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Dismantling; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 14, 2017 12:30 pm

Dismantling; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great imager but why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine. We are really glad to have glad for some wild crazy week here, North Carolina not listening and working on your picking up on podcast we go from 8° to 64° and just about three days and I go from 6 inches to much nothing and say what a big change.

It is an under that snow we had really dismantled the plans that I had for the weekend. Last week, and like in the cold. This mammals pipes and and antifreeze people's cars were blown up. Oh yeah, batteries. It has a big challenge and we've been talking about this topic of when God is doing these things in your life and he's constantly doing them. It's disrupting dismantling healing and restoring in some area of your life. He's working on that type of thing that you might otherwise have the eyes to see it. We define disrupting his kind just of the change of direction and I got a plan.

I get this plan laid out.

Often something happens and I have to change direction in the dismantling part which we talk about today is when God comes in he starts unpacking some beliefs some habits things that you've been doing that weren't healthy for you or ways even believing or healthy and help you find a good foundation to build back up on so that dismantling part is a take away things may not even be bad, but aren't healthy for you in the long run. And God knows that other circumstances can come by some your own choices along the way as well is the case for Jerry McGuire, absolutely. And if you this really an excellent movie in my opinion it's an oldie but you know it's an interesting thing for him.

He starts to become a good guy, instead of just the shark in a suit and a course the rest of the people working around him weren't ready for that. And so in order for him to become what God had for Jerry McGuire.

He had to take him out of his associations, so to speak with these people but that's not how Jerry felt when he knelt help put this office together. So when he got dismantled us. It's a little painful and will hard to take you to let you go I well worry you will think I'm just let me just say as I eased out of the office.

I helped build.

I'm sorry that there is such a thing as manners when treating people the fish at manners. These fish have manners. In fact coming with me. I'm starting a new company and the fish will come with me. Call me sentimental. They're coming with me. Okay what else wants to come with me.

This moment will be the moment of something real and fun and inspiring. In this god forsaken days and we will do it to get coming with coming with me. Besides Flipper here. This is embarrassing Wendy Joey three months away from the pay increase was see you all again.

Sleep tight.

Jerry goes into work that day is a plan and then gets disrupted the dismantling start truly painful for. I mean, because you know we had this mantle of being a sports agent. He had what he thought were Clancy. He had his plan. He thought he had it all in front of but all of a sudden you find yourself about a job and you're not understanding what my world. I thought I was in the right direction. I thought I was headed doing something good which you may know for me I can really relate to the clip because you eat a lot of folks listening and probably heard my story about how I lost the dealership.

You may not of heard the story about my son, the Jerry Maguire experience. When I first came to Winston-Salem. I worked in actually land the Chrysler store here and I started a Bible study there and I started all these things that were trying to honor God in the dealership. Well, the owners somebody objected greatly to that. In fact, I was pretty much shown the door.

As a result, not unlike Jerry McGuire there and I had a very similar reaction that was not pretty. And for years I was bitter, bitter, bitter about that.

Not unlike you know I had fish that have manners, but it was an interesting thing it really took maybe 15 years for me to really understand what all God was in the midst of doing their in my life dismantling that to arrive at some point would have freedom from the trap that I was injured was in a lot of times you need to still have the eyes to see it if you haven't seen Jerry McGuire in a while.

That is an old movie and you get a laugh at the cell phone that they have in the computer that they're using all those kinds of things because it's so old, but such a great story there of.

This guy gets disrupted, dismantled closer healing and is restored when you have it through those eyes and you watch that movie. It's even a better movie. As you can see the story the guides trying to tell you that there is things when you go through this disruption.

This dismantling.

He has good things for you. On the other side of that is just can you get term to get there and will you get the room to get there nothing I want to take this little bit different direction. Sometimes this dismantling that happens is something that will never leave you know, sometimes this dismantling is for you. For example, your blindness, you started and there is letter dismantling how you live your life at that point one that's right. It's about 27 years. I remarried I started my life all over again. I thought I did. Then all I really did, and lo and behold the good Lord's mantle made by a loaf. I should say to good Lord I went blind, married for six years and married still but my wife is blind and she's the now.

It's a matter of I have been dismantling one now is the word mantle. Proper word works in residence and I'm rebuilding no and it's all on that a blind person is taking care of a blind person and we live alone without any help. That is the will familiar. It's the only way of life and I'm content to let it open till now. I'm a what could happen. I go deaf while I don't know if that's going to be good abed because my wife is that so she is blind and deaf and not I got nothing to complain about, but yet she's taking care of me. It is the process of building something up again and God bless our thank the good Lord managing anyone to just talk about something with that you having as a group. Here we were climbing through that with you obviously can't feel what you're feeling, but we walk through that with you and there's been times when that your eyesight's gotten worse in what started out as a supervisor stuff and I get a little worsened in from the outside looking in, and you not talked about it, but each one of those times that disruption of becoming a little bit more blind in this dismantling of the belief, as I can't I can't go on in our arrival we walked out with.

