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Forgiving Others; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 6, 2016 12:30 pm

Forgiving Others; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves a great imager life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on request with your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now lead already. August is hard to believe summer is almost overnight hate the thought of that gives her think about back to school.

If that's the scary creature he was restarted the shot in studio with us today venting Howard I'm doing good I'm doing good is some it is well Rob is here were missing out tonight and we had a person was enjoying us was unable to submit will join us next week so you have to tune in and listen for that on who may be joining us now. Next week is exciting. Next week is a big week.

Yes, we are going to be live or live now but we are going to be not alive were to be alive at the Kernersville community house that he can look that up on the Internet or go to mass concerning and if you click the link for directions and stressful days like this can happen on Tuesday not Saturday when you normally listen to the show but Tuesday night yes and will be recording it to go on the air on Saturday so you're invited to come out from 530 until nine I think is when we have it that we have that the place reserved and will have the preshow you be able to set in on that. Listen to the little bit and maybe discussing things with us and then you build a listen to the show as we do that in the post-show and usually the preshow in the post-show are usually pretty fun to hear all sorts of things that you would never without cover on the many will show how they're in there, but you just never have heard them just come because if I'm going to be the me you need to be there can be a great night and that's again coming up this coming Tuesday personal community house in Kernersville, and so please join us would love to have you in course.

It is free just like to get together and have fellowship and looking forward to seeing some of you again or are meeting summary for the first time tonight work tonight and talk to your own interest by Martin Tuesday. But today, what were you talking about is a topic that are preshow. We really struggled with the topic a little bit because we are talking about forgiveness in order to do this topic for the next few weeks and consumer guide takes us with plenty things that we want to talk about sewer what God opens up to us, but this is a topic probably that a lot of people struggle with is yeah and the closer it is the home, the more difficult to get sometimes absolutely and so were going to listen to some clips like we always knew her and talk about some topics, but some things were gonna try to cover the next few weeks is forgiving others. I think we talk about forgiveness.

That's what often comes to mind is the people we need to forgive, whether they deserve it or not, which were kinda going to that, but we don't often talk about when we receive forgiveness that we know that we didn't deserve what that really does for our hearts or forgiving yourself. That's pretty difficult as any. That's a topic. A lot of people struggle with that is very difficult struggle for me, at least I know once we get into the show will get with it and then finally one that you don't often hear. But forgiving God and the times that we need to forgive guidance organize this over the next few weeks and start with the clip and this is a clip from the movie trouble with the curve where he's clutching that movie tonight into the movie on the surface looks like it's about baseball. It's really not about baseball's budding relationship with the father and his daughter, and it's been a really strange relationship from each other will hear in this clip with their journey as they try to work towards forgiveness really tell you how the story turns out it's really what that was about his learning how to forgive or the need for forgiveness listlessness first clip we have Amy Adams who plays a daughter talking to Clint Eastwood as a father about her perception of the relationship going since college say something after mom died, came here watch baseball talk. I know everything is okay as long as we don't talk like check again until I was 13 until you send me away to boarding school, middle school, high school collects nothing like it was okay because you know the time placed you doing anyway what to start all this clip you can deftly hear some pain in her voice definitely on festival. That was a great movie, but the pain was really in his heart is as the movie continues on the ship. She shows him what a mistake he made and you know he needed forgiveness and she finally gave she was great.

You know it was six tennis daughter and over here but on actually reliving the movie in my head and the figure of somebody apparent that leaves you and your younger child and you have to go through what she went through and not have the mind of the figure out what was going on in her life because she was alone. It's very hard to forgive a parent like what he did know I don't think I've ever done that any of my children and if they think I did. I apologize right now and that is part of the denial that you see in him. You know he's caught totally blindsided.

You wouldn't think based on the circumstances, he would be pleased like this isn't real.

You don't really have an issue this isn't anything we need to be talking about and where we going why we don't hear and there's a lot there because they do. She decides to take off the mask and there's a real situation is. She's been wearing a mask around them. She is want to risk saying what's really going on. And so in order for her to really get the love of her father just the masses, cost it is and it's it's not always pleasant, as I think you could go on and not placed usually pleasant reason we talk about this isn't because this is what you do, be good Christian.

I think we will heard even to church as your grown up at some point you've heard you forgive people and that is true. But let's start where talk about why that was important in Ephesians chapter 4 there is a section and there were talks about instructions for Christian living right ahead of that in Ephesians 427 it says and do not give the devil a foothold will just part of that.

