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Bootcamp Preview (Being God's Man); click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 29, 2016 12:30 pm

Bootcamp Preview (Being God's Man); click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves a great adventure like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey.

We are glad to have you with us today. One week away very weak world is that the Father's Day five days away from that's exciting. Secondly it is. It is an a in there so many things that we could've talked about tonight in regards to boot camp when you listen to this and during the day or during the evening. We can always have a topic on boot camp and this we decided to succumb to go with something that's from a website, a little bit and Robby right when you look at that boot camp experience way we describe it is mass on journey boot camp basic training designed to give men permission to be how God made them passionate warriors for the kingdom of God is based on a course on Eldridge's fall apart in sets that can be a little confusing right like given permission.

I don't have permission to be a warrior but I and when I went to the first, but I really did not understand that phrase but then all of a sudden I began to see that I had not given myself. It was really my own bondage and self-inflicted legalism actually self-inflicted legalism that was causing me not to have the freedom to to be the passionate warrior and and actually according to John Wayne.

I was dead as a beaver hat and second, but sometimes you when you go that experience you have been fighting really well and fighting passionately but fighting at the smaller story not really fighting in the larger context, which is something we also talked about a lot of boot camp and have done shows on the topic here that you're fighting on the small battle and is a bigger war going on and that we had a bigger place or bigger role to play in our family and our community and our work, whatever that might be back to the John Wayne clip we can't tease into long about Iquitos with about this John Wayne clip probably Jim you look like you wanted to chime in. There were some. I was just thinking in terms of the being wanting the fight going into the fight and Once upon a time I really identified with the guy badge of courage like Ray and that you get a little wound and spread blood all over myself but now I can fall back to the rear and not be in the forefront and I think that's a lot of guys out there now will look like really been, but I don't want to get hurt and there is some fear there's there's a lot of different things that go into that and to set this clip up John Wayne as a lot of different."

If you go look online and you say what's the most famous a lot of people pick this one. They come from the movie the Alamo and where he played Davy Crockett and that this point the movie it's pretty obvious that they are going to die and so am I dying for something that is worthwhile in my have I spent my life on the right things and uses clip. Honestly Sam was that as I was thinking man if there was some way I could just impart to somebody listening today that this experience that we have of these boot camps can literally change the dynamic of your relationship with God in that you can get into the fight and that you can get into doing something that will make you feel alive again. And here's how John Wayne put it to the people fighting at you going to tell you some slack and I went to the listen type may sound like I'm talking about me. I'm not I'm talking about you as a matter of fact I'm talking about all people everywhere I come down here in Texas.

I was looking for some know what seems like the end of my life and at all either stop another manner.

In some cases some money and some metal none of it seemed a lifetime with the pain of the mother like I was so like against what's wrong like I will be yelling up a revival in the river crossing again don't change the truth is right is wrong you do one or the other one in your living the other and you may be walking around beaver and nobody were talking before the show. Your grandpa Archie probably got that quote back in the past and say that your grandpa probably got the quote from David Crockett back in the day probably, but the this is throw me for a loop because I thought it was government double feature of John Wayne and here I am talking about freedom and I'm not too sure, Robby. If you're right that he was Davy Crockett wasn't Richard Widmark, David Crockett was Sam Houston. In any case will discuss that later had Jim Daly that I think got you confused guy with a big knife and he was in the movie too and you're right. I should've known better but freedom you know when you get down to freedom my years up until I was about 25, 30 years old, I thought I had freedom but what I had was really protection from my family I could do whatever I wanted to do what I was told when it was good, right or wrong. I had protection. I didn't get freedom until I left my family, my immediate family and had to make a life of my own. That's when freedom really takes over, you know you can I handle all that's ahead of me marriage, children number of things that comes with growing up and freedom is very very hard to keep this always somebody looking to take it away from you.

I was one of the lucky ones. I escaped that and non-free as a bird pigeon.

Obviously just the pigeon is that's that's special your heart, and freedom is really something that can go right along. That is the freedom to be who God called you to be the freedom who God designed you to be and there's lots of things I do get in the way that Jim you're talking earlier the sometimes it's maybe some of the echoes of the past because I don't think a lot of little boys start out saying from the gate. Hey I want to fall back and not get hurt. But when you been hurt over and over again. It's easy to want to go there sometimes, and sometimes a fight against history or sometimes with chased after some of the wrong causes and I think the biggest hurdle of all is Robby was making a joke earlier about were talking about free and most of the hurt came from the choices that were were bad, not now random things happening to me from outside those I could take.

