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What the President said......

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 4, 2017 12:30 pm

What the President said......

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man his wife doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We are very glad you're with the alien and on the line. We have smites with us remotely and here either.

I will get a good to hear your voice and good get the right phone number I gave you the wrong phone number earlier which we will really talk about with so much different place and what you'd expect. It's what is can leave it at that. But when the goatee pretty quickly because it was your idea for the topic tonight or today we have in studios. Jim Jim and me and Hernandez on the line. Robby is at NRB convention should be wrapping up or just wrapped up and so he should be back with us next week, but Andy when you talk a little bit about the topic and how you came to to choose that for this week last week I bought a day early off that day but with getting ready part of American like the work. I didn't even get to get while I was there on the wall like they were wrote about what bottle that I don't like wow really going to pop so want to hear one of one really grabbing on you this from Teddy Roosevelt, the UK, I want to be brave and mainly also one of the general intent be practical or will it in your ideal here.

I start beat on the ground.

Artwork ever all polite character in the long run bike back. The life of an individual life. You know that you get a chance to look that up. But it was really profoundly during one of one of the door being bothered by God really date your boyhood days were your gaming or play cowboy date, learning to learning your way around you calendar and boy are they which is obviously whenever your learn your current growth that you learn how to fight battles within the lover where your you know where you're really learning to love both beauty and in herself and God about the court but I got got out Avenue even made me think about what really went bad and that betting and I think we have a couple clipper that but it all got came together with Pres. day I got that were mildly bright and propelled me to look up some some quotes from different presidents and talk about that today and obviously we always when a grandness in Scripture and in a lot of our presence and in history were really very faithful men. Scripture and I know that there's a lot of conversation around presidencies days and like to say that the controversy started within the last few presidencies, but honestly, it's been going back well in the 30 years hasn't Jim Vallance. It's really been since the beginning. Absolutely most folks love George Washington had this to track I was you had gun fire duels and things in the early presidencies so there was a lot of conflict there always is with struggle and thank goodness it wasn't social media really. I'm taken some quotes which will go to him a little bit. I didn't choose anything in the last 30 years, intentionally, is really when you start to think back around George Senior around that time. From then on he started feels a lot more recent even though there were some great notes from all those presidents along the way, is also a lot of passion in the more removed we get the more we can kinda look back and say even though that person may not have had the best things that they did all the time at which is all this they really had some good advice along the way and so really get to the clip right away, out of the movie night at the Museum because you cannot have any of these are great clips in effect, you can't have anything about Teddy Roosevelt without thinking of Robin Williams because he played that really well and in this first clip you have Larry, who is played by Ben Stiller who is the watchman in his kinda locked behind the bars and calls for Robin Williams character who is Teddy and if you haven't seen the movie. It's a museum. These people are made out of wax but come to life after dark. And so want to hear this exchange between Robin Williams who is Teddy Roosevelt's character and Larry is been Stiller's the night watchman service man this is your moment please please you okay now the president of United States actually never did any of those things. Roosevelt did was make the manikin factory in Poughkeepsie and Charleroi beast is a beautiful woman I love you finish the job. This time can't quit what you mean that you and I talked little bit about this before the show. Why did I could really speak to you and what was the part of that advice.

He went on wow that is really good. Larry didn't leave and whack that exactly what Mel have a full alert here, but go on. Great about that.

He if you haven't seen night it's Museum has been three of them.

It's been a few years you have the chance to catch up. I'm sure TBS one of those about 100,000 times.

At this point, but it is. It's one of those movies that Jimmy talked about really kind of silly, but has some profound statements and it is in a big part of Robin Williams performance. It's really doing an excellent job of showing the character Eddie Roosevelt's, lettuce and Presidents' Day a little light and then program here and I lovely said what are you made of times in Jim your little older than me just a few years back and I'm not going to be hard time like I give Robby or Vinnie when he's here you're just a few years older than me but aren't there lots of times in life we have to ask yourself that question that that we find ourselves in a position where you have to say God. One of my really made of here what I want to have what it takes to to get through this. That is a pivotal question in each of our lives that it comes in lots of different ways and this this depiction very right in, but he has to do what is on his plate and accomplish and none of us have the same challenge we have similar ones, but every one of the struggles with the do I have what it takes. Question and we take it to the beauty and were trouble. We take it to friends, work will the only place we get an answer to Landis taking God.

Absolutely it it doesn't quit coming. I used to think it if you guys can laugh and Indiana. Your kind of price baseness now that your thinking.

When the kids are little, well, you know once I get out the house. Things are going to get easier, but you start to learn.

I don't know that I have what it takes to have a daughter that's 30 and the giver at high-speed because she's a different stage or free now a daughter that's gonna have a baby you know and I don't know that means to be a grandpa in on it and soon and you're getting to the same stage where you don't get to have the kingdom anymore, but you're the one that those that are in that stage come to help them get some answers before we headed to the break. We also have a lot of different potential likely to pick a quote from Pres. can read it and will start to talk about it as we had in the break out the first one that hit me just based on what you're saying that it's the journey is Eisenhower's accomplishment will prove to be a journey not a destination, and so much of our lives were saying well if I just achieve this goal on their lap.

