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Jesus To The Rescue; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 26, 2016 12:30 pm

Jesus To The Rescue; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is Jesus masculine one feels more like a losing battle for no longer glad to have the this is a special day in what ways and rub really special day for you. It's Easter Eve Eve, you got a Logos is what it's all about the events you thought exactly. And so the lecturer to do so, here in a few weeks about what it is all about people that didn't read the Apple agreement we would get out at the welcome to the suit, the day before Easter and hope you have a great weekend and this is been a special weekend for you. We know the in our faith. It is incredible week and it is the weekend and I know where you live but if you're in North Carolina. Spring is definitely in the middle of springing and you'll hear people coughing all around. As a result of it so you might hear us cough a little bit today but were talking about a topic. Rub the really kind came to you as you watch the movie.

A lot of times we use movie clips to set up some of the points we want, but this is actually the movie brought you to the topic of the show. The topic is Jesus to the rescue. As we are getting ready for this boot camp that's coming in the month which, by all means go mass country and and register, but one of the things it really just impacted my life at boot camps was understanding how Hollywood doesn't outstanding job of showing how Jesus comes to our rescue. But not only does Jesus come to our rescue as he did administer, but usually you know the movies portray that the hero takes a great deal of pain and agony like Jesus did in order to get there. Sometimes even dies for the people he's trying to rescue but then points them off into their place in the story in kind of sets them in a direction to realize the glory or to realize the purpose of the meaning of their life and so many people we meet come to boot camp and MCM is now with the prayer requests of the people that have register.

I asked him how can we pray for you and are praying that they can hear from God so that they can get a sense of where is God taking my life. What is this purpose. What is his direction are what's my place in the story and so I was watch this movie. Monday night call Charlie St. Cloud will will get that clip in a minute but I just became very very anxious and I've started praying and and Jesus came to me clearly and said Robbie don't you see it. Don't you see that I'm in here to rescue your trip cover view people and what you had to cover my people might my children and their blood's in my blood so that we can have freedom in this clip that we have from gladiators kind of something a lot of us of seen the movie gladiator but it's a way that Hollywood showed us how that hero dies in order to give the people freedom but then there's more to the story than just the be reinstated shall cease and this pretty familiar clip before we get to talking about the severity.

Sorry about that, sir, your studio today. Can you say hello to you how you doing out you guys actually there in the house with us today Hale back they said good to be back and so this clip is an amazing clip and I have to admit I was probably one of the few men didn't like gladiator the first time I saw that I hadn't really thought about it in this context whatever reason it didn't register for me I just kept thinking there's no really women in this movie. I don't and so you guys a lot more piggybacking apparently. But it but when I started looking through it through the eyes of telling the story that you're talking about. Gladiator is Jesus's story and he died to set people free so that they can go on and do things that they're meant to do right Robbie right and I love that. Not yet.

You know that working to see him again, but not yet in that so much of what men are what I am like all of us are trying to see God. What are what's what place you have for me will know how can I impact the kingdom and those kind of things and that's the beauty of the boot camp experience that you know mentor to have a chance out there for all these covenants and silences to hear from God and then you know I have these talks where they get to see you know this type of teaching and input some of the place to hear that you and Jesus will come without a doubt he's going to come for you. He does for everybody and in a unique way. And so it's really pretty cool. Just to watch what the Holy Spirit the father Jesus do during the weekend is pretty amazing. There the whole stars of the thing, but they just lettuce, right along with them and it's just an amazing thing in the sea guys lives really in a different place from when they came right and so I'm I'm I'm I can hardly wait for that because of the spending the season in my life and maybe a lot of your they are your get there at some point or your parents. You know my mom's become deathly ill.

When my father lost his wife the beginning the year we been moving him and so there's a lot of stuff going on as the tension is risen in my family and my siblings become no obvious that that we are not what we once were and out. You know I was praying I watch this movie.

Charlie St. Cloud as we talked about and I am and it made me really really anxious after I watch the movie. It's a fascinating movie about a young boy who brothers killed in the automobile accident. He begins to play baseball.

