. Then the course required yet to 22, 21, whatever takes your Celica yeah well everything I write poetry, sculpt all you there's times I can almost see myself there actually see you there.

All the Robbie what's what's this guy really afraid of what's what's the little Nick and his armor. The guy needs to get what I think what we have here is he is a tool belt on the belt of truth, and clearly you know he's afraid that you know he's not man enough to hold onto the relationship with his wife because of his employment situation is he's concerned about his manhood, and to some extent, isn't concerned about impressing her boss which you know if I really look at my own inventory of personal fears. Robbie Webb used and quite often I find myself trying to impress somebody because of an insecurity that they may not like me and and being a salesman all my life. That's not a good place to be because it clearly is posing but posing with the intention that you know what I want this person not to like but that reveals something that God needs to come into that part of you know where you have evaluated that person likes you and and that truth is more important than whether or not that person likes you in that particular circumstance from a particular situation so it points to a need that I have but also an opportunity to not let Satan tricked me into believing that that pose to get the job done when what I really need is to let God's love do his retaining worker for me. You can look very similar to that.

But what's driving underneath is more fear failure. I don't want to fail. Denied. I don't like to fail.

I don't want people to do but I just am really driven to not fail and I don't know if it's as much to impress as much to show value in a little bit and but it may look exactly the same in working really hard and honestly that that fear is cost me lots of things in my life and the passes cost me some relationship time with my oldest girls asked me all the time with my wife is I just was so afraid to fail. I would stay at work and stay at work and triple check quadruple check and do three or four times in early when I look back, it wasn't needed, it was just fear so there's things were being robbed there from the enemy, and that all did come back to where do I find my value that my worth and I find it in the world and I find it fun.

You think it's only when essays are something the that's on your mind about this yet. We will every weekly, sort of like to talk about the Foley come on air and you know pick clip since template to help us along.

I would've picked you know Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, the opera, but I lost out on. I guess maybe locally but fear if you think about it, is uncertainty.

Don't know is like opening up a door you don't know what's on the other side of it, or if you do know you don't want to open it up because you I'm at an age everybody all you guys out there no but I'm pretty old and I'm blind. I go to bed every night now pray to the Lord and say no, let me wake up with the little bit that I could see like smooth eggshell and both fear for my friends in the age of 50.

Most of them a 50 and 84 is I think a whole different thing. I fear of not get into toilet and time I hear that my wife will not be there for me. Here comes in such different packages as you age, but it comes down to that one word, uncertainty.

Okay I'm done. Next week we got happening.

Gratefully weeding get Al's choice which is been beaches out say there is a movie the Disney Disney movie came out about being inside of a girl's mind inside out. Yeah, my my daughter, my wife want me to get what I said I don't like horror movies and they're like no it's about a girl inside a girl's mind like I don't like horror movies turned out great movie. What is it you're afraid of Earl movies well I tell you, I asked that question of somebody at work the other day and they asked me back before I can think in and I was kind doing it based on this topic, but my big fear was if my family were all killed at once and I was alone because you know there's so much love and encouragement because my family and I believe that that's how God embraces me physically is through them that that's how he shows me love is through them and in that's been a big source of all the changes that have come in my life for the positive. I believe it is come through them and him working through them so for me for that stop just be terrifying. You know, I have no doubt that God loves you through your family have seen that there's there's gotta be some level of the alone part the kind of plays into that as well.

I would know absolutely. I mean it. The alone part is is probably what I don't. It's the loss of the love. So it's a loan to you and me. I see where your it's kind of the flipside of that fear. Yeah, you know, I think that there's different ways to feel alone when we come back after the break. Your second organ player clip really kind digs into that to talk a bit more about the fears that we have, because everybody has them with a minimum or not have and so what we do with those. If there there do we let them control our life. We let them determine where we go, what we do what we don't do otherwise. Another we never leave the house or maybe even riverbed and so we have to just make a decision of what am I going to do with this fear and working really take it can help me move past that Robbie I know you have some great insight in and I did want to. They have books that are of the century to the library.

I think they've been written other even on Kindle come back talking about fear of abandonment fears that sneak up on us, and once it is to this right in the face and how do we go to God and let him help us with looking for Internet radio is listed are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more into my father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father for information on seasons of the heart. That's messenger the you can never get enough elbow and so that would probably be a song in a group you would not expect earlier Christian radio that was Twisted Sister were not to take it. But to really tie into where we go.

Some of the rest of this topic, so there is really a reason for that song is can hang with us and see what is it were not to take anymore but I promise to before we left the clip and will go ahead and get to this clip and it's from a movie called the backup plan and had Jennifer Lopez and some other people.

I can remember who it was. It was in it but that the premise of the story is this lady got pregnant and then she met a man she got invert yeah be true for you and it was easier for you to say and then she meets a man who decides that they love each other and he's gonna you know raise the baby with her and let's listen this interchange between the two of them and really find out what's going on in her heart in her mind as they talk about their plans.

As I walked on quitting school stay in school for time spent yet they're not mine, but yes were having a baby.

