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Phileo Love; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 3, 2016 12:30 pm

Phileo Love; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves a great adventure like doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now all of we got another exciting live of the mask from the carnage of community center this week. We are back on the love between army out today were talking Leo is my Senate right now you're saying it right and given some of that and why does any Menino here with us today the rock star and Dennis again. Sam is still a little under the weather but were planning him on the minute you get better feeling, and he could use a little flyer are sent his way. So how you got to explain this way so as we talk about love in the English language we have one term economy compasses everything, but in the Greek New Testament was written and they had multiple words for this and for instance today were talking about fully 11 there was a point with Peter where Jesus was saying. Peter do you love me and the agape sacrifice. And since you say I love you in the filet of sense meaning I love you like a brother.

Love you like family.

So this is this is a different type of love, brotherly love. If you ever been to a Philadelphia Eagles football game in the city of brotherly love is not that loving the Philadelphia came from and that's where filled the city of brotherly love. But as you talk about the brotherly love. Let's let's think about that. We have Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves and their anybody. We can be really cute. Those are strange people that you know acquaintances, but then there's a gets a little deeper gets to the point of family somebody is really close now there's a pregnant love, which is the long-standing love between husband and wife ever. Decades that kind of love they get pragmatic from network.

But as we as we talk about for later. Love you need to start thinking you need to start realizing there are different types of love within the filet of love. There was a community that Jesus had. He had his boys, yet they were with him wherever he went to the brothers but then within that there were four that were his inner circle has really close trust even within that circle.

There were even closer ones, the ones that he trusted it and that is you go through your relationships and community.

There is the point where people become closer and closer and closer and we talk about a band of brothers that filet 11 battle for your force. We got each other's back. Even where friends or enemies people you don't like in a battlefield when you're supporting each other that particular love will come up because he had my back to watch my back when I was there was no when you watch the movie banner brothers. The guy there was somebody coming out from behind, you know, in he didn't seem at somebody shot to save his life.

It's a guy that he didn't care for but now the sudden back general clip along those lines, I do. There's a clip from Black Hawk down and this is one of my favorite clips on brotherly love and from the military and in this particular scene they've just come out of this really horrible situation where they were trapping down the food, no water, not enough ammo to get out and there's this one guy who is special forces and there's another whose arranger and this is the moment where they they get back in one's get ready to go back in and he explains why he does it jump understand John so that you certainly have some feelings along these lines. Sure, should my son went to Vietnam. He was 18 when he left came back 21 and it was so hurt I mean mentally hard.

Everybody is life my sister my daughters will told me don't talk to Jimmy about it doesn't want to talk about it.

So Jimmy took on a different life.

He took on drinking. That's what eventually killed but there was an incident that happened at his house on time. There was a way: meeting his platoon. What was left of it, which were now grown men disposed about 20 years after from listening to all the years that he was home. He doesn't want talk about it. Don't talk about it. Blah blah blah. My kids ex-wife. These guys came. I sat with them and let me tell you something that he described. They talked about what happened. Describe the whole where it went. And all I mean I was dumbfounded at his been told for 20 years, not to speak about it because, and I know because he was drinking, but when these four guys came that would with them over there. They talk like us if they were still there and were describing it kind of gruesome and it took me. I walked out of the house and send myself what the heck just happened. I spent 20 years of not asking my son. Are you okay, about his experiences and don't talk them and now he's talking I mean vivid things that were happening.

What he did what this guy did put together got Florida.

I said something I don't know but I guess that's what you can call brotherly love. He was in his environment back again when he was 18, 19, and then pull guys that were there and they were talking and radiation was the battle and describing it to edit what they will brothers brothers in a brotherly love the fire. That's right. So now you served and you know that clip has a special meaning for you as well you know I did not serve in active combat, but I served in a combat in their something when you go into. I served as a repair locker officer and after the ship we had the fuel and the powder in the shells for the 5 inch gun and the reason they didn't have an officer back.

