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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 15, 2016 12:30 pm

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey were very glad you today and we got kind of a like our, skinny, well maybe you are. Your pictures are on the website say calmly for 10 to 40-year-old okay there but we normally would have Dennis with us and Dennis is sick again this week and so hopefully he's getting better and the funny thing about that was is this is a topic that was close to Vince's heart that he wanted to do and so hopefully will do it justice as we talked about talk through this something we don't normally only right to click because I want to set up what were going to talk about. This is a lady from what used to be called the truth project. Others couple different ones of these. This is something that was out of England. That's no longer doing new material that you can still find some of their stuff on YouTube. But there's a truth project. Enter Focus on the Family but this is a different organization want to listen to how she sets up what were going to talk about today will not find a sound asking God why God why say that why do bad things happen and I think a lot of times we hear what he bad things happen to good people personally. When that happened to him and I know I'm younger than both you guys and I for this a fair amount my life. I'm sure you've heard it maybe a little more than me and he deftly more than me is not quite that something you probably heard and financially still probably hear that to some degree, all you hear a lot you want me to tell my story no idea I do. I want you to tell the beginning of that story but a high finish.

Okay, this was about a man that was in our neighborhood family actually his name was Charlie. Follow an older young kids. This is during the second world war in the 40s. Love, Charlie the state had a big plot in the back with all men.

We play stickball and he would save old goals and to lessen them when the good Yuma truck would go by and by his soul good Yuma ice cream so we all love Charlie and Charlie was drafted into the service to the second world to be continued when Sam tells me yeah I do. Or you could just limit further what happened to him when he was I see he was in the Army. I think it was something like 20 years old and he was in the battle. I don't actually know which one I probably didn't know but I forgot.

Now in Germany and they were in battle and that he jumped into a foxhole with two other guys and his friend as it was told to me did not make the fire solely got it and he was laying on the ground so Charlie tried to save him got out of the foxhole and crawled over to his friend in the meantime, the foxhole was hit with artillery and they all got killed and Charlie was wounded very badly lost both the end of it was that he lost both legs and I think will wait just a little bit cool thing about that story. I think figuring out this on them. At its core anything after the loss.

Life is certainly not part, but he got out to help his friend and he was essentially saved his own life because having remained in the foxhole he would find out there and wounded.

Right now he would've lost his life but also to Charlie's credit when the he sobbing coming and it was whatever he covered his friend. His friend would not be hurt by the which cost him his Lex that's right that's the why do good guys is that part of it and no one but is that question Sam. You know how does God of what you here's a guy goes after try to save his buddy and any loses his legs.

This is a very tough one and it's one that you can hear frequently in throughout life because life is hard. Life happens. Sickness happens death happens all those things is a lot of joy in the midst of between those obviously not for my daughter. Just this week she made her last car payment and she did.

She met her last car payment on Friday, Saturday, the hurricane hits the tree limb decides to leave itself on no out of our front yard and comes crashing through the car that she's just no break through the sunroof. I'm in Colorado on vacation I get this text about these pictures. She's absently heartbroken and she says exactly how did God let me know. I just made my last car payment and and there she is. It it it's it's almost like in society becomes a default wiring you know if God could intervene. Why did me in answering talk about some that I should've said he was in studio today. Robbie and Benny and then my son Eli is with us and we will get him on the air to say hello or something along the way but if not, he's here with us in the studio so Robbie what do you say Minnesota to Mariah on that. What do you say when someone talks about something that's happiness when they know and they're just a really good person.

How could God let that happen with one of the responses you can get the ones that I did.

I do use quite frequently is that I use my own storytime example is to say you know for years. I figured it was me and got on the stage that things were messed up.

It had to be made with him know that it that that the problem must be in something that I'm doing or that I'm getting punished for something along these lines, but when I started coming that actually my first boot camp I came to an understanding that while there is an enemy involved a clearly hates God clearly hates me and and a lot of what I blamed on my own. Whatever our blame God for was clearly just God's enemy trying to discredit him to get us to buy into lies make thousand.

Most things we talked about so many times.

Absolutely one of the lines it permeated my first boot camp years ago. It was this realization that God gave us a free will and and we can't arbitrarily wanting to intervene in a cancer guide, you should stop this, but stay out of my life on these four things and that's how a lot of times we operated you not want to be mad nine. I know I shouldn't be here. Whatever the case is that I don't want you not part of my life but I deftly want your online having financial hardships or whatever that might look like a visitor click here for movie that I'd say most of you seen her are familiar with anyway anyway and that initially essay how does it really tie in but you can find out a little bit later that some of this we have something we could do about itů From back to the future and this is Beth and George McFly well actually I figured since he wasn't due till Monday time to recopy my hand in my writing school okay will bring it over first thing tomorrow morning sleep and some will see when you I you to do that since the incident, believing that happen very big deal but you seen the movie was turning George's life pretty much all over, turning it over and over. It affected everything he did.

