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Spring 2017 Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 10, 2017 11:38 am

Spring 2017 Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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As I good afternoon ladies and hope you're having a great weekend. Howard Moriah, I am here in the cockpit, filling in for our announcers who normally host a show that would of course be salmon run I am and Robby and we got Jim on hand to make sure that I do things okay and weary are knowledgeable. We are looking forward to bringing you a live show today from the Carolina Bible.

It's our spring boot camp for masculine journey and it's the 14th that we've held here in the Triad area, so we are extremely happy to be here and what were going to be doing today is a little different word and will be talking to some of our boot campers and get a little insight into what they are getting out of attending in young, what brought them here so without any further ado, don't ask me to spell that word.

I've always wanted to say on the radio so I it's great to be here with everybody and were going to start out with Sean and Sean how you doing today I'm doing great okay wonderful great. So how many boot camps if you attend this is my first one first 1 to 10 okay well we're going were going to go right to it.

Why are you here thing is right here by my God is been a lot of things in in my life.

My history and bring it up to this. I have known about the boot camp for about a year now. When I started working for the new. The company I work with at your home and's meeting Brian and Sam as you've already introduced being the main one of this introduced me into this masculine journey and and what it's about. And I've always been looking for for something more on I've always wanted to be closer to God. Find my way and what I am on doing on this earth and what my my point being here is great. Did you have any expectations coming in are we just kind of open to anything you know I was I was open. I got a lot of questions when when I told people that I was going to be gone for a few days and they asked what is that you know I've gotten little snips and pieces of the amazing what I heard is is it's a life changer and I saw it in people's eyes, and I said I don't want that. And when people ask so warty will you doing I mean I was get my oil Michael my truck back from Timex and that one of the guys doxies I will what is it all right if I don't know I said I said I just know that it's it's supposed to be something amazing and so I just left it open and let God decide what it is it's going to be for me. Great. When I get the impression that you're going to be back. Oh yes I definitely look forward to the future boot camps and then returning if you'll have me right, I think we will.

We were very excited and glad you're here with us and I appreciate we've got about a day and 1/2 (little over you in a manner so we were looking forward to it all and you could join us appreciate okay great all right will next up we have Bill and Bill how many boot camps of you with this.

My firstborn first wind all right and did you come in with the anything special that you were looking for yeah think so. I think was his own rescue mission. Now I'm in Transformers program. Most of my life in addiction and I got mission started seeing a lot of things that God was bringing my attention just that found it really difficult and and in my past. To be honest with myself and that was the main thing is the I got Transformers programs.

I was able to dig deep and just get brutally honest with myself and when I heard about the boot camp. The first thing to come to my mind is just a chance to get away from the world just to get away from everything and everybody was maybe a distraction and just get down and then and now it was him and find out exactly what he wants me to say. Have you encountered anything that has surprised you may be based on whatever expectations you might've had yeah enjoyed so far when it was the biggest threat.

Well, the gun experience was was quite thrilled when I I've been around a little bit.

Not a whole lot that was pretty cool and that's great that you bring that up because I would imagine that a lot of people would think that this would involve just a bunch of guys reading the Bible the whole weekend, but we do a lot of different things and I think the opportunity to spend time with other men who have sometimes similar and sometimes different challenges in their lives can be a great learning experience. Have you kind of encounter that with the people that you've met yeah met the I guess what it the young guys. I have came a really surprising that geared up and is ready to do whatever God will give me a lot of encouragement. That's great. So I feel like there's something good down the road.

Even after maybe we leave so to speak. Yeah, I knew coming in in this weekend. You know that that God is been trying to give me bits and pieces of what he Scott and there is a purpose, but there's still a lot of garbage but garbage still a lot past that I got healed from long words I need to heal from little by little.

A lot of great just just what is happening while we are excited that you're here and glad that you have such a positive outlook on the weekend that hopefully will see you back here again absolutist. I deftly got okay very hard. Great. Okay. All right. Moving right along.

