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Sexual Healing; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 19, 2016 12:30 pm

Sexual Healing; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 19, 2016 12:30 pm

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Every man his wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey. We are really glad you're with us on the Saturday before Thanksgiving tell you we have a show the true and make it just came at you on the topic known as a matter fact we might even put a disclaimer out there that younger people that may not want to deal with sort of a mature subject matter as this let the cat out of the bag so to speak that the title is show today's sexual yes not not Marvin Gaye style mechanic just clarify that now that the stuff that God offers. There was a book written lots of books written but when it comes to mind is every man's battle. You know where it talks about every man's battle that was primary with pornography but really, with this whole topic of needing sexual healing you know and it's one of those things. It isn't really talk about very frequently in most churches now and one of the things that we've talked about it on shows before at some point never wanted to the step of it certainly shares at boot camps. It in great depth that the hope that men saw that while there is healing here and there is a way to get the lovers heart back is a big part of the masculine journey. You know, in John's book fathered by God. He gives you the stages of man's journey and when it comes to the lever stage, you know, here's a place where a lot of men lose heart and to get back that heart of a lover's is one of the I think big things that drew John into you know the whole while the hard idea is that I think that you know John has peel back to back in John's life. Some things in very glad he's been able to articulate it very well inputted in the book, but in that lever stage is interrupted so early in society, to get earlier and earlier. With every generation in each generation said earlier with that you know things it could just a face in high school and they began to face in middle school announcement middle school. It's lighting and elementary school you know and it's it's so much in our society.

Every advertisement you see if everything is geared around this whole topic of sexual it's got a tone to a sexual tone to and most of them as well and so most men that I know of when they really are honest, have struggled are currently struggling, or just on admitting one of those two are true and I know that when we talk to the big camper talk with a friend in he made the statement that I was a Christian, but I just thought that's kind Whitman did you know struggling with lust in looking at photography and stuff it. A lot of folks just assume that was in a part of what men did and you know the shame that comes along with adding and away you're losing your strength right Sam, I mean, that's a big part of of what happens, but God wants, he does as you give away your heart to something. Hoping this can give you life back.

You know, in the problem is for a lot of people that that works a little bit, you know, it's like you get that gasp of air.

You don't realize you continue to pull further and further under the water right now and so pretty soon he just you're just rounding completely, so I was rereading after you gave a wonderful talk on the stage. The masculine journey at the boot camp a couple weeks ago I was rereading the stages thinking I must miss him so much and that and I found myself in the lever stage and and came across this passage that John had written. Then again, I know I've read the book several times without Mrs. and said another man will find a man will find himself.

You may be on the Internet or you may be walking down the beach and all the sudden you're totally interrupted by this beauty. By this, you know, image, or whatever it was that grabs your attention, and at that moment you have what you think in your mind are two choices choice a surrender.

Click on it and off you go into. Oh no no no, or no follow that girl down the beach and see you know what I don't know really not good that surrender the other one is to white knuckle it go, no, no, I'm my discipline together. I'm in the stuff is that my heart and in what John went with their he said that place right there that's like live action like God is trying to show you there's a place in your heart.

He put their any put there to show that the lever still alive and well in their and that needs to be fed, but it needs to be fed with an understanding of him and and and for him to come into that place in our hearts that we have a clip coming up that word play for and this is from a movie called changing lanes and hear a girl's is confronting her husband on the fact that he happens to be a Wall Street lawyer and that cheating means you gotta come right up to the edge, but if you listen carefully what she's really saying to him is can you hold onto your heart and still live in a world that's at war mistress between 20 years. She leave she decided to leave an interesting expense of placing joint pain in his time finding least the law anything fly my father be vicious works continue to live the way we've been living steel into the professor middle English example man didn't want to listen around mankind and living there with me now seems so if we get to that man we find ourselves right there on the edge and now you can kill your heart, or even a live on that edge and in the way John Eldridge gave this in his book, which I think is wonderful. He said, and then there's that live moment when a beautiful woman crosses our path in person or in an image of some sort in our hearts are stirred how we handle that moment is critical.

We do not surrender.

We do not kill the longing we give that very place over to Christ that placing your heart right then right there. Give it to Jesus, awakened by a beauty. We give that part of our heart to God. This will take some time and many repetitions we've given it over the woman so many times before. There's so much recovery to be done again and again. Yes, again and again and that is how we are healed.

Made whole and holy and strong and and there is some healing in order to get to that in a minute of where there's actually some counseling and some ways that people can take you back through some wounding that you have it because it but then there's another level. That's here that every man lives at the edge of and that was just a beautiful thing to me to realize here, God is awakening my heart it's it's really there and can I ask Jesus to come into that that place reawakened that because in all reality I want to be wholehearted like David was in loving my God. But I also want to be wholehearted in loving my wife. I want to keep my heart. I don't want to to to kill or let it go out. We talked about before the show. The your God were meant to have that passion for God, but also were meant to have that passion for wife for the for the beauty but not instead of got you glad times guys have put in the beauty ahead of God in one way or another. Going back to Adam David at some point with Sheila, it's been the story of mankind. And so it's not something that we created. You might be perfecting it a little bit, but it came to us from that was handed down in it's been a battle when I was at my advanced boot camp that I went to Colorado.