It was when it was I was the one at fault for the pain I was feeling and those of the ones I run the opportunity. Sam and I were there for four days coming out Thursday night will be there Friday Saturday and a time that we can really get some tough questions to go take to God. But most importantly, the thing about boot camp and where freedom really comes in is it when you get when you have a connection with God and and you go out those covenants and silent and he actually takes you back to those places where you put yourself in bondage on what Jim is talking about.

I can remember, and I had a suicide attempt that I could not face up to until the third boot camp that I came to, but God keeps taking into these places where he wants to give you that freedom. But what man takes the time to go out there and and take himself through a process of three days to have these tough places that you put in and then go out there and be alone with God in all of them go have some fellowship go fishing and now let's go back at it again and see what we can uncover in this quest for freedom. There's so much that happens on those weekends. I know that you can count the number of boot camp you been to arrive into any of us have that Jim I know you been to ones that you know we've all done you been to some Colorado but to have any of them ever been the same.

No the and the one thing that is the same as the most important thing is the time with God.

I have had many powerful encounters with God while it boot camp because were intentional about you spend time alone with God, and even the stuff that you're spending time alone with God is often not the same thing as it was the time before exact even if it's the same topic you've got different things going on. That's what I was trying so amazing is if you go to boot camp. You're going to hear basically the same talks each time, they may hear from a different person inserts can come from different angle, you may hear from a different experience point with that person who may have done it before, but that's not the power to weaken the talks are nice and and they do lead you to some questions with God but do something unique every time you're there and that's what's really cool is not known what to be, it is again awake some passion in you is gonna break down some wall of legalism or of something the enemies in a place there. What type of freedom or you can walk away with this time and one of the most significant ones for me, Sam was actually for my relationship with my wife and I we have the whole beauty talking and that kind of thing. But God really took me to a place I did not realize that I really did not have a clear understanding of how to love my wife well exactly what that meant but these boot camp experiences made a huge difference in in and making a difference in my marriage.

It made a difference in me as a parent in boot camp.

Some of those topics like retreat to get thrown around in more tension about not going to retreat.

Is it you don't retreat you enter in, and sometimes retreat in the arms of God and let him in 11 through some things. But it's it's very much about understanding who you are is a man. Understanding more about how God created you more about how you reflect God's image with some just really eye-opening things with my first one that I ever went to. There was just so much freedom of purpose became I've been chasing the wrong purposes in life and I think that it's easy to continue to do that, God reminds us a bigger story here and talk about the freedoms of perspective are some great clips of William Wallace in one like it's free grazing radios listed are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is security contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger new radio alert dealing with a masculine heart and what is the Christian life have to do with any of that. That's why I could not be more excited about what's coming up November 3 through the sixth.

The event that realistically change my walk with God more than any other thing other than coming to Christ was of boot camp.

Yes, the team from masculine journey radio is having our own four days and it's got a masculine journey.

Earlybird prices are in effect journey radio talk about and so I go to clip before you talk about any other questions. It is from the movie open ranges we discovered during the break. That was good about where we we love this clip and in this this clip you got Kevin Costner, who plays the last of the cowboys is a is a free razor along with Robert De Niro's Robert Duvall Robert Duvall and what's happened is prior to this one of the guys it was with them their good friend gotten killed by this basic conglomerate that's taking over the cattle industry near this man and so is trying to chase off these free grazers and interestingly growing up in the West. The whole idea fences were really repugnant to somebody like my father was born and raised in Colorado where it was freedom or freedom to take your cattle wherever you want to go so these free grazers with you know they bring their shape or whatever and the people of the fences were going crazy because what is this meaning of the land is mine out you know it's there's their legalist and there's a picture of legalism that that's in this clip absolutely need also to hear men questioning what can I really do about some of ask you twice again all right.

Fellas save my dog Jesus himself back to the bottle by several myself fencing personally out. I will stand with other County about free grace your store week or so back some affectionate men jumped our friend so a big fella drove the hell out of the mother three broke one's arm you going to name but it would they say about your friend seem like a national shame do something about it.