We have joining us now, this is Clay Clay. I'm trying to wear triangle area right. Was there anything in particular that you work. Looking forward to when you thought about coming to the boot camp. Well you know it's interesting question that you ask because how I found out about it with everything that I've been going through. I know everybody here is a bit different bit unique and everybody his own circumstances I found truth radio and the triangle area about a year and 1/2 ago and they have nothing but godly preaching and so they have this offset program called the Jesus labor of love of car request on the Christian cargo show and I filled out the information that was needed for that and brother Robby, who is here teaching in May. I just gotta say what it what a wonderful godly man he is to be able to hear the stuff that he shares make contact and I have another situation last Tuesday with my aunt in the eye, but I truly believe you not tell people that when you were going through something God's going to come talk to you and you know to also to people that you know being able to be fed and digest what is heard has meaning and purpose. Call me and now he was asking to speak to somebody else and I told him I said hey brother, this is Clay. He came right then and there within. I guess without hesitation, told me about this boot camp thing and he said would you be interested in coming in them like without hesitation within like seven seconds or so. Yeah sure, and it's open me up you know yes I'm away from you know but you have to be open to things you have to be flexible with things step outside what is needed. Have you encountered anything that surprised you cut you off guard.

Well interesting thing to me is being able to hear the men that are here. You know Pastor Mike brother Sam and brother Robby in just to hear the interesting thing that you asked it because just as of yesterday brother Sam brought up something. There's two different words that caught my attention. It's one word being authentic and the other one is posing and you know I used to be a different person years ago and I said you know I can't be person that the Lord needs me to be. If I'm going to be enough fake poser and it's open me up. Then you note to hear past Robby had to share this morning. What is been going on to make me more aware of the person I need to be and I'm really thankful for that. And honestly you're not will have to ask the question about coming back. I guess I know it's just more interesting and in in your heart when you can have godly people that are here to care about you because God cares about your Jesus. Look what he did on the cross for our sins. That's great. We are very very fortunate to have you here and hope the rest of the weekend goes as well as it seems everything has up to this point for you we we thank you for being here, very blessed and very thankful for this latest will say anybody who hears this that you've got to experience is to be able to get the digesting and the feeding that's great okay very much class or will next up we have someone here Jim that has a last name that were familiar with.

Yes, we want to delete that surprise out will let this young man introduced himself highly.

I mean Sam means son Eli Hammett. My been here two times this is my second boot camp and I'm been happy with that.

So far, so what's it like being around all all of us old guys, so to speak. I mean it's my way. Being with my friends or anything being with everyone my age is a little different because everyone else is more mature and is more wise than me so I can learn stuff better, but myself and my with people and I'm always with every day. Great. Do you find that you encounter any surprises based on what you expected. Maybe coming into different boot camps while my surprise was almost to the stuff that we talked about. I had unexpected like everything was kinda new to me that we all talked about so I thought it was very it was a good learning point and that it would be great to write something down, her keep it in my head what you think about using the movie clips likely do I like it because if you seen it any like the movie and something entertaining to you, but you can also learn something from her because there's been multiple times me and my dad have either been watching a movie or show were like oh that could be a clip and we just think it's kind of fun know inside of movies and shows the sea.

Once a clip and wants. Not now. I know that you helped your dad with one of our promos that we hear.

Have you ever had the opportunity to go to him with the suggestion that because we know that Sam needs a little guidance at times.

Sometimes like I said, I recommended clips and things like that and will ask me like what should I do for this and all finance error how you feel about this and I'll say how I feel and everything like that so Jim I would think an executive producer title would be kind of appropriate for, is not directly here all the time, but he he's in the background and makes a very big impact on the show. I think that's very well were proud to have you here and sure will see you again. Yeah, I was probably here will be great. All right well the experts we have on the show. I personally enjoyed spending time with hear the camp. Over the last few years and welcome gator gator is one of our individual who helps out with the ID3 gun experience. We held it more fun this year we thing we seem to keep stepping it up a notch every year that week and the next time we have one will have a little different experience. L. Absolutely. We really had to keep you keep it new. I have some I have some more tricks up my sleeve for different experience. There you go there you go through that that brings about a question that kind of relates to some that I've I've written down.

How do you see the gun experience being an integral part of the boot camp.

Well it's I think when you think the word but Kim you're looking for an experience. I think exposing especially all these young guys that came just real my heart to see all these young people here you get a chance to maybe guide them in her direction. You know with exposure to guns.

