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What Is My Identity? Click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 21, 2016 12:30 pm

What Is My Identity? Click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is grieving with your wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle when something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides called masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome message and you are glad to have you with us in they were to be talking about the topic that's part of the series we been talking about talking about this topic a couple different topics. Last week we talked about you just use the word topic seven times in two sentences is a very topical as her topic.

Thank you. You're welcome.

You're always a joy we have and I do mean that the topic think we been talking about the generalist. What the generalist is Robbie is really kind of a three-pronged approach to understanding who you are in Christ with every fairway thing is kinda cool. If you look at the mass and journey website. They show this compass so that we can kinda triangulate our position in an sword coming at this generalist from three different angles so that you can kinda triangulate all this is where I am most men affect all men need a sense of you know, I know I'm at my Miller I'm going to you know and it's interesting that God is inviting us into that and so the generalist is a way for us to triangulate in the things that we are talking about last week we talked about kind of you have what it takes. And in this week working together towards identity were next week. Morning to go speak to validation and how we find that. But this week we have that part called identity and that would be the topic for this week with anyway. Another way saying that is really fully understand what were called to do, who are called to be in the midst of this larger story that the Christ is invited into that foundation of the generalist before you can really understand the role as a special meaning that that's something that you can build upon is really this understanding. I do have what it takes. This understanding of my identity and yet again the understanding of validation that I know where to get my validation from which we'll talk about next week.

So as we talk about this topic of identity will have different clips and we pick and talk about that the clips on why we pick those and so if you don't mind I'll go ahead and go first when I thought of the topic of identity was one cartoon that came clearly to mind for me to go ahead and play the clip back and talk about identity and why you chose that particular clip here we go with the cartoon back from when I was teenager was only 39 seconds three side. Popeye was when it was about this identity. He always knew who he was.

He was used to sale the time I can find. I am what I am and I was Popeye you just you knew he was in his role was to fight against Brutus.

Most the time which was the injustice figure or the Satan characters would like to use it was to rescue the beauty and olive oil. He was called to live on this great adventure in all these kinds of things upper side and really liked Popeye growing up as a kid, but I really thought about the story. This was the Robin Williams version of the movie which is really brutal to track what is killing me that hamburger you pay me today for the hammer. He was glad he brought his strength anywhere came from, and that's a big part of coming in Dragon it's knowing who you are and what that role uniquely needed to play in.

You can't get that just by deciding you want.

You have to go to the source to get that and so you for Popeye.

It was Spanish but that source we been talking about a little bit earlier venue was that source really plays. The Holy Spirit is vital in that role is not had an experience this week. With that I should get the record straight. Sam says that was when I was a teenager now was more like when I was a young kid that was the early 30s and Popeye was Mel Blanc, the voice was Mel Blanc but anyway there will good good that in all comedies but I had an experience I said I was talking to Sam and Robin how you know I think it was a week ago.

The last 02 weeks ago we spoke about the Holy Spirit.

My wife went away for four days has something show was and it was a good thing. My wife is blind, just like humbling and she's daft but I'm not.

So I was alone and naturally I got the crying jags and I take me a long time to go to sleep but every single night. I believe it was the Holy Spirit to calm me down and help me to get some rest.

We had a dog Lulu we had to give her away about six weeks ago, my daughter, because we couldn't take care of a normal I fell in love with this dog I mean really love I feel kind of stupid saying that, but every night that Nancy was gone. Go slip on the bed and would wake up and walk across soft feet, trying to find a spot to lay down and then would stand there after I woke up and I would say that Woody don't little as you would just put her head down and fall asleep where she was. This happened every single night. That to me had to be the Holy Spirit because I have plenty of dogs. I love them all. This dog he has captured me unbelievable. You know it's not that I didn't think my Nancy but anyway I think I'm done. There is comfort and that it was when your alone and lonely and in the midst of all these things here comes this comfort, which allows you to get back to be in any and be in a separate, and I'm sure during that time of uncertainty and that's what I did.

I'm size and when that all happened. I would wake up and I would spend the next hour and 1/2 two hours praying.

I know you well enough to know that when you became Vinnie that that's what you're doing at that time of night rather than being in the middle that right in. That's where the Holy Spirit interceded and brought you back to your identity exactly into your strength is a great way to get in my clip coming from Sam. Sam really just my clip.

The one that spoke to me just volumes and volumes and volumes is from Rocky to where Adrian literally gives Rocky permission to be rock. And when you watch him in size.

