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Hope; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 11, 2016 3:07 pm

Hope; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 11, 2016 3:07 pm

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The heart of every man craves upgraded major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

Glad to have you with enjoy the show. Dona, I hope you do to remedy hope Tricia.

I'm hoping to be corny and need his 20th row just before the start of thugs I called you dead. I just didn't know it was you. We hope you enjoy the show to talk about the topic of hope in order to talk about why our father wants us to have hope and why the enemy doesn't want us to have open or does actually go to a clip pretty quickly and it's from the hunger games only listen to this evil character. The one that's controlling the world the one that really wants to keep their mind bondage sounds like :-) right now and let's listen to what he talks about on this topic of hope, and this is the president from the hunger games not familiar with it, but these limits can keep everybody under wraps and trying to keep control of everybody and let's listen to what he says about hope. Why 24 and execute faster, stronger than fear of strangers is so so thoroughly Jewish and that that's pretty pretty telling of a clip break their little this movie is really insight. This plan doesn't.

It's creepy to think that you know he allow certain things so that you don't completely lay down. Honestly he wants to wants to destroy you. And that's not without question, but he will utilize anything he can manipulate a situation even if it includes giving somebody a little but I hope is a little help. His point is more dangerous than fear are more powerful than fear, and it can be for people fear is a very big part of the enemies plan and so now why would the enemy want to limit our hope. Why would he gain from that limiting our hope yeah well when we start to lose hope. We start to pull away. We want to distance ourselves and we just kind of want to be alone now. When that happens that's how the enemy calls the hurt when you're isolated.

It's easier to pick you off any can lead you just about anywhere he wants inside your mind and maybe to vote. Thank you. And maybe if you have a little bit of hope you'll like interact employees and other people's attitude and if you have absolutely no hope made us completely withdraw not see anybody in your right at that whole thing. When we start to move towards hopelessness. We tend withdraw because we just want to be around people really talk to people I know that's kind of been what's happened for me when I felt those feelings is I don't last for someone to be around and smites for hope they irritate at that point, but rather a question for you on this topic. I hope it's the enemy wants us to have hopelessness in the midst of things. Where would we find hope in my why would the father wants to have hope in the midst of that right questions. There's no doubt that underneath all that is young for me of trusting in the father is going to get this to come somehow or another all things work together for good for those who believe in the Lord and so in spite of the circumstances. At the end of the day. Deep inside, I have this hope that you know God is going to make this come out and for that reason I continue on to call on the name of the Lord and to look to him for what my next direction is in spite of the in spite of how dark it may be getting because, down deep, I have this hope.

My father has this it's going to work out. I don't know what the next step is. Especially now, in some cases that may actually bring more intimacy with him. In other circumstances, as long as underneath that is hope and in hope as actually connect the joy as well for me because of that hope in spite of circumstances like my mother's recent death, etc. there can still be joy because I know my hope is a lot longer timeframe than it used to be used be if I needed to call my mom know that was something I could do in a right this minute, but now part of my hope comes in the hope of glory. And I know there will be reunited again and so it's interesting for me just in the season to see how my hope is changing even to a longer timeframe is, is the reason I would ask that was sometimes, we can feel like things are very hopeless, but we had a interesting discovery before the show on that root word for hope. We go back biblically, look it up that root word comes from want really the Hebrew is Tikva, which may be totally mispronounced for you Hebrew scholars out there, but it's IK "eh" email and it was originally the scarlet cord that hung from Rahab's window and so the first time you see the word is the scarlet cord will later on. Not very far in the story Bruce mother-in-law, Naomi is fixing to head back to Bethlehem and she wants to kiss you know her to daughter-in-law's goodbye and she says that I don't have a scarlet thread that Dominic get a husband for you so that you will mean I'll be able to have husbands even if I got a husband now and married. You have to wait years in order to have a child ferment for my child to grow up to be your husband. So it's kind interesting like this original use of the word. Was like I don't have a scarlet thread of hope that this is going to come through for you, but interestingly now I don't know who translated the book of Job because of your written way before the book of Ruth, but in the book of Job. He uses the same word and uses it in a real cool way that I'm not my mom what you share that story as it was your experience in a recent event. It was like I was trying to look up the Scripture on my phone and I couldn't find great moments of finding her know that I'll tell you about the story and then rubbing the beacon look up the Scripture, but this weekend we were away. The group of us went away just kinda delivered deeper and relationship go deeper with God and during one of our covenant of silence.

