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Restoration of the Heart-Part 2; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 10, 2016 12:30 pm

Restoration of the Heart-Part 2; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the messenger anywhere. Glad that you are with us to continue to talk about a topic that we began last week we were talking over the about the restoration of the heart, and you know that you are really pretty instrumental in saying hey let's go talk about this is you got me doing some that stuff for you over the last few weeks we have added your gondola conference in the spring. The restoration of the heart conference that John Eldridge and Dan Elder calendar calendar. I can never say that right did and they had the video series, and as I've gone through that video series is just mind-boggling. The breakthrough that I've had in restoring parts of my heart that were shattered as you brought out in several talks I've heard over the years family unite that passage in Isaiah 61 Lori says he's gonna bind up the brokenhearted, that literally married pieces of your hearts that are scattered throughout your story is like a timeline. There's a piece of you. The still stuck back here in a piece of you been stuck there and I am just really you know I'm not really enjoyed that series and what it's done for me in restoring a couple pieces that have been missing for some time and you've been to a boot camp or two hour 10 and answer today were to talk about restoration Harbin on continue for second where it where you were Robbie that you know what someone's going and I don't know what you really talk about but I want some of that they can go to ransom heart ministries.

If you just put in ransomed heart wrenching heart ministries work look for something called the tribe you can join the tribe, it's nine dollars a month and they have a phenomenal amount of resources. There A/V is complete healing and restoration type things and I know you've been through a lot of yeah I guess it's an amazing resource and there's just a lot that God had for me. They are in that very issue of of restoring the heart but also really got people in your life you know as you begin to see things and understand agreements and forgiveness something on new levels.

You know it's really it's it's you see your family the new life even see the holidays in the daylight.

You do you do, there's a lot about this this message as you walk along with God through reduced in the C people different.

You tend to see some things that drive you nuts a little differently, may not always way you should can sometimes still dredge nuts, but also you know some of things I've done to help you along the way and moving to today's topic in just one second that there's one other thing you can do you can go to the ransom heart thing and start working on on your heart. Between now and April and April. We've got a great opportunity for you Robbie. What can they do in April. April 6 of the ninth. We have another boot camp which those experiences are four days a start on a Thursday. They go through a long weekend. There and it is very intentionally placed to put you to where you can begin to drop down some walls that are guarding your heart so that you can let God in those places that he hasn't been before and now it's just miraculous. It's a breakthrough that's I just I see more fruit in that in my life than any ministry and I know that you've been like said the 10 I have been on 12, 14, 15, I do. I don't know well probably closer to 17 or 18, but every time God has something new and wonderful enough not always under journey through put that on the other side of it. The freedom is amazing that heart restoration he gives you in pieces, sometimes huge pieces. Sometimes small pieces that you just the changes completely how you feel changes how you see yourself.

The changes lots of things in your life changes your marriage to changes your your relationship with your children understanding ones and how you got yours.

Sure changes the way you might be divvying out but you know what opportunity it is as a Christmas present.

We pneumonic, we wanted to bring up that will highlight that in a you can make payments is not expensive.

It's hundred and $69, but have you set it aside. What a present to give a man in your life or young man you know we started out with 15, 16 salmon yeah love that depends you normally would say 18. I think if you have a very mature young son, 16, 17 somewhere in there that would be pretty good and you just have to ask yourself just how mature are they and you know him better than anybody and you know not looking for perfection because none of the perfectly adjusted to grasp some of the topics that is dealing with some really deep issues. I know that the my oldest son was able to go at a very young age, and it's made a huge difference for them moving into college actually sent me a text.

This is getting right ahead over here. He said hey dad, you gotta go watch Friday night tykes which is never seen any of that instead of a kids football series of Friday night tykes.

There's a great scene on identity you know on sizable get the episode in unsolicited to me. A bit later. It's teasing this episode this about 13 minutes you nonstop me. He just he is as a young man at 18 and he's in such a better place than I ever could imagine of the even when I was 30, but today's topic will move on to that is, is God. God is one that restores your heart without a doubt, he is the restoration person but he also gives us the I don't I don't how you want to say it just needed the honor, the privilege, the adventure to walk with him sometimes and being involved with that is was someone else got also puts people in our lives that helps us along the path of restoration you put someone in our life for season maybe a moment and said it's a change or may not be for your whole lifetime changer, but it's a moment change or start you down a path that leads to that big change in God's going to do and so they were and talk little bit about when God brings other people into your life to help you restore your heart you know that initially were sitting on the talk about it is like well think about it in the more we talk the more stories kinda came alive now and now I'm in when I really look back and I have to be brutally honest with myself to say while Robbie was extremely arrogant. Now here I was a Christian radio host and I was working out. Thought I was under the teaching of David Jeremiah and Charles Stanley and all these things in here comes Darren and Sam and I know they invite me to a boot camp I got was kind of like yeah I want to take apart your event but I didn't really expect to have any expectation that it was so radically change my walk with Christ so radically bring the healing that it's brought into my life so radically bring life and bring my heart back but knowing and and salmon. Darren and Vinnie and Andy reset the clock, you know, everybody's had a role in you know the stories because as you watch other people begin to get freedom you know when you hear their story of this is how it happened for me.

