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Walking With The Heart of The Father; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 18, 2016 12:30 pm

Walking With The Heart of The Father; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Every man craves upgraded venture life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way. When light feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Yes, if you're craving adventure.

We have one forfeited. I can absolutely assure you that we have adventure for your journey because doesn't know me well with no that it is in fact Father's Day Eve and I am serious now he's dead serious.

That serious Sam, I agree with me. But along those lines. Last week we began a series on the heart of the father is. It is so close to the know-how masculinity dismissed out and about. The heart of the show and somehow finally get to go a little deeper on that this week.

As in the last week we talked about some of the misunderstandings about the father's heart and and and how you walk through that today were going to go a little bit different direction. Again, it's Father's Day Eve.

So it's a fascinating thing to me that the end of the Old Testament.

The last thing we hear from God before the coming of the New Testament is that Elisha's going to come in is going to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children in the hearts of their children to the fathers, lest you cursed the Lamb of the curse, meaning that obviously there some big change fixing to happen here, between the Old Testament and the New Testament has to do with father and with this coming Father's Day and this kind and cool to think that is that is the Lord's coming closer that we can begin the turn our hearts towards our father in heaven, but also our earthly father, and if there are all kind of connected and so that's kind of what the show is today about and our first clip, Al, that is definitely a father and son movie finding Nemo and I need to just say that it's sort of fishy to me. If this if it's because we had a shout parents like that and we try to nail things down well but were seriously finding Nemo you align many so I'm finding Nemo. For those of you have not seen the movie. It's about a clown fish in the clown fish. His son is Nemo's competition. Sort of an overprotective dad, and he's lost all the rest of his children to a barracuda and so it makes him even more overprotective in the Mopar Nemo has a fin that is a little bit deformed, which makes him even more overprotective now they are out on the edge of the reef which is as far as the clown fish Marlin will allow Nemo to go and so he is not allowed his son to go beyond that and if you ever set any borders for your children are for your child.

Listening your parents might set some type boundary for you, but naturally we like to push those boundaries as Nemo is going to attempt to push here but one thing we want to disclose is that they see a boat is what they see. But then being fish and not quite as educated this schooling that you might think they they call it about so when the you hear the word but they are actually referring to about three does not concern you. And you're looking at your parents you will swim well it's not okay to start school in the you're not ready and you're not coming back to Sarah. I'm so ready.

I just think it's a little too soon for them to be out here unsupervised. Well, I can assure you he's quite same with me. I'm sure you have a large class and can get lost from sight. All you're doing now Mr. I am sure that many of us right now you listen that how you can help it relate to it. Both possibly is as a young child, but also is apparent in the misunderstanding of the love that. Actually, the father had no end. There was a good question you asked on the preshow about witnesses when is a start occurring and how does it affect you know God and the actual father and her earthly father and from my perspective at some point a boy sees chinks in his father's armor and that's when he starts to want to go his own way when he thinks my dad's armor is rusty. He's you know it's tarnished. It's not is polished as it once was. So I need to do this on my own and I think what he does that oftentimes he starts look at his heavenly father the same way like you know maybe I don't need my dad set up and I got maybe I don't need my debts got rusting. You know chinks in his armor since Sam how do you see that playing out that we had out in defiance of self-determination. We can handle this on our own. We don't need our dad what role and like back to the same school because I don't like things, not because it by my own again.

And I don't know why that article. Complete repeat something that I think that we struggle with your story, but I think we all relationship of the father learn and grow in a different look back on my childhood and I see the divorce before I was one in there was. Not a lot of the nurturing that I needed, especially from from a dad in the house, but I think it's because part of that for me is I just wanted it so bad. I had such, I mean I was craving out starting at you know I think that's why I latch on the way I do.

God then he now over in the Italian neighborhood side of things.

How did you sleep well I just thought of a funny thing that happened. Everybody knows what Rockley is in New York right Rockaway Beach not everybody you know everybody Rockaway okay so I rock something we will. We went to swim in the Rockaway Beach and they have a rope from the God you know like God going out to where would be up to your neck. You held onto the rope and you walked out and walked out. And I did that with my father behind me and he had his cigar in his mouth songbook cannot not feeling real tough. You know I'm doing good. All of a sudden, the ground disappeared and I went under and he grabbed me by daycare and pulled you up well until I am told me up. Now I know you know I just looked at me and let me go again look to the drop to get a look and his cigar was and is not just make and I was lucky you had the sense to grab onto the rope again and I beat him into mom and grandmother was incident I will.

I must've been about four years old five years old and you can remember. That's pretty cool. And again, you're just seeing how far you can go and those kind of things will yeah I was like Nemo. I want to go for a burger for the water was coming up my chest. My neck, but then I took a step and disappeared. Speaking of water going over your head. We have another clip is from a movie called Martian child and this young man as Bennett you know and he's been adopted in new nobody seems to latch onto him and so he adopts this orphan spirit where you know essentially an orphan spirit says I'm doing everything I don't want to get attached to anybody.

