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Bitter Root Judgment; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 23, 2016 12:30 pm

Bitter Root Judgment; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gauge boardrooms with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey. We're glad to have today we are going to continue to talk about spiritual healing and talk about that for the last several weeks and McKenna wrap up some of that today in the lease for this.

The segment going through it. I know we wanted to do a little bit deeper dive than we typically do in each one of the segments in so far guys some of things we talked about this. I know I did ask you before the show but what some of things we talked about over the last several weeks agreements about agreements we talked about valves valuing agreements and valves and better rates in just all around being in a bad mood and blind tigers and bears, we have talked about all those things moved talked about this in different aspects of that what it really looks like to move towards that healing that God has for you on the topics you touched on in one of the segments was literate, judgments, and respondent shown that today trying to really understand more what that is and how that can really unfold in your life now probably has already unfolded in your life and turn it over to Robbie a little bit of talk a bit more about that.

If you would rather.

Last week we talked a lot about Bitterroot expectancies where you know based on a route that were eating from now we have a chance to eat from Jesus essentially abiding in him in the bearing good fruit or you can, for lack of a better way to look at suck, Bitterroot, and that route could come in the way of expectancies. Expecting things to happen but often it's it's it's actually planted through a Bitterroot judgment where in the Bible is pretty clear where you so you're going to reap so if you so what judgment you know you've now thrown this judgment into the ground you're going to reap lots and lots of judgment. So as you judge other such, you will be judged well as a child we often don't understand that at all and we see something that we clearly know is wrong or bad behavior. In all these things and so we judge and we do not realize work giving Satan a foothold to begin this process now what that looks like in a lot of folks life when you when you see it out there it, the Pharisees had it inspected so to speak.

You know they had were placing judgment on everybody urge you not keeping the Sabbath. You're not doing that.

So when you look at somebody who fall into legalism. Clearly they have a very Bitterroot that it is that they are eating from and there is a wonderful clip that you know Victor Hugo was an absolute genius who wrote the Ms. Robin E.

He shows Grayson just an amazing way. If you if you seen the movie with the candlesticks and and what happens when John Valjean, but he also shows this idea of judgment, and in the Bitterroot and that the policeman that is always after John Valjean. The movie, which I will attempt his name other than it's like Janvier that Jeff it's OJ it's a J AVR T the V has a B all Shabbat job there think that he's the guy. But anyway, the poor guy is a legalist and he is by the book by the letter all the way through and now he's got a really big struggle because essentially John Valjean had a chance to. They obviously were archenemies throughout the had a chance to kill him, but he chose not to. And now heavy labor's name is does not know that I got. He does know how to deal with this and so the resulting conversation.

Now that that John Valjean's actually been captured.

Everybody understands what really is going on in his life and how does this man deal with grace freight straight up to so I understand in this you've got John dowse on his been caught in the new place for this police officer finds himself is this guys given me grace and I owe him something.

I highly my life. In it, but yet I have the law that I've sworn and live by my whole life and I have to keep the law and how pleasant that is important to explain what is actually sees it. People that I had time to myself I need moved to the land into taking me in prison are doing okay and understand. Have you eat him, he commits with the blocks his own arms and the chains and dives in the river because he does not know how to resolve this legal issue. He doesn't understand grace and he is now reaping what is that he has been selling throughout the movie auras throughout the plot and we find ourselves that in very practical ways. All our lives reaping our own judgment because that what you so you will reap and the more that you so that certain judgments become better roots and so they leave you in this place where rather than being able to accept grace filled grace abiding in Christ. We now are getting our nourishment from this judgment that we feel and sometimes it comes out in bigotry. Sometimes it comes out like Vinnie when you grew up was there little Irish issue. After will you put me on the spot little time Robbie, but the main yeah but you gotta realize it's the 30s and the I was just thinking, I don't know if this going to get well I'll say it, watching all the people, neighbors and everything else. The man had no rule over his wife and Leah's children, their children, we just accepted it. We accepted it and all mothers you know just left it alone. We weren't supposed to link the and is just like the little clip that we heard the rules was what is it that he said the rules, allow me to kill you. Well whose rules and no man-made rules. I couldn't do anything about my father hit my mother.

I didn't think nothing of it because my friends father.

It is not. That's the way it really wasn't. There was that in the last Robbie said the Irish in the Italian and I was in the 20s.

You know, 20s and 30s there was a I1: erase all but we just didn't.

They stayed where they have blocks and we stayed in our blocks.