Everyone even if they never touched a gun never been exposed to and all of this stuff year nowadays about Christians owning guns. Well, I can you be a warrior if you don't like you have weapons. That's right right you have to be prepared. Someone breaks into your house and go to rape your wife and daughter as robot Aladdin you can't go hitting with right right you gotta stop when I took my concealed carry class. It was guided class was ex-military X patrol and he said you went with a statement disorder sticks in the back of your mind.

He said I'll let you mess with me a lot.

But if you mess with my wife or my daughter I will kill you.

I think it is clear and I think her father has in heaven has wired us in such a way that we are warriors.

He was a line of Judah. After all, I now I've got a great T-shirt.

I love it says I'm that God did not arm the archangels with weapons because you fight evil with tolerance and understanding, and sometimes you know tolerance and understanding are vital and grace is vital to the Christian walk. I think probably the most thing I get out of the gun experience is some these people have enjoyed the past we would pack that people bring their their mother shotguns and they've never fired it before.

They never understood how to clean it how to take care of it and leave. Help them through that journey to get past the stigmatism that tends to come with a lot of these things as men is that is not just that I'm as mad the things that have planned this weekend is capture the flag with an air soft gun so I guess Christians will be shooting each other. Hopefully nobody will get you willing to do back in. There's also fishing here on this weekend for the most part, this is time to get back with God a time to sit down and have a time of reflection and let God speak to us. You know it's I often have that said, you know, if our Father in heaven were to take us camping. It might look a lot like this. We know some of the movie clips that we seen seen the M1 grant the M1 carbine and you know course I was in the military and went camping in one of the experiences I went in during the Vietnam crisis unit and they told me. I remember him saying the life expectancy of an M-16 machine gun gunner was three minutes and I thought three minutes. I don't believe I won't have any part of that status in her qualifying with the M 60. I decided maybe that it would be better for me to help the guys that was next to me in their shooting abilities and to help me so I shot at their target instead of mine and course.

I put a few rounds in the top of the target somewhere so that I didn't get Gus to bed. My Sgt. would come over and say it was wrong with you.

Can you not see as it Sgt. I am shooting at the target.

I didn't tell my mom what my target.

But I did not qualify with the M-16 wishing that your service. That's what was important yeah and I was you know I was with the hundred first airborne first set of GIs they sent out there to do basic training to they were very unhappy when we got an update constantly training us, telling us where were training you as a unit were going to know as a unit.

Well now and and I did an excellent job of doing that I'm a day everybody in the company commander I had he been over there any times and so I was a for lightly. Yeah right. Well after that I got orders to go somewhere up in Missouri or somewhere and then like the next day they changed the orders in order to go to so went to Germany and a napkin. Thank you very much for your service. Thank you sir, thank you for being on task. Thank you and moving right along. We have a gentleman that has spent some time back next us on the production table as wave go help out with some of the audiovisual aspects of the show and like to welcome you all board as well. Good to hear your name is Mike Harold Harold, I was close to the same alphabet. I use: I popped as it is known that will Harold it's it's it's been a pleasure to get to know you.

We've had a couple of opportunities to talk. Is this how many times have you been to the big camping.

This is my third. This is your third has has anything involved in those three visits that may be surprised to you. Maybe you weren't expecting. Well, one of the things that Robert was talking about was the thing that we just finished up his Skype call you. What's your name this was that the first boot camp and so we were supposed to go into our cone of silence and listen for name well I did hear my mind and it was like wait a minute you know what was wrong and then the second boot camp we repeated and I heard my mind and was kind of like okay I heard my name being loyal and I was glad of that in Iraq he said he was little disappointed that he didn't have a more forceful mind and faithful. I think faithful and loyal to characteristics are worth having.

I'm happy because I have always tried to be loyal people. If I give you my word. I am going to die trying to keep it and so I felt like it was. And that's an important thing camp that would bring out his people to try and recognize the identities that they should have.

Lord, that's great right and we get another gentleman here will is running out of time here.

Unfortunately Samuel had, how do you feel your experience here.

The boot camp is been so far very blissful and delightful when I felt quiet peaceful Isis your first visitor okay. All right. Anything surprised me so far may be that you weren't expecting that you encountered the Scriptures is a more viable and eclipses dramatically often great great great plan on coming back this are outstanding outstanding place. Yes, it is the brotherhood of many brothers. Well, we we very much appreciate you coming out, spending time with us this weekend and glad you had such a good time and had back in

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