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Masculine Journey Boot Camp Live; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 10, 2016 1:37 pm

Masculine Journey Boot Camp Live; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome as soon journey.

We are glad to have it with us today were especially glad today because we are live at boot camp crowd participation that's important today. Today with the sitting room.

Several guests a commandment.

And where do we normally do to boot camp. Is this really talk about the camp itself.

You know the answer. Sitting in with me as Andy for the show. That's with this.

A lot of times on Tuesday and on with this much I only at the last camp. Allow the grandson Ghassan Tim Dixon with us today, actually do know you from before here so it's not heavy on here. This is your first and so very openly and honestly what's it been like for you to be in your first one actually pretty familiar with John Eldridge material so most of the things that I talked about. I'm already kind familiar with a lot of heart and at least stated upon the material for me is committing myself to the process and being part of the quiet times and Ashley blocking out this time in my busy life actually let the Lord speak to me has been the most beneficial part of this whole process will absolutely the thing that we tend to do, and I'm sure that Andy would say this as well as we get so busy that you don't often take time, even though you know you need it exactly. And so even if you know the message or you know the talks or whatever might be the time with God is a replaceable exactly and for me, and says it been a pretty fruitful time. Absolutely good. Fill them arrested, even though we kept you pretty busy. It's funny how you can you can be at home and I'm tired and watch TV. I'm tired I'm gonna go take a nap. That's not really what you need and so I'm I'm arrested now this is a different tired. This is a well rested tired who thinks it's it's great to have you on here and he tell me little bit about your boot camp you been several times) and so this is maybe a different experience for you help out with the teaser. How has it been experience for you with this but I think the biggest thing is I have an opportunity to share what I've gotten out of the previous three camps with the other campers and I guess it's just an opportunity because this is progressive once one guy gets that one guy gets the masculine message and then he has the opportunity to share with others and to be able to do that and then you have feedback from people you love what you said really made an impact that's that's what it's all about if we don't transfer the stuff that's no benefit to absolutely think it's pretty cool is literature first boot camp like you can universe millions message Randy several God shows up every time.

Either way, I have been going that became since 2200 and then to now, but just preparing some things God continues to show can show you new things and I could be is meant last minute. Actually, a lot of times, Tim, one other question for you what something that you hope to take away from here when you leave. I think sometimes as men we feel like were on our own.

We've got to do everything ourselves in the way of the voters on her shoulders and it's our job to fix everything and make everything right have all the answers. Always it is for me. I think when you come here you scared really honed back in and reminded that God really is for us a good father helps you and a good father makes you have all the tools you need and a good father comes through for you when you need him and you just feel less alone eventually. Often reminds me of the importance of reaching out to brothers you know I'm in a very blessed to be friends with Mike and Mike's been part of the open with ministry and just that's probably a good thing to walk through this with him all that this weakens wealth absolutely no thank you Tim for being with us Andy back to your question okay I know is probably a challenge you know is a little nerve-racking for you to fill God literally walking through with you.

As you can step into that risky place as far as sharing the time. Yeah, absolutely. I think the thing was loose.

I really didn't think the cancer is a lot of expense of the pull from. But then it all became as it becomes kind of encapsulated together, there's nothing there's nothing that easy to pull out that I spoke on both the core desires and of the man and also the new name and for example the new name.

I hadn't really it's delved into that a lot is part of this. It probably wasn't something that always stuck out but that was one of the one things that I had to share about. And when I did that led me through some things stuff that I hadn't even seen in the other boot camps. For example, the impact of you know I stepdad and that kind of thing and it actually made some of the points that it not only made it to the man that I was able to speak to, but to myself so it's it is a process in the end, nothing of a part of this process. Whether your receiving the message by giving the message are always a part of what God is doing and he's able to speak to you either way so you cannot give God if you guys were able to boot camp. I am really sorry they were able to hear we have a incredible weekend working on a Bible camp found Mark so it's an amazing setting. I hear the food is been tremendous and there's been plenty and plenty of food. Not that a lot of this is needed, but it's been a great experience in the weather's been amazing have another first-time guest. I know rather well actually he's my son Eli is my youngest son and you you are able to come to this camp and can help out, but also to set the sessions. What puts Boot Camp really kinda look like for you what some things you learn as you've been here to boot camp will have learned a lot of things about different people and what their struggles of them and that they have gone too many struggles that have made them who they are and I feel like have came closer to God coming to this and closer to everyone else looks good. No questions for you when you see people go through struggles. Does that help you have a little bit of hope that when you face struggles and you also get on the other side of death and so what is the talks you've heard so far I would've enjoyed his first minister the talk of what some of the pieces that you enjoyed are the thing that spoke to your mom. I like that.

