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God Wants to Restore Your Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 3, 2016 12:30 pm

God Wants to Restore Your Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 3, 2016 12:30 pm

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey. Glad you're with us today Peschel show for you today work on it. Why say that every week is special. It is interesting to see what God does not distant in the lives of maybe you that's listening, but to us as we prepare for this and so it's always amazing to see what he's doing and in its very uplifting and encouraging and in all those kinds of adjectives this week were to be talking about something that God's wanting to do for you as a present for you. You can call a Christmas present you got lots of things but it's a present for you that he's been after for a long long time. I know something out there knew me thinking. That's my salvation. And you know Sam of Artie got that one, an amazing thing.

Salvation was not was obviously one of the gifts that he had because it reconciled you to him that there's more gifts is trying to give Robby one the biggest cities trying to give is restoration of your heart is we've been robbed. You know that's the deal. David serve God with our whole heart. But you can't help but wonder how to get that I was that restored for him because in John 10 week. They know what Jesus said as the thief comes to steal and kill and destroy. And that stealing is a significant part of everyone's story. We don't necessarily want to face. I clearly didn't in so many ways, but I can remember the promise to actually heard from John Owen first.

He was a Puritan writer said there's an deep cleansing that comes from the blood of Jesus and I asked what he means by that. You know, because I knew I understood the salvation but it seem like he was talking about something more in what a lot of people listening might think your sanctification but I love the concept even more. The way John Eldridge and Dan Allender put it in this restoring the heart conference of becoming whole hearted again that actually part of your heart was stolen in everyone's story. In my case you feel is to show couple weeks ago, my innocence was stolen.

Section and and part of my restoration that deep cleansing of Jesus blood came from Robby, do you want your innocence card back in for so many of us we've lost our innocence and what is that look like and what's the connection of that to that childlike heart that Jesus described his you know. Such is the kingdom of God is his childlike heart and where do we see that but like an King date, absolutely. But you know I think a lot of times there's this thinking that's the 10 churches attend Christianity. You know that the God that can take care of all that you're saved a story about a God can take care of that. And if nothing else will take care of it after you die you know in in there's some legitimacy there.

God is going to take care that would he's offering it now and that's why there's a lot of people that are some even listening today that are churchgoers and that they've gotten all that but there still walking around and there's a lot of stuff going on and they don't talk to about it it on the where to go with it.

This is the type of thing were looking at today.

Yeah, you know, no one likes to go back into hard parts in their life, want not. I can't say no and some people like to dwell there, but either you like to dwell there which handicap should one way or you don't want to shove it now on not deal with it. You want to listen to the Eagles only to say get over it in on and and push past it, but there's a time that God needs to take you back into those places and a few said things like, you know, I'm sure I'm the only one that faces this I promise you you're not. But units work in the enemy. I think that anyone it takes a good long look in the mirror is quite honest with herself.

They know that there's some things done underneath that are quite what they're supposed to be based on how to get there and a lot of times are young places you feel like there's this young person deep inside that reacts badly. The things you need understand where that comes from and you really can't even control it.

In this dog used to say, you know, maybe it's it's time we check under the hood that we have a phenomenal clip here and again this this comes from a conference of the restoring your heart conference. It actually Sam attended back last spring and we have this very courageous girl who is get it.

Get some Christian counseling live in front of this big audience in her back is actually to the audience but John Eldridge and Dan Elder are counseling heart and she goes back into their her story, which they tell you actually beginning its conference, and I think it significant. They ask everybody at the conference to write at least 600 words on something that happened to you in your childhood that was traumatic somewhere you felt ever present danger that you feel like Jesus would like to come in and do some restoration work there and write that story out so she has now told the story which the story to give you the Reader's Digest version.

Her mother was extremely manipulative. She really took advantage of her and put her in some really hard places and her mother was extremely cunning in the way that she manipulate and took away her innocence clearly and it's and it's a hard thing to go to but there walking her through that in this you listen to this clip I would ask that you listen carefully for that younger person and and sense the innocence in the way that Ry was supposed to be the way God originally designed her to be the way he designed you and me. There is this innocence his childlike faith is beautiful thing that wants to come out and and Jesus is coming in to help her story here, and that's that part of going what is young dry light. What was she like very interesting really wanting to please you really, really well and everything placed on me and I cast wanting my ass in the first place. He didn't want to hurt her didn't give a damn about. I wouldn't have cared deeply about how I was leaving and asked her where it's packed just laid for later is that this is how it is night.

So I really wanted family wanted a lifeline and acceptance blessing and I guess that is not groomed to be rooms to me coming and you know not to be so utterly crafty to get what I want and so I guess I asked in her chest felt like it to me when I guess in the car for some sort of thing. Since the blessing is very tender. Feel like this would have heard you say is that that tender part. If you is a part that's deeply united to her and yet your ability to name that so much tenderness feel so powerful so so lovely is the fuel to how did she masterfully hate that part of you buying to her. She didn't want click on say she made me doubt God within me.

