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Understanding the Heart of the Father: click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 11, 2016 12:30 pm

Understanding the Heart of the Father: click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on request with your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey. We are so excited you have joined us this afternoon.

We are just the three of us in the studio because Sam had to make an emergency trip to the beach and that's just a dirty job but somebody has to do it right all man I just hated form likely story. Don't think any yet. I don't believe it, but not the last urinal of the topic today. In fact, it's a topic I think we all love for eternity because the name of this particular topic is called understanding the heart of the father and by that we mean God's heart, but not along those lines. Since were heading up on Father's Day. It's it's understanding the heart of our fathers as well.

Absolute and so you know not everybody can even remember their father and we have those situations.

We do have Sammons call in, so we have them on the line. Sam was so glad you is that is the waves crashing out there is a beautiful dance beach beautiful day at the moment. It was a tropical storm came in, but that was behind us now.

Sonny and I see, but a bit of excitement but one of the things that about you Sam, but there is huge misunderstandings about the heart of my heavenly father.

I was kind assignment is this furious wrathful, judge the kind I want to burn off my feelers that you have some, you know, I grew up in a church full of loving people primarily taught that God was there to judge you when you died and there wasn't really ever taught a personal relationship with the father. Jesus died that we could have the entire really did you know that was available to me until. Honestly, my 40 in hearing the rest of the gospel and how Jesus really spoke about the father and how loving he truly is really kind of scaly for much of my church career. We do have a clip that highlights this which is hilarious. My opinion, I think we should highlight highlight it because it's called Bruce Almighty and since my middle name is Bruce. I can relate to being Almighty Almighty his own mind. I can relate this situation. Bruce was immediate he was. He was a reporter in the other guy got the big anchor job and then he got beat up by some people in need been out in the rain and need to eat. Had a really tough day in a course you know his wife is convinced so when that you know everything happens for a reason. This is also the good and whatever and so let's listen in on the short conversation of poor Bruce's misunderstanding about real estate showing his blessings are raining down you know everything happens for a reason. I don't need that cliché is not helpful to me Bush Bush I see.

So some guys picking on you know he's ignoring me completely is far too busy getting everything he wants all that's great Sam which Mr. target here… Not gospel.

I am not being a martyr is a mean kid sit on a hill with a magnifying glass to fix my life in five minutes if you wanted to buy feelers completely understandable.

So much worse/I'm not okay okay mediocre job okay with a mediocre apartment in Sam Sam now that you write Sam. It's me sitting here yeah well without that how you felt like if he could fix this if he was a man I remember sitting in my previous job and was still in two guys, one weighing his binges. The wonderful brother and friend of this ministry and him and another friend that got mad there like why one because I was thus going wrong. This is my fault and he's mad at me because I have been doing. I love them enough. Haven't done this. Haven't done that God is not somebody you gets mad you things happen outside God's will. I remember I remember that right dear change things and asked my wife I said you really believe things happen outside God's will. She looked at me kind of funny.

She said abortion happen all the time. That's way outside of his will owe so maybe it's not his will that these things happen. Maybe you know he's waiting for me to start loving him and separate these two things Lavinia in a grown-up in the New York with the Catholic Church. The nuns we were seeing the whole picture. What was your thoughts about, this is was he a judge was that something that you're involved well Brucey I just found out that I have a brother Brucey now he was truly couldn't say too much and all but I did learn how to read. Looks know by his allies. I guess there was a lot of love in him, but in my and then days when he was a young kid raising the child, especially a boy was actually left up to the Baltimore and the grandmother of the fall of I mean the grim, the mother of the father and his wife.

So actually I was raised by women Brucey and then that brings up a great point and it Sam that so many of us, we kind of project argue over earthly father onto God absolutely, absolutely. And I read a good dad wasn't around much, and that I was in Boy Scouts are things like that so I was kind of cute. God is this guy distant being rather than was really good to be there for me when I needed he was saying and I with my fourth and my my father worked for Jack motivation he left every Monday out on business and he didn't come back till the weekend so I just figured I really did that God was too busy for Riley's got a whole world you know trying to run near universe as it was how the world could he have time for looming world. Why would you worry about me. And so we we project that kind of thing on that you know we were talking about this in the preshow that I think it's by design that were supposed to view our earthly father is a precursor to what God is. It's just they don't always reflect his glory, the way they're supposed to interrupt you made a good point. They have what it takes but they just don't always use it is fascinating to me now to see that clearly even when I was a father to my children.

