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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 9, 2016 12:30 pm

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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

The heart of every man is a great adventure.

But why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome messenger and you were glad to have you today talk about the topic of spiritual healing and in the room with us today is his venue of any how are you today I'm doing good, but and got Robbie. Great to be real tired of your kindred and then eval. LOL and I will say of course, I'm here, and certainly talking about this topic a spiritual healing and we talked about it over the last couple weeks.

Last week really focused on agreements and this time were to focus on what's called valves and really it's sometimes hard to differentiate between those two, but an agreement is something that I typically make in a situation and it can become a vow.

For example, somebody isn't there for me when I need them for something that's situational thing and it's true, they weren't there, but then you can make a vow that no one's ever gonna be there for me to ask a question on that. So some something happens in the enemy, gets in our year end gets us to make an agreement, spinning in a negative way. We agree with it and eval is where we just hold that is a complete truth is a complete truth and really filter which we look through life and for the best example that doesn't really play on the radio. Wells from the movie the kid and we have this little boy that at some point you can see the candidates it's a great movie. It's all about the masculine journey, but this little boy in an interaction with his dad is being told you don't cry grow up we just grow up and sleep. He makes his vow that men don't cry and I'm not crying any situation. It's a very callused heart that he just cuts off all his emotion and so this is an event there's an agreement with the nurses. This valve which him to live life through that help yes okay as you can have is again feeling abandonment or I'm going to be on my own. That type of thing, or maybe has outlived my usefulness and just really got tickets to a clip this clip is from secondhand Lions, and in this movie. If you haven't seen it. If Walter, who is a young preteen almost teenage kid and he goes live with two old uncles is never really met and I really don't know him and and how their lives kind to kind of intertwine and how God uses them in each other's lives in and in this you have one of the uncles hub who'd been just this real man's man he'd been brave in battle, he led wars he done lots of different things and now is entering the twilight years of his life is is really questioning what next what's in store for me at the moment we pick up the story hub just got now the hospital is with the other uncle or Kim or his name at the moment, and then Walter and there on the way back from the hospital.

Chris Hubbard had a heart attack and we can pick up the story. There and there's a transition in the middle of it from one part of the story to another part of the story in a conversation with Walter and hub right no time but you know what things make sense what we do. We got we got there… Speech almost a man you promise.

One minute I can't be a good man until you give me the rest the speech so you need to stick around until I'm old enough to hear the whole thing is to try to pull, yet you have to stick around. I want you to give me speech you will be living here. I need you stick around and be my uncle need you dogs and we all need you to not seen many you have a man at the twilight of his life and things happen and he starts to feel as though his loss from usefulness and we kind of went through some of this past year to all which one well you do when you want to share.

I made about me tell you a story okay saying that the greatest vow like thing that I ever made in my life was many, many years ago when I first met my wife, who had two children and I picked her up, you'll know that story. We went out tickets for a ride and I didn't realize what I was getting myself into and out. At first it was lost my wife. She was gorgeous.

Then I realized, hey, wait a second I got two kids in this call is this what I want. I had everything I wanted our but she came with a package and I had to make a vow and I did. While we were driving to the beach.

I made a vow I will take care of them as if they were mine and Sam believe it or not, I didn't. I kept that bout I raise is mine. They never know when a father but maybe it's a vow that I'm proud of, proud of my children that I'm proud of myself and that the heavenly father gave me the strength to keep this file because it was tough. It's tough, you know, people made files for a lot of reasons.

Lots of reasons and that was the first vow I can honestly say that I made and probably kept you know I've kept most of my files but if the time I had to go through life them. My kids I Died, vow, and I keep it to this day they come above anything.

I think there are times many thank you that the valves can serve a very positive purpose and that's what's confusing about it sometimes are very good and sometimes will put some valves in place of Dr. protecting us talk a bit more about that later, but in this last year. Then he had a another vow to some physical situations change phoria and affected how you felt about coming here to that's exactly right.

I happen so for this I don't know what hit me I went blind and you know just was terrible. What do I do now, no friends, I can drive I can't do anything, and I sort of cried in my tea cup. My fellows is okay if Sam Ravi and how they picked me up. I think in my thought, you know, maybe stands looking for me to say that I vowed to be part of their ministry in my heart you know what it really is guys I think you guys made a vow to take care of me. I knew half taking care of me that I keep common I'm happy to come and am happy to be a part of the ministry and this is probably the most important thing in my life now is this ministry. What can I do as a person that can see, but I have these three wonderful men to keep pushing me you have a purpose and this is their file and guys I want to thank you for that because you think me you really do keep media. I don't say it balanced. I just want to say thank you think you know me know that as we talk about this topic. There's valves that definitely lead to some good fruit in a marriage shall example, and you know we do have a eval amongst us to go after one another. If something is going wrong.

