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The Making of A Man; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 14, 2016 12:30 pm

The Making of A Man; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and, request with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now starts here and starts now. Good afternoon domain and today really talk about drink the generalists excuse me, and how that plays out in life from a man or a boy, should I say from a man in the so Robbie, what is the generalists. Yeah that is a fascinating concept that apparently our native Americans had a little bit better than the original settlers that came from England and what it would appear by letter that was sent to Ben Franklin but the idea is that men have this really peculiar thing that we do not like to know we have what it takes and that may mean that we need to know what we have what it takes to fix the lawnmower or maybe start a fire going out in the woods and doing something. But this letter kinda just speaks to the heart of that. I don't want to talk about today show what happened was that the settlers there in the in and around Virginia in the 1700s and the idea that they needed to educate the Indians in the area and they gave him an opportunity to go to their colleges and the Indians were not really too crazy about that idea so they sent a letter to Ben Franklin kind of explaining their position and he published that letter later and this is the way that letter read as and this is the Indians speaking, they said. Several of our young people were formally brought up at the colleges of the northern Providence from assuming that the sum of these Indians had already been educated up the colleges in Massachusetts, etc. and they were instructed of all your sciences, but when they came back to us. They were bad runners ignorant of every means of living in the worst that's unable to bear either cold or hunger. They neither knew how to build a cabin take a deer or kill an enemy. They spoke our language imperfectly were therefore neither fit for hunters, warriors, counselors, and were totally good for nothing. We are however not the less obliged by your kind offer that we client accepting it in the show are grateful sense of it.

If you gentlemen of Virginia will send us a dozen of your son's. We will take great care of their education, instruct them in all we know and make men of them.

I guess the point being that the email from the Indians point of view of any that that was a significant thing to make men of them and then end in your neighborhood if you walked into the 1940s and 50s, and an Italian neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. What what is it mean to be a man back then Lolita and scalp them, but we showed us the way it was supposed be in notice block belongs to me.

Stay off of it. No need permission wasn't being too much of a man you know I mean I will say that my father taught me everything I know, but he forgot it after the first lesson was to be told me how to clean the pigeon coop that was it. There was a list on the cleaned that I cleaned for the rest of my life washing the call doing the ties so yeah he told me a lot and I can honestly say I didn't do that to my son. We had a different relationship taught you to plaster your head to your family teach you how to plaster while you might uncle when I went with him I learned how to play the become a plaster and a euro in the premise. I on-the-job answer, let's go back to the complete other generations since we have to have that here with Caleb and Caleb so if I would ask you the same question.

You know, we know what it was like in the 40s, 1940s and in Manhattan what it was to be a man, but now you know. Here it is for psychological and Mr. what is it mean in 2016 from your perfect perspective is that your senior in high school. It's the same thing. Stay off my block right to go. Caleb it's it's it's changed obviously to different time. It's a different era.

Is a lot of abandoned fathers and a lot of these young teens get what they need at the young age, and they don't get the generalists somehow in their lives with a specific on the specialist and so with this lack of development you have on development. I grow up in the undeveloped year on the football team. There aren't any got a lot of friends.

How do you see that play out in the in the way that they asked for help. It doesn't always play out as men, we don't always like to ask for help. We want do things our own Dylan read the instructions. No one reach out to somebody who knows more in us because we like to think that we know everything and so Alan I'm thinking about that situation you you you brought some clips lately that what happens when fathers don't kinda take their sons that direction.

So once you set first clip we have is from gladiator in this this particular clip is where the Caesar is talking with his son and even he's obviously nearing death, and he's made some decisions and in this exchange. He's elitist son. No, that I'm good to do this in your pocket to be included because you don't have what it takes elicited exchange in the in the misery and the pain that goes on in the heart of a boy when he finds out he hears from his father.

He doesn't have what it takes but also listen to the pain of the father when he realizes he didn't do a good job and raises sign to to reflect God's glory, to become the man he should have been, or could have been once before to fetch list just push shift's list. I knew I had not only affect you resourcefulness coverage On the Back of the Many Forms of Courage and Devotion to My Family to Choose One Goal List.