That's never our ultimate place to get to the goal. It's the journey in getting there and then going beyond that echoes our faith walk absolutely you that you week. It is a journey that guides after it. It's the relational aspect we were born into relationship born of relationship and so it's that journey that God really strives for.

I know that there's a lot of times people asking God what what your plan for me and I know that God in Scripture did have plans for people with and every one of those times. It was about walking with him on the journey wasn't. It was it's always an invitation to join him and the journey that he wants to take with you and we always have the ability say no I'm not going there but if we are willing to take that walk. It's a great adventure terrifying at times but he will always bring you through whatever your journey is going to become with the piece and the joy of knowing you been on that journey with your father and keeps us from being swallowed by fish that you are ill get you out of that mess and the long wait. Have you come to learn that as well that it is the journey that God's really after that, you know you taken a job change or recently made a move up to the mountains, but is it the destination is at the journey to God's really after any relationship will mark show last week but it what you are achieving where you really and changing job which is really challenging a lot of different areas that I had on in my career.

Both of those were really about the journey we come back really going to break are you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6 through the nine listen to what Frank God only $169.05 payments of $33 and journey stir today. Welcome back, masculine journey as we left were talking to EMD about this transition and he's been doing the journey with God and before we get to that. Anyone come back to you here in just a second. We had seven pages and think it is a quotes Jim and we wanted to we have enough to talk about and were halfway through the show to talk about two different presidential quote. While there's one that the journey sorta lends itself especially if you change a slight word but George Washington said the harder the conflict, the greater the trial and so much of my journey has been seeking the easy way to go but the real test. Do I have what it takes is, and the hardest places and God's comfort with most times it's interesting to see if we just take a word in part of a great quote like that you change it slightly brings on such a deeper meaning nothing went deep at the time, but how are you had a quote that you wanted to talk about. We don't get often talk to Howard Howard, welcome to the show in later part of it every week. Thank you sir. It was a quote that stood out to you that you felt like you should really just change a word and really challenge us is as Christian. Well, I've always remembered something that Pres. John F. Kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country but I, tweaked it a little bit. Changing the end to what can you do for your fellow man and absolutely and I just thought that was special because we so often are so concerned about what everybody can do for us and I think if we sometimes take a little bit of time to think about what can I do for somebody else.

They may be any environment that there we don't necessarily support but yet Jesus hung around people that worked the best of the best.

Let's take stacks in the other knuckleheads this like we trusted a big part of that intent to go on all of Christianity to continue with those people in the only day to get back to thank you heartily to get back to our our friend Teddy Howard is a said you know what you can do for someone else and that's an important thing to focus on others is as Jesus calls us to love others, but want to get back to where Teddy is really helping Larry and in this next. It's a time where he helps them see that next step is where it got and you know live the journey back to ease at a new place and what's happening is Larry son Nick it is nagging me to go out on his own.

He's been regime is time single dad and he really doesn't know my life.

I suspect has to offer him the Teddy leasing was some advice and a little bit of a scare on wax. She's probably somehow I know young Nick will do great things.

He said ready to come by himself. You've done your job's time for your next adventure. Tomorrow, how exciting will, Lawrence's Robin Williams turns back to wax the last time and he to be a spoiler, but there's so much good in the movie and and he helps Larry along a pivotal time in general and interesting thing he says is is.

He says I don't know what's next. He said will basically good for you How Exciting That Is, If You Are Taking That Journey with God and What's Next. God, It Will Be an Exciting Adventure. But If We Are Protecting Ourselves. We Miss out on Life.

We Do to Get a Quote That I Had Here from the President.

It's Not Really but Let's Just Read the Quote Will Talk about It. This Is a Quote. It's As a Man Is Not Finished. He's Defeated Is Finished.

When He Quit before I Tell You Said That That's That's a Great Sound Piece of Advice Is Absolutely to Keep Pushing through Not the First Time That We We Get Set Back with the Keep Trying to Get through to You Don't Lose It That You Quit Is a Concept We All Need to Recognize Was a James Wrote about Perseverance. Yes Yes so That That's Inkwell in the Webmail.

Yeah Yeah All the Good. How Does Character and in the Person That Wrote This in Such Sound Advice Was Richard Nixon Who Actually Did Both Have It Invaded Quickly. It Doesn't Keep Even Though Nixon Probably Had Some Great Things in His Administration. Some Things at Once a Positive and We Could Say That about Every President and That's We Talked about Earlier and Is Looking for the Good That They Have To Offer in the Wisdom That Can Come That Often Will Lead Us Back to God. If We Let It Run at One of the Great Things Nixon Did Was Sign My Eagle Scout Certificate. I'm Sure It Was Stamped but It Was an Event That While the Quote Cells Looking at Is Much the Same Thing John Quincy Adams Is Probably One of the Greatest Presidents We've Ever Had That Nobody Knows about but He Said Try and Fail but Don't Fail to Try and That's the Going out into the Adventure. The Next Day.