I I am sorry not exactly thinking straight of been up all night watching pork and worth some stupid you can afford kids while you still here really after everything we've been through. You think I don't want kids you really think what I just said is what you just heard there's a big difference happening now that you seen a woman pushing a baby yeah she scared just walk away every day looking for some kind of living matter how many times I tell you that I'm not. I don't know what else to do what else my supposed what you see Joe, this is crazy, crazy if you know just so you know when you do the autopsy really is you listen guys, is what's going on in her heart is what you fear she's put abandonment and it's been prevalent in the relationship is you here it is having the discussion in his peers be a goodhearted man mean in the story. Anyway, he goes after that but that fear still takes over and so she starts to step into. I'm going to control what I can control and not have to worry about the things that I can't. If I'm worrying I fear you're gonna leave me, I'll just make it happen in the little be my decision until he gets back into trying to have some of that control over that fear that isn't really necessarily true.

Anyway, so the question for you guys when you find yourself in fear is fear that the pastoral will repeat his fear of the present zero fear of the future is this kind of blend in. Yes, I had a fear of the 23rd. Just as all get ready go on vacation and I was going through something I done. It worked and it was it.

I found a dreadful mistake.

The kind of mistake. I thought I was gonna get fired, and the first thing I did is I call somebody did for them to check on you know one aspect of it. Then I called one of the leaders and I told the leader right away. That's all my direct boss right away. Both of them said well only backup I made all these calls and their in tears thinking I'm going to fired and I deserve you fire. I should get fired for this. And I'm I'm kind of working it up and there was a moment where I stopped and I said you know what if I fired God's got something better for me and I felt went from panic to peace. And as it turned out everybody else know that's not a big mistake not aware about that at all, but but personally for that moment to think that you know everything that I have was going to be lost because of a mistake in the minute. That's a significant change to family when the, the largest income of the family is taken away and obviously the enemy was all over that. But you know when I've been studying about the Holy Spirit.

My personal Bible study have been praying for an indwelling and Mort to get to know him more to get to know God more.

But I just can't describe how that piece. Have you ever been cold and drink hot chocolate or hot coffee, and that just wants just kinda spreads to your body.

That was the feeling I had from the Holy Spirit that you know when I said whatever you got for me beyond this, it's can be better because it's for me is just a piece that came from. If there's thank you if there's fear what's the antidote for that fear.

Scripturally, what would what to say Scripture that the antidote for the family friend Thomas is perfect love drives out fear and so you know it's pretty easy for my tenancy happens to be that I want to focus on the fear and if you do that it just takes you deeper and deeper into all in my opinion that it's it's looking back to go okay and I back up and say clearly if I got a fear here. This is a chink in my armor that God is not touch this right my life. What is it that I'm looking for God to do so. If we been Jennifer Lopez in that situation. Realizing that this man can't meet that underlying need that she has that she shouldn't be abandonment. Somebody's got to be there for her if she could go that deep.

She wouldn't need all that reassert reassurance from him and and so when I find myself just bowing out of control and put it on my wife and kids because of fear and deal with.

Maybe over money or or situational in the family and somehow or another I got to go back to what is it that I really think God I'm happy and and that that fear is really not necessarily my wife, my kids the money. The situation is. Is it what you talked about out God and happening here is not taken some level becomes a distrust to be there for me that's the fear of the real abandonment is a fear of God abandoning right which he says is not ever going to leave or forsake us. But that doesn't mean the enemy doesn't try to drive that wedge when we talk with people. When asked as his opinion on this, but I know that but times and I talk with people they are. The past is what's anchoring. They may say it's the future may say it's the president deftly future worries present situations plan about some long-term things. A lot of times it's the can't let go of something they did in the past is afraid that if they do, the forget himself or the repeated or they won't let someone else be forgiven because that's they have earned it and all that doesn't just keep that fear cycle completely going on and I want to play a quick clip and work back and talk about it, but it's from the lion King is my favorite clips from the lion King Everett has to deal with this topic of letting your past, control your present and affect your future.

Yeah, looks like the winds of change is and that it's not easy. What I have to do.

Going back to face my past running from it for so yeah but it still hurts yes to and from what wisdom you know if I can if I could just hang onto that someday you would be pretty good. It's from a baboon or what is from Robert Dion and I had an opportunity to interview one time and he told me that was his favorite role in his entire acting career with the analogy he did Broadway in Shakespeare and always said Robbie that part I was meant to play that part sitting in front of Mike doing that was the most fun I've had is to make any money doing it. But it was an amazing opportunity to share some wisdom that is absolutely from absolutely the past is important. It is important that we learn from it. But when you let it anchor us and hold us down, fear of abandonment has to deal with having been abandoned in the pastor feel are your financial situations often have to deal with having been in before. Right. So it gets this anchoring in the past and so letting that go. Not letting it hold us down and learning from and moving forward in faith, because it's on the other side of fear as well as at face when he talked a lot about uncertainty.

Obviously, the answer to that uncertainty is faith in something that's very true you know facing.

I laid down in bed at night time and I think I go way back. It's amazing. I can't remember yesterday, but I can remember 1930 and 1940 and I say to myself, how do I get through that homeless on my shoulder. You know like the movie somebody up there likes me. I think I could've played that part because somebody up there likes me in the day Lord is been with me all my life guiding me sometimes like Robby says I guess I was suppose, but he has taken that away from me. He has made a what I consider a human being and a man somebody that can take on somebody else's problems and help them to know that clip you just pay paid. That was my life. My wife had two children, my first wife had two children and she was afraid that I couldn't handle. I told there's only one way we will get married, they become my children. I don't want to know from anything and I was 16 years old. I will tell them that I really wasn't biological but I love them to kids.

Then we had home on the computer is just as much is my biological anything q. week that is great.

We want to save those fears to God. That's where you'll take the faith of what the uncertainty is like to live in peace

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