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Oppression; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 6, 2016 12:30 pm

Oppression; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine using hand life feels more like a losing battle when something done here, request Presidents' Day will you all.

I can't believe I missed you. We been having quite a conversation, we really haven't talked much football which is surprising as well know the Broncos bargain when know that the split decision hearing room.

So anyway there's some panther friends of Trish's lit.

I think there's one written for Denver and three for the panther giants don't have any that they're not talking about a topic that you can become confusing on the sloop in kind all around this topic and it's interesting where God came to Texas so were on an adventure today to see where that takes us on this topic is we've talked about almost every side of it. I think we talk about the topic of oppression and so many out one thing I would ask you was you. You're the big news guy here. You hear the news. I don't I don't watch the news at all. I just don't like to. There's a lot of things going on in the world with this topic of oppression is under oh, definitely. So all you gotta do is listen to you by a newspaper and see what's going on in the Middle East where often may you know what I look at it.

That's where oppression started 2000 years ago and seems like were just going back. We haven't learned a thing, killing people, beheading people, children and babies, Jews, Christians, what reason and all and that makes me think I've really learned anything that we really learned anything enough.

We may be able to talk about no Bible studies, Bible and all that but have we really learned anything.

I think that most people are oppressed in their family life. Maybe with their own siblings and mother and father and I for one maybe it's because of my age. I I don't understand it anymore. I have and I would talk about.

I'm talking about family. I have a system that drives me absolutely nuts and I really want to smack on next week. I guess that's because some of what I have learned through Jesus. I noticed that the right thing to do because I'm married to a sister and all my love and devotion ghost sister was my wife.

I mean, my wife, not sister.

She Satan anyway. Anyway, she would listen to the shows were good that I want to talk about oppression.

I get all lined up. You just heard talk with her depression going on in the world and its going on in every generation. As we look back and and really that there's different types of oppression is stuff that we see out there, but the Bible talks about a different type of oppression right right when I face my moderate to severe depression. Did you get a kick out all those commercials moderate moderate to severe you know is if they want scripted. I think that one of my prescriptions is laughter. It clearly is that sometimes if I can get my mind off of whatever it is it's got me oppressed. You know, through laughter, whatever. But in so this clip that's coming up. There's a little bit of that as I actually took some of what Charles Dickens wrote and rewrote into Christian cargo peer episode called a Christmas Carol, but in this. There's a scene where you know the Jacob Marley character for most of us are screwed. In this case it was a fastest that that you hear his voice comes in and he is in chains, and the Bible speaks of these chains that that they were forged that chains of darkness, and Jacob, the Jacob Marley character not made a lot of good choices in life and so now he is essentially walking around in the dark in these chains but still he has some advice and he wants to help his brother or in the case of Scrooge's friend. If your technologic Marley. He's got some some wisdom form and I think we can hear that Anna left her to go with this is Festus Marley.

That's it. I will add immediately in combating the value is the pattern that it's strange to father. Would you know the length of the chain. You may use this. It was as long heavy as this seven Christmas and you have labored on some comfort with me.

You use this in different regions and ministers to other kinds know I can't tell you both those lines right straight out of Charles Dickens and went and that was what Jacob Marley actually said the Scrooge which was I have no comfort for you comes from different men and different ministers that clearly this character did not have the Holy Spirit.

And clearly, this character had no answers but he was aware that there were answers and that no in this case, Scrooge been looking for love in all the wrong places no words, we should realize more tied up in these chains that it's a call God's calling us to intimacy.

To understand how do we get out from under that he wants us to have freedom. But you gotta have the Holy Spirit you gotta be alive in Christ before you can even begin the process. So if were talking about in internal oppression versus something put on me. What's it really look like for the listener, how did they get there with those chains I get there with those chains are or how do you so that you can can understand your one of my really talking about here how my going to fight this asking got into what I don't even know what it actually ate you could take an internal struggle becomes about external struggle quite easily and I think a lot of us can relate to this. Especially this time of year were a month out of ammo New Year's resolutions and we struggle with that.

Next on, now there's a certain amount of oppression that although we don't have that struggle with adult it brings with it and you know when you eat that doughnut. It comes with the chain that you made a choice to eat that, depending on your health situation at the for some of us clearly something that leads to gluttony and and we begin to forge that chain more more and then the next thing you know Satan grabbed hold of Adam. I love this picture that Satan has this like rake and he rake stuff up that he knows is troubled you in the past, and you might want to let you know you're a glutton. So next thing you know you beaten six doughnuts so every time you see the word gluttony. You know I struggle with the same struggle once Satan is God that you know.