There was because they really want to lose when they put expendable so they put me through all this training and I wasn't there were guys were better at this than I was, but when you go through that training with him and you go through it. We literally went into the firehouse. We went into a flooding, they flooded the spacing you had to plug up the pipes when you start going through that and then you go into a combat zone in your familiar with these guys. You know, I don't think it's something you can explain or you can understand from words but it's the experience that you trust these guys experience they have your back may not like each other at your we watched a movie of the last about a tank commander who didn't like necessarily that the guys in his tank. They were when they were off at a tank in on leave, they were crazy. He didn't like them, but when they got back together. It was all ignored because they were family. They were a team that function together and there's just something about that camaraderie it's built from its respective okay. He's good to be a jerk. I noted there was a time in the Philippines, where guys wife and left him and he went nuts when he try to commit suicide. They brought it back to the ship and is a did they landed on want you to give mail before the came helicopter crashed on that ship course he jut he he he was rescued.

They took him back. He comes back finally gets back.

We're in Sri Lanka and he was going to try to commit suicide again and what you guys rallied around and said no man now I can let you do that.

She's not worth it. You know your life. Your your life has value to his brother. Even though he wasn't the most fun guy in the world think that another clip we have a clip from Coach Carter that Coach Carter he was our coach and there was a guy who had stood up and done what he was supposed to do and so you had a whole list of things you do to stay on the team and you know here's a situation where people show up for one another to determine game tomorrow get some rest tonight. Remember ties and jackets tomorrow, but this group but came up short lead time tomorrow to put some form is everything one person struggles we all struggle with their tribes. We all try not to let them off the dentist is to but they let the other guy stepped in and you've experienced some of that kind brotherhood lately in a is fascinating how you look at these movies. How many life lessons. There are movies that have to do with going to battle together movies it have to do with being on a team together. I've been part of a group of community for the last 15 or 16 months of men who all come together under the same roof with it with a commonality and in our case recovery in even though we come from all walks of life we become one, as a group. So when one is not doing well or one leaves the group we really experienced that loss in many towns were at our absolute worst.

You know it were not were not as the best place in our lives were growing in and I think about that I think about what Jesus really means about brotherhood that is about relationships.

He did not create us to walk through any of the salon. That's it. That's a challenge that I have for most of my life was wanting to be alone walks but the Lord has taught me in this, that now you are of value in my life and you know what I'm value in your life to you know and together we we work as a team. These guys there will be.

There will be relationships in life lessons. I'll take my life and to me that's what that's what Jesus is saying in brotherhood and those types relationships. I can't tell you your testimony of how you have the courage to step up and break some of the struggles that over, she cashiered my relationship with you and how I see Negro and in that's a gift to give to other people that bonding the time that we share it live as long as you know we that emotional bond as long as were living it. Write what you can see that there's clearly a side to flail love a bright side… But like so many things in life there is a dark side and CS Lewis gave us some insight here gave me some insight that is definitely worth quoting. So I will let him say because he can say it's much better than me since friendship. I've said is missing some of the book, the four loves friendship. I have said is born of the moment when one man says to another, what you two top that no one but myself, but the common taster vision or point of view, which is thus discovered may not always be a nice one from such a moment partner philosophy or advancing religion or morals might well take the rise, but why not also torture cannibalism or human sacrifice. Surely most of us have experienced the ambivalent nature of such moments around you.

It was wonderful when we first met someone who cared for her favorite poet.

I know you had that happened like what we understood before now to clear shape what we been half ashamed we are now freely acknowledge but it was no less delightful when we first met someone and shared with us a secret evil.

This too became far more palatable and explicit of this truly seems to be ashamed. Even now, at whatever age we all know the pair was charm of the shared hatred or grievance is difficult not to hail as a friend only other management college who really sees the faults of the subordinate. Now the subordinate. We don't have those in college and see Isaac but I suppose it. CS Lewis had some but you can see that that friendships can clearly go to the dark side and an how far can it go. We happen to have a clip as you might miss this one is from the movie freedom riders and the teacher actually found a picture which you can't see the list of the audio somebody had drawn a picture of one of the black student said with exaggerated lips, etc. etc. and she took that picture and made her point. So we will hear now from what happened in the classroom. Just leave it alone were picture of you are thinking something like this only was a black man was a Jewish man had a really big nose like a rat but he wasn't just one particular Jewish man is withdrawing all genes in these drawings were put in place by the most famous gang history know all about gangs or amateurs look at you all the shame poor and angry and everybody looked down somebody to blame. Think of any.

Nothing compared to them. Countries want to know how my doing this.

