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Bootcamp Autopsy; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 12, 2016 12:30 pm

Bootcamp Autopsy; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 12, 2016 12:30 pm

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The heart of every man is a great adventure.

But why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome messenger glad you're with us today and honestly I have to admit I'm really glad to be here today but I really miss last week show that your judgment/which a little bit.

It's hard to leave boot camp is just bike man we got to go back to the real you know that's those four days three days and one night when he first starts. He liked her so much time and all of a sudden it's over and and then it's back. Back to the real world, which is good. We come back more prepared, which is always nice in studio and have Robbie in Bennion show Jim Brekke Jim welcome. Thank you thank you and glad to be here. We week. Jim graciously came to spend some time with us, but our other friend Jim here on the show once in a while.

Actually it was the topic for the show today and then didn't come and sent his friend Jim is, but that's right it's good to be good. I like to like Jim Trickett. Yeah, that was Jim's on the placement placement. Jim boot camp was just an amazing experience and last week you listen the show we had a chance to talk to people at the boot camp live in and just talk about what God had done in their life up to that point. Not keeping in mind about the midway point when we talk to people and so God comes in and is still some really more tremendous things for the rest the weekend and inside be great if we could do that on the back end of the boot camp but it was just amazing to hear some of the stuff they got had already done in people's lives. In my case. He gave me back my voice but the first night I totally lost it and didn't get it back until you'd be talking and then there be nothing your mouth is That I was doing a Peter Brady and puberty is time for change that's about it. Not a better time to go to the clip now first clip in our intro talk about a man's heart craves adventure. We don't always live that way. Answer first clip Robbie photos with about this cook is you chose it right.

Well, one of the first talks redo boot camp is the core desires of man's heart which you know if you list the show enough I'm hoping you have some idea that those are, you know adventure to live battle to fight you to rescue and the adventure to live apart for me. Just spoke volumes because for so many years of my own life and when I think about it back in the days when I actually had health and vigor and youth all those years that I was stuck behind the boot to too scared to go out and live the adventure and certainly not even aware of what the adventure would be in the Christian life and so this clip just speaks volumes to me on you know where the gold lies so to speak. I said I waited I think a better set this up as I go, what more than one this guy's name is Tyler and Tyler is a botanist some kind of use is a geologist of something, some kind of research biologist actually exposed to study walls and he's been behind the boot tube all his life that he is still young and he gets an opportunity to go to Alaska or walk places and live with wolves in Alaska and so we pick up the story. Poor Tyler is never going camping in his life. Better yet, he's going to live with wolves by himself in Alaska during the winter right is an airplane with a fairly crazy individual by the name of Rosie who is navigating him through the mountains of Alaska. Tyler's eyes are bigger than all get out. You can see that Rosie is going to teach Tyler. One of the places where you can find some goal will prospect in scratching the ground. This is not in the ground anywhere south of 60 stuck facing the border border venture really boredom what what what does it because you choose picnic another little point of information is when Rosie says it's down south of 60 stuck about 60 parallel and down in the United States were there so many people sitting by, and the course was out on the adventure. They make a whole movie out of it and and through that, he gains life not living through vicariously through somebody else but gaining his life and of course I'm showing this on the adventure live idea and we are on a treasure hunt in the boot camp to try to discover what God's hearts liking and so get an idea of our own hearts so we can get our heart back in God is love venture and the thing that I discovered more in this boot camp for the thing that God showed me was that God in his heart is a risk taker. He's a risky God. He gave me free will. That's a pretty risky proposition. He gave Sam free will and to give any Menino free will. I mean, that's a risk you got it you know what I'm saying.

So what what are your thoughts Jim is your old lady started back to Alaska if you will wear the other.

Jim and I had went about three or four years ago and found myself polity the boat through glacier Bay. The captain is out in the middle of glacier Bay and small aluminum bottom boat with the outboard motor that he had just ran a gas lease call me on the radio. I think Jim can you comply me and so I I gotta bow myself back that that place where adventure where they be the head of the organization that we were there we were going. We had went to a similar boot camp you will was in panic mode is I'm venturing off the path of the where we were supposed to pilot the boat and heading out into the middle of glacier Bay to find our Capt. but there is life there right oh yes absolutely you have to freak out things about this boot camp was. This was a bigger adventure for us. Redundant camps but you know we got took us on adventure we had no equipment. A new location. Everything was kinda new. Not not the concepts but it was just a lot of newness and not opportunity for things not necessarily work hundred percent correctly, you know that you may not have known this from listening to the clip, but at the point that you heard the guy screaming and banging on the toolbox that was Rosie and had you been there on Wednesday night. The camp itself had some audio and video equipment that we originally thought. With my use and there was little banging on the box you saw your like Robbie, is it time to take a break yet. We waited take a break as it was at the point where something work in a few minutes later when work is a slicker scratching her head.

