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Validation; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 29, 2016 8:57 am

Validation; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 29, 2016 8:57 am


Jesus many life is like a losing battle, and something done here last night very good side very much. So you see a joke about on TV in different ways and in its one rubbing the rulings on your heart this week and so can you tell us a little bit about it and and what you really thought this topic would be important to talk about that. I've been reading a new book by John Eldridge and his son Sam, not Sam Mayne but damn Eldridge good name and have the name of the book is called killing lions in it and it is based on the idea that in certain African tribes for young man to take a variety first have to kill a lion and what happens there. If you can picture that kind of thing is if I was to kill a lion than I now have this confidence that I can do things that otherwise I would feel like I could do and we can even see that biblically from now. David would've felt after he killed the lion and he killed a black bear and that idea being that we feel validated as a man we feel validated that were able to accomplish things which gives us confidence to take the next step sometimes to do things, but Satan is very where all well aware of that validation and how it can trip up people, especially young men and young ladies with where they get their validation and so we got it clipped the concept that we do. It's from movie from a few years back. It's a great movie. It's a it's a kids movie.

But Robbie, I want you to tell us about you had not many years back its color is it's not really a Disney movie is called Aladdin and those of you are familiar with the story Aladdin was sort of labeled the street rat but Aladdin got his validation as this clip is to point out from being one step ahead, but it's can lead to some maybe a whole new world just a straight is full of red morning ladies getting into trouble. I way trouble to get caught. Otherwise, we would please fill in your picture that nonetheless receive it. No Aladdin was living in a world that where he got his validation almost like the Robin Hood strategy of eminent people going hungry so I'm in a take from the rich and give to the poor and beat the policeman and as he got good at that.

Obviously it drove him to that behavior to where you know that essentially was his world, but if you know the story Jasmine comes into the equation and so this too far, and some other things that happened that call him and even a genie which you know if you really think about the picture what God's painting here is there gonna call him to what that theme song of the movie was a whole new world of what he really is and all of us are as a prince, but how does validation steer us in the wrong direction is, where the quick question for you. I know we give you a hard time about being around for dirt your lifetime you probably seen that play with like the, the gangsters back in Chicago just was there some as you seen it you know from a foreigner. John Dillinger was around the area I grew up in and there was a big mystique about. I think it really fed what he did not. I guess the question I have for you if you seen a lot of the world at that time you think that's what drove a lot of those guys what drove them is that they were lazy and didn't want to work you around for John Dillinger. Now my dad told me the stories all while that's a good you know the story about John Dillinger. I'm going to validated right now. It was stopped by a call read.

Did you know that yes I did okay when it really mean it was stopped in right what now the color red woman would be wearing a red dress when they come out of the movie and the FBI was there knowing that that was John Dillinger and they bloom away.

Big time and I wasn't around yet. I don't think, but I can validate what happened.

I think sometimes people you see really play up to that persona you nicely comedians do you see a bunch of different people to do this is who I am anything but that validation is not really what were talking about taking that question to the wrong place and so what's in some good validation. You know, I think the was pretty funny that we talk about this topic and I happen to be watching TV with my boys and show called the middle was on and it's really kind of stupid but it's about people from Indiana which I'm from and so I think it's funny and there is a gym teacher and they were doing this exercise where they were throwing their cants into a hole in there bearing the things that they can't do is all about having a can-do attitude and she was talking to the group and she said I can do whatever I set my mind to let you pause for a moment, she said, except earn my dad's approval and I thought wow even on this, it is their last track him on it so prevalent in society that people just kinda playoff and so as we talk about validation what's new things you guys are young lady should look for the healthy validation well I would say they turn to their father, their father, thank you to set that up. Yeah I was thinking you know realistically or idealistically in it.

That's something that from this ministry.

I really, it's help me and open my eyes for my kids to validate what they're doing.

For instance you know my son is struggled with swimming. He's been a swimmer. Times when he's done really well, but he made it to the states for his his school for that I am mentally individual medley and you know if I don't stop and say while son that's a huge accomplishment. I'm proud of you.