The question that I that she was asking her mom that I should explain before was. She was asking her mom if it was okay if she went limp with her dad and she thought about it and prayed about it and she went through all sorts of of anxiety about asking this question and the way your mother handled that question presented ended up in all kinds of abuse was obviously taken away rise, innocence, card and left a very cunning and chess player, you know in life rather than the open innocent girl that used to be those in heaven is at the conference listen to live in listening to the clip a few times and never really notice the beginning rise talking about her young self and almost like 1/3 person and she's kinda hard and kinda distant, just a little bit but as she starts to go back there.

She starts talking about.

I later said that she becomes her mom, but initially early on and she really starts to talk about yourself, you can just hear her voice change. She starts to go back a little bit into that softness that she was meant to have.

And that's part of, you know, in Isaiah 61 Jesus when he came to explain his mission. That's what he quoted in Luke was I've come to bind up the brokenhearted and and you can see her heart is so clearly broken she is not the Ry United with her young self and one of the cool things that's available through you know what were to talk about some of the rest of the show is unity of those pieces of our hearts, for we can be reunited to that younger place in us and actually get along, you lose that party yourself.

I think I think what she has experienced, heard of people do it in it and I've had that experience to with that that person that young person in my case, a young boy growing up in the way that you look at things you you lose that you get all this is pot on top your heart and you can't find can't find it anymore. You can't feel worried we came from and where you were when you were innocent for me. It took place in the writing of a book having to go back in and live through those things and God walk me through that process. With the help of some other wise counsel to revisit all that and and come back to a place where I felt like I could be that person again, but that Dennis was lost for years and years.

It's hard because a lot of times in our story, whenever that young innocent person shows up and abuse in one form or another. Yes, taken advantage of or something's happened and so it will whack a mole thing you talk about Robby's every time that this innocent person in our story is try to come out, it's not usually ended well in onset makes it so hard and it does get buried under layers and layers and layers of protection. Hard was it to write that book is how many times did you yell at me because I know that you all yelled of the few other people to your line. I cried over it. I got depressed over I mean there were a lot of things that were going on in.

And finally, when we got done.

I thought board. You walked me through all this for a reason, because I thought it was this an exercise program is and what it turned out to be licit way that God used to get to me the experience of feeling and we come back and talk more with Dennis about that totaled about something happening today about an upcoming boot camp which is a great place to start this process continue this process. We have one coming up in April. It's April 3 06 through nine masculinity to register now mescaline journey wonders if you would consider giving that man in your life. A Christmas present. He'll always treasure his heart. We have a heartless drawing coming up April 6 and what a gift.

Listen to what it did frantically. He showed me truly hear from God. Our daily like only $169 or five payments of $33 masculine journey get that man in your life, something he'll never forget this. Assuming that my son Eli.

We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the donate button. We can go to masculine radio that once again, PO Box 552 7285 have a heart that's were talking about today taking your life and letting God work in it and getting your heart back getting pieces of your heart pieces you didn't even know Dennis is your talk to break the reason gone in and got to stick is that process were talking about before. When the what that really look like for you as you went through that process little bit more what did you come out on the other end with what thought the last thing I wanted to do was revisit a lot of this would happen. On the other side of it was God showing me that that was then and this is now that he wanted to take me back. He gave me a glimpse of who I was. You guys have talked about it with me. Sometimes you said there's a there was a Dennis there that we would see glimpses of that's what he revealed to me during this process, and it was so I want to go up on the roof and and jump and jump up and down because it was like it was such a great experience to come to that point go you know it's okay now it's all right we can we can walk in the person that you created me to be process that were still going through this very exciting. It is a joke with you little bit big. I really like that. We saw glimpses of it. We can see today you know the other one I like, like this one for every time I've heard that yeah but it's true. You get a walk in more of God.

When you look at a passage in Corinthians, where Paul was saying, you know, my strength is made perfect in weakness. So how does that play out for you personally know where do we need Jesus's blood so bad that we were freaked out by you know our own weakness and in that deep cleansing that John and Elder charming John Holden was talking about was at that point where that that I'm so unbelievably broken. He comes in that all the sudden you begin to see the value of what Christ did and through you know our weakness. He's made strong and literally Dennis had you not gone through that process and now be willing to help others you would've robbed so many folks of ability to see God, for it Dennis's heart. I remember walking into the rescue mission and going about this can't be. This can't be what you have in mind, but it's exactly where you want me to be exactly where I needed to be start experiencing that healing. You know, I think that there's times we think the discipline is going to be the answer and indefinitely. There's a need for discipline in our life and we do need self-discipline, but if discipline always worked. What you find yourself back in some of the same places you find yourself sure the story for now I'll just touch on it but I used to get so mad at my kids when they wouldn't listen to me when they would just ignore me. Not an appropriate mad, not an abusive man, but in an inappropriate anger in until got unpacked and I went back to things that happen to me as a kid and he went back and did some healing there and righted the wrong and corrected the lie that I was believing back then to be true, I could share that share that because I am another story is critical to know what was the lie that Satan had been feeding light had an older sister that constantly for the longest time that I can remember. She is 17 years older than me, tell me you have nothing important to say shut up motormouth. No one wants to hear what you talk about why you still talking those types of mean things and so I grew up with this whole feeling of you and I really don't having a value essay will not get into family structure known and I have kids that I helped raise from nothing you know to it and now they're not even paying attention to me you 9 inches was pushing on this hot button and I couldn't discipline would work for a season.