When you know that you cannot your face, lit up about the adventure God takes in giving you free will. But we all have that free will and that is service forgot a little bit is say that again okay God loves you so much that he trust you with your free will, but that's the risky kind of thing that sure is some sorry that your wrist send I was a hard question. I feel I know seventh grade that was that Mrs. O'Connell plumbing or smack you with a ruler love you know adventure if we talking about again.

Check I've been through a couple places and times that the invention really scared me know.

Just like that young man in the blank. What if I do it to stick status. Also, I guess I don't what happens. I think a man with this whole adventure thing is they there to turn to it for the whole answer of their life and you know everything about adventure. I'm gonna play golf every Saturday in in and nothing wrong with my government, saying that with that if that's the biggest adventure and that's you not using it to challenge yourself or walk with God in the midst of some things, it's probably not the adventure were kinda talking about in these adventures worry God takes you out of your comfort zone and prove to you that he is God and he's there with you and what's really cool is it awakens the heart and makes him alive. We see it everywhere. Sam man never had a chance to shoot a gun never had a chance never had fathers to see their hearts, lives fish itself is yeah I know my gentle bit more about it venture with beauty and we can talk about God as father. If you want a list of past podcasting to mask injury injury radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this mask injury radio that's mask injury radio large dealing with our masculine hearts and what is the Christian life have to do with any of that. That's why I could not be more excited about what's coming up November 3 through the sixth. The event that realistically change my walk with God more than any other thing other than coming to Christ was a boot camp. Yes, the team from masculine journey radio is having our own four days and it's got a masculine journey. Earlybird prices are in effect journey radio.

Welcome back masking journey we're talking about some of things we had flashing.

We had the opportunity for the campers to talk about what God is doing in their life possible to go do something that has on your heart and not reap return, you get a very generous giver and so we had a seed to some lives were really changed from you and asking about whether campers are never had the opportunity to shoot a gun and he told you little about historically share limited well it you know I think he was my age are in that general vicinity and you know a lot of men their fathers to engage in that kind of thing and you know he was obviously familiar with guns. I think even had one, but it never fired and so you know I remember the first person to show me walk me through that I have income for a while before ever had a clue out the bullet it may not.

What exactly do you do this and so you know it's kind of cool that God comes back as a father through these adventures that an elf fortunately men are willing to step out in faith and say hey I want to go do that I want to and then in our case, we had Jim brick either helping people with a handgun. I enjoyed it. I mean that's the something that I enjoy doing. You know from now somebody took their time to show me what was going on and if I can pass that information on it.

I have something else and enjoy that you're right it's fun to watch somebody shoot a gun or weapon for the first time in and I've seen all sorts of things you boot camps back. We saw the young boy he was. He was having a grand old time. He was trying to pull a trigger as fast as he could have the opportunity. This can Jim and Jenny did an awesome job with the guys and in watching you coach them through something. It was very uncomfortable and honestly was very comfortable for me. I never really had the opportunity to shoot a handgun much pull the trigger couple times but what you work with my son Eli was really pretty cool thing. I have to admit he shot so much better than I usually do yeah cause I sites a lot better, but the adventures For the heart coming back alive.

Just can't get stuck in adventure and so things we talked about the boot camp is understating the heart of a woman.

I know that sounds kinda weird. A bunch of men talk about understanding heart of the woman but you there's things we just don't have a clue on and so this new clip that came from that talk that was what Robbie Pickett why did you pick this clip that the beauty talk is what we call matter, Eve and Sam was doing that. Talk this this year and how Sam does it but he just has a whole lot of insights that defines from Scripture along the lines of, you know what we can learn from God about how to call out a beauty, so to speak, or to have a beauty to rescue how to speak truth in it. So in listening to this clip fat Greek wedding is what we talked about, remember the guys name is guided I don't remember what it is either but anyway, the guy suitor was going to date that the Greek ladies he is is showing some phenomenal ways to love a young lady through some situations where she is trying to hide. She doesn't want to go there. She wants to buy into some agreements gives Satan a foothold and yet he works. He walks right through that with such a magnificent love. Obviously up the underneath thing is that he's loving her. Well gives us a great example and it doesn't and at the first part of this clip you hear her life as she just kind of stuck in a rut in the second part of the clip is after he Skinner loved her well and is continuing to love her well in this clip. I wish I had a different life.