John, I love the way phrase that when he was there. He said you know when you're in that situation. Discipline is deftly better than getting in. You know if you can only do discipline and discipline. Joseph J ran from poverty yeah yeah that's better, but there's more to be had you known.

He said ask God what is it about that that I'm looking for.

Why is my heart jumping. Why am I looking for something here and watch my heart missing God in it. It's it seems very foreign to do that, you know, when you're in the midst of struggling with something like that to say in a God, why, why am I really don't want to my Messiah and I see that so clearly you know and you've heard me say this before.

I've had struggles in the past with pornography and certainly things along those lines. And when you're making that choice. It is so clear that you are choosing Eve over God. I mean, you're right there with Adam's sleeves negative and saying well why I'm not going to listen to you got I'm I choose Eve. I choose Eve and and wow can we go back asked for forgiveness which we know is available right first time online so he's good to be faithful and just and and now can we come back to a place and and ask him to come in and heal that very place right there and and keep going out. I think a lot of guys find themselves at that place of got. I need your forgiveness again that I need your forgiveness again, and don't realize that there is healing that can be had from that is that the got is offering something deeper is offering healing and I know that there there's times that that healing comes in stages you would like to thank you, know that there's some silver bullet that you are going to get this tremendous healing which got is very capable of.

Many times we went to Eve so many times and given her part of our heart. We almost have to recant each one of those at some point, absolutely and in only come back from the break in a minute you hear a song that has to do with getting your heart bad Max asking your heart actually beat again but in my own case I had a real situation wounding that happened I guess you know, essentially, I was abused sexually to some extent as a younger person and that left a wound and that had to be. He'll either get that part of the heart back but then there was other things it got awoken through the beauty that gave me other pieces of my heart back with my family, come back, but we want to listen to the song. It's called tell your heart beat again. It has to do with the surgeon that was actually whispered in the ladies year after repairing your heart and telling her to tell her heart back when I learned how to tell her heart injury radios listener supported.

Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger new radio large salmon mask my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Willie smiled at.

It was on the information that where you can click button. We can get you mail something PO Box 552 72850 so 92 looking back we're talking about sexual healing and will be if they just going to show how the world is the topic of sexual healing well that that song is written about it heart surgery but I love the opening line where the pieces of your heart shattered and if you go to Isaiah 61 and want to salmon my favorite passages right there for Jesus, as I'm in a bind up the brokenhearted with that is what happens to our hearts in this area of even sexuality is for a lot of us are hearts all over the floor and lots of pieces that God wants us to recover because he wants us to love him with a whole heart. He wants us to love our wives or families and other beauties in our lives, our mothers and sisters and daughters with a whole heart, so how do we go about getting back those pieces and how does Jesus bind up our broken heart. Well, you know, this is to sell the this.

Do not sell but to tell the story, but I do sell the stories. Sam was it. We have our meetings here after the show, and this was three years ago and I was listening to Sam talk about some counseling that he was getting and how he was actually talking to his younger self, which he called little Sam and walking with little Sam through a situation and and in trying to deal with that and that the time I was really struggling with lost and and things along those lines, and I was listening to Sandra man.

I've got to try this. I just got the prayer just got to ask God to come to this place in my life.

This part of my heart and give it back to me so the next morning after that meeting, I went to sit God, you know, this is where I'm broken you know what's going on here. Obviously there's something that's happened to me. I don't know what it's been stolen. Help me find me go there so I started praying and I started going back through memories trying Ascot is this the one is this the one is this the one and then I came to this one where I was about 10 years old and the family member female family member decided to reveal everything to me that I did not need to see if at age and he said that's it right there and I'm like, that's not it. Yeah, that's it. That you go and I was like you don't understand.

I was guilty of being said, well, I wanted to look and I shouldn't look because that was my family is Robbie. Can't you see, you were tricked you were duped your innocence was stolen from. I said you don't understand I'm guilty I'm guilty and he finally said Jesus is Robbie did not pay enough did not pay enough here Robbie, here is your innocence, do you want to do you want it back.

Do you want your innocence card and you got a trust that when I paid was enough for you to be forgiven for wanting to look at something you should look and I when I reach for that innocence card.

There was a step of healing.

There was a piece of my heart that came back and with that some of the struggle. I never had again with that type of pornography or that type of lust that is both over and there's layers right but that's part of the heart that I got back and I know that that Jesus was there for me it was a deep cleansing and a precious thing from it is reassuring that story in such an amazing time of God, and after your heart. I think every man's battle is slightly different Everyman story slightly different and I believe that there's somebody out there that really struggle with lust.

