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Woundedness of the Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 16, 2016 12:30 pm

Woundedness of the Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Everyman life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we're glad to have you with us today to be talking about a topic that I think touches every person out there, whether they believe it or not you absolutely not.

Had some people tell me that he just doesn't apply to me later.

Yeah, I really cannot does it all were talking not mentioning any names that I'm not talking about the topic of woundedness that sounds like something you know what would.

What's that even mean and so message elements with me today will get Robbie and Vinnie in the studio.

I was not here and so will start with you if someone came up and said what you mean by being wounded. I'm not bleeding there's nothing going on here what you mean by that day I would take it as being described as being art.

This is something like when we get into the show. What wounded me and I live with it.

To this day.

But it's hard it's hard certain Robbie. What about you always, like when you're going through life and you know somebody says something to you unexpected and it just absolutely floors you and you can't figure out why either, since you you can be pull over on the side of the road crying because you heard a song and you do not understand emotion. You know there's something broken and there, but sometimes can't put a finger on what is that, or I get outrageously furious about something that I know is not a big deal but I can't stop the fact that just makes the absolutely furious and it tells me I Robbie, I bet there's a wound that some going on here. It's time to check on the you know, I guess I look at it is not as much physical wounds obviously but different degrees of wounds is like their physical wounds and maybe I jammed my finger.

That's a win, but you know I get past that pretty quickly that could be maybe a small offhand comment really made didn't make my day go well and then there's some things that happen. It's really just hard to ever move past.

Maybe they happen to you when you're a kid in order. Something happened in a marriage or whatever that looks like but it it just affects you when you see it or not long-term and it changes the way you look at yourself sometimes how you look at others and deftly changes a lot of times how you look at God's word. Talk about woundedness but want to click pretty quickly.

This is from the movie Austin Powers. The first one and then this one there in a counseling session in its it's Dr. evil, played by Mike Myers and his son are going to the first group counseling session, I want you to listen and say is really wounding going on here from father to son, or is there any wounding that comes out as a conversation goes through, say hello to Scott and his father Mr. actually even start with you things you here with us today. Well it's really met my dad for the first time five days ago was partially frozen his whole life he comes back in and now he wants me to take over the family Scott.this is going to take over the nighttime, sometimes tested I know I was thinking I like most know you like working a petting zoo's use got you sent my life are quite inconsequential.

Please, please let your child very well where do I begin my father as he would drink and make outrageous claims like you meant?

Sometimes she would use just being lazy. My child summers and lesson in the spring make governments when I was incident I was placed in the back and beaten with rates pretty standard.

I can listen to that without laughing so Robbie, there's a little bit wounding their clips of what some of the wounding that your hearing is is that could play the neat thing about that clip as it really helps with my own processing are trying to get breakthrough on because it's funny when you think about your life is when you're a kid that that's a little over-the-top, but it's so true because you know I attempted suicide when I was 16 and that seemed just totally normal to me in a just thick inconsequential normal stuff you know I you know and I can remember. You know, different people tell me what you know.

I just had the normal childhood. You know my dad would drag me behind the car or whatever was your sit there normal but normal is normal to the person in the end, you know it's there maybe some pretty serious wounding that goes with normal Samuel no talking before the show you a little bit about my dad actually just not even about wounding that talking about, you know, just the normal thing would be if you get a spanking was with his hand, ready to be at the belt or horse weapon. That was all you know.

But in didn't seem over-the-top, but for some people. Obviously, that word, and so is a list that clip you got Dr. evil that's wounding Scott and so how is Dr. evil, wounding Scott and that what's what's he doing to him to hurt his heart. Or to put him in a place of where it's very painful for bringing back to a member that he just didn't want think about and that almost once. I want to clarify what I meant by hurt. I didn't mean physical I meant a heart that lists no, and it just creeps into your mind. It could be when you know 40 years past 30. In my case is a lot longer hurts, something that the longer you deal with it for me. Anyway, the worse it seems to get.

I can deal with it and why did I do this just a quick story. I had an uncle, uncle Al, he was the only one that would play ball with me catch with me and we were very tight and he was sick.

He smoked like a fading and my mom called me was in the middle of putting together a discotheque opening up this contact and says uncle Al is not doing good come to the hospital.

I was his favorite pop Angela's mind and mom I can't.

I can do it. She says you got you better answer than to be angry. Well I didn't and uncle Al died that night. That is a heart because I cried like a little baby.

I was in my 40s, and no knowing what uncle Al did with me as uncle more than my father ever good. That's one of the houses many of them when you grow up. Family like mine that I grew up but go ahead.