I wish I was brave and pretty and just use this to change. No, there I just don't see how this is so look out what what's to work out different species. Yes, we come from different backgrounds and and piercing news about my life to this point is boiling that I met you are interesting and beautiful and sliding weird family is talk about the topics in this share of retirement in the show is how to guide your heart and always document my heart was I had agreed reluctantly agreed to do this talk because is really feeling initially pretty disqualified in the middle of finalizing the divorce from life that we were married 23 years and I'm thinking okay what is Muni credibility to speak on the subject and got discounted unity going to talk about it. I work on it.

I worked on I work on it and I thought I can have it were God wanted me to have it and when up and it was just a battle.

It was just brutal the accusations and the enemy come in and just feeling disqualified feeling like you have no credibility.

All those kinds of things and it felt like I was up there for hours talking point when the got done.

I didn't stick around and headed outside and I went out and I got Michelle venison got it off so I really believe that in this kind way.

All he said was it did what I ask you to do. That's all he said is a okay I got up and came back in and insist everything my heart needed to hear. Right now I just called you to do something just to have ask you to do. Let me worry about everything else but this was just a such a great movie to see a guy loving a woman. Well, and when she makes these agreements and we talked about he doesn't even address that is arriving now. He doesn't go into you know you're you've made a great he just holds on to what the truest thing is and and keeps offering her truth and what a way to love somebody you know don't fall off the boat and get all into the argument over what that is. You know what the truth is, he knew she was beautiful. He knew that he had a casino that the family wasn't a barrier to their relationship and he was just coming forward with truth and holding it up and saying here is take a look which speaking of truth, and I know Jim would agree with me you know Sam was about as qualified human being to give that talk that night and it was a remarkable time because we had seen the vulnerability of a pastor stand up and talk about some things that he was struggling and then we saw Sam stand up and give this talk, where everybody in the place he didn't eat shared right up front that he had. He was in the middle is divorce, whatever. And so everybody saw that Sam was in the hero this talk that pastor wasn't here for his talk. It was God coming through in the Scriptures speaking truth and the truth was that if God speaking through you. You couldn't be more qualified and it doesn't like that but your that's what God reminded me to go ahead and kinda jump over little bit. Jim just can ask if you could share God kinda come after your heart at this boot camp. This particular boot camp without insurance stuff with Robbie beforehand is a it was after we talked about you. The warrior end of the boot camp in. I set down my quiet time I felt God speak to me Delilah Michael. We met when Ivan there is no been to several boot camps.

I was like okay I am not you know to the point where I do worry about this crazy woman yet, like Samson did. And you know I come just brushed off and I told him Sam that are Robbie that had sat down and my room and opened up my Bible was going pick up reading where it left off and I found myself in judges.

Sure enough, when I start reading about Samson and Delilah, and I'm just like, is this okay this is definitely from God.

I gotta finish the story to figure out what's going on in one of things I noticed is every time Samson went to do something. It was filled with the Holy Spirit, though the Bible says the Lord came upon him, and I was reminded at that point that we are at war but were not alone were not here to do it alone.

God is there with us and that we need to let God fight the battles for us.

Yes, were the one swinging the swords if you will, but God is there. He's got her back. He's our wing and EEs not going to let us stumble and you know as we fight the battles and were obedient to what he is told us to do this, come out the way he intended. Absolutely, we may think it's a mess, but God has a plan far beyond any of us can comprehend all just broke into grade point. I really wanted to get to this other clip but I don't think you have time minutes from the movie click is muscular question Robbie. I'm truly click in which this father and son paused quickly.

It's amazing how God story comes out the movies you think they will write it in the scene, you have Adam Sandler been able to look back on his own life and his interaction with his father and how he was a very kind but the father's response time was wet. Robbie, I love you I love you son and his if you can see the expression on his face was just being heartbroken that his son was so distracted that he was involved in the relationship and you know, obviously Adam Sandler was looking at his own life really feeling like Manhattan. I blown this this bad.

I had this time of my bad. Appreciate you have the opportunity to speak in my speaking of the more so this boot camp to get some great time with your dad and how special is that for you and how healing was in my dad actually I did the talk, father, and we were able to take generational say will here's what happened with my dad did to me and then you know his dad to hit did to him and it was just really cool to have that but this particular clip my Chiapas was doing the talk, and it was on an island in my father was two chairs away from me and I when we got up at this talk so long hugs that it was in this to see your father's face during that time it was such an amazing thing to have you tell your story with you soon.

Dad getting up and showing his woundedness when he was a kid contribute to have any love to take that and multiply how God came in and said no fix this even way back then and give you guys something brand-new and it was amazing to see the love will thanks listen to the show this week. Join us next week as we talk about more than masculine journey and find out how we can talk about the upcoming camp April 4 what a Christmas present family and if April 6 is 96 tonight. Nothing better for the Christmas present and see you next week

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