Just seeing the struggles and hearing of what people have gone to and that kinda helps me think about how I want my kids to be an seeing you speak and how different things have impacted your life, how I don't want my kids to have to go through similar struggles absolutely needed to see why the dead which is a little different. Talking over the way son. Thank you for being personally really think having on here today and it's really been great to have you here to camp with us and looking forward to a God continues to do with you in the midst of that as we walked to the together any back to you. We have some quiet times have you been able to take advantage of the quiet times I have I have even though as I've had to speak Solomon, been preparing for that quiet times just getting out there that the first session after we talked about the core desires and you know it that's one of things I was speaking on and it you discontinue to get impressed upon you that we truly are. We get lost in the fact that with the smaller story were just trying to get Dave to to get by day by day, but there's no set so much of a larger story.

There's a purpose. There is a battle to find to venture to live in a beauty to rescue and those things whenever you get with God you begin to realize you wrote your away from the Monday go to work every day. You know home. You know, watch a little TV go to bed you get out here alone and let God speak to you about the bigger things and and just to be a part of this is if this is part of the bigger store to be able to share my experience with going on my life and how God is impacted me registered in the world. He gets is very busy Reground in the contrast exactly, not in a meeting of the multiple boot camps.

Every time I need to be re-grounded in the larger story in reminded of the core desires because the enemy comes after us to route the John. I'm really looking forward to talking with you is not that I was looking for targeted other people think the reason looking for to talking is I'd like to know a little bit about how Janet coming to the boot camp. If you don't mind sharing that not all. I was supposed to be in Florida today. Arrangements were made that months ago for me to be in Florida was gonna be in Florida today and plans got changed in my wife that hate you would talk about going to the camp that you can have thought about it and I said yeah, I've been thinking about for the last several years. Hearing about it never worked with my schedule and all the sudden it worked out so it's great to have you here in the middle of a chance to talk and we had a just a pretty intimate group. This time, which is been very refreshing to have a group of people to get to know him a bit morbid. Tell me a little bit about your first expensive looking for what's with the been like for you so far, about midway through a little past midway through. So there's more to come. But what's it been like so far it's been eye-opening mind opening as I as the different areas are are discussed and you start to see how certain things tied together and you think about your role as a husband as a father and you contrast that and compare that with how you grew up in the relationship you had with your father and know the Lord you think about the same.

Your relationship to your heavenly father and how all of these things can can be influenced by each other and this is an unusual opportunity to be able to think through some things that may be certain thoughts of pass through your mind but you haven't really given them the time to think about it. On a deeper level and see how God might desire to use those things to change the way you approach life to change the way you relate to others to change how you might have a different direction they want you to go.

It's so much as you're talking just all those different pieces and parts and how intertwined things are to be able to get that have the pieces of it and see where they do coming together how you been attacked throughout your life from the enemy.

Those types of things as far as men's conference. Have you ever had something we've gone to where it is installed totally about men and about the heart and about the heart of God limited times where there was something that for man, but it usually was a one or two session type thing. It wasn't as concentrated as these three and half days are. There's a lot here you guys walk away often say feels like getting a drink from a fire hose you know but what it was really kinda cool.

Is it in your experience walking away. It is God will give you the pieces that you really need right now.