I was out walking around and I crossed the stump, but will first of all, we were asked naturally wander in the woods because a bear, and I'm mostly right away that are wondering where the bear are mostly ghetto all the rules but I was sent there.

There's a something calling me down that the little road not allowed to smoke a little bit.

This work will be further now walk a bit further and also there's like I should stop and I stop this look around and really they're just lots of trees and I looked and there's a whole bunch of these trees that had been cut down and see have the stomps where there's no life and then I see one tree that has this one branch that came up out of the stump, but refused to die and what was even cooler when you got down and he took a picture of it which I have my phone up and on our website is the actual center of that branch is gone. So kinda grew up around and has a hole in the middle and it went up as total as any of the other trees around it, seeking the sun and I thought that was really cool and Robbie had the Scripture. The came across a really kinda help tie that in Italian Job 14 seven it says.

At least there's hope for tree if it is cut down, it will sprout again. It shoots will not cease.

And you know I knew the story and then when you said will really look at Bible verses were relating hope for this show and I was like man you know so much of that cam you know so much about experience for us. For me, was about hope and finding life out of something that's that's dead and and then for you to have that experience and then see this in outcomes for both of us. We lost her mother last 2 to 3 months, and so for both of us. You know to see this. And then we were doing listening prayer and again we heard what were you and I both heard hope and joy in which is kind of funny and and listening prayer. If you never done it. You just actually are supposed to do that. Listen, it's a novel idea. They named it what your space to some people struggle with that.

You really just had a listed in circa God, what you say to me I don't have any agenda here and I have a questions and really asking what you want to say and if you're quiet long enough, especially in a group of friends interest some of the cool things come up some things that you don't really expect Al you had some pretty cool experiences. Robbie did, I did the business time you and I both had hope and joy at the exact same time and I didn't really think at the time, but we both lost our mothers enough within the last few months and indefinite puts you in a different place. When I select tree he was looking at going through seasonal life where there's been lots of things coming to an end in my mom's life. Unfortunately, some relationships, things like that and even you know Kayla going off to college that that part of his life with us is coming to an end is going in a new chapter in CNET's Tom was really so cool for my heart is what I saw was out of the things that people look at say that's obviously dead, God brings life and so you know there's these things.

It is my mom is dead when she passed away even from that passing. There's been so much life they got sprout from you. Think about how Jesus was actually from the stump of Jesse. This branch will come forth and I mean it's what you saw was an extremely biblical thing and that that branch coming forth from the stump. It's it's really some to see when you say life is really to me was a school I did have a deeper thought that was a life coming from something. It appears that that's the revelation that comes when God move in your life. Something will happen. You really will understand the depth like your dream really didn't understand the depth of your dream until sometime later T really start the process but that's what got worse.

He wants you to do that you know your title versus three things are eternal, says first first Corinthians 13 faith, hope and love. There's a beautiful progression.

There and I didn't think about it's all part of the verse, but with your faith that will guide you home when there's hope there is love.

If all three of these live forever better better transition to the next. Absolutely cannot talk more about the enemy's plan would primarily focus on why the father wants us to have this hope in her life and how to go about getting your new radios are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do their charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger the radio large dealing with our masculine heart and what is the Christian life have to do with any of that.