I don't want to think all you actually really good point. We wanted to get to right now was sometimes as wounds are brought on by her own decisions about where new ones come from where the spaces are. I made a bad decision and now I'm paying the consequences.

And sometimes it's more than just a short-term issue very similar situation with my dad. I won't tell that story today but there's a lot of regret. It kinda goes a long letter wounding Robbie as you listen to that clip that we just had with Dr. evil and in Austin Powers in the Austin Powers movie. How is wounding portrayed in their you have an answer that Saint-SaŽns will yeah I like any three under the bus on that when they you really you have the dad that's imposing his will for the son's life that it's not been around this not been built relationship kinda steps in this this boy does he know what to do with this guidance come in his life and now he's trying to run his life and saw this is the letter wounding there probably more from the absenteeism than anything. Then as you listen to Dr. evil storing and granite.

These are all just made up but the parallel life. A lot of times I know about the burlap bag in the meat helmet but it was obviously some wounding in his life and seeking kinda look back and say some of these wounds. Kenneth transfer down from generation to generation. It's just kind of the way of life of how things are lived in and so that's their other times it is because my parents always did that then they raise me this way. So I raise my kids this way and on down the line and sometimes those wounds can go along with it.

The whole generational thing is you know you're going to stand in the gap and be different than your father with you or your grandfather was to him about, things that you could see the frustration from the yet you always do that evil that and there is the little bar that was getting and that was what I was thinking that he keeps bringing it up and it just like you keep jabbing and sticking right there where it hurts you and I hurt can be like you weren't even here where you talking to and so on. This places you have the decisions you make. In other places generation generationally there handed down and there was another clip that were not going to get to in a segment, but it's on life situations.

Sometimes something just happens and there's a car wreck and somebody gets killed in and also they're not in your life anymore person bypasses a way that you didn't expect this summer wounding that go along with that it's really no one's fault but doesn't keep it from happening doesn't keep that hurt from happening and sometimes as deep agreements you make.

Satan get seven twists that says will see I can be. Therefore he is not come through for you and what we so his spin on that is taken away our freedom and which is a big reason. I am working to come back and talk about Satan entering into the picture can't talk about how do you move from that place of painful woundedness to place a restoration and healing to don't want to miss out to come on back injury radios listener supported. Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the radio alert may never messenger the radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with father no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart. Human catheters help you find healing through the father for information on seasons of the heart. That's messenger the well Robbie that's all powerful part of the solution we talk about here in a little while but before we do that, your mention something when we left about a boot camp not coming with this boot camp thing is the people who don't know about you and for me in the in the man that we get an opportunity to talk to all the messenger and in other ministries that we are familiar with the often feel like wow is this all you have for me.

God is you know is this my place you know isn't there more than this to life and those kind of things and and it's an indication of what's calling out my heart. This desire to be have more freedom to be all that God has an invitation to life and so these boot camps are really an opportunity for us to help kinda show where God would like to come after that desire in your heart and give you permission to be the men that you want to be a lot of ways through these wounds that were talked about today and how you break through some of that woundedness into the freedom that Christ literally died in order to give you but how do you walk in that is the real opportunity of a boot camp and I don't know of another thing that I'm involved with in any ministry that offers on this kind opportunity, go meet with God because that's where the freedom comes from and and in that setting. And in that format and and see what it does for men's hearts and souls. It sounds all very serious.

You know, but there are serious moments. Obviously there's a lot of lightheartedness there's a lot of laughter is on camaraderie and men can only stay serious for so long you know something having to blow something up.

You have some bodily functions can disguise and so you we do have a lot of those things but Robbie made a point of what was I designed for. And that's what men really carry with them and go to clip pretty quickly from the lion King talk about when Satan enters in that broken place, such as listen to and what this is is Simba's dad is gotten killed by a pack of wildebeest. I think it was and Simba's uncle scar has led some of the believe that he was responsible for in such as kinda listen to how this plays out. The king is that you still be a lie way. Robbie, you seem blind.