Even Then It Was As If You Didn't Want to Go to File This Waste Proud. That's Hard to Know for Any Young Man but Was That Cry Caleb and Think for Me of One of the Greatest Pictures in Scripture Where We See the Triune God Come Together in One Place of Jesus's Baptism Where His Father Says This Is My Beloved Son in and Him I Am Well Pleased and and and As a Young Man with the Father How What Is It Mean to Have Your Father Say in You.

I'm Wildly No Means Everything You Have What It Takes. You Are the Apple of His Eye and Your What Is Delighted in the Knees Brought You and If You Don't Get That There's Something Lacking in Your Heart.

And There's Something As a Whole There.

There's a Void That Needs to Be Filled and Ultimately Ultimately It's Not Fulfilled. I I've Been Watching This Series That It Ransom Heart Which Is a Phenomenal Resource by the Way, Anybody That Wants to Go to Ransom Heart and Enjoying the Tribe There Some Wonderful Videos along These Lines in and One of the Guys There. Morgan Dig This Intensive and He Was Talking about with His Children That He Has This Exercise When They Come Back from Vacation. You Know the First Thing He Tells Them Here's the All the Kids in the Car You Guys First Thing You Need to Do Is Unload the Car but Grabbed the Big Stuff First. What Is Kids Are like Eight or Nine Years Old. You Know You Could Picture This Kid Was Greatly Cute Suitcase and Because the Ideas That I Wanted to See Him Try to Struggle with That Suitcase.

But Then They Say Dad Can You Help and He Goes and That's That's What I'm Looking for That Point Where They're Willing to Admit That They Need Help from the Father and You Know I Find Myself There with YouTube Just Constantly. Caleb, I'm out There Trying to Fix My Lawnmower and I Might Need Help from the Father and I Don't Know Where to Turn. So You Know Unfortunately Sometimes You Can Turn to YouTube and There You Find out How to Do Most Anything You Guys Are in a Different Culture. You Can Find Fathering in All Sorts of Places. It's Everywhere. The Internet Is a Beautiful Thing.

Used Correctly of Any Idea, I Got Probably This Topic Is Fantastic Topic Because so Much Truth That Every Man That Has a Son. But Here We Got Been Company Doing a Show for about Three Years and Here We Got Sam's Son Sit Then and He Looks so Comfortable. Samuel Fired Larissa Is Not a Remedy but That's Understand You Would Say That That's Okay. Now He Knows He's Fired Is by the Fact That I I I I'm Just Amazed at What a Good Job. These Dylan Sought It Had to Come from Someplace and I'm Sure That It Came from His so Caleb Welcome and What an Example of Really What Were Talking about Today Because If We Allow Our Sons to Try to Do Hard Things and and Honestly Hosting a Radio Show Is Not the Easiest Thing in the World to Do Is Avail but to Give Them an Opportunity to Sit There and and and and Get on the Mic and Share What It's like to Be a Man in the in This Culture That He's Got a Viewpoint I Don't. I Can't Begin to Understand Is Is Coming up in a Different Time Right It's Because You're Really Old Is Not Well I May Be Old but You Know It's It's It's It's One of Those Things, but One of the Neat Things That We Got Experience As You Walk in with Your Father Is. You Had Sort of a Ritual That Your Father Took You through. Could You Share It with Our Listeners Little Bit about What That Was like to Kinda Transition in the Management & Me Just You Start out with the Basic Stuff You Start out Swinging the Live Right like the Indians Learning the Live and Then You Learn How to Be Father and As Will Come Back Will Talk More about That. Keep Listening Masculine Journey Radio and Having Go to the Website and Masculine Journey I'm Told There Could Depends on How You Want to Look at.