I never could've done that then then what is he get it from me. He's got to get not just from his father but his family because we know little brother sister looks up to you that your good and that's big when your peers to do it even bigger. But that goes back to Aladdin.

You know, one of the things in I agree that the ability to be faster than the cost was big, but he was a hero to his people feeding those were hungry taking care kids mean he had people he was a village to healing care about them.

It was the people around him that he loved to me. That was his bigger validation if they really did love him and he fed off that that's note you if you steal enough food to eat for a day why he keeps stealing throughout the day and feed the others if you're not trying to help to me.

I think it's the relational validation that really means the most little bit different question. Where have people often taken the validation to the doesn't give them that permanent feeling of it doesn't fill that void for long. Anything come to mind as we talk about that. Where's your for me the longest time was work and II knew what to do the work to be successful.

I knew how to do certain things if I did a great budget or whatever. It was very measurable and so that's where a lot of validation came for a while. Now the company is no longer around, and so if my validation was in that company and I really didn't have any anyway.

Not anything it's got any permanency to it. And so, in your guys a story is been times you've looked other things for validation that what wasn't sustainable well into the car business is like a living example of because every month starts fresh and they all turn from hero to zero applied because you could sell 25 cars of your salesman on the floor. He sold 25 car. Chances are, you let the board but the next month everybody started at zero image if you didn't know cell six or later you hear the sales manager come through Belmar what he done for me lately. What happened to your hero to zero and in your validation went as you had ability to perform for the company as a salesman and the shame that they lay on you and attempt to try to motivate you when you're in a business that essentially should be trying to figure out how to help the customer that comes in, rather than in Osama car all of a sudden becomes completely focused on.

I got so this guy car. I'm a complete loser rather than how can I help this guy by a car and so it's really a difficult situation to get your validation from the right place on the management you're coming down on you like. If you don't sell Accardo Moore you are a loser and MS the what about you what's with something that you taken your validation to think football was a big validation for me, from elementary school in the high school and had my way paid to get a private school to play football but when I got hurt. I was out of football player year you wear your letterman jacket or something. When I got hurt I feel I can wear my letterman jacket and I went to another school. We don't wear your old letterman jacket to your new school and so I went and I suddenly had the validation I didn't know who I wasn't and I just pursued in the wrong arena that can happen with sports unity. You can have indefinite work menus or something you can think of.

I go back to my days with pigeons.

They use the race with a vase on his desk to be a great story and then he always tells great stories you want to come back and listen to the story about pigeons. I promise you it will be worth the tops in New York City back in really old times talking about, where should you take the validation where will that permanent validation come from in your life. There is an answer at the end of the shows dealing with our masculine and what is the Christian life have to do with any of that. That's why I could not be more excited about what's coming up April 28 through May 1. The event realistically change my walk with God more than any other thing other than coming to Christ. Initially was yes the team for masculine journey radio is having our own four days and it's for masculine journey radio earlybird price is journey radio with breast cancer every year and save lives, not initially starting to look like we might have most of my friends.

It's time to learn how you make a difference for MDA thousand foot crunch in my son and we played for the first time you listen to it with your son brings it to you. Utilities I want to be somebody, and that's something that we all want and we look for validation to prove where somebody but this song is talking about validation through Jesus Christ validation through God the ultimate validation and that's when you can trans transition from earthly validation spiritual validation that's really where you get your motivation, your spiritual gifts come together in unity start doing things that you never thought you could do because it's no longer on your power.

It's hard to really imagine if you never had that validation as a young boy and then you know you have a great story about receiving some validation to a on Saturdays, while every day we displace that goal out in the streets, dodging the cause, but I couldn't play on Saturday because I had to clean pigeon coop for my father he never once said a word to me. You know you did a good job or anything like that and one morning when I finished my come down. He turned around to Muniz is 80 coop looks good man. I almost had a heart attack and out probably was only about 12 years in the heart was good at that time but anyway, tomato wasn't in it being acknowledged and validated that I did a good job but the story I was trying to tell you before they use the race pigeons take amount you know certain miles and let them go, and whoever got there first and then days they didn't have a clock today and a clock on you had to get in the car and raced out to the clubhouse so I want that I have a pigeon of my own.