You have this feeling of hey I can't go on from here right you know we got dismantled that belief and shows you that there's a there is a way to continue to get going. That's right you got the will number one in the know that has to be some strong love for the Lord and for your spouse and I'm lucky – he loves me because I mean it's all up the horror and God and that's how I exist and with the love of God and then I really got nothing to complain about.

And it's interesting. Sam really of the Scriptures are full of examples of both sides of this meaning you've got no just Moses and Pharaoh both of them went through serious dismantling and out. Moses ended up 40 years and you know in the wilderness. All it before he went the other time and Pharaoh. But when you harden your heart. You can see, with the result that is in you don't allow God to teach you what it is unite. He's after. And the cool thing is is that is after some really cool stuff and some freedom that you know at first it looks pretty grim but it's amazing what he has for moving with Moses. There's the whole the bigger picture of setting people free right but God was after dismantling inside Moses you're going after this thing. I really don't have what it takes to have a speech impediment. I can't do this is got to be somebody better in God is now I'm in a take that belief in dismantling and let you see who I really created you to be this leader. This person that does walk with me through this that it's it's really fascinating character study because he broke them down from the prideful Egyptian right and think the he had more that it took until God showed them that you know without me your your kinda got nothing and then you kinda lose your confidence which I can relate to that. And after you get into your legs totally chopped out from underneath you and you think I got nothing.

Then he comes back in and begins to show you how we can walk with you through that and and Moses was the guy that clearly walked with God through quite an ordeal and it's a neat thing to think that for Moses. It wasn't about necessarily framing all those people. It was Moses that got freaked freedom from that internal prison of disbelief in yourself and God's way walk together and talk about that tomorrow. What God has, on the other side of the dismantling what it's worth walking through that with him if you want to talk about looking going to boot camp get one, probably when is it April 6. You can get a mask Internet register now radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this the radio that's messenger new is the same. Last Sunday I talk about ways you can help support Willie smiled at him was on the information that where you can click the button, waking it once again working mail something to PO Box 552 7285. Welcome back to messenger new happened in her life that we don't really about some of that dismantling and we even made up a word. If you get this mail to get a man I got into good thing. We live in an era where apparently can just make upwards and eventually get in the dictionary. Mickey had it perfect with boot camps and talk with after just a quick second. We go to the boot camps and into her own experience receiving God disruption things in her life and other people's lives dismantle and start the healing restoring process and we got a unique challenge with this boot camp coming up in April, don't we Robbie really do and one of the places we can find a lot of dismantled manner at 27 rescue mission or the teen challenge both which have given us a wonderful opportunity to have scholarships for what would appear about 17 individuals between Winston-Salem rescue Mission and the folks from the teen challenge in down the camp, nor come in the eastern part of North Carolina in the thing that it was really cool was to watch God at this last boot camp from a couple guys came to it from the rescue mission and watch them as they got dismantled on some things on the belief they get some healing against restoration that some of that cycle in their life and they went back to the rescue mission and people saw such a difference in them.

They want their other guys to come and that's where we really need some help from you. We don't have is a small ministry the resources to provide 17 scholarships and so if you not to be able to come to boot camp or you still like you led to please go to messenger new and there's a way you can donate, therefore, that boot camp to help cover for those guys. There's a neat opportunity. Actually you know if if the normal 3540 people that come just in oh add an additional 25, $30 to their boot camp and when they register. It's hundred $69 +35 or whatever then you would you know definitely pay towards in one of those guys scholarships and so what a great way to get us going for 2017 is to go register for the boot camp and same time, you'll help participate in the scholarships for these men and and nose were talking about the dismantling Sam. Those guys if they found themselves in rescue mission or they find themselves in teen challenge camp is actually in the western part of the state. I misspoke they need to walk with God like Moses, Paul later on will certainly dismantle. It's the walking with God part that helps us understand what what he was after, and how to how to get to the healing and restoration. And that's the beauty of a bouquet is that those covenant assignments times those opportunities to really have some questions to go with God like what is going on here and what you doing in my life and point people to God is one of the coolest things we get is in you can go to the website as we talked about or even on Facebook go to our messenger new page on Facebook. You can donate through their way to just old-fashioned mail it if you'd like in there that's on a website as well.

Getting back to the dismantling on a plane other clip from a movie called the blindside in this little bit different type of mint dismantling the sea because God is after a lot of people's dismantling in this clip if you haven't seen the movie.

It's a true story. It's a really really good movie about pro football player and Michael or before he was a pro football player. He was pretty much out on the streets and this lady finds and he is a young black boy, about 17 at the time UGI just amazingly big in this lady finds him a white lady and something in her heart reaches out to God, begins dismantle in Michael's life in her life is… Clips and dismantling of her friends life as she challenges them on their thinking. I say make it, just adopt only 18 in a few months doesn't really make much sense to legally adopt white before after he turns over in his grave guys been gone 5 Years Ln. make matters worse, you are at the funeral member Chanel and that awful black cat is held to approve my choices. I do ask that you respect them. No idea what this poison and become someone in diatribe fan and overprice out a lot closer to home, since I tend we didn't really I think what you're doing is so great your home changing exchange of change in hers and Jim.

