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Healing and Restoring; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 21, 2017 12:30 pm

Healing and Restoring; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 21, 2017 12:30 pm

Air date 01/21/17

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Every man craves a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are glad you're with us to talk about the topic or topics really wouldn't treat two weeks now of dismantling the skinny disrupting dismantling healing and restoring if it makes no sense to know you have a listen last couple weeks. You can go back and pick it up at Robbie what's what some of the stuff we talked about on this disrupting dismantling that we covered last few weeks. If you've lived many like the time you know certain things just like you lose your job, or maybe you find out you have cancer. Were you also in your life takes it tremendous turn and you're trying to figure out what's going on and where is God in lesson and most of that disruption that occurs that takes you off of a plan. It can be a big life plan can be a vacation planet can be lots of different things, but it's a disruption to the planet you try to make and honestly going to be truthful about as we try to control our lives in and so takes us out of that control place and then this other next process and starts his dismantling which is really just taking away and thinking, stripping away the bad stuff stripping away. Maybe some false beliefs are some things that need to get out of the way so the guy can put a great foundation for your to build upon so we can get to that healing, restoring, and over the last few weeks we went over that disrupting dismantling. If you didn't get chance to listen to those you back to mask journey and get that. We also have several shows on healing and restoring to bind us together this week, but it is a process that God's always doing in your life and you can you think of a time that hasn't been happening to some degree in your life that you don't have some level disruption dismantling going on not think we always we always have some going on some greater I guess I know I have one major one, going through now, but but but on a daily basis. You're constantly think and it could be something as simple as you know, being being corrected on you know maybe you didn't all respond to the situation properly and whatever something that simple. Some of the smaller things are in him. Maybe it's maybe it's diet or maybe it's you know different things that God you know you normally in your course of action daily course of action. You wouldn't necessarily notice if he does something to get your attention. To get your focus off what you normally accustomed to doing. I if you're like a lot of people I know not to say it like like I was significantly from a number of years that I had everything planned emanates planned out to do these things. This is when you get accomplished. Almost like a to do list and I would get so incredibly frustrated when that would get off a plan in looking back, you're looking from the outside. You see, it is about control and try to control everything but learning over time. Living in this topic trying to get the eyes to see it starts okay. That's where God's trying to do some work so my going to fight the disruption. I'm gonna step into it in my going to resist the dismantling because it's not very comfortable.

Sometimes I'm atrocity has me and we can do that you can get that healing in the restoring part.

That's really what he's after. He just has to get all that stuff out of the way to get to it when I go to the clip is contiguous to a moment to set it up. It's from the movie RV in a photo thought about it, we would probably use clips permit for the whole of the soul series, but if you haven't seen it it it's going live in language and has Robin Williams but it is a family oriented movie for like teenagers and older older young kids, you know, 10, 11, 12 RV like recreating it. And so what the premise of the story is Robin Williams as account executive. There's a younger guy trying to come up again to push his way into his position. He has a newer boss that is in a very friendly guy, very demanding, very quirky, quite funny in the movie and he's promised his family that he'll take him to Hawaii on vacation vacation time comes up.

His boss tells him a couple days before. If you don't go out to Colorado and get this account from these people. This beverage account from Alpine beverages. No longer can have a job since to talk his family about any of it.

He rents an RV and tells Morgan to go across country and disruption is rampant during this movie and it it's all over the place it in dismantling is occurring normally pick up the scene is Robin Williams finally made it to Alpine beverage and it is been an adventure.

It has been family fighting. It's been lots of different things just it looks like his life is going to fall apart. It has nowhere else to go and so he goes in and at this point he has to decide do I talk truthfully to Larry and Harry. I think it is the owners of this company do I try to save my job and this is where the healing starts to occur for him to relisten this Rickenbacker also one other point in the middle of it. He wanted to bring out was his daughter is in the audience and no course you can imagine what your teenage daughter when she thought she was gone Hawaii and now she's on an RV to Colorado. This would be applicable if I know that would go well but while he's right in the middle of yes discussion. He sees his daughter in the audience and so when he begins to talk about a child that disconnection you know this is where we actually feel some healing of lot more important relationship really and he and his daughter, and he understood and he's getting that than it would be with his job absolutely. There's just a lot of healing going on here in lots of ways will do it again here if you want to really find out about yourself and your family in an RV and drive. Since amazing stuff about while raccoons and one I've been in the desert to a place where it's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there I met this weird family there was strange you know whatever of the big white man picked up a banjo.

My cheeks tighten the picture and see them was strange about this. Good people do not have his friend Harry Larry is a nice company to baby. The birth your baby you were scared, excited know how to turn out. Next thing you know it's up walking trying to raise it sometime during which pretended like he didn't. Next thing you know babies bigger, older, more complicated and difficult to deal with but care about it just as much as nurtured parties and proud of more than ever right now you have to make a decision of whether you want to merge your family survived and I guarantee you stock split the money will not grow bigger than a woman in bicycle shorts and all that stuff about $4000 by Harry Larry merge outlined talent stop is the disruption continues. Obviously, in this, but good to hear you're making point. Thank you for bringing that out. He's talking to these two guys about a company that they they developed and they brought up and have a family atmosphere at their company, but he's talking to his daughter, usually clearly here that if your parent and you have older kids you know exactly what it feels like as you went through what you're going through it, you're going to go through it here soon and then answer at different times and in your time with your kids or times that the that looked down to Blyleven. But man I don't understand him. Is this movie life story my daughter on a job yeah I had restoration with me but not by God immediately.