This is okay, take that one for me and Mike Mangano took this one bird I would hold it and sit on the handle balls of the bike. We got it out to 3 miles and anyway the first race we put the burden we want we be old the fathers and that was unbelievable. You know me. They made us feel like big family and the question that men want to ask are more answered is to have what it takes.

We talk about that right.

Many many times in the show and so every man's haunted by golly, do I have what it takes and so you know to be there with and again that group of men that you grew up with for you to win the pigeon race is saying that in a young Vinnie is is got what it takes in and you race pigeons clear until all in 10 years ago I me I need is out because that was something where he still could feel that the love of exactly what the ending of that story is kind of said we had about 250 pigeons on all loft and the Hawks know used to hang out on the bridge at the 59th St. bridge and when the birds will up in the sky. The hawk would come down swoop down and grab a bird. Never miss talking to Miss you know what Oldenburg obvious son of a gun. If he doesn't get the Isabella Bird that we won the race last week while it killed me. It killed me.

My father said it takes five CF, then to carry five pigeons. You won't drive us to track anyway, that's it.

And that's why Vinnie loves Hawks to this day you get in trouble shoot.

If there's any cops out there listening to the story. I'm sure that probably all yeah I did a couple that was more than seven years to get out. This is not just something that men struggle with bright young man has a question to have what it takes but women look for approval as well.oh yeah, it's do you see me do you find value in me and it was just a few weeks ago my daughter was on a Sunday crawled into my lap. It was telling me about the children's church sermon. She said it was his best, Everett was on the feeling invisible and I thought wow she said I feel invisible school, especially when the kids are being mean and I thought, tell me more one knowing it.

You know it's it chokes me up because it the end of that she talked to me about and I told her that she was invisible and you know we can't talk about some other things and at the end of it. She looked at me with this big grin. She sees you're the best daddy ever I see what you mean.

She goes you always listen and you always know what to say.

I thought yes 00 next month. You never outgrow the desire for, and I think God does put people in her life to give us that from time to time. That little boost of energy know and remind us that there's something in our heart that really need to view the clip of female that's really struggled with the question. This is a great clip from mom's night out I forgot the name of the country music singer but trace trace Atkins so he plays a biker in jail, but in the lobby with a woman whose bailing out another woman. The pastor's wife got to see the movie is great but she's confessing to this biker about her emptiness in the will just let it go from there and try just not for who I mean Sean my mother every now you sense from work three never met Monday early in walked to school and waited for her coming home from work every night should come home and she same thing.

He loved what you do for you. Jesus will always be loving you is why just smile so simple interest is illegal, caring for just the gospel so much to yourselves so I doubt or stay given your kiddo so you just be you is a lot there. Now you are, this clip just because so many levels speaks to Amanda speaks to woman because he knew when you look for earthly validation is always going let you down.

You never get it get the validation you seek to get from God and I go back to the song the bump in music.

One of the lyrics and that is we all want to be somebody we just get a glimpse of who we are and when you see that you made the image of Christ and you were here to do amazing things.

It's just about surrendering to him him validation that's just that's where you get your power. That's when you start to realize is spiritually easy to take you far beyond. When you let go, let him take you know how your awesome point there. The morning to get validation from God Robbie we have a clear poor somebody's been walking with God. Yet, we still have this need for a little bit of validation and so what you talk a little bit about him being an eagle, and now on this case it's a movie older than Aladdin penicillin color as chariots of fire and Eric, little is a runner in the Olympics and is also a Christian and is difficult choices in this, one of which is his sister, which is on him all the time to be a missionary and she doesn't understand the running, but he's not is getting his his validation from the church that his sister ghost he's getting his validation from God and his goodness, validation and and he kind of explains how he gets that and through that I think there's a wonderful way for us to listen to the voice that Eric was listening so I was like I said I was so the law will not feel slighted as some of the cited China. The mission yourselves accepted all running to do first Jenny Cheney got to understand. I believe that Goldman's China also make the run pleasure to hold in contempt just for fun to win a radio show because of your faithful prayer addresses masculine journey PO Box 5507285 online network program

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