Then he peoples that rake and he gets you thinking annexing your six doughnuts N you and you've now forge this much marching so will dig a little deeper on this, so this is something that potentially you've brought on yourself for something that Satan has kind of thrown at you and you believed you or both of the king who shake your head that I've got tired so if I'm out there and I'm feeling this heaviness internally to suspend in this case externally from the doughnut. But if I'm feeling that heaviness in support of the players got worse this heaviness coming from the Holy Spirit come in and help break that her help me put light on his Bible does talk about getting light on those things doesn't really exactly. That's the that's the beautiful part about Jesus is the light of the world and and there's some really illuminating passages like Isaiah 12 where it talks about what those lights are wisdom and counsel and might and power in those things and so as we bring these things to Jesus and really struggling here and at what point can you you know you and I really reason here in and sit down and give me some me know practical things that I'm struggling. Why is it I keep coming here and having more times over the lab this conversation to overcome this particular barrier of whatever sin it keeps recurring.

And in those chains have, you know, and I'm just using that one because love is they have a root that was him, but they have there's a root cause and and I really feel like Christ wants to get in to our hearts and part of that sanctification process for all of us is an even from what I understand Spurgeon's suffered a little bit with the same exact one talk about here that at some point you know he wants you to be free of those things that are pressing you and keep you from application standpoint you talk about gluttony and struggle that what some other things that some people can put in a field around it could be some those chains form less could be the chain right really impose on what some other things that people struggled with three that could be causing some of those heaviness. The good news is I found it.

You know, I can send in so many different I can turn almost anything into a sin, and in the interesting thing is is that you can take the desire for a new car and you can make that into you know breathing you can you can take your desire to be on the radio. Next thing you know you're filled up with pride and so you know when one leads the other and then you once you Satan has you all raked up and always got this.

Now I've got to comfort myself so I'm back at an end. At that point, you know. Hopefully I have the relationship where I can sit down and begin online. Some of that stuff and and begin to take it in front of the Lord and get some help and that's reason been asking and that we come back to practically deal with that.

How do you make that get out your heart. Sort of talk but I talk about depression then he was talking about what you doing that's common externally handle that and how do you deal with it in life is ridiculous.

Injury radio is listener supported. Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is is a charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father.

No one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask.

That's messenger the will he talking about overcoming things in her life and some of what were talking about today is this topic of oppression, not depression. You said something earlier the insurer.

We said earlier about oppression and depression. Let me see if I got this straight. Gluttony is bad, doughnuts, or worse yet, I'm wondering if oppression isn't the first step to depression. In many cases in note, like your I think he's the depressed character in the Winnie the Pooh series yet. He just can't get out of the funk in a funk and I've been there and others just this. Something about you. It robs you of your joy, but sometimes we release for me and I used to be for a long time after my divorce I was very depressed.

I was very impressed. I have found joy in nothing.

It was just an empty time but had some people around me were very positive in there like nominees get what they go. He's gotta be positive got start looking for the good stuff. It was a long journey for me to find that joy me. It was probably 10 years of keeping that in my mind and in looking looking for the goods like doughnuts gluttony. As we left were talking about that internal oppression and some of those things.

I think the seat scripturally but we also see it in our society as people struggle with anger struggle with loss. The struggle with all these different things. It really kinda comes down to that attack on their heart that there taking part in almost mean inviting it in because are not defending it well but is the same before we go there actually at an out because I am kind of impressed that were looking at is out before we get to the external impression that you're talking about. I would like to say submit that really comes out at me is in second Corinthians chapter 10 Galatians 215. It says we who are Jews by birth and not sinful Gentiles, no that a person is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ and so we try my own situation as I get caught up.

I did that wrong.

I did this wrong.

I did and I and I'll somehow or another think because of the Christian justified by my works and at the end of the day.

That isn't what happened because what's where my righteousness comes from is from Christ and getting inside that identity.

