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Validation from God's View; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 4, 2016 12:30 pm

Validation from God's View; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves upgraded life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are glad to have you with us today and studio it. Robbie and Benny and I was on vacation much much needed vacation never arise not from us but time with his family and so we wish all the best in catching some fish way that serve fishing somewhere near I don't I don't know where it's going to eat many walking shots could have here today. Thank you. Glad to be working and I'm at my trunk lid at the beginning. That's a good way of looking at any age, it's good to be that were to continue the conversation.

Even having last three weeks on the generalist and Robbie if you wouldn't mind one more time helping us understand that the concept of the generalist. What's it really mean and before we do that last week we couldn't remember something that we did remember it eventually came back and I know it on a show on this topic that Satan will try to steal things from you.

So write them down so we should've taken on advisor and is down, but don't explain the generalist source if you would generalist us what you know so many men when we go into any task we want to feel like we have what it takes. Even if what may not be our particular specialty bike. In my case fixing the lawnmower is not the Christian cargo specialty, but I want to feel like I have a general way that I can approach life and we isolated that in the three topics we talked about the one that we forgot last week was affirmation that affirmation is feeling like where were the beloved sans the apple of her father's lie and then wait.

We did this the second show on identity and then we decided to do because validation is a place that a lot of men really struggling on bike trying to find validation and all the wrong places you know from the woman from Eve from our career path. You know that's where my get my validation of this I'm really excited about where this show was going as Howard would say this after where the show is going today and that is the validation we feel like wow God can feel her unit. We can feel God's pleasure. When we do what we talked of that preshow. We should talk about this being in that sweet spot. I just feel like you're really in the sweet spot walking in unity with God and just feeling that that joy of the father being there with you. I know that the validation thing is really tricky for guys you need.

Talk about the work, sports. You can your kids can be a validation not careful and that you living through my kids vicariously is really about me seeking my validation through them and so that's that's a place that we could turn to… Lots of them. And so that, where do you get it. Last week we talked about that you need to get that from the father is.

If you don't really know what that means reckless last week showing a mask and journey we have a whole history podcast. There are free to download it… Anytime you want have any questions just email us would love to respond to.

But this week were talking about validation on differently. Robbie, would you like to set up our first clip-on on this topic of this feeling I can sweet spot with God at to me this this particular movie Mr. quick clip gave me an understanding of what that what it really should feel like. And you know Eric Liddell was a Olympic runner and need was given an opportunity to to run in the late in the Olympics and is his sister and his whole family is put pressure on him to go be a missionary which he calling to be able to do, but he had something that he felt like he needed to do that was still in the matter of his calling, and he does a great job of explaining to his sister where he's getting his validation got 10 minutes of China also made me when I run these pleasure and content just talking preshow a little bit about this topic and just finding a place where you feel God's joy in some hundred or even expected a lot of purposes over the years he done a lot of different things, but the boot camp. One time when will the surprise of God had a little sweet spot for you didn't know about truth. When I went. That is, I went as a favor that the Robbie I didn't know what I was meant but I got there and I enjoyed it and at the end of the three days I was sitting on one of the benches and these two young boys came up and sat down with me and started to tease me because I was New York Giants jacket at and they naturally were in giant fans was thought at the talk and there was such a nice young man and I got so much out of the lion Caleb Caleb and they were very young and I am saying to myself while I'm sitting to them well I understand why I'm here because this is validation of God being with God. Note and they they just hooked onto me and we will.

We sat there good half hour and I felt so calm and really I fell in love with these two young boys. These two young boys happen to be Sam's sons knotted pretty big guys you know and instead of saying hi. Then they punch me in the shoulder know about it. It was validation committee that I knew why I ended up going to do this boot camp. Instead of wondering and thinking that Satan was Salome okay just give him the money. Make your friend happy became something totally different. We beat Satan that three days is the easy for somebody that's in the late 70s early 80s the kind of feel like I don't have much to offer and yet little little bit major interaction in my fissile timeframe of major naturally live got open the window you to really see this topic of being somebody sage and that's what you do this every week. I like that but it also goes the opposite way may enjoy being with you and you know this not get us as we just don't know when tomorrow what tomorrow will bring with you. 20 oh radio only or 80. You just don't know and and I'm at the point of my life where I just count my blessings because of friends like San Robbie and I'll that's not a year and a few other people that show up once in a while over. I know what it is. Now I know what I'm doing here.

