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Fighting for The Heart of Others; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 27, 2016 12:30 pm

Fighting for The Heart of Others; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus please life is like a losing battle, and something they were to be talking about the need to have battle going to try to play little Groundhog Day thing. We are actually talking about eight.

Why is it important for man to fight for the heart of others so something wired in a manner it.


The Stuff We Talked about One of the Needs of of the Last Couple Weeks We Talked about Would Be What Will Be One of the Needs We Kind of Touched on over the Last Couple Weeks of These Core Desires. It's One in a Man's Soul. The Battle Battle to Fight Is Critical One Because Were All Geared for Wrong Made for That Battle but It's Understanding Which Battles Are the Right Ones to Fight and Anyone to Ask You As Far As the Need You've Had A Few Years on Us One or Two and You Pricing in Your Life. Over Time, That There Is at Times Really Does Need to Stand up for Injustice and Invite about You Live Long Enough like I Have That Comes across Almost Every Day It Happened to Me Just Recently Yesterday.

I Think Most People out There Know That I Kinda Sour All My Children That They Don't Call Me up.

You Know I'm Old. I'm Blind. No Crying the Blues but Is True and I Couldn't Never Could Seem to Win Their Hot and Yesterday Was My Deceased Wife's Birthday and I Needed Somebody Take Me to Church to Acknowledge It, Which I Do Every Year since She Died 19 Years Ago My Daughter Brought Me There and When We Got Home We Got into a Conversation That Was Just Amazing. You Don't Lose the Love of Your Children, No Matter How Bad They Do or What You Think They Do That Is Wrong, but She Laid Her Head.

I Was on the Couch and She Laid Her Head on My Chest and Started to Cry As Much Matter Pieces You Know I Gotta Tell You, God, I Understand How You Feel Towards Me Is How Do I Feel That I Haven't Been There for You When I You Really Need Me and My Other Daughter Rita As She Started to Cry. She Said from This Day Forward I Belong to You Again. Like I Said You Know the Day You Wake up and It's Thinking That It Was My Wife's Birthday 19 Years Ago, and I've Never Missed a Day. I'm in a Year of Putting Roses or Something and Him My Daughter Shared That with Me As She Won My Heart Where You Know I I Don't Think I'll Ever Speak Bad Ever about Family Again This at That Time and She Laid Her Head on My Show Shoulder in My Chest and Was Crying.

I Really Seen What It Is to Be a Father and to Win and She Was Battling for Your Heart to Directly Here Exactly. And You Know It to Be. It Became a Mutual Thing on. I Guess the Moral of the Story Is That You Never to Old to Learn.

And Yesterday I Had a Learning. It.

Besides, I Got a Daughter Back That I Thought I Had Lost. But I Did Lose/I Love You More Than More Than My Own Life and I'm Sure Everybody out There Listening Probably Has Had the Same Experiences That You Know We Look at What Our Children Are Wives and What We Do and We Want to Win Their Hearts Back. A Lot Of Times We Do It in the Wrong Way until We Get Smart until Basically with Me. It's Talking to the Lord and We Realize What Is Really Important, and Is the Honesty of the Love between Family Weakness Is What I Was. I Was Also Thinking of That Core Desire of It. A Man's Heart That We We All Have a Adventure We Crave for Adventure. We Do We Want to Have Some Epic Things in Our Life Sometimes Is May Seem Frivolous to Others, but You Got Intends the Smallest to the Largest of Adventures to Have Meaning in There's a Balance Because We Go Adventures for Fun, but Then We Also Have Those Battles. Like Many in That Long Battle to Fight in and Then but He Was Also Battling for a Woman's Heart so You Know This All This Talk and It Ties in Together Because Sometimes We'll Find Our Battle or the Beauty until We Go on an Adventure and That's When These Things Happen in These All Kinder As You Say Mold Together but They Are Separate Things of God Lays on Her Heart. And As We Talk about This Is Not That They Don't Apply to Females Are Not Wanting Adventure to Stand up for Injustice, but This Is Called the Masculine Journey Right so Were Talking Primarily about a Man's Heart and about Men's Arts but the Is This Need for Adventure. This Is Need to Battle against Injustice.