I know you've seen this movie as well, but you really see through the life of this movie is got dismantled to disrupt buoying the path the search dismantle a lot of the lease on all sides laser change that is it is all of our home in this planet is that looking wheat we have these ideas what this is what my life should be. I don't know anybody that is worked out anything close. And that's because God disrupt the enemy comes on the backside and starts to strip down and rebuild notes that may be a rebuilding of the closeness with him. It's always part of it is closeness with him, but it may be a belief as you talk about Robbie and Saul is on his way to Damascus later becomes Paul he has a mission he's on his way and he has the whole pedigree item and he is a biblical scholar, governmental mantle, and God stop seeing and disrupting, but then he begins a process of dismantling his beliefs and really you fast-forward pulse challenges continued. We know you could say they've got worse a long way, but he walked with God through it in the midst of it lives across the world of been changed in writing most of the Bible to new Jim on the on the New Testament is got the most books and incidental came from a person who had been a student persecutor, God said, not going to disrupt and dismantle those things that you believe and I'm gonna rebuild you through Jesus really is Nvidia. I know that part of that. The thing on for you as you been in line. There's been an additional closeness to God hasn't owe you big time really. You know when you're blind it's very hard to explain, and are you trying to lead a normal life now that I'm blind I don't even know what a normal life is. I just trying get through one day at a time one hour at a time and just have to listen for footsteps when my wife is a lot of stuff that you got it just so could I do this without God there is no way I can do without God in the it's a challenge every single day. I'm a nervous wreck but Dr. gives me pills to calm me down. Hopefully this all these things that come up into your life. As Robbie says he got a build of mantle and you gotta get on top of it and write it right it to where he wants to take you and for me he's taken me a long way. I'm in acclimating for life but I got to complain about Sandra's audit control issues there, which I think you yeah yeah for me and we can talk talk biblically which was when a reference back to the Bible that that is a book of examples. And those things are mirrored in movies is smeared in our lives. And that's what draws us to those movies. Is there something true in some of them. Not all it's her some truth in it that the draws us to him for me and I was married for a lot of years to really good woman. We had some issues that we really couldn't move around. I began to believe.

Along the way that the answer to. It was for me to love her better than I did need a lever better. When I initially felt that way and God only can you deliver better, but then it became if I love her better I can fix all these issues I can fix her issues. I can fix my issues in along the way. I just began to feel like okay if I don't do it. It won't get done.

I didn't walk with God closely through like I should have. As a matter fact he told me to do some things that I trouble doing Internet marriages opportunities to forgive each other for things you know and he was calling on me to forgive and I just really struggled on it in and had I probably listen to him.

It may have been a different outcome. You know it what it what happened was I didn't walk with you through it and I had all this control and to think I can handle it and on the backside of it. This really cool thing that I found was just some real freedom of the pressure that I'd internally put on myself and I lived with this feeling that I could control of it and if I could be better I could do better actors work harder and everything would be okay and when it wasn't as relieved of that. Wow this piece freedom on the backside of that of something I built you no one else did that mean the enemy influenced it, but I built that got snow.

I got a dismantle that in you.

It's not healthy. Robbie kinda had some of the pieces well as you went through some things didn't know man when I lost name of the dealership. The second part of the story you know it was horrific for my family and watching all these things happen and no money and all the things that went with that. But it didn't take me long to realize I was having a recurring nightmare that I had to sell more cars. I had to sell more cars. I had to sell more cars and I had to meet this cold and I had, you know, get Chrysler happy and I had to and I would wake up in these horrible sweats, but there was no dealership anymore, but the pressure was still there and it became obvious to me.

The idols that I'd built in the in the things that I had thought were tremendously important that were just illusions click leadership and the point of freedom is at least I woke up this you know I was not and still have the nightmares actually to this day everyone is well. Sam but at least I can wake up and say I'm not in there anymore and I'll even want to think how that would shorten my life or shorten my joy or shortened what I had in life based on the pressures that I put on myself, you know, I'm sure there's people that are in the car business are completely adapter that in the in, but it was just not it was and who I was and got in the really cool thing is when you walk with him.

The disruptions can happen if you've lived your life this far, you haven't had disruption.

I want to talk to you as Jim said, I don't know anybody that that's not been the case if you haven't lived through dismantling. If you haven't, it's common. I'm telling you this, but you know you felt that the key is to walk with God through because on the backside Robbie find freedom I find. Please define passion find a life know was there. I know that's been the story for me for Jim preventing Robbie everybody is walking through got with that because it is a good thing because the life because it can make good from it.

If you just walk through it with no matter where you are today turned to him and say God I know disruptions coming in dismantling skimming a note in the midst of it. If I can't see it but I trust you to let you lead me through it and ask Internet has podcasts to register starting next week

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