So what was Simba being groomed for from his dad and Simba was the lion King. It was kind of the takeover that the pride he was. He was designed as we are talking about to be how he was the prince. He was the one who would someday take over the kingdom, but his uncle was jealous and any place that well of of usurping the real king. There is what he's doing and changing his heart towards his own behavior and make a great accuser. I mean, that's a great picture of what Satan does and then the problem is that Simba agrees with and Simba doesn't know but he himself is walking into his own trap absolutely any hearing that this is the Satan figure in the uncle he never raises his voice is very subtle very calming almost, but it's the accusation it's the stealing of what you are meant to be an enemy doesn't like what he sees in you enemy doesn't see those good things he doesn't like to see him doesn't like to see that reflection of God in you, and he tries to hammer it out of your mess we had in this clip is Simba was to be king scar steps in and getting to run away and not be what he was called to be a luckily for Simba later in the story Rafiki comes into the picture help leaning back into that place.

That's really well in the boot camp what happens on times is God enters in to help us with these wounds and helps us find on the other side of that some of those answers we been looking for that beautiful scene where Simba looks in the in the pool and gift his father. You know you're not who you you forgot who you are and that's what's happened to so many of us, as we forgotten who we are, but through the boot through God coming after us. A lot of ways we have an opportunity to see what it was that we were designed to which by the way, you got a mask under any and you can register this time because coming up April 28 to May 1.

You deftly know want to miss out on this. It's it's 3 1/2 days and it will be a lot of fun, but I promise you, God will meet you there and will be very impactful in your life and it's it's not churchy and not being down on churches, but times people want to go to retreat because it feels like it's his number three day service.

This is kind of the opposite of that. You know it's not opposite but it's it's not that you know but it is something that's really pretty powerful demand of any you want to couple boot camps in you member your first one I remember I didn't know what to expect. Be honest. Remember Robbie tell me what it was all about. And just as well okay well after the first day no I became so attentive I mean I hadn't taken notes since I was in high school and there I was sitting next to the water there. When we had the quiet time. If the people were speaking like Sam couple of the fellows spoke and I had the greatest time sit down on the bench write down what I just heard because it entered me I was listening. I'm saying hey when the same boot camp I thought it was good to be like you know, okay, you're in the Army now you know in a way it was but only though the general was gone and just it just took me I wasn't prepared for it. Here men that talks that they will have its sharing sharing some good moments and bad moments in their life it's it's really something that you guys out there if you have the time. Come on and you will not be disappointed. Great great weekend ladies, you can only sign has been up and sending that worked out for out yeah like I said, I heard about my husband needs is sitting on the couch and that we need to get them back in the game and and that whole Acuna Matata thing you know a lot of men out there could Matata and that was what they were designed in PMC line King. It'll give you the answer is some kind of sandwich. No worries. Please know your days and start singing as a problem free philosophy as we can go back. You need pointed out that sometimes this woundedness comes from our own decisions.

We talked about the it can be generationally I could say that were generationally handed down from person to person you have life situations that come up kinda rob us from what we talked about maybe a car wreck as my passing away but then you have the enemy lines likes to throw that gasoline on that small spark and really get it roaring in your life and that's what we just heard, but what about unified really try hard to be in a good dad.

I don't want to win my kids and me going to be a little bit better than in them as I keep him from being wounded Robbie now listened a couple clips on that and I don't think you'll if you pray heard it on radio with this before, but if you ever heard it surprise you a little bit about how the dad was really standing up for his kids were listless in the first part is from everybody loves Raymond.

That's when the guys of been going to counseling is what the been told otherwise never going to the horse track to gamble.

Okay, let's see the withholding of effectual chips since I did something I was disappointed that you will like that stuff right. Why was I like that about no since last week.

You know what you choose problems where you stuff. Personally Robbie in there. You get the boys at deftly have some woundedness going on some verbal abuse and yeah yeah you can see that they've been hurt with personal absolutely. If you watch the show them my loves Raymond that's Frank's persona all the time. He's not very kind, not very grace oriented.

You know in you get this image of this is really really cold person doing the second part of the clip is what you hear the rest of the story real quick since last week you choose problems where staff personally call the tribe got you will withdraw from you because it was like that with you what you have allowed so so I just want to grandpa Joe. My grandpa's very scary. My guy just tell me horrible stories about how his when he wasn't getting me everything you like that for everybody that's just the way it was so that you never really I couldn't.

I don't know. I was always leaving him as you listen I Robbie. We got time to wrap up. Frank was really trying to stand in the gap you he never hit his boys at all. Raymond and Robert could see is what was coming. Adam Frank was in perfect dad that if we try to be perfect fathers out there. Perfect mothers hurt our kids you know and all we can use lead him back to Jesus naturally were the answer is lead him to Jesus. Jesus and let him enter into that place with you and you can get feeling and move passes once in your life. Is it working Dragon and the more we process this, the more breakthrough we get better. We can be for Absolutely

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