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Pride; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 11, 2017 12:30 pm

Pride; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is a great adventure. But why doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey. Well we have a show I think that to dinner, maybe you might poke a few if it's like me and others a few sore places in here that it might get out but Sam is your topic you came up with it and then while Robbie, I have to go to the beach. You know, one of those things will work work is good to have you back. We been missing you.

And in this this subject. It's it it's one of those places that just really is. It's hard to deal with sometimes one of those things that you understand the word talk about pride positive and negative there so many times in different than what we think it's got a lot of faces pride does you know, in some ways it's the basis of almost all sin we find ourselves in this place all the time but so it is kind of fun to come up with clips of pride, because believe me, there's probably more clips on pride than almost anything else that you could get, but Sam you're thinking that back to the future was away and open us up in favor by probably should be by now, but there were three different one of those movies made, and each one comes up where he has an issue and glycol chicken like this alter ego takes over and list a little bit about that we tried to play the clip a few times I tried to create something I call it the masculine journey wrapped it back. In fact, nobody calls me a chicken wrap and we think that possibly Taco Bell or somebody's got to pick it up Sam right after this, but nobody calls me chicken wrap.

Cost me like a tree, so love that this rock, but really they really know it's only actually one minute and four seconds even to the actual completely actual words, only a minute 62nd later wrapping my words exactly why I personally have a great compliment.

It it allocates it. It was, it allocates and all the same sand.

Whatever you name it illustrates a control issue in your allowing somebody else to essentially control that is something that is really a major portion is markedly controlled, even by God. That's why we, referred to as being the source of all slim and I know better than God. I know better than you. I voted for the right person. You're an idiot. Sam, I gotta confess that you know it when I became aware of this problem, but that what you allow people to do something that whenever they say a certain thing is said to you that it will flip a switch and you cannot go party may rely on somebody used to be for me. Believe it or not you make.

You may know, if you listen to me a lot that I was used to be in the car business for a lot of years and I was a car salesman for a lot of years and if you wanted me to go Marty McFly on the are you to do is call me a liar I mean to me that you made a lot of people say I did this to herself whatever but I there were a couple times were customer would say we are lying and you nothing but a liar and I would go literally monument and it was that appointive of pride and Ms. Todd would say, Sam, and others. Obviously something or you need to check on the and and somebody's poking on something that God would really like to get your attention with an even Marty had to deal with it. You used to be my word was applied. Looking back at it. I think I was based upon what others saw my character you know that's where my pride that I lied would make me very angry. From the standpoint of all know I didn't lie yet. I knew internally locked the time I'm the best guy get a good character, but we don't always make great that there is probably something there is a God what's what's going on there. Why an issue for me. Why is it bring the emotions anger something for my past is some pressure and feeling the present really got. I need you to unpack that security underneath all that and am wondering we have Andy with us today on the show and he was there something that somebody said over the years that just make you go McFly yesterday, know that it is really easy just guys talk, you know, everybody's got there buttons liar maybe one minus I'm in a technical field and I'm always always had to defend my position.

Make sure that you know my area was covered.

We have done things right or yet you get in a disagreement with somebody over who was right about approach about some and a lot of times I just thought it was part of the part of the game part of the profession, but really it is a it's a matter pride of wanting to be right.

I've heard that from a relationship since staff is you want to be right and and that is it.

And I think it comes from some insecurities from things that happened over the past and you just want to defend and define security, I guess, and that to be right and there's a lot of times I am right but a lot of times I've heard I heard a statement one, some, I wasn't a Christian figure.

Anything he says that you have the right to have a yeah but two options you can be rightly can be powerful is a pretty profound statement when I heard some underneath that and Jim, how about you reserve the gentle giant. I'm wondering is there something that you would cause the big guy to go McFly mom was in a very controlled setting.

I couldn't go. Why a clinical pastoral education, training course that I was being a good Christian and just talking about how terrible I was reading the Bible like I ought to how I didn't pray as much as I should just that I just have all these problems I need to be better this guy who I felt was an American jerk looked over at me and pushed my big button you know your arrogant and I went immediately and I went immediately from the humble, loving, sand Christian playing in that moment, and with my head and setting a bit different. I might go across the table, but again it's he was one of more arrogant people my opinion that I knew but I realize you know what in the world be made by that had to get that what I just said well you are. Why do you say, and he came back with well you're sitting there saying all this stuff and what I'm hearing you say is that you know better than God.

And that's arrogant and I said I'm not saying that it will as God forgiven you say yes yes you're not forgiving yourself so what you're telling me is you know better than God, what's best for you and that really changed my life and that whole aspect. Sam, if you know better than God is a pride issue is huge place that you can almost go to any worry like manna might have enough money at the end of this month or now I wonder the Christian car guy every little noise in the car is something you know in your old red zero and I and I begin to worry and fret and why. Why do I think that God's not to come through for me when you come through so many times don't struggle with that kind of thing to not as we were talking today on the security and we talk a lot on the show about closing pride and those poses and when you catch yourself doing it is a great opportunity to do what Todd recommended years ago.

Check and you feel that emotion coming out that's inappropriate you sense wow what why am I putting on this mask, you know, it's a great time to simply pray for God what's really going on here.

Ask the Holy Spirit to come in and to begin informing you and in sometimes you'll just get a little hint of where he wants to go to get away to you. Time next morning, whatever. To begin to write down in your journal know what was this about you not to let me off the hook.

You are you got you really and things like that.

Keep occurring in your life until you get your attention. Sometimes I can be a better Christian sense since Sam is not here is to shut down menus and have him come back after all these words only get lines on this world's longest bump in this coming are you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6 through the nine listen to what Frank only hundred and $69.05 payments of $33 and 30 stir today is the same mask I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at.

