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The Mask We Wear; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 9, 2016 12:30 pm

The Mask We Wear; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great adventure. But why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now loudly have a great show for y'all today. We have the team back. It feels like it's been like we get the band back together but the band back together right yet and we started off with the thinker. There in the corner samhain. I guess it's good to be back while most of it back together with we need to be back together were talking about this particular topic that were on today.

The poser because you have the four of us we have that boundaries like an art form. You look it up in the dictionary and it has a picture of the men nodded about salmon dictionary would go to the poser and so last week we talked about why couldn't we be authentic and how sometimes we got a mask and Vinnie did a great job right.

Many of talking about Darth Menino and the mastic that that your father had but what we go a little bit different today show and think about the mass that sometimes we wear and so why not start off of the clip about the mask some of you could remember Jim Carrey doing this and course he starts playing around with this mask having no idea that it would eventually attach to his face and when you have a sound effects. Yes, he's turning into a green face and sort of a different person than the gene carried it. We see the beginning of the movie that's correct. When we all wear masks metaphorically speaking, we suppress the darkest desires to adopt a more socially acceptable images is of course what is it you looking for this thing masks we way that's correct, Wendy. We all wear masks speaking will okay I PARTYI those of you may have seen that movie, it's sort of an unforgettable scene and recently you may know that we were my family had taken a trip to Hanoi because my mother was in critical condition and we really felt like it was a beer last time to see her but my brother did come into the family drama and so he's he's telling me about all the weight you know there's a lot going on with family. When in these kind of situations and he said to me, Robby. You remember the scene in the movie the mask where Jim Carrey puts that thing on start going crazy. He said that's how I felt the first few hours that I was here with all his family and all the stuff going on. I said I felt like I was in that and I thought well and that interesting that we can be ourselves.

Sometimes when were away from our family. But when we get back into that family thing. When we are back with all her brothers and sisters then and I felt when I got there.

Believe me, I felt just like how it kind of felt like man I gotta go back into that old posing role that that one side myself in but many of where you're staying now in the sometimes your wife has one of those for you if you don't know out there.

I live in senior citizens complexes but on in 50 people.

I was a very, very sharp dresser in my day, but now maybe for smoke and most most people think I got three Shiites and two peasant dungarees study what genes for you. What you call younger guy yet dungarees all right dungarees okay I should Tell Me What All That Good Close so She Gotten Jackets Is What Jack Why Don't You Dress up. When We Walk in out You Know It Was Role the Stroller.

This Is for One Whom I Am Present As Them. People Half Naked.

They Don't Even Know What I Do Not Have To Worry about Being Dressed Is It's Okay I Says I Am Who I Am and I like My Three Shiites and I like My Two Dungarees and My Four Pairs of Pajamas You Tell I'm Not Opposed to Suppose You Tell Popeye I Am Is Who I Is It's Just Now What You Mean Robby, There's a Question There, but There Wasn't What Asked Now Where You Find Yourself Where You, Jim Carrey, like One of My Gotta Be in the Situation Just Recently Work, Something Happened and It Was a Big Downtime and I Got I Was up till 1 O'clock and Then Email Started Coming in at Six in the Morning. We Did Get to Bed till after 1 O'clock in the Morning and Then I Get a 615 I Got a Call the VP, the Director Want You to Schedule Call for Early This Morning with Me and You and I to Discuss What Happened Yesterday.

I Got on the Phone. I Was like Well I Feel like I Could've Done This Better Not Better and I Was Just Trying so Hard to You Know Make It Seem like I Was Willing to Take the Blame, but I Didn't Think Anything Wrong and There Was a You. It's Almost like That Was the Right Way Thing but I'm Just I Was Just Sucking up. I Was Trying to Make It Sound like I Was Something about Your the End of Your Nose.

Changing Color It but That's When I Feel like I'm in Trouble Is Not Something I Did. I'm Just Posing like Crazy Trying to Get Out Of It and It Really Comes down to. I Should've Just Been Myself and Said What Me. I Knew It Was but You Know There's Also You Want to Throw Somebody in the Bus That You Work with That You Think A Lot Of so You Tried It. I Was Trying to Keep It from from Anybody Getting Blamed Will I Feel That That Miserably until You Did It but It Was Then He Was Really Sam, but You Think There's There's Different Times in It When I Used To Do and I Would Meet with Clients of You Know You Try to Find a Common Ground.

She Has Something to Discuss but I Can Easily Become Posing If Not Careful and Pretending That You're Something That You're Not Her, You're More Interested in Something That You Really Are. I Think Now I Find Myself Posing As Really Has To. Martha Motions, You Know, Maybe Not Having a Great Day and I Just Don't Really Want to Talk about It.