We Got Lots of Stuff There. We Got a Movie Event Coming up Is It Yes This Wednesday Night the 17th at the Thursday Night the 17th Will Be There at Seven. Journey Radio's List Are Supported Very Thankful for Every Dollar but I Wanted to Take a Moment to Share a Really Easy Way You Can Support Use Amazon to Purchase Things You Need to Do Is is a charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this journey.

Radio that's masculine journey radio large family here for masking journey radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father and no one wants to see a counselor that often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help this winter to my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing to the father.

For more information on seasons of the hard mask. That's masculine journey and and where we left off. We are talking about how well the becoming of a man and Robbie take us from where we left there Eli I got you right where I want you Eli is Sam's younger son, but that clearly in that stage right with you by your 12 right yet and so you know from your perspective when you hear that clipping and you think about, you know, how is it to be your father, son, clearly really eat you know in it in your agents different than when your brother was grown up in and how do you see that different than what your brother face well just new ways that I people are being raised nowadays that it can be easier can be harder depends one thing that's harder.

I know it's gotta be this to be the second son and so do you ever feel like wow, I can't compete with that or you know I've got my own way of doing things that can you see this going on the experience anything like that sometimes you like what you remember a time and in this opportunity here where you felt like yeah now my dad sees what it is that I have versus what my brother and I like he saw me do this and now I'm feeling good that I've got my own unique share that well now well used to play piano which I have over my brother because I have a better musical talent and I now I play I played clarinet and now I play sex, do you really and it's really fun. I really enjoy, and so do you feel God's pleasure. When you're playing the saxophone and you figure father's pleasure. When you when he is enjoying your music and you know that's a critical thing when you think about it you not try to think of the name of the Caleb that's his brother.

Now I'm trying to think of the name of the musician that had the movie ragamuffin remember he played the piano.

His father thought he was useless because he didn't.

He was a farmer in the rituals.

That's the guy hats that got throbbing to ask you question is old as you are using so many generations. Generation upon generation can I remember nowhere that was that it is time generations after I go back to well that even though I find it fascinating that bit bit for me as a boy.

Stick me in the woods and I wanted to learn how to build a fire and I wanted to learn how to know, that was an oak tree versus a maple and I wanted to know. You know how to get my own food and that food didn't come from necessarily you know the grocery store that you could find that stuff out in the woods and I wanted to be able to fish and hunt and those were things that that that were important to me getting my legs underneath me to and I did not realize at the time how important that would be that my father stepped in there and showed me how to do those things or Boy Scout leader stepped in there and show me how to do those things because now they speak to my heart and in tremendous ways. I'm wondering in what ways when you were a kid that you got that because you had a completely different situation without a father, I didn't get it in my mother, my father was so different. My dad was so full of honesty, integrity, hard work it. It wasn't something that was taught to meet also I had your father was in the home that my father was in Ohio I grew up in North Carolina but there came a time or my dad said look I told you all these things, but you you don't have what it takes. Just like the conversation we heard in it broke my heart to hear that just like it broke, this is heart but the difference was I had us. I came to Christ, and when I did I realize everything my dad said it, so I started running to that line.

I started moving to that. So for me it was more you know, when communist got the power he just got worse. But you know when you have that spiritual growth with Christ. For me it was like no I want to go beyond my father wanted I would go to be like Christ. The will to change it in liaison.

You have a click along those lines. She went to sleep for a few more second line the next assisted you yesterday on England would look like this is so that clip out just for you.

That's just a significant yeah when I heard that clip the first thing I thought about was when I was three years old. Each crest apartments.

There was an evening party member I have is varies in my childhood and I remember Paul and I were down the hill playing in the little playground and he was mad and I don't even remember his dad just said hit him in the face of the stomach, and I remember running home crying because not because it hurt because I mean he was three. He hit like a girl right but I didn't have my dad standing there. Tell me what to do. He had his dad telling where it hit me how to hit me what to do as you sit there with nobody that scared me completely to the core and at that point I knew that I didn't have what it took.

Because my dad is what it took to teach me and bring me out of that's I I've never heard that story and when you were three and you have all those details. Oh, I remember vividly. Paul where you are.