It says don't let your ear the sun go down on your anger, and this is and don't let the devil a foothold. And so as you read the rest of that Ephesians chapter they're describing footholds that the enemy can get by foothold Robbie, what are we talking about their where St. essentially has a legal entrance into your life that you've given him permission. Unbeknownst to you.

A lot of times to work in there that you've made an agreement with a lie you've bought into some deception, which, clearly, in her case she had bought into several deceptions and he had to.

And so now Satan has a foothold right there and that she is believing something that actually is not true and you can talk. I was thinking you can have a foothold when you're living in the truth and the truth. Her father left her. But where he gets a foothold is in her bitterness in the things that she started to buy into motives that she just her father over absolutely excellent and a couple other at the end of Ephesians 432. The last verse in the chapter it says the kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.

There's times I think that we want to look at someone else and point a finger. We don't often take his clear and clear clear as look into the mirror I consider right, but we don't look clearly into the mirror at ourselves. And there's other times and talk about know that we can't see things in the mayor other than the things we've done the wrong so this is kind of both happen and it's really the enemy displaying both sides of that same coin.

One other passage when you bring up. It's in the parable of the unmerciful servant is what it is and in that's right after Peter asked Jesus how many times should I forgive somebody seven times as that was the old law was right. And Jesus responds. Now it's 770 and for you guys or mathematicians. He wasn't saying whatever that number is as the amount of times using its infinite you need to forgive people an infinite amount of times that doesn't mean you let people usually that doesn't mean you let people hurt you. That's not worth talking about, but the forgiveness of that and it gets so strong as it goes through will compactly talk about this a parable of the unmerciful servant, but Jesus really is pretty clear in this passage it forgiveness is not really an option. If we want to get whole if we want to walk the abundant life. If we want to be in God's obedience to forgive an answer matter of wholehearted nests way. Sam got taught me that if your boot camps in The how can I give my whole heart to God as part of its hold on to this bitterness with this person or this bitterness with myself for whatever that I how can I have a whole heart towards my wife. If I'm still holding onto something that I will like it may not just be a servant. It may be a blockage for others as well or blockage receiving others. Lots of things and he gets a foothold.

There we can talk a bit more about the foothold talk about this topic of forgiving others in certain stories of when we forgiving others in happened to be a good thing her life messenger new for more information on upcoming events citing family is not come up and running regular both August 9 and the 30th community house look that up online for directions get directions to midnight when we actually show. Show along with him join the band of brothers in August, nine 3730 injury radio is listener supported very, very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this under new radio that's messenger new radio large last thing on your mind. The pain talk about today topic is a good many of the sleazy topic forces are not at all what about you are you good luck fishing also to the going I got I got a funny story, let me say okay I was Catholic Emma Catholic when we went to church.

It was with your mother and grandpa and stuff like that sit in the pew. And I always chew gum and you know the sisters and then days they look like they was beheaded and when I see them walking up to down the the aisle. I would get my gum and stick it on the pew stick it then that's all. I hope she didn't say me and sure enough, I worry through the whole mess if she saw me and would you not know what that you know after the Masters although she walked and stopped right at the end of my pew Don that I am court and it's going to be back at home I got up I got out the ended up you as she didn't grab me.

I was so happy. I think I reread my pain and have you seen unknown in the 1940s and desk in the living daylights. I have not personally but I know that you told us stories about that shouldn't see him, she offered you some forget I have any some grace absolutely describe plenty else to give you a hard time about, and SMS. Robbie will after talk a lot about this. Matthew passage of 1822 were were Jesus is talking to Peter. He tells a story of the unmerciful servant. Can you share a little bit about what that story is this coyote the prince in the area tested gob of money, I mean like 20 years of wages, so I don't let that would be in today's money, but I'm talking about, like hundreds of thousands of dollars that he owed that he couldn't pay any was brought into the debtors in a situation same either pay this eager to have to go to prison and he went into his whole spiel on why we couldn't pay it in. This is not in the end, almost miraculously, this prince forgives in this debt that's way more and that the reason why Jesus uses the amount of money does is it it it's like how much we see him, but we been forgiven all this unbelievable amount but yet he's kind of freaked out because he just got through this experience he just been forgiven. He goes out and he finds a guy that owes him 20 bucks and he hauled him up if it in court because he will payments 20 bucks in spite of the fact that this guy was just forgiven for millions at at and of course Jesus is saying that's you that's you and you know that Prince when he found out that he call the guy up for the 20 bucks he threw them back in prison. The course he ain't let go. The key after that one, because it you know you're forgiven all this and you can forgive a little, and Selena goes on to state that the very end of that passage in verse 35 Jesus says this is how my heavenly father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother your sisters from your heart, not a wiggle room. There from the heart and the heart pumping music that's what is really in song of Matthew Weston sings it talks about my first beginning part you have to do that you called to take the active forgiveness doesn't mean you feel like it, you often don't necessarily feel like forgiving you get a step out in faith. God wants you forgive disease called you to do it. You may have every right not to forgive but really who's being held prisoner by that and I know you for that said before, but there's truth in an ulcer, a quick story. My first life I was married. We had a very difficult marriage. At times, and we ended up divorcing and it was really not. It was as ugly as it could be, but there was a lot of animosity between the two of us and every time that have to see her because good kids and we have to exchange a kids. I just get this not my stomach.