Don't Be Afraid of the Outcome As Long As Your Moving Forward. Be All Right in the Records You Write Absolute Regimens Quote Here Where They Really Do Reflect the Word of God, or That They Bring Us Back Together As One from George Washington. Look up Here in a Minute and Then There's One from Ronald Reagan Here That Says List, Simply, Love Generously.

Care Deeply.

Speak Kindly and Leave the Rest to God. A Man and Would Just Be Something If We Could Go Do That If We Could Live Simply, We Could Love Generously. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly Then Know That God Has Everything Else in the I Don't Think You Have Any of These with You Because You Know You're in Your Car Talk into This and Appreciate You Pulling off to the Side of the Road. There Was a Quote in Here from George Washington. You See It. I Think It Is Is a Duty of All Nations to Acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God and Obey His Will Be Grateful for His Benefits, and Humbly to Implore His Protection and Favor.

That's Her Founding Father.

The Original One in the Center Here.

Eight. Don't Forget It's God That's Right and and Humbly and There Is Critical That's Every Person Were Quoting Here Is a Present That's a Hard Place to Be Humble but and I Might Have To Struggle to Find This like It Was Lincoln That Said That Nearly All Men Can Stand Adversity, but If You Want to Test a Man's Character, Give Him Power and If We Have Power and There's the Old Quote of Senate President around Longer.

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Means That This Is True, What We Do with It When We Have Power over Someone Shows Our Character. I Would Love to Almost at Back to a Simpler Time When There Wasn't so Much Media Attention. Notice How You Feel about Meeting of the Sewer in Media and Talk about What I Mean. The Over-The-Top Media Attention That That's in the World Today.

You Know Where People Can't Really Do Anything It Regardless If You Are an Athlete, a Celebrity Those Days of Old, You Know Where They Talk about.

Look at All the Bad Things Athletes Are Doing Today Will Read about Babe Ruth Yard Ty Cobb Was Not the Nicest I out in the Earth.

You Know That There Just Wasn't That Media out There, and so We Can Remember Those Things of Yesteryear More Kindly Enter the George Washington Had His Things. It Wasn't As Popular As We Talked about Earlier in the Show, but He Was a Founding Father. That Said, Hey, Don't Forget God Is like Dominant of These Quotes Big Time, but Another One That Applies Well Here Is Eisenhower. I like Ike. Nobody Remembers I Barely Did What He Says Never Question Another Man's Motive Is Wisdom. Yes, but Not His Motives and That's What We've Gotten to That Is Causing A Lot Of This Person Is out to Get Us Whichever Side You're on. Some Folks Were Saying It Two Years Ago.

Other Folks Are Saying It Now. That's Not the Case We Shouldn't Question Their Motives, We Should Question Wisdom Is Okay, but until You See a Person's True Character. It Really Is Not Our Place to Judge Ultimately Is Not Our Place of His in the Next Quote Is Can I Come from a Present That's from the Carolinas and Depends on Here Asking You Whether It's North Carolina or South Carolina.

It Was Your Looking at the Both Claiming Now We Both Claiming a Was Born in Rexall, Which Is on the Line Got People so Yeah It's Andrew Jackson and He Said Any Man Worth His Salt Will Stick up for What He Believes Is Right, but It Takes a Slightly Better Man to Acknowledge Instantly and without Reservation That He Is in Error. I Think That Is a Measurement of a Great Man Is Not Just to Stand up for His Beliefs and Is a Great Man. It Takes at the Specialties That but to Acknowledge When He's in Error, Not When He's Caught Instantly When He Recognizes It and Fully Say That Was Me. I Made a Bad Decision.

There When There's Something in That Humbleness You Talked about Earlier That You Would Love to See from the People That We Look to Our Leaders and the Leaders, Whether It's at Her Work. Whether It's at Our Our Homes, Whatever That Looks like They Would Have That Humbleness. There Do a Plug Here Allow That Where at the Bridge. We Are Currently Doing a Staff Study of John Maxwell's Book the 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader and I Wasn't Excited about It. I Don't Expect to Be Much of a Leader Much Longer in My Life, but It Has Been an Exciting Book Because It's Pointing to the Things Are Important Integrity. Making Sure Other People Are under Your Control or Your Spear Are Successful Is about What God Tells Us We Go Serving Others and Serving Herself and I Leave This in the One Last Quote before We Wrap up John Quincy Adams. If Your Actions Inspire Others to Dream More.

To Learn More to Do More and Become More You Are a Leader We Would Talk about Presents Today, but Would like to That Ultimate Leader Leader Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Listener Heart for Heavenly Father We Can Learn More about Him to Come to Boot Camp. That's a Shameless Plug.

The 69th Musky Generator That Orgy Masculine Journey Radio Show Comes to You Weekly on the Truth Because of Your Faithful Prayer and Gifts Their Addresses. Masculine Journey Radio, PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 or Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the Truth Network

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