You know, just in interfere because that was the rule and if you got caught breaking the rule. There was punishment as Butts's name found out what you say is that your user situationally. There there was just a lot of stereotyping of because I think you told us before the in a lot of the police officers of the day were Irish, all Irish and they would come down into the Italian neighborhoods and stick it to us as we called it just gone to the vegetable picking up apples and peaches.

Some of them would put it in bags and take it home and give it to the owner of the stall and Noah looked when he gonna do about it. You know well.

Sometimes the owner did something but maybe not him personally but he had somebody goes up about and little by little. Actually, that will stop, believe it or not, when the second world war started.

I'm telling the whole history story about it.

It's connected and young boys went to fight the war 18-year-old come home.

They go home to their moms and dads, but they got married Italian married Irish, Polish, you know, everybody intermarried and that's when it really's.

You know, that's when it really stop the abuse of one race against another asking a question, having not obviously been from that that error timeframe you know you had a perception of the Irish because of what you seen from the police horizon. What you heard right answer you in turn can you judge them based upon some things right.

What would've happened if you would've wandered up into their area on your own, just not maybe you just your basic Italian kid. What would happen to that person just beat the heck out of me rhino, but no reason. They knew didn't belong in that neighborhood. I would just beat that got now if you will grown-up you know you let 1817 a son like that.

There was a movie I forgot what movie it was where a tiny guy falls in love with a black girl while St. that he has a going neighborhood when I went to Denmark, you know there was always fences everywhere and I said what's up all the fences mission. We got to keep the Swedes out yeah and I would insert wherever you go. People make judgments they decide exactly some things away and and now her mother so these seeds and in doing so were giving Satan a foothold.

The challenges that a lot of archangels culturally and things we didn't see now how do we get in there and asked God to show us our prejudices in our places that we have the judgments that we have some seeds of organ elites only come back in my not be culture about your family talk more about that and see how can we break those judgments and give freedom through Christ. This is so exciting. Family is not coming up for mass running radio both August 9 and the 30th. We do not turn into a community house look that up online for to get directions to be a night where we actually show post show was come join a band of brothers and it August 9 and 30th 730 to 9 o'clock. I got passenger in the radio is listener supported and we're very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way that you can support us if use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries or Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the*better.

There will back to mask injury. We are talking about the topic of Bitterroot expectancy. We talked about that last week but judgment or sometimes people struggle with the concept of it rubbing the first time you talk about some of that concept is really just Bitterroot planting seeds or planting of things are going to harvest later in on so maybe that helps you see it a little differently that I sewed some things are. I bought into some things are beliefs and things that later. I paid a price for lack of better term for you and then often like you said you come in the last segment that come out of our family and whether we realize it or not we pick up Bitterroot's that have been in our generations like what Vinnie is describing it. You know the people in Sicily you know where his family was from.

They had a real problem with foreigners coming in and you know taking their women in all sorts of things and so they were Bitterroot's judgments that were planted and in the no clear through to today actually were still not leaping these things and it's it's an interesting type of spiritual healing. This, stands out there to ask God wherever I got these and some of them being generational but there's a really wonderful clip that we play from its name of the movie and not easily broken.

Not easily broken. As you you you are here we have a lady whose husband and her got into the know she had her mother living rather obviously when you listen to the mother. You will hear the Bitterroot any and when you hear it. Did you say wow that's somebody that's better. And then you can tell that there they've been in a drinker from the Bitterroot River and and that is passed on to the girl to the point where she's kicked her husband out of the house and now she's trying to figure out a way to break this this generational curse that she's under and and asked Jesus into the situation so you want to know. Yes, it too young to understand what was going on and asked Larry's he was in nasty mama made me and my you listen to me real good nice day and a NRA lacked.

They get mean no I knew arrived at pro day that he gets you know Dave is not like that and that wasn't deleted since he sent.

I'm not on about this now.

Black women have to be strong and you know that. What kind of pain, but you need to go need to be strong when you left out the important thing now about somebody I care about you and that best I could do everything in me take everything to see that team good enough for you. You mean me, leave my house. When asked about something and ask a couple times on those judging others in the Bible tells me not to judge others, but doesn't really give Satan a foothold in my life and will things as listen to today that just kind of touched on one ask you if you agree with us that the thing to give the enemy the foothold in your life are lack of repentance like a confession lack of forgiving and soon you make that judgment. We are stepping in and judging and not forgiving or showing grace of this person which allows the enemy to have access and regain the things in our life but that you grew heart wholeheartedly. In fact, today I had a revelation along those lines myself and infected as almost scares me when I started to think about it that Jesus himself as he is been crucified, says father forgive them. I've always seen that he was doing that and obviously all these people came to Christ as a result of the prayer but I never thought about that prayer being for Jesus himself so he could let go of his Bitterroot so that he could be in that place where he needed to be without sin, you know that thought. It's just you not only know I find myself there theological but there's no doubt that I'm as I process that he was in fact should giving me a picture of. I know this person is hurt me and that lady she is every right to be mad at that got hit in the face but somehow or another. She's got to share that with God and say dad you see what happened to me but I gotta get that to you for you forgive because he didn't know what he was doing.