Maybe You Act like Your Somebodies Friend You Know I Just Think That It's One of Those Times That I Just Can't Hold Back Really Saying How I Feel Are Saying What I'm Thinking Now Times That You Now Wonder about That Because There Are Individuals That I Work with from Time to Time. They Just Annoy the Synonymy and I've Made a Decision That I'm Going Be Positive and Polite No Matter What I'm Going to Take the High Road and If I See They Did Something Good, Even Though They Annoy Me and I Don't Want to Say I'm Menacing Anyway and I Mean to Be Positive and Polite Is Sometimes One of Them Is Said You Know I Don't like It When You're Fake.

I Said Something to Be in Fake.

I'm Thinking That I'm Trying to Be Nice. It's Just so Hard to Be Nice to Some People That It Comes off As Fake Was Because It Wasn't That Was Rude, Backhanded Slap Was Is Right across the Face. Yeah Yeah Yeah I Think That Posing Is Something That We Can Easily Slip into It That There Was Day and Age Is Released for A Lot Of Us Tonight. I Think That Posing Was Just a Way of Life Because I Don't Want People to Know My Secrets and All People to Know This about Me. If They Really Truly Knew This Probably Wouldn't Be My Friend and All This Things an Enemy Comes after You That Tries to Encourage You to Post It and It Becomes More of This Something Else You Put on in the Morning When You Get Dressed You Know You Put That on It and Then Later on I Think It Is You Get into This Message. It Tends to Become Something Different. But If Not Careful You Can Slip Back down That Slippery Slope and the Challenges We Find Ourselves Doing That with God and You Know One of the Things We've Got Coming up the End of This Month. April 28 As We Have This Boot Camp and One of My Favorite Things That I Get to Enjoy in This This Year That Else Can I Do the Talk, but It's the Poster Talk As an Opportunity for Me to Figure out Where God in My Posing with You and CMS, Things Now I Am Really Really Excited That. Talk Coming up April 28 It Is It Is. There Was a Statement and I Didn't Feel a Question There Side. Are You Excited or I Am Stoked to Send It. I Feel It yet. It's Good to Be a Good Time.

I Think That You Love the Topics We Come and We Talked for Half Hour on Here and It's Hard to Really Get As Deep As We'd like to Get the Opportunity to Go Really, Really Deep When Rent the Boot Camp and I Think That It's a Nice Transition When You're There to Really Get to See the Whole Picture. What God's Trying to Do in a Man's Life. One of the Things That Really Is Open My Eyes Coming from My Childhood Where There Was There Was No Authenticity. You Know and That's the Environment That I Was Raised That Was on My Mother Side on My Father's Side. It Was All about 100% Being Real, Authentic and Humble and Full of Integrity and You Can Go from World to World and Sometimes in. I'm Wondering If the Listener out There You're in a Position Where You're Bouncing between Worlds Where You Have To Come off As a Certain Way to Fit in, but Is Not You and You Don't like It in Then There's the Other Part of You That's Maybe Just Too Honest or You're Afraid to Be Honest, and Then the Great Part of the Boot Camp Is and We Have the Government to Silence for You to Go out with Some of These Questions and You Have the Time in the Setting out in the Wilderness. You and God, to Talk about These Things in Common. That's a Big Part of It Right. Sam Is to Actually Have the Time Alone in That Setting You None of Us Are Smart Enough to Solve Our Own Issues of That Was the Case Would Fix Herself a Long Time Ago You Need Any God to Step in and Really Just Enter into That Situation with You and Guide You. Let the Holy Spirit Lead You in Some Places That You Really Just Need to Go in God's There to Gently Take You There and Help You Get through It and Really Just to Find out Something That's Really More True about You, Your Authentic Self, Which Is A Lot Cooler Than That Pose No What One Thing I Think It's Clear It's Important Understand When You're Talking about the Poser Is It's Where You're Looking for Validation from People around You from the World Instead of Looking for That Authentic Self inside God Created and Letting Him Validate All Right.

We've Got Some Really Wonderful, Very Funny Clip One Coming up, and Then the Next One a Little Bit More Serious As We Figure out How about These Mastery Where and What They Maybe Have in Mind, Injury Radios, Listener Supported. Very Thankful for Every Dollar but I Wanted to Take a Moment to Share a Really Easy Way to Support Use Amazon to Purchase Things You Need to Do as their charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help return my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask. That's messenger the has your things through this whole idea of being honest and can we be honest with ourselves can be way beyond God on those around us and for a lot of us. By the way you listen the mask when turning radio show and we do have the band back together with him.

Excited about have salt here today but one of the plays that men stretch struggle with is just plain their masculinity and do they have what it takes.