I had certainly his image, but I was hiding about a lot of things right and feel like I could I could do any good and it looked like Vinnie like my wife had fully cooked good control of this like why what I they want me to step in and messed this situation up and so did you experience at it when your father and your three is no doubt about it. Let me know. I don't ever remember my father kissing my mother doing anything like a father should.

That's always been, but kissing me and I rub in my head of doing anything like that until he became a grandfather was such total change, but I think I got a save that for the next clip is in the right Brucey hello Brucey how dare you go have met you Sam way to go is the name of the mechanical shark jaws Brucey. I think it might've been one's some woundedness going on in.

I'm glad I'm not in there. Will the people that are listening to this is making some sense out of it because it is really a good subject to be talking about your father and how you get into later life and that father becomes a grandfather and in my case for this time I saw my father, because as I said last week on the show. He finally got it. He had more fun with his grandchildren and I used to look at them and it made me angry and I would say why was the cutest way with me and my sisters Sam I'm wondering when you were when you found yourself in that father role we you struggle with the same stuff that you had with your own father.

Now what I do wordage go there but you know you make out and I made a vow that I was never going to be like that. I was my kids functions and I've made a big attempt to do that and I think that that can be a good thing but it can also be a very guilt driven thing if you're not careful, is valid and often end up good in the wrong type of house anyway. I have been able to make a lot of dad I've also failed in my own way that they could take that reflected upon the heavenly father if I haven't done any other work with them about this topic that's a good point because no father is perfect and every child is going to get wounds from his from his parents mean, I've been recognizing wound that I created one of my sons and trying to go back and fix it but once wound is there.

You really need Jesus to take you through it backward to heal. You can't father can do it on his own. It's real good finish.

Father can be a part of the cross that yes, it comes in and I know you've done really sorry that was not the correct behavior for me goes a long way in healing process. So I agree I just can't come from just the dad. You're right, we have the power to wound, but we don't have the yeah that's that's a tough thing is that in some women, and you have some folks that none of us experience to put some. Clearly there are some of his father gave him up at birth. Whatever they had no father and and so their existence of God is hazy, what is that have to do with and so when we come back in the next segment.

The next step.

What would it be like to get an idea of what part of the fathers, like Jesus, bring into that equation when he brought this we have all that, you and me while you go to mass and turning with the previous podcast we have some baseball field single decision can change again for men with prostate cancer single decision can change his entire life. This is Joe Tori. All I chose surgery less aggressive approach: active surveillance might be the best choice for you. Ask your doctor about a genomic test that may help you make the right decision. Learn more in your prostate your public service message from men's health network and zero it's a presidential and congressional election year and with it comes Kennedy's promises, such as lower taxes and less regulation and limited government. We always hope. Candidates will keep their word.

After the election promises taxes is understood the states to learn more convention join us to bring them there. Welcome back to today understanding the heart of the father were in the studio with Alan Vinnie and myself probably do more but we've got Sam is hanging out at the beach, trying understand the heart of the father, through the waves after please tell us your in one piece. Yeah, the one good that's good to know you and give me visual only if you're in.

It doesn't really so copy this topic before going to the next segment I really know the listeners that out there that you say what was what was my thought of God when I grew up in becoming honest about what I learned how to use him and that I project some of this American father is on and go back and begin to think through that one of the neat things I share this with any of you guys but actually got a email today from one of the participants it came to the boot camp a few weeks ago and this guy was really struggling when he came he lost his job, he lost his wife. Some people in Virginia paid for his scholarship so that he could come down to the big Guy was in his 50s this really struggling in tears many times I saw I got email from them today. Just bless my socks off because he said that through what he learned of the boot camp and going to meet with these cabana brothers that he has up there in Virginia that last week he for the first time in his life encountered God as is father while in that for the first time he felt like he was the beloved son and you know what does that feel like what kind of fruit is that in your own life and you think about that.

When did you have that realization personally that wow when Jesus said my father. He is talking of the real deal here and that he is the way to that is, is he clearly pointed out. I mean this is huge and I know it.

It really marked a huge change in your life you know it absolutely did because mine my view was, I guess based on what I encountered in the Navy and it is in that piece was get your orders complete your mission. Get your next words was no motion.