That's why I could not be more excited about what's coming up November 3 through the sixth. The event that realistically change my walk with God more than any other thing other than coming to Christ was a boot camp. Yes the team for masculine journey radio is having our own boot camp four days and it's masculine journey radio earlybird prices are in effect journey radio would love to have you back with this. I talk about this topic today and so were hoping that it's really making some since the new album about the whole Courtney thing, but you play probably the shortest clip. I think we've ever played is not because it's short and sweet list of the words from Mama steel on the most recent Superman movies, not the one Superman versus Batman, but the prequel to that you listen to this reporter that started to Moss Lane about the S on his chest just got asked my world. It means so that the shortest clip. I think we played but now you have an interesting story about this whole topic of Superman why that kind of ties in the characters original and you know this. This character goes back a long time, but the intent was written was they wanted a character, a superhero, it was modeled after Jesus Christ. If you look he can't be defeated is always well in the comic book. He was always positive and faster than a speeding bullet more powerful than a locomotive note.

He had every characteristics all the characteristics and one of the things they did when they were filming a movie is when he drops down before an army.

He drops down with his arms out like a cross which is in the this scene from Armageddon.

That's kind of the picture they wanted but when you noted that that characters based on Jesus Christ and they put hope on his chest mean the writers of that comic you know even you know the 40s.

They wanted to give these kids and understanding. There is a character out there like Jesus was hope and that ties back that if you look at Jesus what he represented to all of mankind was hope other people is just a mess just to mess in you message if that's all you're looking for, the Pharisees missed it. Jesus walked among them in before you came in wasn't a lot of hope in what people were hearing but he came with the gospel. He can with the message that there is life there is there's more to be had here.

There's an abundant life. It's available now so this hope just abounded in people whether they were healed from blindness or the leprosy or whatever it might be. It all brought back hope in the midst of the healing and reconciliation with the father yeah I love Jeremiah 2911 for so many different reasons. Never really thought about it for hope until we started going to show but to understand the context of where this is coming from the Hebrews are to be exiled. Jeremiah notices and the communication is for I know the plans I have for you, you're going to be exiled to be taken away from home your temples going to be destroyed all these bad things are going to happen but in the midst of that now my plans are to prosper you to to give you hope and a future. Now in the midst of our storm. That's our promise. We carry with us forever because you look when he says that they have no idea that their coming home. They have no idea that there is going to be home from the line of David Brantley comes out it's Jesus Christ that he's given me salvation for the world. They have no idea it would think about it. If you been exiled. Robbie you know or you get to be think about the next two years. Are you thinking about you know the Savior is coming the Messiah's coming somewhere down the line so the enemy wants us to be hopeless because it drives us away from God. When we live in, hopelessness or mostly hopelessness and want to take control and when we take control. Often that's in the midst of not trusting God. It's hard to walk in faith with him and also not just try to wrestle control away from him play clip from a guy named Mike University's name Nick majestic. I think it is in. If you don't know that name.

He's a motivational speakers and evangelist is an awesome awesome guy but he was born without any arms and legs and if you watch the movie butterfly circus and haven't seen it. Please go on YouTube, but in the butterfly circus it's 20 minutes it will be amazing easy actor in there that doesn't have any obvious arms and legs until there is, but that's not computer-generated that's really him and he really does do those events in their such as swimming, which is on until you get to watch it but I want you to listen. The little bit of his story on this topic. I hope work back and talk a bit more about it, looking for hope. Just have just as they live life. My parents raised me know. We don't know why I was the choice to be angry is the is the other great video if you actually have his morning routine how he gets ready seen on YouTube where he's figured out ways to brush his teeth out and make be self-sufficient and it's really cool but you hear that starting from this person whose parents raised again with the right context.

What hopeless hope doesn't mean I can have pain know and we can hope not to have pain but reality of it is organ have pain that I can hope. Lots of things but we live in a broken world live in the broken people around us. There is going to be things that hurt. But that doesn't mean it's robber hope from us. That's really what I love.