This little brother. He seems to be just, haunted, and I was kinda wondering where God was in this movie and and I was just so anxious about my family. Near the end of the movie Charlie finds out what purposes and and his purpose is to go rescue somebody else and as I'm praying at 3 o'clock the morning. Try to understand what's going on with my brothers and my sisters and all it and all the sudden Jesus says to me, don't you see it Robbie, don't you see it I'm I'm here to the rescue so that you can go out and do something similar. So we have this clip from Charlie McLeod.

It's just think St. Cloud you is a saying in the clouds but it will good every day stay as is rubbing you had that clip we got a break break that that line. This is where I was given a second chance for those of us who survived cancer or other things in our lives. You know, we have that it's a different kind of searching.

Maybe that maybe everybody has a dental but II know I might find myself you know why you know I was lined up with all these people take in some of my friends and and so I was either one and what was the reason for that chance and and and and and it's important you know that's our life to say got my here in that movie took down obviously very emotional for you was what we were come back really talk about some of her personal stories of Jesus coming to the rescue. That's what a topic is today.

She's come to the rescue, which allows us then to be in position to go find those things he wants us to go do and so I want talk with Vinnie. You got a story forcefully come back an hour like you to think of a story and what we'll talk about that but my skin journey and register for the boot camp.

If you have any questions about the boot camp or contact information's on their you get a hold of us would be more happy to talk it through with you if you want to know more boot camps on those terms. It's hard to kinda know exactly what it means, but really what it means were preparing you guys preparing you to step more into the role he created you for and also to be able to do that in a way it's very freeing and very full of life and not just feels like or obligation it so hard to explain with tobacco talk more about that as well.

My skin journey to register any questions us fill out the contact information and will get right back with you to come back and listen to some stores and Vinnie and now Robbie, myself and Jesus came to the rescue journey. Radio is listener supported.

Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this journey. Radio that's my skin journey domain here for mass journey radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with father no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father for information on seasons of the heart that's masculine journey welcome back to masculine journey were just sitting here talking about it cease to read tomorrow's the big day right the resurrection, and that's Jesus died on the cross so that your sins are forgiven. It's a monumental thing without the resurrection victory right no lasting victory and that's when he really came after us. But as a total group for all mankind. He comes after us each individually as well and so is Lester talking about the topic of Jesus coming to the rescue and then you want to go ahead and start with you if I could time that the Jesus came to your rescue at a time when maybe things were always looking the best. That's very, very true. Over the years I've told the story, probably a number of times on shell, but it happened when my wife passed away.

My first wife and the no I was just mortified that she died and I couldn't believe it and I went outside while they were taking her away and I saw God in the sky.

I soaring this plan is could be and he had his hands outstretched now I realized that you know I came to God at that time because of the things that have happened since that was 97 and I have the done nothing but obey his sidekick and whatever he wanted from me. I didn't I accomplish. Though a lot of things as a disciple to end the love that I have and by wife. So God came to me.

I mean this I done things that I think about now that nice is not and I do not know but you know my kids make they can believe it, but if you guys want to hear a number of things that I accomplish through God and through the friendship of many friends come to my funeral tell you that we were quiet. I just know what happens if it happens email that with all of that could well no I don't think so, but is so true, and I know that my family is listening to it is, in fact, I have a grandson that takes all of them and he's got them all is like a job that escape and on and he so I'm so proud of him, but God came to me in a very very big way and I've done nothing since 1997, but actually be a disciple and it's a wonderful wonderful feeling. I'll give a story for us. When Jesus came after you. It's time to get back to the boot camp. It will preface it because we were just talking about what is it you know, if you look watch TV sitcoms the support they have no their idea of what a man is and they were trained in a certain way and then when there's or even married with children and the sill engaged but then you look at what often the churchy mentality is what a man supposed to be in doing. He and we were talking before the show. My my parents got divorced when I was one my mother remarried when I was six and he died nine months later, so there was never a man in the house for me and so when I got into that role.

I had no role model. I didn't. I had no idea what to do when I got really down confused and frustrated. I got to a point where I would salute And I've been wasn't suspended. But I was given a vacation with pay for the rest of the week because my tense behavior was start to come out and somebody gave me a card to hear and they were supposed to be this weekend and so I went there in I found out that forget what TV says what the media says what the church says, listen to what God says and that's what I got it boot camp I find out who I was meant to be and were all different, were all we all have a purpose, but it realigns so many things for me in. So when I got to the boot camp I'd never my vision of God was like Adm. you know you get your order you complete your mission. You come back what you next-door there's really nothing you know emotional about nothing special but I became fathered by God and that changed my life because I became a real father to my children.