My dad now time to wait a minute you might need a bat right Jimmy I mean you have a similar situation. Only your dad was right there to tell you what yeah that's true and I'm glum I want to go back to you and woods know you in Manhattan. All the woods was Central Park. If you walk from one end of it to the other and then came out alive and you beat the animals. The animals with two leg. All of them so I don't know about the wood stuff, but I do know about concrete and I do know how how I had to act in a way he was 1415 if you had a girlfriend or something like that, man on man and they beat up on you just for fun. I gotta say that sometimes I was on given into it was fun but anyway my woods was Central Park in the I enjoyed it.

Robbie, I beat them animals but it's good to setback is going to watch a show little bit especially have my son's run part of it. That's just a very big pleasure for me and says a great birthday present to the apartment birthday we can have them do that as we talk about a father's role.

You know, we go back to the letter that you had Robbie that when we get to civilize.

There's nothing wrong civilization when we get to civilize and forget the original intent of manhood. Something is lost in those women talking about a father's role. Father's role is vital in doing that whether their present or not present Allen that clip you displayed.

There is two different fathers were talked about there and how did that really play out differently and those boys lives well there's a memory for the first one where he knew exactly what he had to do to raise a family.

He knew what it took to speak in the heart of his children in that aspect of it the other night which I can relate to. He didn't have that. And so there is a fear when you're a child and you don't have your father there, but there's a bigger fear when you're an adult and you don't how to raise your child because you don't have that model member good friend of the show didn't want to do camps around mental document menu before but this that the fear came across in the first time you'd ask a girl out it and have a father go to the asset how to tie a tie is another male in the family that really showing in some of those things just seem so minor bits are so huge when you don't have somebody there to teach a way and so were to be talking over the next several weeks about this topic of generalist and moving towards a specialist in what is big places is dividing out what society says a man should be going back originally to what God said a man should be and how that that masculinity really truly needs to stowed either by the father by a group of men is Robbie. I want to ask a quick question, even a part of several different men's groups over the years. Over the many many many lots of measure, but there's been a lot of fathering that's been done in those correct. It's always amazing to me than just a wonderful opportunity for on both ends. But you know sometimes you know I'll be out fishing with a group of guys and these people never fished, or they meant know what a hunt or how to skin animal all that stuff that that the Lord blessed me with. But then there's other opportunities where I find myself without a father and I've got a Vinnie. You know that where I've got a situation of the teenage child or I got a situation with an adult child that 26 and he has a perspective that you only get from Osage to say you know you're not in the same role anymore that you were you need to step back and let the results in a kind of Take Pl. in Vinnie's always been really helpful to me and in sharing how to back off of the situation with adult children is right really mean it so truthful in my own thinking back at a conversation you had one time about young Robbie. I remember like it was yesterday, and I thought, this is Robbie is 27 years old back wolf you know exactly what I needed to hear and in there's father's available, but there's that passage in Mark I dearly love it marked Hamlet says you know, if you leave your father and mother that you will not fail to gain hundred as many father's mother, sisters, brothers, for my sake and not just in the in the in the kingdom. But in this present life. It's present fresh precious Peter piper picked a very they think that is it important to point out when there's not talking about hunting and fishing others. Things were talking about fathering with the biological father or someone playing that role grandfather something along those lines of helping introduce manhood what's really mean to be a man is learned from a communist clip in the father. There you know.

Somewhere along the way Fred to teaching the real virtues he needed to know it and so this is more about just how to be a man.

And sometimes we forget what that really looks like it is really cloudy out there that we really don't know is next few weeks continue to unpack that you continue to find out what it really means to be a man.

What society does it try to strip that from us and how we can gain it back. Even if our father wasn't around or didn't have the tools to do that is maybe he didn't get it from his dad is really a take some time to spend the next four or five weeks on that mask injury More information on things we are coming up this May 19 on Thursday, which is that the show it's in Winston at 730 were to be there at the grand, there's also to be shown at Greensboro with we will be there but it's at the grand Greensboro at 730 here locally.

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