There's This This Desire within You to Fight for the Hearts of Others. I Love You Said Venting about You and I Didn't Really Know What to Do except Go to God. That's Right Because When We Go to God in A Lot Of That Our Perspective Changes about Not As Much Fighting for What's Good for Us Fighting What's Good for Them, Which Ultimately Impacts Us That's Exactly Right. All Conversation and All T Is Whether Wolf for Her Part for Me and Mine with Was for Her and on Your If You Don't Have God Helping You along with This Stuff and Make It and Not Make It in There Also Times When First Is You Had to Give It to God Because There Was You, You Would Run Out Of Options. That's Right, but There Are Also Times When God Puts Us in a Position of Power and We Have To Fight the Battle, but We Have To Choose Who the Enemy Is, and Who Were Fighting for Right Which Actually This All Ties into the Clip, Believe It or Not in Word and Listen to the Cook That We Love Playing on This Topic.

Russia Love Showing This Boot Camp a Little Bit Can't Coming up April 28 through May 1 and Seven Information on That. Go to Mass Country It's Can Be a Great Great Facility I'll You Get a Chance to Look at It Last Week What You Think about the Facility Were Elderly and It Blows Me Away. The View Coming up Is Amazing That the Grounds Themselves Are There Rustic and Natural. Every It's There so Many Things to Do. It's It's I'm Looking for to It If You like to Fish There Are Striped Bass.

Yeah and Yeah in the Pond Back to Her Clip in This When You Have a Amendment Really by World Standards Doesn't Really Have A Lot to Offer Its John Doe, Jean, He Would Have Been a Criminal.

He's Been on the Run from the Police Right Is Can a Hidden Enemies Become This. This May or May but Still He Said He's Hiding but His Real Battle Is Been up to Now Not As Much Is That You Can See What He Really Steps into and Fights Well for Somebody's Heart Is a Great Illustration of You Can Try to Hide, but God Can Pull You out Put You in the Battle That He Needs You to Fight Right That Only You Can Fill Those Shoes Because He Has You There to Do It in the Scene.

There's a Lady That Had Been a Prostitute She's Gotten Sick and He's Taking Care Of Her and Listen to How She Talks about Herself and Listen to How He Talks about Her and the Way That the Father Sees Her Close Straight to Send Them to School Is Is Talk That's Was, but It's a Powerful Clip and Half of Movie Scene As You Watch It in and You Really Have This If You Don't of the Back Story. He's Not Fighting for Her Hand in Marriage Is Not Fighting for a Love Interest in This Piece Is Speaking Truth to Her Heart That to Heal Her Heart to Bring It Whole Again That That Restoration in One of the Parts That Seem It. I Didn't Catch until Just Now Where He's Talking about.

If You Just Come to Me Now in in.

That Was One of Those Moments Where Not Only Did I Want to Help You.

Wish I Could Help You Sooner.

I Wish You Had Suffered, but He Couldn't Change That.

In Any Moved Away from That, but That You Could Just Feel His Heart Just Yearns to Go Back in Time to Rescue Her from from These Things Have Happened, Not Even Have To Live That We Do Step in the Middle of Someone Else's Story Sometimes and Would like to Look Back and If We'd Known Him As I Wished I Would've Done Something Different in Our Manager Talked about Your Daughter.

You Know, We Can All Play the Second Second Guessing Game and Saying I Wished I Might've Done Something, but God Had Ordained a Moment in Time That You Both Would Arrive at That Place at the Same Time Together and That's Really What I Heard in This Clip Was.

