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Identity Theft; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 28, 2017 12:30 pm

Identity Theft; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 28, 2017 12:30 pm

Air Date 01-28-17

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now only have great news for you day on the math, you no longer have to rush listen to Rush Limbaugh to deal with identity theft you can you can listen to the masculine journey.

That's the topic today and we got just to begin our topic of identity theft.

Yeah our producer Howard comes in and says you know Robbie got to Jim's on the show with you today how you can identify one Jim versus the other, so they are trying to steal your names right is Ms. Berry go.

It's been Robert we have Jim Graham with us and questioned Ricky and is welcome to show guys, Sam is in Florida on some well-deserved time off and here we are, and I bet you're wondering what in the world. Robbie, what about identity theft. Well, you may not believe this but it's true that almost since the time you were born there was somebody out there that feared you and really feared you could become in that particular identity is been trying to steal yours from you almost from the moment that you were born. Would you Sam accurate Matt statement Mr. Graham I would and continues at it he does and so it's interesting thing. I am just as his question the audience ask it myself before we did the show mass. I asked her to Jim's strip away everything else.

Who are you from a kingdom perspective you know not what you do not want your personality is, but just who are you when you get to the king and not somebody's father not somebody's mother, not somebody in the PTA but who are you and are our friend Adam Sandler right in the movie anger management.

He found himself in this group setting.

Any Jim that me he found himself being in Athens by judge to anger management class hosted by none other than Jack Nicholson. If you can imagine America's day tell us who are behind me, an executive assistant at a major products company date want you to tell us what you do. I want to tell us who you are, pretty good guy.

I think tests on occasion also not you.

Steve just tell us who you are, maybe you could give me an example of what a good answer when you say you alluded tell you you are now nice easy-going man I feel indecisive at times describing your personality to know who you are, say sorry I just question. I think getting. I think you get the picture. Jim, I that question.

Do you think really Jim that a lot of people, when asked that question would actually know how to answer who are almost every male at least as good. Ask answer exactly like Adam did what I do now for me that would be an identity crisis because of my 62 years. I probably had 40 different jobs that I did.

People usually think I'm lying by the time identify all the different things I've done in my life that isn't who we are and there's a fascinating thing that we have discovered, those of us who were with master and journey.

We do these boot camps which we have one coming up in a shameful plug chain was April 6 through the ninth right and by all means go masculine and register, but at these boot camps. We have a particular talk, which I dearly love called the new name and in the new name. Talk it set up and we discussed this whole identity of identity and then the men go out what we call a covetous silence where they go on out and asked Jesus what do you call me right so it's a fascinating thing to discover and almost every time I've infect every single time I've ever heard a man tell me that he'd leave, he heard something from Jesus. The next words out of his mouth almost everything at times, but I don't think so.

That will happen.

I know I know what I was that way the first time I went out I was a I didn't think much about it.

I heard were warrior now that that's not me I'm among the most.

Also, guys. You never ever meet in little I know I be in the midst of many battles over the next few he missed some for basically the very future of my life and Jim the second name that you heard of that, another later boot camp. You her beloved son tell our Westerners what would happen with that. That was a wonderful weekend but I went when I heard that it reminded me of the movie. Well, what good Will hunting where he's saying well it's not your fault. Well, I was my response to God was one know that the know is that it and I know that and then ultimately after trying to yeah that's obviously I'm your beloved son it's saying Ken and it blew me away was reduced to tears a little more amazing things to me was, I've never heard anybody share that name before. But at that boot camp there were at least three maybe four or five people that heard the same thing and that's that's one of the cool things I remember the first time I heard my name from the Lord. I was actually on my way back from a boot camp. I was praying you know I was coming back to actually do a Christian cargo shown I was like Lord what he call me when you call me and he said faithful. I went all come on, let's have a good old dog or some I will be old faithful you know I like old yeller. What's up with that. It just didn't sound like me in and so then I actually having been through some other boot camps went well, let me think about this.

If if my name is faithful, then Satan's been drunk trying to attack that ever since I was born and how would I attack faithful if I was going.

If I were Satan, and in the word came the trail and all the sudden the events of my life started unfold in front of me and I went this faithful word. This may be this may be something that the that's worth discussing.