I know that that's where I'm getting my validation from God that I know what I'm doing here. Whether I come off good or bad or indifferent. It's only a show but in my heart and my heart get the validation of what I should be doing. I'm sorry if it's an interesting thing from that clip that you can see our company story that Eric Liddell wasn't. That was his whole life, which is been a runner.

He was still going to China. In fact, he died in China and there was a whole lot to his life and where he became a specialist but the generalist is this idea of so many different ways God can give us validation from different areas of her life that may come out in surprise. Who are you that leader? He Robbie and I will answer mine before Ellie thinks that it is questioning her ass. What think about a time when God really did that with minis describing for you that he really is. You just found yourself in groove with him whatever you want to call it three could feel his is pleasure in you need it just me that things are right in the world, at least for that snapshot of time for me. Honestly, it was doing a radio show is not something ever thought I really do.

I didn't feel like I was going to be very competent at it you gasket that may or may not be. That's up to you but I can walk away from it. Just knowing that during that time, going to be with you guys, but feel like I'm doing something that that God enjoys.

You know it and I can explain it. It's just a walk away I doing list of the shows that at times, but I hear from people what God said to them through that.

It just amazes me and it just brings me to a very special place with him rubbing you have anything you can think of yeah and it seems like you stole my first leader for career sets every well yeah I did go for career but a Christian car guys kind of the one that most people say what is your calling is where it but it was kingdom pursuits which was used to be Robbie's hobbies and snuck up on which they are around with people that are in their calling, whatever it may be in the way the that God allowed me to facilitate that and be able to bring people in the conversation. I just blew me away that I got to be involved in listening to the things that God was doing in so many different ways but also getting to betray that based on the way that you asked the question and so I too and I just found myself in this the show, which is clearly not a source of income for me or nor is it my main gig, so to speak, but it would. Maybe there's a little bit income but I will say that there's noninvolvement but nonetheless it's not my main gig, that's for sure, but it's amazing to me how much I can feel God's pleasure and that and just how cool it is to be part of it is and whether that's something I can for you. God has sweet spots units not just one is not just one time too many things we've experienced a big camp before it. And speaking of that, this couple events I want to really let you know about market calendars November 3 fourth fifth and sixth and I have a faulty camp location is yet to be determined, but we have a lot of interest coming of the spring boot camp were were really ready to go have another one got just showed up and did some amazing things in serrated have another one this coming fall November 3-6, and before that August 9 and 30th. If you're in the triad area. Join us in Kernersville at the center give you details become backward to start a match concerning Ms. Knight frequently off and on throughout the year. So just come back and we'll talk about that during radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger new radio large family here for messenger new radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom that found her walking more intimately with the father. No one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask. That's messenger new leasing.

That's an amazing song amazing bump in. Thank you Robbie would love to sit wouldn't talk about the men's night and we are not right now to talk about that little bit when we walk with God as any described it just brings life opinion doesn't give the clip that they really kinda talks about that a little bit this whole idea of speaking.