Now he's he's a victim and that he's created this victim mentality where I am arranging my life around. You know how I don't get no abuse, it in and later on the addresses that.

And that's part of the point. There things that sometimes we can do to say how do we minimize the opportunities.

These bad things to happen and some of it might be the choices we make and Benny had a couple years here on the earth and I'm thinking you probably didn't like every choice he made a long-awaited I would have to guess exactly and sometimes those choices come with good consequences. Sometimes as I was really really bad consequences.

Most of the time it comes with without giving it much thought. The always make a mistake when you don't think it out and that's just my philosophy.

Think about what you doing what you want to do and if that's apoplectic what the situation is order words, you want to use that they could be had a deadly weapon words. I know if somebody says something nasty to me like my father commedia idiot that wanted me smack me in the head but don't call me an idiot.

So there is okay. Sometimes our choices and something touched on. Sometimes the choices of others. All impact whether things are happening to us, good or bad. Robbie, are you pretty happy, healthy choice you made life along with the answer, just like me. Now that you said something pretty cool before the show. The boys ask them way too bad things happen to good people, but the reality of it is what balance bad things happen to bad people in our there.

There is no doubt that we are sinners and when we think of what we've done to Jesus that that he ended up on that cross. You know it's it's it's not it's actually a good thing to look at ourselves in that light, I believe, to realize, wow it was this choice I made Matt choice to put him there and settle yeah some bad stuff happen to me no doubt that it happened a bad person, but praise God he made me clean and you know I'm not in any way shape or form downing what he did, but it isn't that a bad thing to have that person you have a good heart, since you learn to live with it and have a lot of baggage and will carry back room and talk about what we can do to intervene and how much responsibility do we have in this we try to push off on God Coming up in just a couple weeks to get a masculine journey find out more about the boot camp. It's November 3-6 and that's come up right away. Journey radio is listener supported.

Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is their charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries or Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this for maximum journey radio that's messing journey dealing with a masculine heart and what is the Christian life have to do with any of that. That's why I could not be more excited about what's coming up November 3 through the sixth. The event that realistically change my walk with God more than any other thing other than coming to Christ was a boot camp. Yes, the team from masculine journey radio is having our own boot camp four days and it's got a masculine journey, radio, earlybird prices are in effect journey radio.

Welcome back to masculine journey we're talking today about why do bad things happen to good people.

I was there to say that back. Why do bad things happen to good people and we talked about before was we can do something about it times what about those things that happen to Smitty like you talk about with your father only go to the clip from a movie called Spanglish, and in this clip you have a father whose daughter that's working on some of her homework and he's trying to help her with some memory things and the mother comes home and has brought her some gifts and want you to listen to how that kinda plays out. You earlier because I just earlier in the scene here was your dad tell her stories trying to say. Roosevelt uses ruse and explains to her that that's something fake that's not what it looks to be in, so she unfortunates a chance to readily use that and so you listen that rubbing my ass give it just break your heart to hear the pain in that little girl's voice are absolutely. I mean she's she's buying it that I can't do this and her mother's done something that you know she did treat the mother didn't know that she was being duped into doing something that was really really harmful.

Like in my opinion, and his father didn't know when he was calm, idiot. You know what the ramifications would necessarily be that mean it's it's a lot of people getting duped into a lot of bad choices. It's a painful thing all around absolutely, Robbie is called the idiot because we're on the if I told you what you did call me on their I think some of the stuff to talk about ministry director George reply clip it not going to be a spoiler here because dancing back to the future by now. Really it's on like every other week I think. But it George McFly eventually stands up to Beth in the movie and everything changes in the sometimes bad things we can say not now. I'm just not going to live there. I'm not gonna believe that I'm not going to inner into that I'm not gonna buy into that agreement to use the word you had their Robbie that we talk about very often, but some of those things that they come at us like my parents are from other people, coaches or whatever their kinda hard, especially when you're young you can carry those a long time with you in on. So some of that is maybe going to need to get some counseling seek some help from the father seek some help from going to help lead you to the father to get to the truth that situations are still some action you can take their there.

There's some of these. There also are choices that we talked about in. We have many to sit think about what were doing. I have to be honest there's times I do some things that I know I should be thinking about and I just choose not to, and what ends up happening is sometimes there's consequences that I don't like now.

Can I blame God for that.

