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Agreements; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 2, 2016 12:30 pm

Agreements; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 2, 2016 12:30 pm

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Every man craves upgraded life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Luckily, masculine journey were glad to have you with us to meet. Walking today on the topic of agreements you guys all agree that's a good topic.

I agree you are correct. Now what you think is a terrible metaphor and pond will thank you euros. I agree with that supporter. We have got a lot of ways I could go with it at the standby back to the top there's been times we've talked about this, but we would not really ever done a full show.

I believe on the top is this agreement really talk about the agreements that come on the backside of wounds and we can talk about the topic for last week and this week and again will do next week on spiritual healing and really some of the pieces of that the things that have to be broken that Jesus needs to enter into and then what the freedom is on the backside of that and so this week were talking little bit about the agreement that comes on the backside of the wind and if I say that to somebody how can you help them understand that there is an agreement that often comes on the backside of the wound last week for years the clip from lion King, which is kind of a classic where you hear scar twisting that in the Simba's mind and actually giving them feeding them alive, but Cindy doesn't realize now that his father would be alive if it wasn't for you and so once Simba takes the bait, which that's a lie.

Now he's made an agreement actually with his enemy in this case was Satan, who is our enemy was whispering lies to us all the time. Once we had made that agreement was Satan.

We now entered into that line we've given Satan power over life in that particular area. And through that foothold that lie that he now is taking you Exactly it's something that is just so quick sometimes right on the backside of the one you don't even recognize it and we talked a bit about it.

Will publishers more stores today as well equipped it doesn't sound like it has anything to do with the topic. I promise it will only get to the end of the show, but this is from the movie. I can't remember what it is this man's work. This means you can read I can remember names were Sam and I have to say I've never seen the movie have actually seen the scene. I don't know why I've seen the scene but never seen the movie and it's about the topic. It sound like at the beginning of how Plato and be in existence.

And what's with the listen to the words of the very end of the clip. I just this is only have to get the story this stuff was invented by this man in central Ohio as white and used it to remove wallpaper from old-fashioned gas and electric heating came in there was no longer needed for the cleaning, so I was going under his sister-in-law is a nursery school. True story.

Man's name was Joe McVicker's sister always case you fall, it's okay to fall discovered that her little kids like squeezing to do a lot more than heart modeling clay, so she suggested to her brother-in-law Joe colored stuff.

Plato's camp this all just one small adjustment away from making our lives. One small adjustment and sometimes it is small adjustment. It's been really holding you back. It's real tender and it's an experiment backside of the wound like you say I think about my attempted suicide and my girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend and so you know is a 16-year-old trying to figure all that out.

I decide who I need to kill myself with that in itself had all sorts of issues but the agreement that I made there was that I'm unlovable and that gave Satan a foothold you know into all sorts of ways that he spun that lie to take away a part of Robby Gilmore that you know I that one adjustment getting rid of that agreement, you know, makes a big difference and even my relationship with my children and my wife absolutely. It's a great example to ask you about an example when you are coming to growing up way back when we hear for the flood is funny and then days. I had no air and now I got no hair again okay when you're coming up in your upbringing you have this vision of God brought it somewhere along the way changed and became a huge difference in your life right when I was young boy you know in the hand of my mother or grandmother going to church and up.

God is God.

Very seldom spoke about God being Jesus.

I think it was God and I grew up going to church and I thought God was this statute that we had a pass by a neo-duty assignment across. I thought that's what God was, and we became buddies who know when church wasn't no wasn't Sunday I would go in there and I would actually sit down and play with and talk to him. I come to find out late in life. God really is, was and is and will always be used for real reason every one of our hearts.

All he addresses for us to believe in and and bring our problems to him in a truthful way and he will help you resolve what may be a problem.

That day, night, every day will he's there all the time. So now when I go into church and I see a statue is excuse me, but I'm sure they change the way you prayed, of course, it did this.

I was planning to well of course you know you learn from the Bible story and he was for real. And when I talked to him, especially at nighttime when I talked to him.

I'm telling you fellas. He's in that bed with us. You know me and my wife and that's the best time. I love the bright I I can see but the room is dark, and I just know that his presence is there and he's listening to every word that I'm saying and I do wake up in the morning, honestly and truthfully feeling a lot better than when I went to bed that night. So in his way. You know whether it's daytime what the casino you can say he is listening. All he needs is for you is absolutely your story is a little different. It wasn't necessarily a wound but there still an agreement that was made. There, Satan was pretty long awaited and you know it is young kid that got is a statue that right and so that kinda changes how you look at that relationship for many many years, but most the time when we are wounded.