They got corrected for lack of a better term of that when he accepted Jesus in his heart for the probably is is that Everyman story no member being a young boy you know if you listener showed all you know that my story is I was section listed as a very young young boy and just carrying a lot of guilt, a lot of shame and those things into it and pornography. When I found it happen to be my dad and I found this get some clarity to your story. You were molested by another man. Oh yeah, I was so that was a real shot at your masculinity was in the message behind that very quickly from the enemy was.

You'll never be a real man you've given that away that type of thing and you know so not long after that I found my dad's pornography. You know it's really seem to answer a question that I didn't even know I had no but then not too long after that I became a Christian method all you know it was amazing thing.

Salvation. But for me it didn't fix that. You know, and so when it came back. I felt like such a loser. In such a hopeless case.

You know that I just kinda struggled with the often on in yet until I went out to Colorado and got some real healing on the topic of that molestation in the God really came into my heart and said no you know that that wasn't your fault you don't started one of those pieces that it began to lift. I'd love to sit here and say that it never was an issue.

After that what I found at least in my story, which is different than your story or other guys was I had went to that well so often as a fix all you know, even though it was robbing life for me and I knew it was rubbing life for me.

I went to that well so often as a fix. All I had got asked to work and peel back so many different pieces of that so that that struggle was truly truly lifted in a significant way.

And the peace that I hope people see here Sam is that in both our cases. It was through getting our hearts back through the message to love again you know to come alive not to bury it deep with discipline. Although that may be what you need to do in order to get down the road right that minute, but it some point in time to come back and try to get Jesus to give you actual healing to these situations which leads us to this clip of fanning that love that God gave us this morning, I stand before you a very different miles nasty than the one that addressed you last year on the disposition of marital assets following murder/suicide. I wish to talk to you today. Not about technical matters long wish to talk to you about something more important to talk to you from the heart because today the first time in my life, I stand before you make it vulnerable and in love. Love we matrimonial lawyers avoid funny frightened of this emotion, which is the sense to see well today Miles Massey is here to tell you that love me and causes fear is good. Love is good. Now I am of course aware of his remarks here with citizens cynicism cloak that advertises our indifference and hides all human feeling that cynicism which we think protects us.

In fact, destroys, destroys love destroys our clients and ultimately destroys ourselves colleagues when our clients come to us confused and angry and hurting their flame of love is guttering and threatens to die. We seek to extinguish that claim so that we can sift through the smoldering wreckage for our poultry reward or do we plan this precious flame. This most precious flame to loving, roaring life we counsel fear, or trust. We seek to destroy or build do we meet our clients problems with cynicism is my card I made love and there's no going even as you listener that work had a laugh a little bit Robbie. I like the divorce lawyers Braveheart you know if your divorce attorney. I'm sorry making fun of… It's such a powerful statement. It really is that love gets extinguished. When we try to bury those things he talked about his new position and as I was preparing for the show you've been praying and praying and God in a risk you know reinstall the lover in me, whatever that looks like and just this morning I had some breakthroughs. Tanya that I was sudden.

God brought up this girl that did you know when I was just 10 or 11 totally innocent never even held her hand, but she she came after my heart you know she thought I was something and she had grace and I was her favorite she made that obvious and only newer over one weekend we are in Canada at this beach and she was just, you know, all Robbie this Robbie that was it was it was it was in writing, and I like God.

Why are you bringing that to my attention. He said because of the agreement not like what agreement he said one that this is the girl for me.

That agreement, and I realize, wow, I'm giving away a piece of that.

My heart to that girl and I done that and also my head up a whole bunch of given my heart back know God came after another layer, and it just even for me to reawaken the lover and that lover states in my messenger unit.

This latest boot camp I talked about the first time I get my heart away was a girl named Brenda when I was in middle school and as you retell the story tell me that before the show got brought back to other memories to me of times I given my heart away and I'm doing with that yet, but that's another's other layers. Here we need to go back need to get some more healing. I don't want to show to to sound like it's only been about pornography is not may not be your struggle but you can have lust and not struggles, pornography, you know, I mean if you where mirrored glasses, sunglasses, and you're still looking you still have the last issue just because she doesn't see it as a real struggle with and so let God know that I want you to come in.

I need help with this. What is it in my heart jumps up this needs to jump what is healing that I need to have. What do I need to do to be naked in front of you so that I can just take on all these walls which come in for the healing in my life and that's the thing that he's after is after that restoration that healing that wholeness the Jesus promised is available to you, is available to me. We just have to ask and walk with him asking any and look for the upcoming camp. It's in April. Robbie went to 6 April six United making a Christmas present. The men in your life. See you next week

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