It was on this information that where you can click the button, thinking it masculine once again, PO Box 550 272850 Sam Rd. this is how minute is to every learning opportunity. You know that I've messed along the way a lot of pride in one way or another that it is such a barrier so many different things and we did the show last week on set taming the savage conscience which Jim made mention of that we find it difficult to forgive ourselves, but pride as an issue in all forgiveness and I really feel like Jesus gave us a real edge on it with putting in the Lord's prayer that we are to forgive others as we that's, you know, forgive them their trespasses, as we been trespassed.

How that goes. My brain just is not functional but anyway, forgive us our sins as we forgive you go.

That's it.

Anyway, you know what I'm saying but when I begin to look at when I'm asking God for all these things that I want to be forgiven from it's a lot easier to think how this other person I really am holding this ax to grind or whatever. I bet they haven't done half the stuff I've done. I mean what's what in my thinking. And so it's really helpful to look at our own situation in our own standing and righteousness, or lack thereof in the position of forgiving others, but also in forgiving ourselves now. I say all that to set up another clip which is from a movie we use never used this particular clip up. We've used lots of clips from the movie Les Miserables. We've never used this clip, set it up a bit because those who had not seen this particular version of the movie. It's a little different that John Valjean is the mayor of this town and and have hair that I sent you LaPierre is right now.

He's the policeman and certainly you know the bad guy in the movie have you, but he has what he believed discovered that John Valjean was this conflict that he put in prison.

Then he violated his parole, but the mayor is going by another name.

At this point in time and so the policeman thinks that he found the real John Bell John when in fact he hasn't. And so when he's going to John Valjean a minute to say I slandered you.

In fact, he had not slandered him as far as being a competent and so John Valjean is in a position of trying to help forgive himself. It is, it's a great line but the point is that the man has not done what it is that he's accusing himself of, but because to follow through on where the movie goes because heavy here because this man is so much by the letter, he has to go by the law. But you know it's this is not a grace person. This is a person that you have to live by letter when he had the judge himself eventually takes his own life because he figures that's the only way to meet his own standard problem is they for his own sin is not there so is the listener. This clip get a sense actually was a bit of humor from my standpoint is poured.

John Val Tom finds himself in a position I was somebody that can't forgive himself. So now you don't think since I was always my eyes must've been out of my mind to think that a great man like you.

This makes the post office tends to be 1/2 which you can't understand the charges counsel has broken Perot calls for life in prison. When is tomorrow along with the text no more than an afternoon. The evidence is overwhelming. I returned immediately so you could dismiss me and pressed charges for sound system you are exaggerated your exaggerated. I resent I changed everything must be meaningless by me you miss you I order you to forgive yourself perfect it's it's a almost hilarious point of view. When you think of I order you to forgive but you know how many times in your own world. I'm asking all of this be included. By all means me is the number one player in this how many times that I knew something in my mind and they could order me all day long to forgive somebody, but in my heart I can't get it out in the issue dominantly with the two much private rights and times for a lot of us like their Valley. There you do in your life may not be talking about the enemy tells you forgive yourself, or you eat it or you should really forgive yourself any buy-in that is why I can't forgive myself.

You have got to determine the best thing I order you to forget keeping away from the things God wants to do on your life you know whether that relationship.

A deeper relationship always just healing, restoration that all I and if you ever have a situation. Maybe her parents did to you when they said you will shake hands and make you will forgive your brother answer I got a timer to yeah absolutely an end to Sam's point and I was thinking the same thing that I think about it. God really does order us to forgive ourselves the many tells us to forgive. Forgive others as we forgive ourselves a lesson order right there and a lot of times we don't we don't follow through on that command and because our pride. Once the student to me were doing our pin like by not billing that you know you know it. Anything from not forgiving ourselves, but also those things difficult is going the pride that will gets in the way of when we go to confess what you have done something wrong and that we don't want to admit that to another.

That's another that we were talking earlier pride is manifested in so many different ways under the covers. You have to really dig it out to see how it comes out because it's not all the same. This becomes about so many different ways.

Jim and you are you is it effective for you to just tell yourself to forget well-being. As I pointed out to you when we were talking about the subject so extremely humble and such a spiritual giant that I don't struggle but the ultimately most of the time when I am not forgiving myself or others. It's a matter of being oblivious to the need and not saying I don't see prided myself, but it's their big time, and when it was pointed out the overreaction to the stimulus is a pretty good indication there's something there so I have this one of my big points of pride which you are talking came to me is that the surest way to get me to try to do something is tell me I can't do it if I know I can.

And it's not morally wrong, and you tell me I can't do it. Watch we learned some here Sam works so Sam that that's not such a difficult that 18 inches whatever they call that from your head to your heart you know you know you know sometimes you make up that distance down the pride and invite God into it's not something you didn't. The great thing right in there certain things that this does work, but think that this will not work for you know not where you're calling me in this situation that's not my role here is to let down this pride and say I need you here to help me take this to that next it's my turn to Moses because God said that he was an online what that that happened, how did he get there and I think it was 40 years what it will take 40 years of election of the machine and saying you know what is it about me you know but yet still there at the you know he banged his stick against a rock. In the end and offer going him so you know it's a bit of a challenge.

It's a God sized challenge and that that is where I kind of land on the subject without God. I seems like the Holy Spirit told me to say hi God let's you and I talked there's a problem and eventually even Marty McFly. You want the last scene of the last movie he backs off on the calling chicken because of something he realized that he didn't think anybody was not first proved that an amazing way.

Thank you for listing the show this week we got more coming next week of boot camp April 6. Come join us

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