There's an agreement right on the backside of that there's something that comes in a Satan is called a couple things in Scripture that can talk about this is called accuser of the brethren and the father of lies correct direct enemy. Yes, absolutely. Just keep this broken down something think about something bad happening in your life and the enemy Satan comes in any whispers ally and you make an agreement that it's true.

For instance, whenever something bad happened in the house for me. Nobody really cares about me. They don't take any take me in the consideration while that would bring up my wrath will bring my anger but more than anything you brought up the hurt so you make that agreement. Not the father. The enemy is the father of lies. In the thing is, he can be so subtle it can start as a she doesn't care.

Well, they don't care then nobody cares in it over 1015 years. You know he can turn your mind to where I never get what I want. I never am going to be happy I'm never gonna achieve success.

I'm always going to be miserable and those are keywords whenever you hear him always.

Never any absolutes like that, that's a sign of an agreement so if you hear that, that's when you have to stop and say wait a minute. Words that come from, and even seem you told a great story about Eli when you were talking him and you said you always do this in all that you respond I just he looked at me said I don't always do anything which was so brilliant, you're absolutely correct. You know you don't always do anything and that's kind of the story that was me being the voice of the enemy to some degree because here's his father that supposed to love him and I do dearly.

Yet I'm using words it's gonna maybe wound him maybe getting to make an agreement that the enemy a lot of times won't be as bold for me is to make a statement to ask questions. It's it's kind like if she really cared, then wouldn't see this in Kansas and go to almost of a negotiation. But this leading the end. Softly to it. If she cared she would've done this if he cared, he would've done this, becoming a well yeah that is kinda true then we continue to but by and what is telling us right they can expand on enemy to write a whole story or how one little incident and that we can write. There are agreements. Remember, I want my favorite stories from John Eldridge had told and retold the boot camp entries pulled out some the other things was his talk about you. He and his wife are driving along the road and on the way summer.

The soccer game. I think it was her having just a wonderful day and hit some traffic and she says you know if you just turn here. You could go down here and you could catch it. We could be on time. He said something and just went. She always does that. He said yeah she always does that she thought it was coming from him pretty soon. Within five minutes either five minutes two minutes is ready to divorce her when you're having a great day.

It's just that quickly that spirals and he really was not divorce but that the anger the feelings and enemy. This kind of course it on at that point.

I know that you know for me. The agreement has been a very hard thing to break that agreement does lead to thousands of talk about next week will come back and talk more about agreements are going to get a clipping from gladiator that you may not of heard before, and equipment from Wizard of Oz. I know you want to know about those.

You also go to messenger any to find about the upcoming boot camp in November and to listen to past podcasts in just a minute messenger any radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do as their charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this messenger any radio that's messenger any domain here for messenger any radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. No one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help turn my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters.

Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask. That's messenger any messenger and we're glad to have you back with us. We been talking about this topic of agreements we been trying to dig into those little bit deeper and help you understand what those look like and often they come on the backside of the wound and something horrible happens in your life.

Sometimes unspeakable things happen in people's lives or something really minor and the entries they are looking for an opportunity try to speak a lie into that or partial truth.

So you start down this road of an agreement go pretty quickly to a clip from gladiator and in this clip Robby if you want to set it up a little bit, but it's Maximus and I, this is sister and her talking a little bit yeah he's chained up because he is a gladiator he's a slave and you know he is his lost his son who was murdered and his wife on both of them crucified burned to death with just a horrible horrible thing and he's kind of lost his identity but it's it's a fascinating clip to me to listen to, this is sister who you might think would be the enemy begin to call him back into what used to maybe see the agreement is made that agreement does come to light as her talking some cell wall to if I can make these principal.

You see Sam a situation where you know he's he's bought a lot. I mean he's made the agreement, but interestingly, now another person comes in and love and attempts to showing the truth and it's in it that way to say that when you step into that role.

You have now opened a Pandora's box because it may not go well for you and and and how you do that and praying in that if there is a place where I would highly recommend because once you understand about agreements.

It's easier to see the agreements and somebody else in your own agreements, your items and you can hear them coming out of her mouth to go. They made an agreement right there.