Life is Sam. How is this for anybody really did have had an opportunity to walk in this message your walk with Christ. Any length of time. It's easier to see God's glory in somebody else, and sometimes it is to us, and often we have that opportunity to speak yes were seeking God's validation, but we can kinda tell somebody where we see God working in their life where we see God's glory showing up out of the foxhole so to speak where this person glory showing up in this case. This was a pastor and movie and he was a fire and brimstone preacher. He was the one that was wrapped on the chandeliers which you hear about section of the sermon he was practicing at the beginning of this but Pollyanna speaks life into this man in the way he just did not see it coming, but it is interesting that she spoke life to him in a way that he could speak like top God faces the same problem solve the problem myself to say what I like being a thing like that and what they say sounds familiar. I suppose every minister of God faces the same problem coming did your father ever solve the problem in the Bible. May I bad and mankind expecting to find you surely will Abraham Lincoln. Yes I know that I never text all know I did not. There's a lot going on that person, little person. This young person that really brings life and walking without some of it brings it to me because you not remember that first boot camp when you gave a talk on the beauty actually I was it a point. My marriage were really I was just struggling with all the things I could find what I mean it sounds pretty horrible, but that was a great guy but I can see all the stuff that was wrong and and I'm sure it was just like you know Carl Martin, felt like), he could see all the stuff wrong but when I started looking for God's glory and Tammy opened up a whole new world away from me to approach my wife and without a whole lot of looking I found and without a whole lot of speaking to her.

I could see where that would bring her to life and bring her into that spot where she was, you know, feeling God's pleasure when she ran in and what an amazing thing to to share life that way.

Any bring up a good point in that.

There's also another point that walks alongside that is when you find that spot with God. You bring others with you if they see that in you and they want that they look for or you get a seed in them help call it out. God uses us in that way. Make sure you get this other clip in its guts not to speak that life to us, but he doesn't let it lay there as he Robbie is all about trying to steal it and destroy it in the set up this clip is from the movie the messenger and this is Joan of arc were here here calling Sean because you know that's French Dustin Hoffman is playing actually Satan in this particular movie is when you hear this voice it is Satan trying to accuse her and you can see she has been in the battle. Like many of us and all the smoking stuff has her confused and he is attacking her with truth of her own memory but how you can tell that this is Satan speaking tours look at the look at how she feels at the end of the conversation. She isn't feeling life. She's feeling condemnation. I think what is really love me, follow me. Where does God's self.

Well done.

When the pain and pleasure and pleasure that sort. What you don't get to see the flashback of in the movie heard her sister had been raped, brutally, absolutely brutally by an English soldier and you know she at that moment that she was recalling actually stabbing another Englishman that looked a great deal like the one that brutalized her sister and you know she felt this horrible condemnation and she was being faced with a couple truths and the way that he twisted you know, and where she clearly was again clearly change the world by walking and where God made Joan of arc, but that does not mean that Satan is used think he can use to make you feel guilty and put you in that place, a condemnation, and so as we feel God's pleasure. That's one thing to feel.

But when you start to feel condemnation. We know where that message is coming from to. We do simple is heard years ago as a kid was look at the fruit you know the root and so if the fruit is condemnation the root, the seat of that was not from God that the enemy will come and the seeds planted and it grows and try to choke it out and got does bring up these things and is a cause ascorbic will come right at that either to attack our identity attack. Our motives to attack a relationship with God or others, just let it lay there is a can't afford for it to you, too dangerous or too risky when you walk with God in you walk in his joy.

It's really seeing people to kinda come alive in man it's hard because you know them is coming out next and all that that she describes the thing I like about the clip is as you do get caught up in all the noise and all the smoke and all the battle that comes with spiritual warfare. If you're effective in your ministry whatsoever.

Believe that stuff is coming your way. And with that will be up a ball of confusion. That's unbelievable but part of the joy I have of walking in this group is is being able to be with other warriors who fight well who spot that he spot that warfare in your life and can come after that.

In the battle. Absolutely we have invented to help lead us with his wisdom having been in a lot of other battles and so that makes it really nice to stay and hear a lot of what he has the same and you get a benefit from that many. I know that there's a lot of people out there that's really wanting to meet you special people here in the triad so that's what you really like to meet Vinnie to come to the master journeyman's night August 9 and August 30. It is a community house. We got a couple options for you to join us at 530. That's me. The preshow talk about funding that you make an offering to record the show at 630 was supposed to have this and fellowship time with guys maybe movie maybe different things will have a lot of fun and don't forget the boot camp November 3-6, Vinnie.

That's the one. Also they got him to that nothing in I'm going to. Why would you want to miss.

That's right you don't miss any time telling you what we'll see next week

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