In spite of all these failures and just humbly saying, gotta blow their ability or blue here, but wait a minute, justified by my works. I'm justified by what your son did in coming here and help me with that. And through that light that comes with essentially delicious. The faith that Jesus is got this comes, you know, resisting the devil which is gonna make him sleep. If I start to bring Jesus into the situation and say wait a minute, wait a minute I'm justified by faith in Christ, not necessarily whether or not I eat the doughnut so you got nothing on me and begin to live in that identity again. Then I can get rid of some about oppression and in a course, there's things that you have to work on individually as far sin and hopefully get those chains off at the big chain breaker is Jesus. I just wanted to make sure the more I believe everybody is Jesus and simply write okay that's a good point, but I think that we talk about. We don't say I don't think it must be Satan it's always so subtle it always creeps in. So slowly, and then when that happens before you know it in so when I think of that. How often have you been in that position where it starts small, you expect. You want people to think highly of you. So you try to put on and near you going to depose and then one little things that you down because you got man I was looking so good. And in this because you're like he said. Robby, our identity becomes another people and what they think of us and when we let that go and we recognize wait a minute, I'm trying too hard to impress everybody else and I'm not trying hard enough to impress my father you now the giant tree comes from a small seed, you have to start somewhere and so Robby is you talking that's really where I was hoping we would go was to talk about how do you ultimately defend that that chains alternately defend against anger how to alternately defend against it is not listen to the lies of the enemy internally but they take what Jesus said in know what the Bible says about who I am in him and let that be the truth and push that oppression out into the big part of that is inviting Jesus into that but also to invite amend or expose some things we not may not be aware of nuts at internal things of what happens if it comes externally go ahead and go to clip and this is from the movie, Gandhi want to just listen and what's happening here in history if not a big history buff, the British are really oppressing the Indian people from India and so this is what is her talk about what you're going to do about these these people from Britain coming into their country. Haven't had this big meeting and listen to how Gandhi handles the crowd were talk about that oppression looks outside of us and how do we deal with it.

I will not call them and he does not have to stand at the door all I might think twice about. I pray I need because in this diet, but my friend know which I had to kill one to us. We will know one know that we will not give one business.

They will find us. They will seize opposition.

They cannot take away self-respect.

We do not you fight against. We will strike a blow, but we will receive them, and through paying. We will make them see that injustice and it will so I think it's that we can lose, we cannot say may talk show my body break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my well that's pretty powerful ruler and come back to point about the second. What you make this Robby but we are talking off there about some of the people that stood up against oppression, and so you're talking about some people that really came to mind for you that stood up against oppression.

So if I ask you to name three. Three people that really fought against oppression one way or another, who they be Churchill would be one of them for sure. Jackie Robinson, and probably I don't know. I think maybe maybe about me okay about me myself. I stood up against oppression.

Most of my life. Somehow I made it.

It is part of my life so I'm not comparing myself to Churchill.

Jackie Robinson, but I think everybody here Robby you Sam big day before been in that position as Gandhi was in no so yeah it's a tough deal, but offhand would be Churchill and Jackie Robinson. Thank you. Now would you throw out a name or two might have thought oppression that comes to mind. I thought Billy Graham the first time because he spent a lot of time away from the wife. He absolutely adored his family just to spread the gospel.

I mean to get the gospel to Russia in all these places, it never heard the gospel had he not made that effort fought this battle to get in those countries to Robby. What's what's the name somebody, Abraham Lincoln, George and Patrick Henry all those people strong in the points I want to go with that is, of course, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., all these people to find two different dynamics there was an aggressive way of fighting and there was a passive way of fighting those Christians what we know what to do. How do we know how to attack that lease for me. I look at that internal struggle is its aggressive side, but I have to defend against that I have to make sure that doesn't come in.

I could use Jesus to help me fight that fight that aggressively, but what are we doing that oppression is outside. Sometimes God calls us to be more like Gandhi as you think about the people that really change the world number take anywhere from Churchill reading I got them talk about civil wise right you have Gandhi you have Martin Luther King Jr. you all these people that they want about the war but they brought about great change and so there is fighting and just understanding here. Identity is not letting that outside world pressure you know your tongue, but that clip probably what that clip really you take the clip of Gandhi, absolutely. He knew clearly who it was and he was in English.

People determine who he was and what his identity was and he was a man out there. If you're Christian, if not a Christian you are being oppressed right now you being oppressed internally. You may be being oppressed externally in this world. This world is not what you do you find have to fight.

The only other option is you get into it and that's can lead to that depressions can lead to the life you don't want to fight. Go to Godzilla fight for my heart with you aggressively and hold onto that fight against that oppression externally by believing you have it because you told me you have solicited talking actually

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