Pictures like the newspapers Jewish people being long list to prune juice and black to the lowest form of human species using glass and wood like animals just like animal really mad with life would be a whole lot better. A world that alcoholic's of any you know when I think of gangs I can't help it but you have a lot of experience. Along those lines in which you grew up in New York City in the 30s so you know, obviously you years experience in things that we haven't.

But the thing that I would like to ask you is that I know that back in those days Italians weren't like the Irish people want their favorite people being Irish you know I take somewhat of a fence but not a lot but also having the note that your best friend you realize best friend is by all means and try to call in the shack shanty Irishman. I wonder you know how that even happened based on the prejudice you grew up.

I wonder myself. It was just life at that time there was so much going on.

Well, this is the late 30s and early 40s during the second world war was so much crime going on like she was describing their longbows she's talking about the Holocaust. We that's when they changed for us.

We fell in love with each other.

The neighborhoods fell in love with each other because we will send what it was someplace else. Not here in America. So to shanty Irishman became my friend. In fact, I think the first day I had was an Irish girl and the yeah so I like we talked about last week. There is a way with arrows that you can glorify God and there's a way.

Obviously with Leo CA. I completely agree because friendship is like respect. It's not something that is just given something that's earned over time, something that grows in his strength and by mutual friendship and my wife sent me this quote and I love this is my CS Lewis. It's another friend and I were talking about. We had somebody at work that had shown themselves and he said he quoted my aunt Angelo and said when someone shows you they are believable and I was like kind of agree with that but not so much in my wife sent me this because it really really caplets what I feel when a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence. What sort of man he is and we can only look for friendships. We, like Jesus.

He had 12 friends. They were good men within there were four that were really close in that but there were Tuesday took on the mount of transfiguration and virtue to be held really close. We've all got out. We've all got to decide who our friends are mean that something that I would hear were kids we hear this, we tell that to our kids when they start running with the wrong crowd will is not your friend. Look at what is one unit we want you to steal something you want to go drink your friend. Think about what they're doing. So I think that there is a friendships is mutually glorify God or friendships friendships where they don't mutually glorify God or its for just for yourselves not so bad, but the ones where you hurt people were you dishonor God doesn't want you really have it away from me. Yeah I just want to get this in. I would call this program masculine journey and it is the masculine journey truly is. For me it has been really wonderful journey to find for five sometime six of us in the ministry and we they have taken a liking to me. I don't know if it's the what it is I'm handicapped on old sometimes I'm funny and sometimes I like to slap me in the head but you know and the things that I say well with doing the show. But thank God for scissors so my best friend (my best friends right now I am sitting with them. I can see them when I want to look at writing but you up as Dennis you picture music means a lot to you and said that of course what's contemporary Christian group called need to breathe and what struck me about it was how they were talking about what what it truly means to be to have brotherly love and in a Christlike way and a light wave versus the dark with units of measure.

Not to say, did you notice something about that when he singing those words. He's not seen anything about what's in it for him.

When talking about is what I want to be for you. It's selfless is not about him at all. How worldly water worldly relationships like unfortunately in our fallen world. It's about what's in it for me. He didn't seem worried about that anything any dealerships interesting where I was going to writing on the idea friendship. He quoted the Pilgrim's progress.

Obviously my most favorite books of all time and how Christina had these band of brothers essentially that she was headed towards a kink up with and at one point they all came into their glory right there before the house and they saw each other in their glory. And when they did they steamed each other more than themselves and they're like oh there's so much more that I am using the truck when CS Lewis was describing this. He said it was one of the secrets to lasting friendship is to find yourself in a position of seeing that other persons glory because honestly Vinnie can see God as only Vinnie can see God gave us up near one of my friends for 20 years.

He can see God as only David can see God and live at the advantage of walking with them for years and been able to do that and you as well that affect all three of you for 20 years and so in I can imagine my life without those diamonds of friendship that that reflects God to me through the people that are close to the walk through life and the precious and you know it it's it's what supports us in the ministry, Vinnie. How else can we have the hearts to go share with somebody else.

If we don't have people porn and that's exactly right. That was my point about no. All four of you guys help me in a way I can't believe people out there. I can't S them. I don't want to come to know that know they going to get me going to drive me they going to do whatever I just bought dubstep so my heart pounding like crazy because I can't see a lick, but yet I know I got the trust of my brothers, Dick's true brothers and unfortunately were out of time and go on for another five minutes brothers catcher with a friend and we will see you here same time, same station

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