You relate to pieces that and you begin to go. Not only do you want that you begin to see how God could come for you and that and and how to ask him to walk absolutely isn't. Just as you're pointing out sometimes. It's an unlikely source like Darren and I clip fruit from a movie called Despicable Me. Now it is a cartoon movie and and but we do use those quite a bit because I have some real depth to him. And that's when you have the lead character name grew. He's the and the scientist, the mad scientist and a guy are the bad guy. Rather the villain and you learn early in his story that he's had some real wounding, real wounding from his mom that really just shut off his heart and change some of his passions, and so is really closed himself off into his life.

He invites these three little girls. Not because he wants to help raise them because is becoming a foster parent looking to adopt them but because he's trying to get something out of them help breaking into the enemies location but I want you to listen to this clip and this is before his heart starts to change in the little girl's mother first nights of saying hey can you read me a story I want you to kinda listen to it. Listen to change later in the show. No physical appearance of the please he's still no sign only sleepy keeping sleepy Keith whether the get this over with three little kittens love to play. They had fun in the sun all day. Then their mother came out and said time for kittens to go to bed wow this is garbage you actually like this. Three little kittens started the ball mommy not tired that all their mother smiled and said, we departed fine, but at least you should brush your foot. This is literature a two euro written this with clear all brush said we can sleep.

We feel to their mother replied with a voice like silk flying, but at least you should the government is going on forever. Three little kittens milk all gone, rub their eyes and started we got sleep can't even try, then their mother saying a lot with my good night kittens. Close your eyes, sleep in peace until you guys go while you sleep. The audit part your mommy loves you with all the good night as you listen that it's obviously pretty funny if Steve Carell plays that character anger is not a bad guy when he's really not. He's not mean he's not.

He's a bad guy's a villain and a but he's not a malice type person, usually not treat these kids bad. He disses really distant from woman in the story begins a process with you here at the end of that talks about how much the mom loves with all the heart initial change to his voice. There and it starts eating on a path with these little girls are really instrumental in his life of helping me helping him get his heart back and so that's kind of been accrued cool movie to go watch from that light is seen okay. How did God use and would say God how did the creator which create the story of the crater. Use these people to help change his life and that's our story. How is our creator. How does our heavenly father, help other people change our story idea was thinking earlier about to something very simple, before heading to break of where I had at one point I was at a meeting this lady said here you are Christian is a home in a meeting I said, yeah, looks like you could use a hug really bad data change when we can change even longer will talk about we come back. Go right now you get a second and register for the register for yourself.

Register for a loved one that really be such a great Christmas gift for you or for someone else for a couple of that message. Any mescaline journey wonders if you would consider giving that man in your life. A Christmas present.

He'll always treasure his heart.

We have a heartless drawing coming up April 6 and want to listen to what it did frantic. He showed me truly hear from God. On a daily like only $169 or five payments of $33 messenger any get that man in your life, something he'll never forget. This is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Willie smiled at.

It was on the information that where you can click the donate button tweaking it masculine once again working mail something to PO Box 552 7285 when a man named Kendall he shouldn't be on his mantle, and yet I'm on just because I'm I could find. I only need mental regarding love and I witnessed arrows and the boy who shows by the only throbbing that was for you absolutely descriptive you talks about that you get this this person here that has no heart right but he knows when he gets his heart back but there's life on the other side of that you know and say that you have sensitivities a part of that but also just hearing all the different things that happens and that's what happened grew here in a little bit more to listen to it, but we forget that. I would ask you guys to think or talk about a story maybe were someone stepped in and really helped you through seasons. For a moment I was talking before the break, I was having a horrible week and I was doing a buyer meeting with client and is presenting her home to her and she paused for a minute.

She said your your Christian rightness little yeah which I was kinda thinking I know what I do and she said well looks like you need a hug and you know she is gave me this big hug and after my uncomfortableness with that really does change my day and it really can change my paradigm of how just as simple as something like that and make a difference for somebody it and in that magnitude would seem so minor to the large magnitude God uses people help us in our lives. Robbie, can you think of a Starbucks. It's amazing to me how often it comes from a very unlikely source. As you know, I teach special needs ministry and we had a young man named Joshua and when he came in.

Lots and lots of apparently severe birth defects. He was one of those folks that was in a wheelchair and about a big around as a twig and hesitant head had to be held up by two pads and most of the time when you saw Jaime moaned and and you know he would come into the class and were trying to teach the hand signs go through the Bible always and Joshua would be in, we hear all this and at first, you are likely okay but after a while he got really annoying me and I was seriously annoyed at this situation and we had a Christmas party and after he'd been in the class about a year. His mother was there and when we started to do the presentation course, Joshua starts moaning loudly and all this was going on and all of a sudden Josh was mom got down, looked at him and said Joshua is not your turn and Joshua stopped right there and I literally started to cry because I realized that Joshua had been trying to talk to us for a year.