I didn't say no.

He gave me free. Well, I made a stupid choice and I'm paying ramifications of that through its freewheeling it is free will.

He can really get you yeah but about what an incredible risk. God took absolutely to give us that to give the angels that give Satan himself that but the payoff is you know we also have the free will to see God for what he is see the enemy for what he is and begin to chase freedom not only for ourselves but for people that we see that are under no some type of abuse and we have the free will to enter into their battles as well. Absolutely there is a domino effect that if I seek freedom like I get freedom from certain things I have less of a chance to hurt my kids emotionally as much right because and I'm not coming from a broken place. It is deeply broken and so it does play out for generations down the road you may ask, what about your world hunger, poverty looks like friends of the truth project and visit that topic because you look at that and say really, what can I do as a person.

But let's listen to what they have to say and thank God for every passing grade will just amaze you. Just think about that it's it's just grips you to think and I and I believe it's over.

They do the research, but I believe that's got to be true, you think you billions people are billions and billions in billionaires and they could be pretty wealthy with a lot less than that and I would go pretty far in the world and the food that we all throw away the rights I remember my grandmother would cook for my three aunts and my mother worked in my father's dress shop. She would cook all day long. Just family or a big family that she would cook for the people again during the war I had a son or a husband, and we, as kids, me and my cousins we had to take you know what medical anyway. We had to take the food to certain people because she knew that they didn't have anything to eat and it was out of goodness of halt that she did that. I don't know what got me on that. But I think you're right on the right track. Yeah, it was just Don didn't question nobody questioned that and look me with the people that I would take a time maybe two or three. My cousins more when I gave them the food they know who it made from an out.

The look on their faces is just you know I get emotional about it now more than I did then. This will I was doing was, my grandmother told me to go, what I know about war and stuff like that but I get emotional about it now to know how she was so good absolutely. And then you bring up a great point return of the truth project. Is there something we can do about that used to be just something that people did try, it wasn't thought about this is so there's a need him an help meet it a try and honest honestly. Wealthy people doing that, but that's kind of foreign in our society these days were so used to scenes by standing on the corner begging for money that we question their intent. We we see all this around us and we just get numb to it and whether it's closer whether it's faraway just something as simple as in a church or in another organization to volunteer to help out. There's kids go without Christmas every year there's people there without food. There's people in this nation that are starving every day in the richest nation on earth if that's what they say. I don't know if it still is ripe with my life so much promise, but yet people not to far amateur people in Winston Greensboro battle and that and so there's things that we can do step in and help with that. God didn't cause that right now you don't have to look far. You know that you know around every corner is a nursing and neighboring nursing home are a lot of really really really lonely people in their starving a different and just a quick visit in their and saying something to him can make a huge difference in your own life that reaps benefits. It's unbelievable because as you go out there is a good as his grandmother found out you go to treat other people and they have the feeling you absolutely this right because you cannot give God in the back there. There's plenty of organizations out there that help with adopting a child worldwide not to come live with you, but adopting them to help provide formant one on that I have been with for number years, it's 38 bucks a month and 92 election a fair amount of money. But honestly, if you have a family of two or more. That's a timeout to eat yet that $30 a month can change somebody's life forever. And that's what you need to go do something we can all go do to make a difference here, but instead we think okay God did this or why doesn't God intervene. God made us and he knows that we are able capable and can intervene and well, let's get back to Charlie.

Oh yeah, he was in the foxhole lost his legs yeah and then where where where to go but he came on home. Naturally, in his mother know it was his fault that at the moment to Charlie.

I met his father outside God and he said that Charlie tried to take his life pistol and I know this was a little bit time gone by in a little bit older than Stan, but he finally got used to the idea of what it was.

I knew loved opera in the government gave him a call with the brake on the steering wheel and mold and then prostheses and they will ugly ascent, and he hated that when he got them. It was worse than when he had no legs at all. But anyway he lied to get get them make a long story short, Charlie ended up getting married and he had four children and he would I would go visit my grandmother and my aunts many years after I was married and he would always walk over and you would never know that he had prostheses you know and he drove my head and he would always say what happened to the AFN and I would look at a nice is Charlie going to get Sure that's a word. I think the moral of my story is if you give yourself time and go with God and let God handle it will work out well and so we can control. Charlie couldn't control what happening him in that God probably didn't start that were either there was someone call Hitler probably started that whole thing. And so it starts at evil and we expect God to fix God is expecting us to do certain things. Trust in him to intervene in the stand up and we need to stand up to go do something about those things and help people see about our upcoming booking over third through six would love to see you there just a couple weeks to go. Register today and will talk to you next week

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