But then if I time a bit of a bad day or something wasn't going quite writer. The bills were stacking up or whatever it might be going on in that season of my life and they didn't listen man I was just right back there again until God came in and he said exposed it and I learned through boot camp and through some John Eldridge stuff to invite God into the as he started getting into that he came after that and a very hard way which really helps me be a lot different for Eli. I feel better for Eli that I did for the other kids. It's a bit different. Dad what they had when they were young and we've done shows on agreements and judgments and no soul ties and things that that's that rise dealing with that you dealt with whatever so it's helpful in your gonna bring printing sometimes other people can help spot things but bringing Jesus into it is the main ingredient. It is really you had that happen today where you know you were at a place where your heart wasn't where it may be needed to be in God you smother people to help you. That's right. But five days ago.

My grandson was named was beaten up terribly left for dead. He isn't bad bad shape and I did nothing but think of how I was going to find his guided did it and how I was going to kill him and how I was going to do this and that and I did went to bed with this. I woke up this morning I says wait a minute here, the right way and I called my grandson Paul who was Vinnie's brother but is the past that I think some of you people know this of Paul to get the sports conversation today. Talk to me as a pastor and I explained to him that for last four days I had this guy in my mind how I was going to torture him, kill him. You know, and I'm sent. This is wrong.

Paul, I don't really want to do.but it's also hard for me to pray for this guy. So help me out Paul and did and he told me just what was you know yeah that's a natural reaction to you what anybody says. I felt that way till buddies is on the best and I realize that that is not way to go and we must pray for when I hear that word pray for the guidance grandson is still not out of it is these being the bed brain everything on site legs everything is in terrible shape. This is this is not right and poses no grandpa. It ain't right and I think you know let's just keep talking until the real you comes back. I started to cry since people like because that is the real me. I came to God to help people and to pray for the sick and needy downtrodden worked in the prison.

I seen all of it. Talk to Paul and pull this relaxed me a little bit. I got all for the phone and notices wake up this is not you will get what's coming to him by cohort, not by you. I don't know if it will be in the way of punishment. I don't know how Gladys and but I'm willing and unthankful that he took it off my hands and I am back with God. I am praying very very hard for my grandson and my grandson Paul is brought and I think Meditech my friends make me understand that leave God. You may think you want to, but once you with God keeps you. You don't push you away. He keeps you there may be a wiggle in the journey, but really what I'm trying to say is I thought I grandson Paul, the pastor and I thank God bring me back home to please pray for Vinny.

We were on and if you go to our Facebook page margin journey radio. There is a link there that you can help contribute and donate to postpone of Vinnie's fund.

Vinnie's grandson Vinnie's fund. No many I think that you know it's interesting in your story is your young Venti that is more like the old Vinny and there was a Vinny in between in on the enemy try to get you back to that that Vinny in between in God used other people, which is what can be the topic next week. God used other people in our lives sometimes to help us get back to him. And ultimately he's the one that's going to heal a season when this can restore us, but sometimes we I know me, I'll speak for me. I don't have the ears to hear. I'm stubborn and I don't want to hear and sometimes it takes a voice of reason in for you Venti it was Paul who had every much the same right to think that way but got it already done some healing his heart, which allowed him to help lead you through some of that is so, and we had we had another clip they were not getting a chance to plate its bagger Vance oppressive it for another time that the it it God has something for you. Does he rally you get something that he wants to give you and so what should someone really taking his got wrapped up the show.

Over the next minute or so. What some things that people should walk away from the show with out there's a joy that you have there is a wonder there's a whole heartedness that is been picked away at you since you were a child and Jesus wants you to have that whole back because you will have your life and have it abundantly. And as you do, you get to see him more clearly and it is you get to see him more clearly. You become united to him and that unity just like Jesus prayed hello father that we would be one as you and I are one and as we get a as we get a clearer look at our own heart and wholehearted Robby or a wholehearted dentist for a wholehearted Vinny or Sam, you know that's going to be at one amazing weapon for others to see how God zero and a lot and there's hope. Hope writers hope to God is trying to do this in your life. You know he sent his son to die for us and we may be reconciled to him. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God they just work in unity and are trying to give you your heart back. They want to and I just ask you a question to consider them talk told about earlier geek often find yourself back in the place you see yourself how my back here again you know how did I get back here, you might way back and say why did this I did this I did that we try to correct this piece is annexing you know you back there again in one form or another. It's got scene anyway and I got something.

Therefore, you get something underneath that I need to heal something I'm trying to expose in you is going to take some time this week and see God.

I don't even know what it is. A review to say God I trust you and I give it to you and ask you start this process with what is next week and talk about how people assist in that you register for boot camp masking journey that's August 6-9 masking journey

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