This one again when my wife died I was bonkers and a cyst as Robbie calls me a capitalist. I was a Catholic and assist the common tried to restore me and you know I said I could a lady with a name like Hagan, Nicole Sr. Carmelita. I'm expecting to see somebody a little bit different, but she just got into my skin and telling me about the restoration at the God is not in me, let him in and it will be easier. Yeah, it's quite a loss.

I don't know because you know on the system and I finally found out that after little bit of time.

I knew what restoration was his music keys she had to go to.

I learned about mother was sick. She is destroys the keys that she says take care of the place and just prayed to God is are you crazy you know and she says no you can do it. As she walks away from me cyst. I wait a minute, commit. She says you can do it. God will help you. That was the beginning of restoring my faith restoration came by God taking me and show me how to restore my faith and it went on, I managed I didn't like cleaning the restrooms in the church and you know so much things but she has so much trust in me and restored my faith in God and then God took over and here I am 85 years old and I think I'm ready stored hopefully on restored if anybody tells me I'm not the kind of back on their hands. Would an 85 and he had a choice, their sister, Linda did help and that she is vital yet a choice. You could've stayed in bed. Of course you know you could've said no I'm to be better. I'm not gonna let a dismantling of how I feel or how I believe occur right, but when you stepped out you said okay I'm gonna let this happen. Writers lots a restoration restoration, your faith, but also restoration of purpose and you and on to do some great things with her and do some things for the church that would not have happened had not stepped out and said okay.

Got Emily to do some work here exactly and to go to some pain and then quiet time understanding when my family and little by little estimation when we come back to Robin Williams and find out doing leaving in the healing.

It is continuing to the final restoration and talk to Robbie about some healing had a day or so ago that we come back to the mask Internet to register for the journey. Radio is listener supported.

Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site and from there select good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this you radio that's messenger the is the same mask I talked about ways you can help support Willie where you can click the button, waking it once again working mouse PO Box 552 7285 is where the healing start talking about they were talking about this journey of disruption dismantling healing and restoring videos you're talking a minute ago.

I minute recap something that I heard in that clip. It also hurt your story and lived in my story. At times is what God's often after the dismantling of his perception of beliefs is sometimes a tablet. Sometimes those other things as well me lately need to be broken as well, but it says usually those things underneath it because you have those habits, the got has to come after and in many story shared. He had some beliefs that he needs his wife is gone and he didn't have a lot of purpose and that's a know I have lots of purpose for you Robin Williams's character in a pickup here in a minute the Robbie Olinda ask about this in this movie.

There's lots of adventure right there. There's all this time that the going across country and you told me something interesting for the show about Gary Smalley sure that with the yeah he's a family Christian psychiatrist puts on a lot of seminars across the country and I went to one of them one time and I'll never forget what he said that they did the survey amongst marriages to find out what's the common denominator among marriages that make it an exhaustive survey, thinking that it would be the family that prays together goes to church together some along those lines, and thank you for blank as it turned out, the common denominator was families that go camping and the reason underneath.

That was the disruption dismantling of the disasters in the in the shenanigans that go on anybody's ever gone camping, and of the time it rained and you can go hiking or you know the bear showed up me know on the screen doors many story and all these things that end up putting a family together against some adversity and when you put them together as we found Robin Williams in this movie with his daughter with his son and all the sudden you know there's a bond and they realize how much they love each other and they have that shared adventure absolutely not surrendering to the clip. What's happened before this that the family talk about the crazy family was going to keys and there they just keep showing up throughout this movie and at first it just seems so aloof and so weird.

It is a get to know only get to see something in them. It's really pretty cool.

This togetherness this closeness in these people that hated ERV the sun was on the most outspoken one way to listen to how he talks about here, but also how God comes after some more restoration with his job as a lot of ways to measure families love over there today okay license and registration. We have a little bit of a mishap at the lake I lost my will, my name is Bob and got them to have.