He is not being himself. He started he sees is not that when she gives him permission to be Rocky and all the sudden you know that lights up the world is is is really me, sometime on some of the kind away for me.

You really really love the dollars you get out here that he had totally withdrawn.

He was all lost. There was no sense of direction and when he was given permission by his wife in that situation who he felt was key couldn't be himself and make his wife happy. Once he had and he walked into his identity. It's like that picture that I talked about before the guise of that horse standing up with all its strength under power and now with a sense of direction on how the Holy Spirit is send it where it needs to be in man if I could get that if I could just grasp that moment MLO if it would be Jesus really say Robbie got there and with this is that what you gotta do and you could going to training like that that's what we all long for is what makes my heart come alive and so now you know a question for you that it's got to call us to this adventure, but isn't something special when your spouse comes alongside and as a cheerleader for I tell you when I get back we will get a good set of his you back you tell us about how important it is when others God brings in her life chairs along the way as we search for that and talk more about you find that identity. Why is it important and what's God trying to tell you about you that you may not have ears to hear some special back and listen to the radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase or watch a video on how to do this radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking father.

No one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart. Human catheters help you find healing to the father for information on seasons of the heart.

That's messenger the welcome back to messenger anywhere. So glad you came back as God has something special for you.

I don't know what that is but he does his part of this conversation as we move forward in helping you understand this identity because I think the world comes to strip from us and we don't even see it it he rode so slowly when we left at ask a question about how important it is not only that you have the father's blessing which is ultimately what you need when you send somebody in your life kinda be there along with you in your case, your spouse, to come to Chile along the way back a minute to when he said how that's the first thing you get attacked because we all know when Jesus was going through his temptations with the fast for 40 days in the wilderness and Satan comes up to him and he says if you are the son of God turn the stone into bread while the first real attack you see is his identity. If you are the son of God, as Jesus was with God in the beginning without him nothing was made that was made but if you go back just to the next section. Before his temptation in this fast.

He was baptized by John and he comes out of the water Holy Spirit descends on him like a dove heavens open up God says before the whole world. This is my son with you I am well pleased. Now your father just says that going to this we can state. That's the first attack is the first attack that we face. It didn't matter where you are.

Do you have what it takes. The question that every man is haunted by that's with the enemies doing.

He's attacking your identity. So when you live in your identity with God is he created you to be. That's the first and foremost will talk about validation next week, but there is tremendous validation that comes in that relationship, but get back to what you are asking the validation from your spouse. It was like when you're walking with God.

You think that's it. But then you got somebody so special they got picked out for you someone that you were the one that he picked out for them in the big you offer them in them for you. When a person does it. There's just something I can't even describe it but it's a whole mother feeling of strength.

It's just like a confirmation of physical confirmation in this world you note to me is when my wife she looks at me and smiles and their sometimes I get to work from home issue committee shall sit in my office and lazy chair and HER. She sit there look at me and she's a smile and what are you okay she's like yeah sometimes just make me feel so warm inside, but also I want that wives have an oncology ability. Unbelievable ability alley ability to have in reality to uncalibrated catcher in your post. When you're not watching your identity when you're trying to be something you're not, or say something that she now isn't quite the whole truth sheet. They love you enough to call me on that, but how much they love you is when they call you Mr. they wait till you're back home or in the car by yourselves in the day is not a member at that same way. It is incredibly hard to hold on the identity I know that you talked about Jesus being the middle of a 40 day fast.

I'm in the middle of a 40 minute fast and I'm really struggling was at the end of right now that is what's attacked first because then we knows that he can take away that identity that words are God's given you about who you are uniquely you are in him that he can really just rob you of lots of things, let alone rob the world of the role that God created you to play what happens out.

If your earthly father isn't necessarily the biggest proponent of maybe your identity. You have a clip the kind of speaks to that. I love this movie how to train your Dragon. And in this movie the subject.

The boy, he's not really in the clip.

This is actually his father who's worried that his son doesn't have what it takes and needs that King of the Vikings is the leader and so he's wearing his son doesn't have what it takes with somebody else has to speak into his heart. Say wait a minute that's not your call. You got to let your son find his own identity as he uses words but I love the way this transpires all steel shop plans lots of time to himself, possibly proven training with the CD so am I to be killed before you like the first Dragon out of its cage so you don't know that you know actually going to listen you always been listening and fishing and hunting tools and test these talks leave twins boy my father told me to bang my head against crazy, but I didn't question what happened you go ahead split into two lab fees wise when I had to become boy can't stop them stoic. You can only I know it seems hopeless. But the truth is you won't always be a right to protect the Yankees probably know I love that clip. It reminds me of the proverb train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it but her Hebrew scholar say that the actual translation if you were to do exactly Colibri would train up a child in his way and when he is old he will not depart from it. Meaning that were all different. We all are wired in different ways with different strengths, different gifts, so for instance I like football I like martial arts. I have no musical ability at all. My son loves basketball and terrible at that these fast as lightning. When is running or swimming. I'm slow is eternal but the thing is, I had to train them up in his way so that he can fall into his identity.

