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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 15, 2017 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many question turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way one feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome messenger anywhere. Glad to have you with us. The post boot camp edition Jim and then it seems like we just left click a couple days ago in the studio today.

There is myself and Jim which is versus the other big Jim and Jim and Andy Howard's can chime in with us today our producer and maybe my sunny life I can convince him to learn to be talking about the star experiences a boot camp before you go any clips. What's because his thoughts on this last boot camp and we just had this past weekend. Any yummy thoughts on as always but It's it it's unique each time, but each time that you can tell, God touches men's hearts and with the individuals they have there will tough times in our life. You know, you could tell that God really had done something and you know it's amazing sometimes how you can take up a group of disparate guys who don't know each other roaming together new let him learn together, play together and how they come together and you become like a family and a short week or short four days. Howard, what about you what's new thoughts from the big camp initially from this last week I was just amazed at the interaction of high school students man from the rescue mission and those of us who claim to be normal that are the master posers well yeah were various degrees of normal exactly claim to be normal that I don't Jim about you that the big thing for me in our lap and are so from boot camp this last weekend we had heard from a lot of folks the first time and one of the things that impressed me was how I don't know how to couple in Colorado at least eight or nine hours. There's never been a time of bindle boot camp where I didn't have an encounter with God. Some of the more life-changing totally rerouted me. Others have just been wonderful for my father, but there's never been a time. I haven't had encounter the line unit chime in about you just not okay will try again later. Boot camp is really pretty special as well just to see, as you said the these guys and never really heard some of these things, the sea your God peel back the layers and and have them start to heal some wounds cannot come alive again. It was really special for me because at a couple people there for my work and it was nice to have those guys there, and now we have that talk about. As we see each other and reflect on and kinda does help each other along this path clip. This is one of the longer clip will play today this there's three clips and negatives depends on what you talk.

This is from city slickers and illnesses guys talking about their best day in the worst day And if we can hear any type of wound me these guys as we talked about on the radio before best day of your life. Your whole life scheduled for next seven years. Although my dad takes many first game's long dark stands holding his hand. Life was there gray green copper roof black and white TVs is the whole game next door was the worst Wednesday couple years ago Barbara find the said anything to be nothing but whole day that was holding my best is the one about Arlene and I lose my wedding outdoor wedding Arlene look great water. You guys are all smiling get married and have a real job and I remember thinking I made me stay in my life every day since his estate what is now okay 14 and my mother and father fighting.

She could. This time the girl drove by the house realized he was just cheating on my mother told said love you take care of my mother and my sister is much as I did care of my mother and my sister was your worst day and that's tough when you listen to obviously had a very tough time you were there for that is what I don't agree never used his radio before versions of this was done during the winter.

Talk and so you can help people understand what was going on. Then during that talking by this clip is an relevant link. I think we all feel like when things don't turn out the way we want to, you know that those those wounds are those things happen those things that the bad part of your life that make up like a monument in your life that you know you feel like it cannot go on from here or anything else good gives you a balance of the good and the bad and the dream, and even though one last one which kind of impact say that the best day of his life was when he ran off his dad was a worst day of his life was when it ran off his dad because it's, you know, even though he had solved the problem with his family and the way to his dad treated him is to he still lost something, and I was like me. I had I had a father, not really walk a situation where left but you know you even something that was hard hard to deal with on a daily basis whenever you lose something like that. It really impacts your life and if you watch that movie which great movie about the masculine journey is all that stuff, there's language and she would figure with Billy Crystal of your movies in that era and let you know if you if you know his story and the movie. He has lack he has hard time committing.

Is there any wonder that he has a hard time committing one that was part of his history and Jimmy you done counseling with people and often on for a long time. Have you seen how that woundedness is kind of played out in relationships. It's almost.

I don't know that I've ever had a counseling situation that didn't come out wounding whether it was father when spouse betrayed them every time somebody comes for help. It's before and after they really needed and if we could get to where we go to trusted friend, Pastor somebody, things are rough right now as opposed to the wound, but as far as a father when I don't think they're ready.

Well, there are many men that don't have series and not many women either did not carry some of that, our mother wound along the way and never been one you know initially when it was good to get married. Counseling you can eat it that everybody brings baggage and and I think you don't have the eyes to see that that we've all had wounded parts in her past because is to make an agreement along the way and that affect how we live out through that agreement, then it absolutely in our church.

We have a seven week premarital counseling course that they have to go through. I don't get married church and you times we made exceptions. Yeah, it just doesn't seem to want. You gotta get inundated with those issues that I wished I would've learned some distant stuff early in my life is great for me to have Eli there at his agent and before him Caleb is that's a lot better foundation than I ever had walking into this year's 90 I'm sure you wished you had that some of this information then yeah absolutely we are a product of what we've experienced.