And in this clip he is on top of a water tower on being told time to get this put pencil to get this clip in the right forgets about it. That's all part of what we talked about today is how do we get from this orphan spirit. What is an orphan spirit feel like when I think I've got to do things on my own. And how do I begin to walk as a child of God and begin to be fathered by God. So the really cool thing that I know I'm looking for to Alan I know you are to is to hear from these guys on that in the next segment. How is it through this current season, the life they feel like they've allowed God to father them through this season. At some point we get to a point where there is no other place to turn back to God. Back to the heart of the father is were growing in our relationship with. We start to see those other roads that lead away from him and saying I don't want to go there.

I know that I know that me that's the reason I'm like you, Sam.

I continued finding myself there with that orphan spirit about again. We want to mention that we have a wonderful website, where you can get podcasts as the previous show last week show on the heart of the father as well as find out about our upcoming events we have a recording session in front is coming up the men's night out on his August 9 out St. radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do as their charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this radio that's messenger the domain here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with father no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask. That's messenger the welcome back to this Father's Day even messenger and radio show they were talking about essentially walking with the heart of the father and when we were set up this we talked about this clip where the Martian child and young man has run away as you find that we took classes to adopt children, my wife and I did and found out that that's one way that it an orphan will try to get control of their life is a runaway and so this young man is runaway. He's on a water tower which helps you understand why things are little edgy up there and his father is trying to explain life to him that sort of a point of life and all the stuff we did, how much fun we had fun stuff we can add trying to be like all of us cool you feel like you belong to think you really want all this, I think you want to belong to some proof to the parents disappeared for ministry. Sometimes because because they were stupid stupid in the universe.

You are big your heart is smart and I can see it's so obvious to me. I think you love me to never leave with her on the water tower and he says Dennis look at me because you know if he doesn't look and he looks down he takes his eyes off the father than likely he could fall off the water tower and as I walked to my life. I find myself there constantly and I can't help but think of any. In this last year so you two are kinda standing on the water tower and you gotta keep your eyes on the father because honestly you can't see anything that Moses leading into my story by saying that I'm blind I can see but I'll do it the Italian way. I don't look too good anyway yeah I went lost my vision about a year ago. Not right away. I didn't wake up blind just progressively got worse and naturally I it frightened me and I didn't know who else to go to but my heavenly father who saved me once before in 1997 and he was the second darkest point of my life will I do now you know I'm married.

I have a wife that can see and somehow I remember it vividly.

I was night time and I just talk to him like he was there. This is okay, keep on throwing me these curveballs, you know, I can curve balls what you want from me now, my wife, my first wife took my son and I'm still with you father and now you take my site and it dawned on me that he's doing it because I'm strong. I'm very strong and I think everyone of my kids will tell you that God is unbelievably's a strong man, so I'm handling this blindness. With the help of my heavenly father will I trust in me and I will need until the day calls me and when I get up to him with and have a good talk is a lot of us watch seeing how God has come through in a situation that seems very difficult to Sam. Your life is is another way that you had some curveballs from your last year, very different than what I thought it would be a year ago today you lost my father long was pretty close to an July after a very very short bout with cancer you found out about June 1 and left us on July 15. My wife and I separated in August and are working toward the divorce and then not just back on April Fools' Day bus. My mother and it's it's been a year of change in the year of normal and not knowing what that looks like an invoice.

Had my mom in my life to turn to their times a day and turned to her until the last moment that I needed to, but she was there until finding myself without a immediate father figure other than like many does a good job with that. But my father-in-law there without having a spouse next to turn to talk things through with and not have my mom gone and I think that what it had to do and that is God has brought people in my life to help with the plea. I have my band of brothers without them. That would it would not be very easy at all.

Other people in my life didn't know before the truly help with that but they don't fully fill the void and that's what I got a realizes he has to be the one to permanently fill that void how to walk with him in that right now I'm not there yet but I'm on my way there back in my life. I remember is not much of my youth through my first marriage where I didn't have a lot of pain. I remember just it's like it swallowed me up and I was in the belly of the whale that was just home. I couldn't move hungry anyone. I found Christ believed, but I wasn't free. So for me I remember that point of I'm conjunct something about that point where you know I've talked about it before with Todd Clark.

That's becoming followed by God. It's like I was suddenly free it was. It was like I was suddenly wanted without any hesitation with any conditions. He loved to be any wanted me and so everyday that I walk with it. Julie is such a small word. It's three letters but when he feels your heart and fills your life. It's one of the biggest words in the dictionary and it it's an interesting thing when you get there that the prodigal son. He was on his way on the road.

It all of a sudden turned and he'd repented and now he is got a different sense of what might be there in his expectation.

No more longer, thinking that he was going to starve to death. But now entering back into a relationship with the father and for Nemo heat.

He had an opportunity after quite an adventure to find his father again. Only this time rather than being disqualified by his father. They kinda found Nemo like us will listen to what happened in this we all have a chance to restore that the important thing to know is that just because you been with father as many bad things can happen are rough waters on the head means is that you got somebody to go through. Love you and cares about you with and those you have what it takes. You can join us at mass concerning radio.thanks for listening

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