I became a real husband to my wife once I understood how everything came into alignment. I was able to be I think we got created me to be going the direction I was posting.

Thank you so that was was your first boot camp I was yeah and so that was one of our first boot camps is but 1/3 boot camp is first note that was parked to bring forward a really nice place this time as well. And yet, it's gorgeous. There's lots of activities that you can do.

It's it's words can't describe the view you have there.

And so it's it's nothing else come to the view and I'm sure got a shop and have you as well go to clip is all you talk a little bit about knowing your place. You know, and the father helping you find that place.

This is a clip from Superman movie that was out man of steel and this is the earthly father Kevin causing her talking to the young heart can about letting him know that he wasn't his son. After all, listen to how that exchange goes for answers and answer Charlie alone in the universe's recent exchanges comes in is listed pretty cool exchange. There is more that Olson thinks his father was the first thing that does spelling want always be here. You always be my son and just very very cool exchange. There are so much in that clip to ties to boot camp. The show wasn't set up to talk about boot camp but it's really pretty relevant and what were talking about the there's this young boy who will become a young man that has a purpose and that's our stories you know we were young boys became men, mostly in have a purpose and we don't always know what that is.

Sometimes it's what God helps us find out of the boot camp sometimes and something else shows up in a very, very kind way and helps you tackle what needs to be tackled for me. God showed up for me to boot camp. It wasn't one of ours is when I went to in Colorado and it's a story told on another viewpoint, but I really struggled with trying to figure out something that happened in my life that really had impacted me drastically that it really try to take a mortal wound in my heart and I just been blocked on it for almost a year and so went out in one of the sessions with the topic was talking a little bit about that and I went out to pray over that it's the first time ever heard God's voice and he just spoke clearly to me and said exactly what it was and it was so true. I knew exactly what it was, you know I needed it didn't go pretty with United for a few minutes, you know, because I was trying to blame him on some things and he said that right that loving, kind, and he really came after my heart that day and it was just amazing and there's other stories of him doing that, but it was just so eye-opening, so life-giving that God cared enough that he had time to visit this kid.

This young man will be honest middle-age man on the side of a mountain and helping Giulia some things, even carrying way, way too long now.

I excited about vineyard camp. You have opportunity to paintball in the paintball thing you know it there's there's a talk we do on the wound that you're describing right now and there's also talk we do on the new name and they kinda come together and that all men have some wound or a number of loans and we played paintball in one of those boot camps.

I went to, and I realized some things that I started gator actually about plan paintball this this time of the speaker boot camp because it's amazing you don't know where the shots can I come from that's gonna kill you when you plan paintball which I would assume is similar to those who actually been in battle or something and as I was understanding that from a paintball standpoint I started to realize his limbs were pointing at my glory and and they started talking about how we could triangulate what God's purpose may be in our life based on which which way the shots are coming from in the paintball game actually led to God coming after that for me and he did that, like they did in that clip from the idea of what your new name because God's got a new name for he's got one that he calls you and I don't know if that's any discussion that you've ever had with God. But one of the most phenomenal things about the media boot was a discussion between me and God. What was my new name and what a difference that is made in my life since it is and you never know worry worry is can show up in what he has for you but what I will tell you it's always incredibly cool. It may not always be fun.

Initially, the one that I was dealing with was little bit of painful number little bit painful to beginning but on the backside of that was that freedom. That's what he's always after his after that freedom and freedom of your heart that freedom to set you free.

Now, guys.

It's not the first.

There the last time that that God came for your Jesus came, for he wasn't no when you have that clarity, at least for me. I got a lot of clarity from that first camp. It was like suddenly had laser surgery nicotine 20/20 up close and far away. It was great and then as you get back to the world you go through a difficult time you got got out, we acclimate with what you got nobody else been through it so you have to understand weather coming from but there's something when you have that start walking in a straighter path will see a straighter path to better path happier and more informed path anyway knowing there's some craters and some other things along the way and will talk about that like more information.

Mask Internet registered. If you have any questions, please contact us would be happy to talk about it next week to visit another boot camp topic but what it is today and join us. Thank you for listening and have a great day and let Jesus come to your rescue

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