But then there's also some negative vows of the enemy uses one the ones that he used on you is this, this, when you look through life and said I'm because I'm blind I don't have any more use right have nothing to offer the ministry, which was the furthest from the truth. That's right, you know that a lot of the greatest things he never taught us is coming this last year or not you hadn't before, but the blindness has not slowed you down at all in. The enemy wanted to come after you to make this vow so he could take you out and really take us out in the midst of it.

That's the sick guys.

That's why he's the Lolita.

Since this is I thank you Sam for that now. Sometimes I just can't think of the things that I want to say I do so much that I want to in reference to the house is also very very important and you can't give up because the Lord just keeps on pushing. You picking me up like you guys have picked me up and I think that's a great thing that you see both in the clip with Walter pushing his uncle, and of course you know how going to pick up Vinnie. How that works. Know that God sends people to rescue us from our own words and in the interesting thing to me that I keep coming back to on the vows and agreements both as well. God really honors us. He honors us so much that he takes us our words really almost more important than we take the words he's going on or what you said and he's going to honor that thou art work. These can allow Satan in his place to go after. That vow if it's about the because those were your words and that has value and so it's interesting that he sends people like Walter or other people to put pressure on us to say wow what's going on here that I need to look under the hood, because obviously my lenses messed up and it may be a eval but I'm living probably started with had some truth in it.

When we come back to find out where Walter and hug when on this and see what happens. Also talked about another way that we have to pony (inner in our self in the data back in June so exciting Sam we have a men's night coming up for mass concerning radio both August 9 and the 30th we do next to a community house look that up online for to get directions to be a night where we actually show post show was joined the band of brothers in August 9 and the 30th 730 to 9 o'clock class injury radio is listener supported and we're very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way that you can support us if using Amazon to purchase things you need to do which is their charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministry for an Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this massive injury radio that's massive injury Robbie that that sounds like a valid as it shall never fall in love again for at least until tomorrow. I think it comes up later that you do.

Robbie and I burst your bubble as we continue to talk about this topic and vows it does kinda because the English language becomes kind of confusing.

But there are some very good vows and inserts of the some things that even seem like a good vow that you can make the may not always produce good fruit growing up in an ocean of the story before but my dad never made any ballgames of mining no humans in the same town. I think me to the whole time I played and not that he couldn't he just didn't choose to consummate this vow is always can attend my my kids stuff in it and that's a good desire.

The problem is that eval can become pressure and if you don't make something you can start to live under this shame or guilt or this feeling of not living up to something.

And so even some of those good things. If were not careful can be used long-term to Canada take us to some bad places. I know that a lot of the vows we talk about our ones were people almost a barrier between himself and something asserted in the past you know I'm never going to get let anyone get close to me is when I let people get close megahertz that could be about is when I've been chasing for a while that I can't really just find words from is a soul feeling of abandonment that whenever I get really close to somebody eventually there's going to leave in on and I know that I know what the bow is I have them able to break through it yet and will talk about the morning segment of probably what I need to do in order to do that. But let's pick back up with the Walter and hub were left off. I was feeling pretty useless. These in the twilight years of his life is the uncle and his welders the young nephew saying hey I need you in something and hub changes. There's a perspective change and listen to the life that starts to come to his voice when he starts to think see things through the truth and not through the agreement and the vow that's been made just as much you us to write well I didn't, but when you listen to that what you really here changing and hub home wall up. Love and there's there's a part of his heart. It is when it sequestered him. It wasn't made for that in units, like the bricks to start popping out one by one to the point where you feel him walking through that wall. He didn't want to be that we need more and I love that scene. I love that when we step out of those agreements and valves with our own family members meets so important because we keep thinking that it's about the other person that vows against the other person but it's about our heart so much of it is about our heart. Robbie, as you us know that DD here, the life start to come back to the uncle little bit yeah and actually he becomes encouraging you you're good for you now in any and he begins to see what was in front of him and of course we see that in our own lives. When wow I didn't realize what I've been missing out on if that's what he really begins to experience not only that he could help the young man, but in helping the young man. It made him feel great and useful. That's a great point because so often.

I think these walls go up to protect our hearts.