That was the way he talked it hit those moments were his way of communicating because he didn't have any of the very next, the very next class that we have course, as soon as Joshua started to moan. I looked at him.

I said okay it's Joshua.

If it is your turn buddy and I have been rude for a long time.

You tell us exactly him and we let them go on until he paused and we said okay it's it's my turn and went on and from then on and Joshua wanted to talk. We let them talk and when he was done he was done, but my heart Sam was never the same for 20 Joshua want to be there with the Lord not long thereafter because of you had a lot of stuff but I'm not. I'll never be the same because of Joshua end-user anybody that you can think of are some things from your past or present. Actually, yeah. I mean, I think that this thing is you look back over time and you and like Sam's instance where you have somebody give you a word of encouragement like a call out something the glory of God in you speak something positive or help you see something you didn't see in the past you. You always appreciated those things, but those were one-off instances. It really didn't go that deep, but I can say with the what we've seen with her. What I've experienced in the boot camps and getting along getting around the guys and having discussions what Robbie was saying in the talks where you hear one of the guys share something that penetrate your heart all those you know, site-specific story, but it is my story and that those conversations those those talks as opportunities to go spend time with God at the boot camp after that.

All those accumulate into a restored heart. Over time, and it's like Sam said you only get your heart back in pieces and you know there's a pieces all over the place it takes time to restore all those bit no yeah. I mean that's that's probably that what I would say is it's more than what I will have a single event but it's just a series of lead that I've experienced. Think it's a good example. God will use sometimes people don't even have a clue right or or they do are just there story does something for you. One of the people in many want to get you next one. The people in my life for me has been my best friend from college's name is Bob and we've been friends for way way too many years now since 1982 and we've been friends since then and we've rarely lived in the same state since college are near each other if we were in the same state, but there's hardly a few days ago. By that we don't either text or talk or something and communicate with each other times it's just a joke or two something on back and forth that looking back on that relationship. What's really happened over years is when I've had some really really joyful times I was there. You know, we could talk about on the phone with Hudson really really hard times. Bob was there and I always knew that regardless what was going on in my life regardless of any losses that occurred that I had this friend just love me for me. You know, and we been great friends for the time and in you and we can spend a lot of time the last days as Canada send some jokes back and forth for the holidays, but it's just something even in that for guys that there is this communication piece, but God's really shown me love through him even in the jokes notes taken time to say hey I'm thinking you you matter to me. You know, and vice versa.

And that's what friends kinda do one last comment and want to ask you venting about the story I'm taken some counseling classes been taken action my first counseling class and what was really kinda cool and it over and over there saying that the highest calling a counselor has is to mirror and mirror Jesus to somebody yeah got a learn all that other stuff that's over talk about when you get glimpses and you said it, you get glimpses or someone help show you the love of God in one way or another. It helps you lead you back towards him. That's really what were talking about Vinny. I know that your life have some people over the years is really help speak in your life are really made an impact for you. All you plenty of people, but I have to go back to where it all started for me was when they my wife passed away when she was being taken outdoors. Mostly people halfhearted that I fell to my knees and it was stalling like crazy. Now I know all about will my life go to church. You know, pray to God and all that but falling on your knees and looking and why are and looking in the sky and seeing God. That's something that I don't think anybody here will will come here in the future can imagine, when I say that I'm not saying that because I want to be spectacular about it. It happened, it happened that was mice thought of no one that God was around all over, especially that he had is hand out reaching for me and knew the pain that I was in so there's been a lot of people that came into my life like you say, but I always think of that that they can't be top except maybe one time not I can be top but it was pretty close all first my first boot camp. I listened to bunch people talking about their lives and know it was very interesting and then Robbie came up to me if the lunch we had what quiet time. That to me, brought me closer to God. The quiet time because I was there alone and I just felt his presence, and I knew he was there for me and I thought of the people that told us stories speak in inside and how bid somebody a stories war and I prayed for them. I actually prayed for samples now Robbie, I didn't know Randy, I didn't know him at that time but I was praying for these people because I was sent this just is what it is what happened to me anyway. It is a lot of people I come in your life and is tomorrow is 21 day 21 years. My first wife's pass day of infamy. Can you imagine many thank you for sharing that out when I get back to her clip.

The second bit something that's happening in the play little bit of this clip from grew when she had a beginning wearing a veil to get it all and you hear him start to tell a story that he wrote about how the girls and changed his heart as he tells him a bedtime story destroyed maliciously going to need a new these be my myself on the back one big unicorn strong in free thought he was happy as he could be around on 28th and if you address that you rent despicable nearby for this Christmas.

It's a great story and we want you to think about this year the people to get you like to help change you can take you back closer to him and maybe he told you to do that with yourself. I don't know that God's offer you the gift of restoration.

This Christmas, he's always asking when you take it. We take that chance to go to boot camp or to the Ransom Hart's website take that step with the letting give you the gift is trying to give you.

See you next week

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