I Don't Think God Wanted Chrisette to Go through Not Chrisette to Set That You Had to Go through the That the This Issue but He Needed at Some Point for Someone to Build a Speak in Her Heart When She Needed to Hear It and I Love the Fact That There's His Place in the Story Comes in Different Forms. His Battles Come in Different Because He Fights for the Mother's Heart Here, but Then He Fights for the Daughter When the Mother Dies. He Knows That That Wound This Child Doesn't Even Know about Her Wound yet That Her Mother's past and so He Goes. Now He's in a Fight for Her to so That That Battle Continues on. I Mean It's an Ongoing War until We Walk through the Gates and It's Not As Though He Didn't Having to Worry about Right Yeah and That's Where the Cool Thing about This Whole Movie. I Don't Watch the Musical Because Another Musical Guy That's Robbie He's Not Here to Using Both of You in This Movie. It Is Just Amazing to Watch Him Battle His Own Fears Still Fight for the Hearts of Other That's a Court's Art Is to Talk about This Tonight for Female Fighting for the Hearts of the Beauty Beauty Is Your Son Right Someone That You Love Her Coworker That You Really Care about How You Fight for the Hearts of Others Were to Find out Why God Put That on Your Heart Come Back and Join Us a Good Masking for More Injury. Radio's List Are Supported Very Thankful for Every Dollar but I Wanted to Take a Moment to Share a Really Easy Way to Support If Use Amazon to Purchase Things You Need to Do Is is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries for an Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the domain here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help return my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the heart masking radio that's messenger the welcome back to masking journey we're talking about a topic today that continues on the four desires of man's heart talking about for the last couple weeks and as we talk about this topic of boot camp. It's not a three week thing that we do, but it's it's a one talk when I talk about it and got really just kinda helps men understand the way he made them to do certain things, a lot of times been told that some of these things are bad and it's easier just not to stand up and buck the system just kinda walk past injustices and justice. If it doesn't involve you either all adventures bad news are just some of the echoes of the enemy trying to tell men don't have permission to be men and really we gotten the. This leads us to be the man he created us to be.

Let me let me rephrase that God doesn't need us right. He wants us right wants us to fulfill a role that he put us here to do in our families, with the people that he has a surround in this current circumstances of life meaning for you might be the people that live where you live route might be your coworkers or your family and we all have these different roles a God calls us to play to live out these core desires as part of that indenture and growing in our life with him and I think it's it's important to know that for everyone in this room, everybody in our ministry. We have gone through that battle and we have been beaten and at some point somebody including our heavenly father is pulled us out of it and in taking this to a place where not only are we healed and restored with our heavenly father now ready to fight for the hearts of others because we been through the fire were ready to go back and fight your life happens yet to us times harder than others. So we talk about these topics and we say okay and adventure to live what happens if an adventure that you went out on didn't in the way you thought right saw the some enemies on the back into that since he really don't have what it takes to do that adventure or extend up to fight against injustice, and it doesn't come out well for you because they don't always come out well because we shouldn't do it right after I guess was my first boot camp I went camping for the first time by myself and fishing and catch a fish. But I had a blast. I had so much spiritual growth so much personal growth that I need that adventure and we need to plan adventures to get them in our life because in these adventures we start finding different battles to fight your point, a person click that say well how selfish was valuing out fishing with your family home. You went camping but you were quiet and had time with God and ask that my family was very encouraging. Well I didn't think they were mad at someone else outside but that world trying to beat you down and keep you from being a man in and I'm blessed that that my wife was encouraging and my children were that loud enough by itself. This is it's like a rite of passage is we talk about this this beauty to fight for the beauty to rescue what happens if you're single. There is no beauty in my life. What happens if you're in the middle of a divorce or what happens this relationship haven't worked out the doesn't mean that you're still not called to do that one way or another. That's right, did the battle for beauty isn't a battle for a woman in your life. It's a battle to for a woman's heart to help restore her heart and that could be a family member could be a coworker could be somebody that you just met but somehow God put you in the right place and that's a clipboard and to listen to.

It's from a movie called letters to Juliet and it's about a girl who wants to be an author but she's a fact checker for magazine and she writes some things and she has this person read at that earlier in the story she can even stand right so there's no relationship here there is finding some common ground which of you know any love stories end up falling in love. So I just ruined it for you but now it's the it's still a good movie but at this point in this clip you hear the sky fighting for her heart to go follow her passion when he has no ulterior motive is to say that's the right thing and this is really what you been called to do is let's listen to that order come back and talk about it right. It's some fact checking the right side and tell you what that was to know what that was what is quite funny really is.

It's what you should tell them where they're at their at a place where they could get some dessert and in the middle of a Leica open area dessert battle dessert battle and it is quite funny and display full and and I love that because you know we in this society were not isolated to just our wife is the only woman or our wife that may have a coworker who was a man there doesn't. This isn't about sex. This isn't about infatuation. This is about somebody who is afraid to move forward, afraid to follow their dreams and encouraging that because we need to do that for others because we need people to do it for us as well mean it's it's I gave a talk Tuesday to speak to my department in it the end of it.