But if you jump on that too quickly without asking for God's help and enter into that battle a was it a better you supposed to be in and be what did you do that in the right way. The where they would have ears to hear it because boy before you know it and you know this to Sam. You can get yourself in. You know where angels fear to tread. But nonetheless, understanding the agreement and there, and while that persons living under this lie. How can I help them to see that without wanting them for others to challenge right or maybe how can I enter into that as well and I don't Nestlé have the authority to do that and they never gave me permission. I mean to do that right and that's going to hurt us as a band of brothers times and still challenging for us even though we have talked about some difficult things and sometimes we don't always have ears to hear, and I was trying to help me through an agreement through something couple weeks ago and I just shut it down in a time. A lot of it was a lot of talk about is now yeah because I didn't have ears to hear and I we did talk a little bit about it this last week little bit but again that's in a group that walks pretty closely together right right and we been through some really significant things together and there's something if you're if you see an agreement. Somebody you have to really get to know that person know you can bring it up but you don't have to push in press and in make it a full court press sometimes you have to bring it up happens over time, weeks, months you dress up like that, even with my wife that she's had some agreements that you like and touch on, but there has to re-be a real opening or she's willing to talk about it in the same thing for me. You know, there's that there's a way to do in the time to do it is generally in love and gentleness when they know that it's not about them doing something wrong, it's that you want to see something beautiful come out of them and you have a are in no way providing any healing that sure does help and identify the juices gain a knowledge other uses has to enter in and invite him and to do that healing of it. One of the things you talk about how is the never always that type of thing and want to talk about before is when you hear externally. You think you hear in your head, somebody saying the word you guys to hear you're an idiot you know you have nothing important to say which is bigger when it was for me it wasn't me saying I have is coming in in a different form and right that's not the way to cook typically speak and speak in third person. That's not how I can do that in so knowing, to have the ears to hear, wait a minute that's not coming for me that's coming from somebody else. He's trying to get me to buy into this agreement. I had an agreement that the only way to deal with something was yelling that was that's the way I was raised that it followed me and then I realized that's not what I want to do. My wife and my children and I was like in her first five years of marriage and so I decided I would when I felt the enemy, never me to yell.

I would just shut up and that was my way of fighting the battle internally and not affecting them and then it's funny how that can turn because my wife took it is not good enough to talk to.

I'm not good enough room to talk to right now. So here I am trying to protect her from me in the enemy is trying to use me as a weapon in we had to talk about that because then I realized also just shutting down was also played on one of her wounds so but I've noticed it in my past, especially the generally brought me quicker to anger quicker to frustration and brings some people quicker to tears in wanting to either fight or run. This is a place for everything Jesus can be a hero in our lives is he is the truth. I mean, that's his name at and so really asking to see the truth through Jesus's eyes in the situation you feel like Mama sums not right. Something is not right. Jesus show me the truth and one of those small adjustments like our friends the scarecrow what you got your on your way yeah this is you get Dorothy scarecrow. This is Al's favorite movie by the way, I got lying on the radio and made an agreement of even while using my life. I afraid of flying with with Irene today I'm saying okay, good point.

This is a scarecrow that has cowardly lion has a 10 man listen to the agreements that their living under and as I start to move towards freedom from what I had a brain I could I could while away so I scratch in Wyoming on going only had a brain might unravel every little trouble with when a man cancel he should be on his mental and yet I'm on the that I could only meet regarding love and I witnessed Barrows in the only lien I only I the gentle smile on your face long lines of some of the brain or heart like the movie, but you really need and I don't want to do that because you do have others anyway back to back to the point that we're making on this is the lease letter friends in the face and change the subject will let me ask you question this and this will be visitor signs of agreements. There you don't like and I know you don't like it and that's fine but you can clearly see the agreements that are made throughout that movie right I can okay and attendance affects their identity affects where they're going but it's interesting the journey is somehow pointing them back to their identity and their desires. You know, the desire to have a brain the desire and and that's part of how we know where to go for the truth is, it's a picture. It's one of the GPS is in our brain on where the truth may be found is in our in the big thing is, it steals your joy because here's a line he's supposed to be brave is the king of the jungle is right a little dog there's there's scarecrow was supposed to scare Denise. What is really distraught, especially strong in what they find out along the way as they get to the and the wizard really doesn't do anything. Just a minor adjustment.

Anderson freedom coming in. The whole time. Scarecrow becomes outstanding in his field is right with horse to move your left on.

I think I think the fun anyway you talk about these agreements what you want to do with those you want to take him to God to open these agreements to me. Help me to see where they are health breakthroughs in my life and remember the knowledge of the does not equal healing. You can be aware of a lot of things and how they made an impact on your life cannot be healed from its don't be tricked by that must continue back

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