You know, and I think that's what keeps a lot of us going back to boot camps. Is he gives us more pieces and whether you're preparing to to help share preparing talk setting out with the campers you sharing your life with them no matter what. He always has more for you and some really excited to have you here in the sky that this is the first of hopefully step along the way, thanks for being with us like you that we have this weekend an amazing weekend II really I was not familiar with Carolina Bible camp. I can't say there was an every minute.

A mock spell before Steve Herrick and I know it existed because I saw the exit sign one amazing facility here is just so beautiful. Lots open area man it's been so nice that either, so that God has blessed us Darnell. We bless us with having you here.

We had a chance to eat together little bit and says it's good to have you. Welcome to the show what's what's been like boot camp would like for you this retreat from something that I look forward to coming to a friend of mine asked me to come along so I came so it was well worth it to come alone to enjoy fellowship is just Olson to solve. Speak to you a quiet time, but it's been really great thank you question if you feel comfortable answering what's one way that God's come after your heart over some of these quiet times are too personal. That's okay, but is something you can share how God can come after your heart and quiet time. Yes you speak to me through my heart out because he acts he said to me I'm gay what your heart desires.

Saw Salcedo thank you for what he said he had no hit to believe that all the heart good. Having been at this retreat and I know the foods been good thing we both know how other foods what some of the stuff you enjoyed while being here since itself to walk around and enjoy God's creation was to spend wonderful, wonderful, good, good. Now we have a few sessions coming up and I don't know what those are very what's so eloquent.

One things that you hope to walk away with all well. I walked away without things already know as I can almost special with the speakers, speakers play the latter in this part known these guys personally leaving part of it that's truly God and actually thank you for being on the show with boot camp.

Andy would you hope to walk away with this boot camp Jackie Vasquez to kill you, and you can unite him in the script and I don't have a Skype I don't know.

I have been for probably five or six but camp so I never really come expecting anything in particular. I guess the thing that I've gotten recently is just the importance of continuing to come back as as men together because you don't get this a lot, you know, there are mystic church groups and stuff but to come out here and talk about the wounded talk about the core desires amend is different topics and to be able to share with man and then sit down and talk about somebody you just met and your open, totally open, talking about things that you know you wouldn't tell your best friend. Some of them you know you just sitting there sharing because you got a common bond on the content that your learning in the way God's come in after your heart. I don't know it just it's just come away with that camaraderie that fellowship that just just that commit community. You should get from from other men absolutely were billed for community build out of commune right right we designed a community and to become the place and actually feel the safety right thing is stuff that men don't often want to Sherman aren't the most open sharing really have are that we welcome that I haven't actually had a chance of spending time with you been so welcome to the to the show. Is this a bit about your first big camp experience here. This is my first time on my cell was asked, and asked me to come in here most of the day-to-day sing of experience and where we fail to where you know we do pressure gauge to be better than us, and that puts too much burden on damning that sort of thing and it's hard as a father, and I remember when I can first boot camp. You know walking away feeling on remembering all the things that I failed at. But it was really good is God's graciousness also. But that's not permanent. You know, in that there is also a lot of those in the midst of that and some really looking forward as the day unfolds why God continues to show you, but then realizes try to hammer at us right and that it is so good for you to be here with your son. What's one of the things you hope to get out of the days he spends more time on a lot my son says you know the devil is always after us and found it we can come to a place like this get away for quiet times where you know you just listen to all the speakers hit on topics that you need to pray about. Think about you have the hour to do that you go out here beside the last like that we have here in this taken what God's gonna tell you to be a better father and see if anything that adheres what is guys throughout the weekend as God works in their heart. You hear this total softening the heart. He knows guys like to put up the shell we like to put up this wall little bit the ones we open those doors and answers coming in.

There becomes not a lack of strength, but a very manly softness to your heart that that that shows God that it is it echoes God's heart H H&M, but camp when this first boot camp up and take the vendor several lookup lodges and stuff like that.

Biggest thing is taken, how you come off that fire building bridge did you just learned all that you need to do when you have that 2 Hour Dr. home a 3 Hour Dr. home insight Mrs. beat me and beat me and beat me at what you just learned and not taken into this next step. Jesus taught you take that silly. It is taken away and it's applying it in living in it which isn't really always the easiest thing things I loved about the boot camp some many retreats that have been to. This is all about being in relationship with God.