Somebody came up and said you know the one thing there were a lot of things I got out of that, but you really love your job and it came out in that to me. That was so encouraging because it wasn't about what I was talking about wasn't just about the facts. It was about the passion because it's something I love.

I do like we have a little bit a responsibility to have a word of caution when you enter in and you're fighting for the heart of somebody the opposite sex is very very dangerous territory. If it's not your wife absolutely right and so you have to be very very careful that you don't cross lines. It no one ever intends to cross. That's how you get there, but what I'm talking about is not necessary spending alone time with people as much as it is. Maybe being there to answer a phone call for Semites in need or helping somebody out there's a situation. This is just going to do the right thing with no other reason but to do the right thing and because it's good for their heart right.

I have a friend it's a woman I where I used to work either friends for 20 years and I was encouraging her to go to the next level with her career and she's five years away from retirement you know and I'm thinking you know really.

She is so young and intelligent spry in interactions it.

It's almost like she's not that close to retirement, but if you love it, do it.

She said you know I'm not ready for that.

I'm not interested in that and more. I want to go a different direction with my personal life, but the fact that I got to encourage her, she said, but you know the fact that she believed me. Thank you. It's nice to hear's the somebody believes in me was a sexual is just a friend that a coworker that you know I wanted to see her succeed in you it will. It was in the rectory. She wanted to go but just to hear it meant a lot to know that ask a question. You have a grandson. Yes, right on nine of them.

You have nine of them want to talk to pretty frequently every day that isn't there a part of his life that you probably played that role of encourager to have him kinda pursue some passions and maybe you might've doubted I probably was the only one to have them pursues passion and that was to be with God, and he now is a past that he was on the show here is a guess about six months ago and he calls me every day as he knows his grandpa's blind no way calls me is just amazing to read meters sport news the love that he has that he his me over the phone, you know, talking about a simple one of the ranges of what it the Mets do what it did giant stove, blah, blah, blah.

You know and I can sense in his voice. The pleasure that he's getting a knife.

I feel just on this talk that we haven't tonight.

I understand that a lot more because it is his passion. I wanted to say something Sam. I also learned like and you was a witness that would tonight Sam picks me up because they won't let me drive. I noticed that they bring me I'm blind ever again and you'll know there's a bit of an issue with discrimination. It is the driving a blind eye when Sam picked me up at my apartment. I live in assisted living. We came down in about four women because they enjoyed me when I was in blind that I made them laugh. I was friendly and that's my nature before women write Sam and me hugs and if they don't leave any understanding that there may yeah yeah but will we gotta tell the people they don't pay attention to. You gotta be at least in your 80s star cats a good horse when Robbie was there.

They were wondering who the new guy was yeah yeah yeah I call out every day but it's because my phone dials in my pocket. He's in a just goes to you by mistake that was random and it was what he called. Anyway we we have a clip in.

And I don't get on to complete the beginning of it with some butterfly circus know what you really hear how this person a man fights for the heart of another man who believes something that's not true about himself. But how he gets him to not believe it anymore curse from man that self talk is.

It why would you say that you speak about the what what was he doing it so Mike is been incredibly cruel about this man who's literally crippled.

All he was doing was telling the guy what he believed in his heart but he wouldn't did not want anybody to say when it was brought out in he heard it he could call in once a look that's not you. You believe it, but that's not the truth that's the enemy that he was able to get to him because he was saying those things at this this guy heard in his head to the point you get defensive and then he could turn that defensiveness against the real enemy, and that's every one of us. We all have that feeling that were not good enough. We don't have what it takes with the beauty in this movie clip is that he seemed to Germaine God's image, you have. You have an opportunity go to YouTube and watch the butterfly surface that a 20 minute movie you have to watch parts but it is just incredible about the love that this person has the call people out of brokenness and into life and to have an impact on others who were broken and that's all of our story, God calls us to go fight for the hearts of others, even though working a bruised Vita battle weary is still our role to go fight for the hearts of the five people's hearts this week. Have a good night

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