She may look she's rode hard and put away wet. Thanks to you all morning Bob just took one soon. No, we just want you to know were going national. Good luck with you to join my beverages you're from you. John, she's a tough the cushion is just release it again is like a harmonic convergence that is handsome your boss is you you you need to watch a really good stuff that it is RVs been through everything. It's been two days at the bottom the lake but yet you hear the sun talk about in the dark talk, but he lets sell the house and the big fancy house is I don't want to get back to the life that they had it what their living is not perfect by any stretch the imagination and that's what this author Gornick's but they saw love and unity, healing and restoration, and only came through this whole disruption dismantling they been living through the whole movie that's a movie that's a Robbie, I'm asking a question quickly at your sureness and get time to talk about it about some healing and restoration. You got recently like real recently. Yeah, like yesterday. Yeah exactly was Martin Luther King's birthday before you get the healing us talk about the decision was man I gotta go there because you know for years my wife is a very affectionate person and she would be the first to tell you that Robbie is not in a sheet would hold our kids hours on end and very affectionate. All this and I'm I'm not the huggy guy thing to an extent. She hoped for, and so to say that I've gotten a lot of feedback along those lines would be an understatement. And you know several things along the way so I was very aware of this and and Friday afternoon, I had some time and I went and watched the sermon by the Sanford Elijah house ministries are amazing and the sermon was on basic trust and they talked about how in an infant's childhood that he needed to be held all the time that that you know a child is supposed to be nurtured and was meant to be held in human touch is a significant mission infected tells wonderful joke about this mitt people but developed Star Trek had a great sense of humor because there was a book in the 60s that you are supposed to put children in crib and never touch a more that resulted in kids that were totally unemotional and completely logical, and so when Star Trek that there series. They called Mr. Spock Spock is a joke because that's what happens to the kids when you don't when you treat them like Mr. Spock instead of being no realize through this sermon that wow I'm missing something because I don't have this basic trust and I did. I don't understand that there's something I don't get some Monday.

I've been in my normal time. I've been praying and studying and also not to started to pray and ask God to come into this because clearly I have issues and my wife would make it very clear to you that the she's trying to dismantle my belief system on the idea of you holding and in most, and is on praying I begin to see that God is inviting me up in the way he's doing that is actually through in my eyes I can see his glory going up and is like giving me this, like, come on up, not so I'm praying a like okay and I start to go up it is I go up stuff starts flying off my cares and worries and the more that I let go the more that I gain altitude and I'm like wow was I let go stuff. I'm going up on going up, and this really is quite an amazing feeling as I'm going up, and I'm wondering where I'm headed and then all of a sudden I landed right in Papa's lap. I'm in the throne literally in God's lap and as I'm laying in God's lap. I'm realizing how this feels really good. I remember what this feels I remember as a child being held in what's going on here you you're working on this basic trust thing with me, in which he said Robbie you don't remember do you let me help put some things together for you that your other older brother, my mother name Jeremiah died prior to my birth in God kind of just made aware to me that I the reason why your parents didn't want to hold you as much is because they didn't want their heart broken again like it was with Jeremiah and so you won't help much as a small child in. As I began to make the connection. The more I went.

Wow, this feels really good. You know I've got a great new grandson. I've never held a mess.

True, I am held but I bet it would feel really good to him, to be held on grandpa's lap, or maybe my own kids.

That feels really good god I'm I'm in any was likely you know it's available to you anytime you want to come up got unloaded all that stuff before you can get appear and the more I thought about that tomorrow. Isaac got brought that constant feedback to my wife to say something wrong sums wrong sums wrong.

He brought that sermon into my life, but by the Sanford to go look what Robbie have to but then you know he dismantled that belief and that understanding and I'm excited about words in the warfare that you're facing. I'm sure there was warfare with enemies tell me that that's just we are wired in the warfare that your marriage face and all those kinds of things that they get dismantled in the process of you allowing God to dismantle the police and you which is really pretty cool and it happens to all of this happens at times it may be God does disrupt us, or maybe life disrupt this and he steps in the Sahara can take advantage of this time I had been thought of this one until we run the air but I'd lived my whole life I've never lived alone is the youngest of six kids is always with my parents or my siblings got out of there. Went to college had a roommate. After that California had roommates got married on and on and on and on and never lived alone in something about it really scared me.

Quite honestly and so when I went through the divorce. This last year and we started sharing our kids every other week I had to face these times are coming up that I had to be alone and initially I was really pretty scary night like this think I can do this.

I can't make it through this I don't know what it is to just be me. I don't know that all like me at home if I don't at least then I just got animals and how it what I found is I love having my son with me and when my other sons home my daughters. I love having with that's that's priority number one that that's warms my heart more than anything, let it come to really really love those quiet times is in those quiet times I can start start to find parts of me right inside it. I think God because my divorce and I don't I don't think that I think that probably try to save her marriage. Many many times does that mean God is not your take advantage of those things to try to get healing for all in one way or another. And you know you went through a little bit of that same stuff along the way that I have. What did the same thing is you is not really knowing what to do. You know, cannot really be alone may not been alone as a batch or whatever, but it'd been sometime when your whole identity is tied up in the family room and then it's gonna take away from its it's it take some adjusting but as things from that whole situation I can through everybody else talk is that a lot of times we would clutch under those things are being dismantled from us and something that that he is easy to let go, particularly something that's good like something like marriage so they can make it difficult. I had 50 years and was having somebody there in onset. In a couple years now that is 51 that's a no go on a different adventure here since his life disrupted. That's what God's doing. He's doing in my life right now is in Robbie's house and Jim were with us today but not on here he's doing it in your life disrupted.

It may not be God to take that opportunity dismantle some things are healthy is to take that opportunity if you give that dismantling to provide healing and restoration for you. You don't even know what that feels like at the Robbie story but he's got a story that's unique and individual for you which let them do that this week

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