Not my identity because that's the biggest trap we wanted to be the chip off the old block or chip off your blockade. Sam is exactly in this if you haven't seen the movie.

It's really good movie. It's an animated movie, but it's really good and some great lessons in it, but pickup is what is that causing pickup goes on to be a great warrior. Does this not annoy his dad had imagined it in a greater warrior because he saves the whole biking clan spoiler units was okay anyway hey John how so that's her it's a great movie really can speaks to the end of the movie everybody dies things that biggest strip Mr. now identity. How do we go about learning what that is. Now we add a boot camp.

We send guys out to ask God what he thinks about them. At times it specifically in what is a name that you call me God know Robbie had a question for you that in preppy, for which I love doing, but how often is that name really tie into part of that identity.

Please yeah and in the other part of the campus looking at the attacks the enemy to help you to again figure triangulate where the where my identity might be in my case that was once I heard faithful being what to tell me that he was calling me. I could not accept that it until I started began to analyze that wowing farms can attack faithful I would do that but by the trail and it started to make sense of my life and I can begin to see how I was faithful in these situations, you know, in my marriage and in and you know showing up at meetings and in other words, I there is a lot of things in my life that spoke to that and help me to realize what that meant but it's kinda cool to begin to realize what your calling is her wet lips when your identity is, and begin to walk and map and and feel that strength that comes naturally and what that identity was you the way you originally made absolutely any relevance of the point I was hoping that you would kind of ties into what I was talking about when Jesus was attacked. If you are the son of God, right if you are faithful and then we must attack those places.

But when you can look and say how is the enemy attack me in the past and try to rob that it will give you more of a glimpse of what God's been trying to tell you little bit more of who you are and how he sees you. And honestly, if you're hearing anything when you pray about that. That's its condemnation is not from God. God doesn't do condemnation. That's the enemy's point. Maybe conviction which we talked about before is completely different. It may be a truthful thing of hey remember this but it's not going to be something that attacks your character attaches a person is much as it is bringing out the truth in you so you can see that in one of the wonderful, wonderful thing about a boot camp or however it is that you can get along with God and ask him to speak to you, Lord, what do you call me what is my identity. What does that you know where is that coming from because if he does one thing to hear you got his messenger and it's another thing to be sitting in prayer, and hear that from God. And then once you get that once you think you hear. Well I'm herein.

I'm hearing you know that I'm on or whatever it is such that you start here than start to go okay with that look like, how would you attack that, what would it be like if I walked in that in those kind of things. But then the other thing that that that we discovered through these series of clips of the show is that your marriage has an identity group masculine journey has an identity and Rocky as he won to get back to that clip as he won that particular matching Rocky to he saw his identity is hey Adrian, I did it but listen to what happens is he gets a little older and realizes there's more identity to what's going on than just me that you know if I know of anybody that realizing as we go through life.

It really varies. This identity, God gives us as a unit. Yeah, I'm thinking about how we did it.

You know I mean I remember space oh so clear in my mind and 54 when I left home with my wife and with nothing. No big only because my dad and Battalion didn't believe in the divorced woman and I want to say just like that was so apropos for me. We we did it to the point that we didn't change my dad and my family changed. They loved and that made me. I don't know how to explain it so proud of my fault. Also, not just my wife that she never said a word and just took care of him made me proud of my father that he finally got it.

After 40 years if it is it so we wrenching it as I think it is you talk about that many Robbie it. It is a visa God calls us on this journey God puts those wheels in motion that he brings people in our life along the way to help us step into that with her to Lulu that helps you remember something about yourself or doubt your wife to help pull you into that for your wife. Probably the culture that is being a poser to His office UI because of it not getting you know it's it's got to make us closer to God brings those things in their life. Notice one thing he said many when you stepped into that identity.

It helps bring out other people's identity.

That's what God allows us if we let him to help others come and identity just by doing nothing more but living authentically with him and see you have to wait on a boot camp to do this. What a November that's a spoiler coming up but you can go out and spend some quiet time. Nancy got what you think of me. See you next week

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