Your job that's kinda what it was and I heard the Todd Clark do the father by God talk which ink is in the John anywhere John to sign the way the truth and the life batons and the weight of what no significant what what no one gets to the father except through me. And of course you know you guys know I do a lot of research. I hear something I gotta follow it up. I think was a may have the numbers off with 63 times God referred Jesus refers to God as the father only one time does he refer to him as Lord and that is when somebody says be afraid of this man, or be afraid of the Pharisee goes don't fear man for the Lord and I was only time he was talked about fear. Everything else was father when he says pray to God is our father. That's Abba father. That's daddy. So for me that was a life-changing experience to know that I was his beloved son. It it changed my life dramatically in my family with my children with my wife with my friends and were to listen to clip that comes from a Knights tale seems favorite movies in this first clip is a short clip. What is a father in the son of the boys about four or five years old, maybe six the fathers a very poor Thatcher and there watching the parade of knights goodbye to the games and so let's go ahead and listen to that clip the board members not just swing man can absolutely love that clip because that's a father's encouragement. Here's a father he's down on this lucky makes very little money is trying to raise a son with his wife dead and what is he doing the midst of all his pain.

He encourages the sun that's the heart of of God our father that he wants us to have hope. He wants us to believe he wants is that faith that this next clip that were born right into a little background in the movie not be a spoiler, but the Thatcher was so poor that he ended up having to give his son to become an apprentice and he finds a night because he knows his son was so infatuated with the Knights parade so he.he makes this deal so that his son can be raise Fed taking care of and learn a trade. Well, his son comes back to his father. 20 years later and listen to the encounter. Listen to the joy and the father's heart upon the return so that I have come back tomorrow for the night. My name is namely Stadium here I have sent Cummings changed his style as he followed his I know neither the night, but I love this thing with New Year's now and that clip I've never heard that if you are very good clip clip is not a good will.

I obviously have heard the clip saw the movie, but that puts him in perspective that I think you really hit the nail on the head. Now that that is a beautiful picture of how God feels about his children when they when their feet find their way home. It it here's the thing I want to really capture he doesn't love his son is much as when his son was last with with him. He loves his son more. He grew every day while he was gone and so you when he sees him again. He's, there's even more love and there was before because he grew every day and Vinnie, you wake up early. I was thinking I for your dad. It's kinda cool the way that your love for your dad grew every year he was alive and and when he came home, so to speak. As you restrained for. That's true. I just thought of the story. I minute an incident that happened I went to pick up my dad and my mom at their home to bring them to all home Easter and I had a 66 wildcat convertible open. You have my phone and it was hot for 5555 okay and I picked him up. You know, and he just looked down and got in. It and we went home. Okay, so we get home we finish eating them. Was it not on the patio. He said let's go for a ride. I've never been in the convertible ice Michelle Liska so web fluoride I maybe we got about a mile away from the house uses pullover with somebody you don't feel good night and pullover basis. So I pullover.

He opens his dog gets out comes to my sinuses get out just like that get out essence what's up up since I'm driving.

He got he was proud of me at that moment that I seen them look at me with this slight smile when he wanted to have the pleasure I read it in his face. The drive home in my driveway was at the end of when you stop.

It was the patio so I got out and he drove the car home. My mother and my sisters and old killed kids got petrified because he was so disfigured with rheumatoid arthritis, but the thrill on his face. You know, in the thrill on my mother's face see how happy he was missing never was happy so much in the thrill of my face. I finally in my heart as I finally got my father. He had to be, and he had to.

And Sam I give you the final word here is this was your heart to certainly do this particular topic. And so what did you want to make sure that people knew about the heart of your father all those things paradigm that we had we needed we need to revisit them with Jesus's words talks about the father. The you could be a great father, but how much greater is the father. There you have no concept of how much your father loves you and how much you want good for you and I don't think we live our life everyday like that's true. I think we live our life everyday. At times like I don't know if the other shoe, all father, you know, I don't know that I totally trust you and I know that I wanted other people to feel that I wanted to read myself because as we talked about our earthly fathers in us as far know all striving to find that place were we reflect God's voice so the cool thing is working. Revisit this topic next week semi-sure and come back and join us next week same time same place in the meantime during get the podcast check out upcoming boot camp in the upcoming men's night all those events are bare at the website we would love to see you come up August 9 I believe in that same joy is

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