Freighters refuse shop management raised my voice just to see him killed. We may not know this but there's no worsening time you guys listen, there's always something going on there saying he can rise up and you can do something here move away from it for just one second and ask what sounds like a little bit of a different question what some things that God really awoke in your heart first boot camps. It made you more passionate about something that made you really say there's something I can go do here) you have something to talk about my very first boot camp. Robby actually talked me into it. I did it out of all friendship fighting. I wasn't thrilled about going away weekend. That's four days but I went I heard Sam I heard a lot of people talking and I was so impressed with talking about and how they had the freedom to speak about something that I wouldn't this speak about. I looked at them as my goodness gracious.

I'm living in a closet.

That's the way it should be have the freedom to talk about what was wrong in your lifelong marriage or whatever it is I was highly impressed with and the quiet time actually brought me to God and I was thinking about the talks that all of them said I was never exposed to anything like that first boot camp in meeting these people here right here sitting here right now. Sam, Robby and Jim have literally changed my life. They gave me to freedom to think for myself what was right and what was I want to thank you guys right here on the radio helping me with my life. That's part of the deal. Families would be become brothers and we enter into this fight and it is that as I think about that question my own life. Many I had no concept of the concept of who the enemy really was. I was supposed to be fighting it look like my wife a lot occasionally. My kids certainly my boss about that. I got out of laugh. I met with but actually I realize it is an enemy. And that's my enemy and you know I was thought like John Eldridge says you know that it was me and God on the stage and things were messed up. It clearly can be.

God had to be Robby but now there's another Scots enemy and beginning to understand that an understanding points of attack was a huge part of the freedom that came into my life and I'm I'm sure Stu my wife and appreciate that as well. There probably you ever thought of Wells my first camp, which was three. It was when my wife and I were on an adventure going to Alaska is really the first lady, Mrs. after we'd been married 30 years, was the first time I ever really felt that close to and then I went to the camp (Washington caused by breakdowns went on to Alaska had ever but I heard about the beauty and Saul the struggle I've had all my life with and then because the way things went. I have the opportunity to truly for season lay down my life for my wife and put her for and that changed our lives together in a big way. I command you so much for me at that first boot camp this. I know you think of the words for it but it started with seeing Jesus in a different way and I grew up in a very good church, very loving church the date they preached a lot about God's love never really thought about Jesus being a lawyer may sound silly, but I just had never really been taught that he knows Jesus meek and mild and we always have the pictures of him and the sheep and little kids and now that was true, but I never got the rest of the story and so when I could see Jesus differently for what it says clearly in Scripture that I never really noticed and I could see myself differently that I was made a lot more in his image than I thought I was you know because I was comparing to this incorrect vision of him, you know, and so I have a lot of what I got along room to go yet in this process, but it really help me just to feel so much closer to him because things it identified with. I didn't think that Jesus would identify with exact you know, and that was the beginning point for me was seeing a different relationship. There and seeing him in a different light and then just got just blew my mind through the rest of the boot camp just with all the talk about the warfare about the beauty things it had done wrong things that I had no clue about and just pretty amazing in each wine. Although it said that was part of the most eye-opening and may not of been the deepest work to get it in my heart that was just to let you give me a lot of knowledge of that one and some healing point.

Some of these he's really went after some deep deep issues that really need to get fixed and I'm so grateful that is done that, you know, we have these opportunities to get away and let him love us through some of that stuff and have guys around us. Like many in jammin and Robby just a kinda hey, I need some help here to step away from I'm out here with God is coming up just rows five days November 3 through the sixth of course you go to messenger and the radio and I could merge it. Wives give your husband the gift of kids. However, if you you know whoever you related to. Maybe there's an after some course, the quintessential clip is is the one that where where picturing this. Is this a picture William Wallace.

Is this what Jesus looks like will all will will will will and you know when you will not sales going to pick a fight against the establishment to fight with truly cool about the goes I don't know what to do for either. I do know he's got something there for you. So if you cannot come this could go to messenger the and register at 169 go. They saw the meal wheels of the place to stay. Everything is included in it.

If you're unable to go help sponsor somebody else to go is minute want to go to this newly known everyone turning one way, so if you have the opportunity to Facebook and you can donate their and we hope to see this coming week

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