He was duped by Satan to and how many things have I done that I been due by Satan that I know that clearly everybody gets due by Satan and that's where they find themselves, and to be able to offer that up to God and to get forgiveness is a big part of how but unfortunately these things. Some go so deep it takes a serious amount of work to get to becomes a real stronghold in your life because it's been there for so long and part of the judging of others means founded in things it makes sense that he should've had her right or this shouldn't happen. It shouldn't be this way. And so it's hard to take that and not agree with that statement, but yet you need to understand and try to have grace for the person at some point. Now, not the person's abusing unit sing a habit for any victim somewhere along the line for them to get true healing they have to protect forgive the person that did that to them not to forgive that person's to let that go for their heart and that such a line between trust and grace.

It's one thing to have grace for somebody, but that doesn't mean you stand when they're drunk and let them pitch that it doesn't mean you have to trust them, but that grace position and then there's this whole issue of repentance is that person repenting in order to get forgiveness and and there's all that stuff that goes into that too, but at first what Jesus and Bo Stephen pictured before anybody did any repenting or anything else.

They both took it up to their father, which is all we can do because were kinda helpless here is the say dad did you see this they didn't know what they were doing.

I see that, can you take this and can you forgive wow to offer that for the person that's injuring you is a picture that I am. It's really hard to grasp. But that's what have yard needed John Valjean. In that moment he was shocked by what happened but you know it's just that this just a picture of life and he didn't have any capacity to evenly accept that grace and any picture I read about this morning and had never heard this, but Vinnie's collectors but Manor Michelangelo was at RIT written pain of the last supper.

Eat at my horrible argument with some what you other artist and apparently it was just so bitter and so that he was starting the picture of the Last Supper, and so the ship revenge on this guide for eternity.

Was he painted Jesus, Judas with this guys face debated his face under it is a big lead on everybody sees it in a faintly painted Jesus's face before he painted anybody else's face everybody could see what he done. But then he went to pay Jesus face and he couldn't pain and he couldn't pain and he couldn't pain until finally he had to get with God and and get forgiveness. He scratched out what he had on Judas's face painting blanket off and then he was able to paint Jesus because when you're holding onto that Bitterroot there's no way you can also be seeing the face of Jesus Sunday picture is is so you ask us earlier examples in our life before the show of Bitterroot's to come back in my chair before was my dad when I was a young teenager.

I discovered he had a problem with pornography and neatly anger the embarrassment the lack of respect that I felt boring was just overwhelming was overwhelming. Well, later on I may not judge him very clearly. I knew this is wrong and there's no doubt that those things are wrong and that's a nap. It was how I looked in and how I viewed him. That was issue not not looking at the issue is a problem with him is a problem in later on when I battled the same struggles. Not only that the struggle trying to get through that but also all the shame and contempt in all that that I laid on him came right back to me and that I laid the groundwork and I was getting that fruit of that feeling and he may never felt it from a boy I sure felt it coming back at me and I don't make sense but it's it's something that I know that I laid some groundwork for later on. I really felt the brunt of and the only way to hopefully break that for my boys are earning my kids is that the breakout once and for all. For me, and so hopefully that doesn't get passed on as a Bitterroot through the night exactly the exact experience but with my father, and money and am not paying me to what I expected but then guess what I term you might get the like, why are you paying what you don't get out and I found myself exactly in that same spot, but then looking back I'm like oh my word. I turned to my father and then it is like double torture because you buy them measure you measured it with. That's what you get measured and it hurt it's it's a Bitterroot and it and it does not feel good, but there is healing available when we get how do we go about getting the feeling that Bitterroot agreement that Bitterroot it's listening prayer in my opinion. So many of these Lord show me where it is wise and I'm so angry. Why you kind of questions and find out why am obviously I'm sucking on the solution to the father and father help me, Jesus and the Holy Spirit give me the truth here just for understanding healing.

I didn't think you can come out and be with us on August 9. Massacres are community centered and do the show live from there it's men's night in Kernersville, you go to website messenger new for more

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