And so this next clip is just like the classic we show that every boot, so my many of us, we struggle right in this very place, and so it can't help it just kind of tickle you it is clip is kind of from the movie Mr. mom is all you yeah there is not all that is required every case is yeah well all nice so okay I really bet that gets you every time.

My mind is around. I'm thinking that Boot Camp and for you people that are thinking about common come on the entertainment I'm going to do an imitation of Stevie wonder.

It's a great imitation you talk about the files in my log. Come on down that's right grammatically messenger the radio and turning I'm glad I missed listener clip in a scenic club so many times, but they're both posing unite and you see that bit building houses for a living and thinking.

Yet he say Megan wire 220 you do that on how solicits a range or something and say another, both posing during that scene. It's just one more obvious in the other.

As you preparing for the poser talk that God comes with some messages in a manner you can work on that now. For what to three weeks. Alan what what is got kind of short. Well, not to wear my house with.

I've gotten that clear. One thing this really struck me is we talk about posers but the heart of the poser is the insecure man he sees in fear of something and one thing that I've been praying lately when I when I do my nightly prayers and well in my morning prayers or love people better because sometimes when you see opposer when you wanted it you are rejecting walk away.

They just irritate this not out of but what you have to do is you have no one to remember as a goal. This is the second time in the show but that's not but it does not get now got Hocker for everybody in your next I'm sorry apparently was irritating but that's that's a wonderful thing and in the irritate me. Now that's glassy and he's pretty good at it yet. So that's my goal is to do that stand you the whole posing thing. I think people fall under this idea that I can be one person at work in a different person at home. I can be one person at church in a different person.

In other places, and pretty soon you just kind wonder whom I really am early authentic in any of those places and answers usually know if you posing like there's the situation right Sam where it's appropriate to wear a mask it's discerning to wear masking to set that up for the next clip speak that this is from the movie gladiator and in the scene is when you have Russell Crowe's character who is the gladiator who's been kinda hiding his identity and it comes to the surface on who he is the listener that went back and talk about so as you see that scene in the movie slot is something that he actually looked like he had amassed his helmet on, but he wasn't revealing Madden and their super wisdom. You think there's a huge difference between being a poser and having discernment in other times it's not necessarily safe to be completely authentic.

If I think that someone I work for is not the greatest person in the world. You don't want to go in and tell them that you're going to probably hold back a little bit or may not be a safe situation in this case it wasn't a safe situation for him to reveal himself or he would've been killed and so he was, not posing is intentionally not revealing some of his identity because it was not a safe environment so you brought up a great point as we talked about that even Jesus didn't reveal all his that's true. When he was resurrected in the women came to the tomb.

They thought he was the gardener first when he was walking down the road to Emmaus. He did not reveal himself.

So even when at the very beginning of his ministry before his ministry started. He had powers, and he wasn't gonna reveal him is his mother said oh yeah you are you turn the water in the wine.

These poor people don't have enough wanted to be embarrassed so make it happen. I'm sitting in the water jugs he would he want to do it but his mom made it. Even Jesus tested was mom says in the interim extent were responsible for people posing around us. Then Sam when we don't create a safe place where people know that were judgmental and things like that. Think you have that I think the authenticity often breeds authenticity and when people see that you're being authentic, it creates a safe environment for them to be and I think that it's both edges that sort. I can create an environment where it's not healthy or I can try to create an environment where it's safe and we can have those choices to make and it in our decisions have ripple effects in both directions, so I find myself in all these opportunities for growth and you know one of the exciting things is what is God have to say about because now I will send the find it takes more discernment to know where to be out of, well, you know, a lot of times just keep it simple.

Who are you and be that person. You don't work, we have to be more accommodating over where it home, you know, we have to remember that that part of ourselves can't end at work you know a lot of people. They are great at work and the come home and they become a monster you got that you got to be consistent as well with that.

With that love if you could give it all away at work, you gotta say some from any lady for you. You got the song you sing, I gotta be me. How does that work as you get older securities. Take more time getting up out of the chair take more time getting into bed and put your pajamas on and if you fall, your hope and pray that nothing breaks but the I don't know you know we make most of us in my friends, so like Ms. Scott you know what I mean because of my age. I'm glad to be 84. I am really glad because I mean if you think about it. The alternative would've been terrible.

I wouldn't be here see them laugh at some of my experiences and what I could give them with knowledge of what I've lived through and a lot of it was close close anyway we got Rob even thought about all that's very being, living your 84 year 19 you know this is an opportunity to be amongst men of all sorts of different generations to see where God may have.

It is, and it's a great opportunity to walk with God and let him open up to things in your heart that you did know was there. So long that you forgot about this, right around the corner. April 28 through May 1 go to master and running and register and we stood at the early Bird pricing hundred $69. Don't miss the opportunity register management journey radio work

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