Well, Lewis Carroll wrote the book Alice in Wonderland and you may not know it but he was big time Christian and sort of in the group with CS Lewis and in those guys and talk and I mostly know that these amazing authors that wrote inside their stories. This unbelievable Christian message. Well, Alice in Alice in Wonderland, especially in this Disney rendition that came out later is really dealing with this issue and nurses caterpillar in the movie by the name of Absalom in the movie I think is called who can the book but nonetheless he's a caterpillar and he likes to blow smoke and he's trying to show her that she doesn't know who she is.

Her identity has been robbed and they didn't even get her so security number, but it seems that it's worth because poor Alice doesn't know who she is.

Says yes Alice when I see her you Alice. That's what happens when you we maybe name is Alice, the button Absalom I'm Absalom. The question is, we soon see this you will stupider unravel the cook and since today is the friend who had just been the day you stay together looking at me, so no other source can kill example, the date, no, all right. Well, there you can see that Alice which by the way, that's absolutely amazing if you look at it from this whole standpoint of identity and the sea. You know, kind of a Christian underlying current that's going on here in the fact that somebody's taken her identity. She's she's a victim of identity theft and now Jim. She is beginning to wonder and everybody's wondering is this the right Alice I agree and mean. I think what you believe or not we all can get that way do we ask ourselves it out. Is this who we are. This will all we are and we need boot camp that now. I went in and like you it all.

Kenny came together of you know God tries the art. Satan tries take us out the enemy first take us out and brings up all these things in her mind that's to pull us away for me. You know the warrior me.

The enemy Tell me you don't count, you know, in the break when we come back and that it's a creek and then set that song up this oncoming outbreak is a contemporary Christian music so you guys will recognize it this little more explicit alert because they'll tell you try to steal some yeah it's your identity. Protect yourself from identity theft and listen to the next thing the messenger name has been draining you can protect your identity by coming April 6 to the ninth. Register now masculine turning you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6 through the nine listen to what Frank showed me only $169.05 payments of $33 and turning Mr. today is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that it was on this information that where you can click button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 yes yes identity theft it's going on all over the place and its actually way worse than your current that's way worse than your credit score is still your future is worse than your tax return coming up is trying to steal your actual identity and and Jim this is a critical thing that the how do we operate. When we don't even know we are we don't not know who we are takes away any power that we received from God. We have always considered myself. My worst enemy and that's been one of those self-fulfilling prophecies because I didn't know who I was. Yeah. And the interesting thing is that in many of our cases. I would, I would guess in my own case that many members of my family know if they were to be forgot that your who is your dad. They would be able to describe that individual even better than ourselves because part of the problem with her identity as we never realized we have an enemy right right well and here's the thing. Enemies trying to steal them from you, convince you that your something that you're not euro for us to be fulfilled to become all that God has created us to be, we have to know who we are if we don't know who we are or we demise. You know well, I can't do that are you know in.

That's what the enemy wants a deal he wants to stick something your head gets eaten.

Make the agreement. The agreement that hey you know what the enemies right. I can't do that now you imagine if you know somebody was constantly whispering and talk crazier you can't play football. I bet they did not getting city can make a pass on Betty's but I'm hoping it'll happen a lot here about you know I like to talk you know every week. I'm so blessed beyond blessed to host kingdom pursuits and you know one of the ways that I hope you get from the show that you can find out who you are, the way to get your identity back. No one 800-number, but it's better than that. The person that actually know who's who you are is the one who designed you, and through communication with him and through prayer, through times of silence and understanding of of going there.

He begins to lay out for you and adventure, not necessarily who you are, but through that adventure through the story you begin to understand who it was that you make because you know he sends people when I hear this all the time when I felt God asked me to write a book. I felt God asked me to start this ministry to homeless people are felt God asked me to ignite again as I'm doing kingdom pursuits and I say how does God take your passion and use it to build the pink kingdom. And each time while the goddess takes me on this phenomenal adventure that I had no idea but as they went along in the adventure. He's teaching them all along the way. Jim and I bet in your ministry there at the bridge you see the same thing I do that it really is a matter of so many people think they're one thing and you put it out for the break.

They think they're one thing, and are not.

They also your friends can give you a better idea of who you are that you have yourself, but our identity is in Jesus Christ our creator.