This is anxious for a few days ahead of time really feel like I just don't want to see. I don't want to see your side felt hurt by her in some ways and I didn't really realize what that was inside went to boot camp and come back in about a year later, maybe.

I don't know. Time can escape God woke me up and said you need to forgive her my cat.

I don't really want you know what she did to me and he said forgive her and I didn't act on it right away like a publisher, probably for five months down the road. It was honestly that long is just one hand on my heart so bad. I called her.

So this you sound really weird but I forgive you for anything you might have done, and then I hold no grudges and God led me through a notice that what really happened at that time was we had a great exchange, probably better than any exchange ever had were married and she forgave me for some things she'd been holding in every time I seen her since innocent like were great friends or anything. When I seen her anxieties been gone that that that inner turmoil's gone and I can explain the fact that forgiveness was just holding the bondage until I stepped out and did what does versus call us to do. I was the one paying the price. Just as she was paying the price for giving me what we both experience at the end of that was a relief guys one of you have a story where you forgive somebody in, and what is happening with that II have been at the office manager at the ship that lost. While it stole couple million dollars that led to 20 people losing their jobs and and and God gave me a clear message that night before the trial that I needed to work through this because the judge was can ask me in order sentence should and I knew that and then I was face-to-face with her and I spoke to her since she had been charged dollars. My wife is a lot of people really really hurt my kids hurt this digit apartment unit hurt my entire family in a bad I don't know how it happened, I just know God gave me something to let it go, and when the judge looked at me and he said Robbie nobody knows better than you what happened. I want you to tell us what you think would be fair harsher sentences and it was like God wrote the script and it was my and I tried to say what year the judge is now not let me offer that and I said well you know I don't see where the state of North Carolina serve to put a 65 your grandmother behind bars, but at the end of the day all these other people have an expectation of justice and I don't think she should get away with it. In other words, that there needs to be something but I don't see any reason for any retribution.

I felt that I've got a chance to look for me. I and she knew, I think she knew there was no malice left.

It was gone in and God gave that to me and it was a precious gift and I always have, not just you know that it might my heart is gone out, but also that I share something with her that she knows and I know that that God gave me a lot more than she gets to see Grace understand you being obedient, then he will come to you here in a few moments will look back to the clips infinite with what happens in the first clip that are kind of takes off the mask as you said Robbie gives her dad and everything that she had common and so he's had some time to process it and this is when he starts to open up just a little bit. There's a little bit of a crack you maybe see behind his mask is.

Let's pick up with the kinase with the father talking. I didn't want you to have life in the cheap seats watching baseball with me playing away just doing the best I know how half of what you think you do, please. This is the saga continues in their something that's pretty profound. You don't know half of what you think. A lot of times in our own stories. We don't know what's going on in this. On the other side exactly we may not want to know. We may want to be blind to. As you can see into you can start to understand that other person may never understand them but to offer forgiveness will open your eyes to a lot of those things on the side of normal ego something off number go right back into another clip kind of pickup where we left off on this relationship and when you see here exactly what the father and the daughter and was a little bit more about his story and some of the baggage he's carried with horse in the trailer no place for leaks. Find only secure place to rest. They take picture for mother for me away with me as you hear that you can really start to hear more. The story, now and in the more the story you start to find an opening in these walls and put up for so long. Of just defensiveness of fear of being hurt again all the different things you could call that we start to see that come down as it opens up an opportunity for forgiveness. Many of you thought about time where you use my forgiveness. It probably didn't deserve it. Yeah at the door. My son he was a young boy when he went and when he came back and was a drinker just was in Jimmy my Jimmy and I never understood. Try to understand what he was trying to tell me until he got much older than when he passed away and I could not believe what Dionysus like witness how much have I missed his life gave me many I'm sure he did, surely understand so quickly we talk about how to do this. We talked about the problem love to see you turn to God and ask him to lead you through it and all the stories God was the one took us through the steps it helped our hearts free and free the hearts of others. Mexico to visit more on this topic

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