We think they do but so often it robs our hearts of what we truly need and desire from the right person at the right time in God's time right it's a mask that is part of the melting away that grace bricks. It is it isn't and what is your seen earlier, Robbie God is active in this all the time and sometimes will do that by sending someone or group of people in our life to come after that. Now after that that accepted agreement that that way. I'm gonna live my life and help tear down those walls.

God's orchestrating a beginner.

He uses people to help them and that sometimes he'll allow us to kindly enter and that in working listener clipped it's going to be a little confusing. I think it's from the Lord of the rings from the two towers you have a character called Spiegel and Spiegel is he in his past. He's he's killed somebody. He's been a thief and he went he lived on his own and his kinda lived as if there is no one ever going to be there for me. I'm always going to be a lot on my own, and the only thing that I really care about is this object. The spring that I'm chasing in this discussion what's happen right before this Spiegel's been spending some time with Frodo was showing him a lot of grace and kindness and really affection and understanding in the midst of it, and in this this seeing what you're hearing is Spiegel talking to himself and reflection and listen to the dialogue that goes on internally for him as we hear those voices. I think very similar from time to time. All she will see me maybe hard to connect to that surely the story with you and other times that that that wall that protects us. The thing that you know allows us to get through life may be a wall of I'm not can be vulnerable to anybody. The problem with not being vulnerable to anybody is doesn't let anyone close you doesn't let life in the may be times that protects us, he can say well I missed out on getting her here getting hurt here but when did you ever live life. When did you find joy when did you find hope and set wall.

Not only may protect you in some senses but it chokes out the life you have Spiegel here that's biting within himself, saying, now I am going to step towards life and you point out before the show that that's really because he is experiencing grace and that's it. Frodo is a picture of grace to him. He's the first time being except that he's being loved. He feels safe and that safety is when we finally let people come close and so it's not as like as we become more of what Jesus has for us and he was full of grace and we get safer and safer with the Lord that that are mask start to melt off that we can begin that process of seeing what vows we got after that mass coming off that wall coming down whatever you call it is kind of a scary place sometimes because been so used to having whatever that is up to defend us.

Our Spiegel does a good job they are saying, I saved you it's it's his mask talking to him I no one is protected you from all this work, but what is really done is protected him from all his life. He is not be able to experience life of anybody he's been out there alone in the deck turning and wish me and I think what will Gollum is that the bad characters mingles a good characters are some the journey right all that's right right but I think that in J.R.R. Tolkien's way of writing music Christian. He writes a lot about it is really right writing a little bit here about the internal struggle that we fight against understanding truth and half-truths. When the voice was coming after Spiegel, the Gollum voices coming after him is telling truth. He was murder. He was a thief, but then he goes into no one likes you, no one, and in all these things it tries to make you become about and try to take you back there and tries to take the life out of them and that's what the enemy does enemy will take this half-truths and try to take us into agreement and step in the valley now know live my life as if this is the deepest truth about me about other people you know and I like the battle that's fighting there. He's the same now might listen, listen, and it may sound weak but it's incredibly strong, just not to listen to that voice. It's been there a big part of your life. Sometimes Walter does the same thing. The same is true, it's true. So you see this battle constantly between what's truth and and what's the lie, but at the end of the day if we believe the Bible and it tells us we have a new heart and it's a good heart that on our worst day we are on unbelievable child of God, but that walk with him and and if we replete begin to understand that this grace agreed, and if you don't say artwork where you really see in us in Scripture. Why would Paul write about killing the old self off killing old man and set old way about us in our life that old way that we handled stuff settled nature that that sin nature that once you try to battle in us. Paul writes about. I do things that I don't want to do you mean you're talking about internal struggle here and what I want to do this kind of visit Israel quickly were Spiegel to get some freedom from it and then we can come back and talk about it more. It's just sounds so simple, but sometimes it is standing in the truth and who's going to Karen Robinett clipped what did he say the master right right and when we understand the master's heart. Her father's heart is good for us and we can live in that safety, we can say no to that false self before he is wrapped up his music plan is a Levitical principal that also needs talk about hero quickly does not have that a father or a head of the troth husband leaving a husband break the valve that a wife made so once we've accepted Christ as our patrol and he can step in there and break these bad valves and break these bad agreements legally and take Satan off. Gollum is the case that the offer that's right. And so is your looking at these vows and ask God to kinda see where you been living agreements to valves listen to other people to guide students into your life like about yourself. Invite the husband in Jesus fight for his bride to you next week

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