That clip is Jesus talking. I look, I don't know. I was born without any arms or legs, but that is a having to do with my hope my hope has to be in something deeper and his family were Christian and on. That's where that that really came for Robin butterfly circus when you watch that movie about hope as well as not how absolutely and you know what appears to be something that's broken and dead, you know that would have no value once he begins to see how God made him for purpose, which in his case is purpose was just to show hope to other people like himself, that you know just be able to accomplish certain things like that YouTube video in real life he lives out the butterfly circus. To what extent, and that other people with disabilities say while if he can do that and he can function and he can help other people, but the end of the movie. II can't run it is just too good if you can do that with a dry eye. Your anatomy yeah yeah yeah you it is a is a powerful powerful clip we've used it time to time on the show but it's a hope that we really need in our hearts, hope that the God is going to come through.

Even though we can't see it and you may not always be in the way we expect is it I mean God is always do things that the way we think is a and I can attest that that there was a time when I wanted to be our rock star and professional NFL running back didn't happen the way I planned but I found my happiness and far different, more fulfilling life. You could still be a rock star. Technically yes like Robbie being a midget wrestler yet happen by lease 61776567. From this I still like to make Robbie in this hope. How do you get hope you you okay Sue said nothing and he said okay I hear you, you don't know what's happened in my life. Robbie had a couple things in your life.

The Taft wrist always been the easiest to get crushed by a Jeep.

He had cancer, he had brain surgery which I will make a joke at right now the bad sense of humor that there's been a few little setbacks but in the midst of that.

How did you find hope and I've had a chance to interview a lot of people have very similar things. God always sends something and just like in listing prayer you should listen if things start to go black you know in whatever situation it may be, you may be falling 35 feet from a tree had first but if you listen he's coming after you and he will give you something special. Based on what he feels like you need. Under the circumstances. Most crushed underneath the Jeep. He gave me a hug. I felt no pain at your people for that sort.

However, when I had the brain abscess. I had horrible pain rather than just your the payment time he sent to growth my Sunday school class to help my hand who I knew God had sent and I knew that this can be all right because the center even if some of the go be with the Lord. I could sense he was in this and he was working through it.

But again, if there something down in there where you are looking for.

Where is he coming in this because I know is, and it's he put it there. I don't know where else to put it in slowly but you need to look for you. If you're not looking for you not find it God sending those things, even in the midst of hopelessness find find anything in Scripture that appear to be hopeless, had sent somebody being thrown into the lion's den God was there. Danny was a hopeless menace hope was in the Lord that looked like a hopeless situation. The fiery furnace looked like a hopeless situation for Shadrach me shack and Abednego right and so the have been Scripture is full of all these times that looks like it's truly truly hopeless and there is no option. The, the Israelites back against the red Cedar humors back against the Red Sea. There's no hope within what happens. God shows up in unique way and so all that's happened at times in your life. I'm sure that you didn't see hope we get God showed up when you were saying that I start thinking about when the Hebrews were crossing the Jordan and they needed to part and it didn't happen till he put the foot at the water when they got to the water imparted and you have to trust me there something there's a correlation there.

I think there's a perpetual that there there as you ate your faith will lead you hope but your hope will give you more faith now at in my life. The first time I heard from God was a wow moment because all the crazy people in the world that ever said they talk to God or heard from God. I was now part of that was a part of some special and I was thinking about just reason that this weekend is matter fact the things a goddess told me in my life that you know whatever before you missed it when I was fathered by God. He said we have much to do together and that I look at the ministry and the men that have been working with never would have imagined my worst moments during my first divorcement marriage to be here hopeless place. Hope to spring Dennis. Her friend is with us today getting a chance to talk with the note, hope springs eternal.

That's really the case does spring eternal when you walk with God we trust that he's going to come in the midst of the times that you don't think you show up. He will be there so walk with him. Trust with him and look for the hope see you next week. Masculine journey radio show you weekly on the truth because of your faithful prayer and gifts their addresses.

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