As you pointed out, and it is a interesting thing that we often don't want to claim who we are even knowing we are now working to rejoin Alice and we can take out a bit of a trip here because she went on a bit of a trip. In fact sort of adventure.

When you say yes yes yes I would. And interestingly kind of her version of the Holy Spirit happens to be the smoke coming her way of the Absalom and he is like her and her comforter in a funny sort of way. He calls her stupid girl teacher comforter and he's going to help her with some things as far as discovering her identity but a lot of it is coming through the adventure that she is living in Wonderland there with the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat always people as much of the picture that Lewis Carroll created these phenomenal characters that have very clear identity. I bet you could listing right now you can tell me all about a Cheshire cat or you could tell me all about a Mad Hatter or you know of Queen of hearts often visit you got all that those characters are very, very well done is have a very clear identity, but the one that doesn't have so much with clear identity is the one is got a face the Jabberwocky and so she's got Absalom along the way. Now, about halfway through this clip so you'll hear it. She'll say Absalom are you hanging upside down and again you can't see it but I'm a tell you that Absalom, being a caterpillar that he is now going into his cocooning face. Now you may picture the Christian imagery here. You may picture it in her name is Kingsley. You may picture a lot of things that are coming at you but listen carefully to the word funny interesting Robbie that the person centered story doesn't know who she is. That's often might not send you a note on this now is just slow turns stupid still another six. The cool thing is that I would just spoiler alert tell you that Absalom goes into the next movie, which is also worth watching Alice through the looking glass where he is actually butterfly again. We get the picture, but I want to go to a couple ideas that are clear in this clip that I think are significant to our discovery of our identity and recovering ourselves from identity theft is a big moment in the movie is for her to say that she is the daughter of the king.

Kingsley part of her identity is his daughter, she is right.

You absolutely listening to backlit but I haven't seen the movie but I got Jill box with that connection. Her father travel halfway around the world.

Our father created the world universe and all that's in it, and being claiming that position as his son, his daughter means everything and nothing would stop him and she said being her daughter then there's this whole idea. Jim of the dream right.

This is in the dream.

Is it I'm not now now now moving down the rabbit hole but it is not the blue pill. Jabberwocky is really me yes yes you now and the enemy is real enemy is there anything your head and that's is not you talking to yourself.

The enemy is there fee due full of lies and then the really cool thing that Lewis Carroll brought out in the use it in other things that I don't think Jim is aware of it is this idea of the verbal sort and and I love the line. I mean, it really intrigues me what it says it knows what it wants and here's a picture that again Paul gave us in Ephesians 6 of the former of the sort of spirit. And here we have a sort that if we can hang on to the Scriptures, staying on and that's not easy. Sometimes it knows what it wants and it can slay the Jabberwocky tenant not Jim got absolutely God's Word will not return void and it's it's it's a phenomenal picture that is here in this movie and as well as in the story of Alice in Wonderland of one of the secrets to not getting your identity theft stolen is to remain with that verbal sort in your and in the armor of God. The sword is the only offensive weapon.

The rest is defense. So we are not able to go on the offensive against the enemy without the word of God. And clearly, Jesus showed us that his temptation in the desert but I do have a friend would argue with you on that point that he says can be at office now.

Now you can argue here. He says and pray in the spirit at all times. Because prayer is not offensive weapon that is really at our disposal, especially in this identity thing and so if there's one place I would love for y'all to land and listening to our show today in Jim's case in Jim's case in Jim's case is not that you made Jim's case and in Robbie's case are the clearest clues to identity came through prayer. Yes, I guess we all are, study, study the word of God. We all love that we all hold the verbal sort but that idea of prayer is a is a place but it comes at being quiet and being still and not so much talking, but a whole lot of listing right. Jim absolutely will just something that yesterday was said to me by very dear beloved Christian friend is I wanted to help because he's a terrible place.

I said what can I do and he said, rightly so, all that she could do for me right now is crying and that is a powerful right. Jesus knows who you are teenage and he has some answers for you. Ask them and then you gotta be still, and then comes. Let me see if I can believe that. How is that men attacked. How can I isolate that those are available to you in ways that can happen is to come to the Boot Camp. It's a process in my talk into it. We would love to have you there is so much fun but you gotta go. It's your step. Or maybe you can help your husband out showing his masculine don't register today

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