And so when we can walk away from this in relationship with God and sing God differently and sing our hearts differently in Jesus differently.

There becomes a permanency to lately just very grateful to have you with us not to spend some time talking with you today is now the next guestroom you have come up in a minute is really kinda special for me because honestly he's probably my favorite Gilmore I can say that because Robby can't talk right now it is because we were killed after the boot camp easement finds laryngitis and so he's really not been able to to do a whole lot today and so he will be talking with us but we do have is as a special guest Bob Gilmore, which is the namesake from Robby and so probably this are really glad to have you with us, and what welcome to the show well is my pleasure to be here. Yes, you have a better voice and Robby. I just picked San Rafael of Robby and he said here with us, but Prime Minister second boot camp. Yes, and so what what what was best to couple different questions. What was your first boot camp take away with something that God really work on your heart and your first boot camp well is good to be closely to God.

You know I'm retired now and I'm very proud of Robby excellent, but it's is good to be with other men who are God blast and closer to God is very helpful in coming. Second boot camp of the scene anything with working on your heart. I think this boot camp frankly is Maureen, and a lot of close friendships here, but it's been been very very reward full. Not one things actually happen at this boot camp and and hopefully here okay with me mentioning I want the details. That's right, you have the opportunity to participate in a talk with Robby right now on a topic that could have been kind of sensitive, well it was kind of unusual Diaz Robby Kane with the Coleman and ask him totally about this incident. I'd forgotten about. Frankly, and so it was good to Eric tonight, but I didn't realize that I had wounded him, however, he's like the kids raised about 10 gets all told, but that Robby is one of my favorites. A lot of them all live all the good kids but pilot. I've been blessed because I was brought up in a Christian home, my mother and father were both very strong Christians drive, grown up in the face and the it's hard for me to identify any wounds that I've heard, but I've had various wounds throughout life. But God is when you get one things ever.

It was really very cool for me, setting out and in the crowd as your vulnerability in coming up and sharing the other side of the story that we don't often get to see right we see things is a person from one side but to see it from the sun and the father side and hear some of the father's heart of someone in this case, you shared a little bit of that really helps his candidacy where God can be in the midst of all that and also the enemy can and another amazing thing for think some of these guys were to say I need to really look at some of things that only saw one sided for my dad now and understand there is another side to it, that's right is right there.

There's a time when someone else is that they've been hurt for time that may be why that touched on the wounded area. Here they say don't don't poker her bare type of like quite a few times.

That was a very painful time in our lives a lot going on and I can lost but it was good good to hear about him that was good to give the reason why absolutely, and I am just amazed at what route guys can take my really do believe that that was something was really unique to this boot camp that we not really had the chance to see before and the fruit that is remains to be seen thank you so much for being here about things you ever have a hard time. You should be very proud of them and I am sorry for you say often that I do believe it and he just got another quick question for you when you go home this time and nothing on the spot when things I hope to do coming with Mrs. understand the importance of quiet time I say that every time I hope that that that happens. Michael, thank you for coming into stenciled about your boot camp on well when I was asked to come here.

Someone mistakenly used to work right so course I said victory getaway. When I found out was disses no retreat is in this place where God uses to speak one's heart and that has been my experience. I didn't come here with the expectation that God speak to me and he is not just how how amazing is that for your heart towards him describe it now.

Have in my mind messed up so much that I thought God would never speak to me again. You talk about sessions about identifying with earthly fathers sing in God and that's what I think I messed up today for God sake you think and hopefully will what God is showing you is how much he loves you and you are his beloved, regardless what happens in your life, regardless of the things that we do right. It is a change God's love for us. United States, oh that's it tells that I know will have about 30 seconds probably left here just quickly. He said it wasn't retreat was a boot camp. So what is a big difference there for me to be different. This is not about getting away, but it's about running to Austin's about running to God and to stop receiving his grace and mercy.

Thank you. Michael is been great to have you think you have asked internation today and we hope you heard

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