I think that so people like to make it out like it's our personality. I don't believe it is much as it's what's happened to us and how we responded and how we remember those things that you know just the ones you just you never really feel like you need to do what you slapped the band. I say this all the times that we slept, the Band-Aid of salvation on the problem and we moved on and we felt like that was the noble thing to do the warrior thing to do, but it we have to get down to the wound to really be able to heal you come back we're going to actually see a warrior detachment, wounding, and see someone. It kinda calls out that in him that was on the clip to use Jim that's right, how long we have to talk about it beforehand but it is speaking to the fact that we all have a warrior and his brother's been killed. He wants revenge, but he's in no shape get that set the clip up now he meets a mentor that leads him into becoming a true warrior and a man has integrity, eat, eat, and to in our world, God sent somebody into the person's life to help them get through where they were and taken to that better place and it's great It's from the mask of Zorro want to come back and play that Howard before you get a break, wounding in boot camp is a been a big eye-opening thing for you definitely just the things we all have to live with absolutely talk about that where your heart that you have how we need to be trained up in that what it looks like we finally walked with God and of those battles were all called to do journey and you can register for the public.

If that's RDF and that's in November right now that the radio that Georgina check it out as my son Eli talked about ways you can help support really smiled at.

It was on information that where we can get PO Box 558 five you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity man that's coming up missing the wood frame only hundred and $69.05 payments of $33 and journey stir today. Journey and register today for the early now we see you guys in your gym if you don't really can a book that life gets in the way doesn't it even if you do what I know. There's lots of guys that I talked to throughout the year. That's okay. I'm going to the next one going to the next, and if you don't plan for it right. Life can happen that I had it with friends and and you really almost the best thing to do is go with sign up and pay money not his money is a big thing that at least makes you commit it as it changes how you engage in that right and and we are to have the payment structure back up there if you want to make payments over time she can break it down over a few months makes a lot easier for people and so if you have questions on that you get a website there's contact information there to get a hold of any of the guys on the team and please let masking journey radio.Margie Becker click Jim notices from the mask of Zorro and can quickly set a backup. We have Alejandro, who is Antonio Bender terrible with names but he has had his brother killed by a soldier and he was at the other with leaves, but he is bent on revenge where we pick up this clip is in a bar getting drunk and has run out of money. That's where were going and he's going to meet you so I should not take something like that for me a glass. Why not angry. No condition to get Dragon. It will will saving your life know today he's trying to go shooting to drink as my friend David and I think revenge of light just as you know, that is, assuming a video saying he was ready to must you want to kill this man.

I can help you. I can teach you how to think of particular revenge is dedication to time.

It was the clip you felt compelled to use and integrate clip for what you're talking about help talk little bit about that. We were talking about the warrior stage and opened with all men are created in God's image and God is warrior and so we are all built to be warriors, fight the good fight fight for the right. Although we often turn against others. One of the Scriptures that hit me three times. Which sort of made it clear that this is what I'm supposed to talk about was Judges 612 for the angel of the Lord appeared to him. Mrs. Gideon and said to him, the Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor and paperwork for that is more and that same Scripture is where God is described as a bowler or get game which is the plural, and that at that time Gideon is hiding in a hole in the valley to avoid being seen rushing we fully will have it stolen from an this angel of the Lord, which is stop for me. Jesus showing up before the board of Mary. During this time he is not a keyboard is anything but. And after having this amounts to a by God literally mighty man of war. The immediately starts winding a guideline which you done something I Eddie, who helped the initial stages of Gideon's growth into the becoming warrior that he was meant to be the is constantly challenging God my week we look at laying out the fleas.

That's a good thing to know it's not. We follow but God showed up just like Don Diego. This clip at the appropriate time to help him become the man he was created yeah and were all lawyers of any maybes out there saying, well now I'm I'm not really I'm's capacity for you don't know that's not my son is not that way. Look at anything that's competition. I promise you, you will see at some point that where your heart, it doesn't matter if it's checkers. I had my voice I don't check before I think definitely over other things or could be put the golf right now. Thank you thank you competitively was very good at that. You know, and so that's is something that's you know where I can go compete. I can go do this and that warrior's heart is standing up and in that's assignment training to go into. There's a lot of injustice in the world to fight and throw in another plug for going to come. We had a wonderful time on Saturday shooting each other and I was quite proud of that old man of taking out a bunch of young bucks and times myself but the being in combat, although friendly, one situation is invigorating and it does get our heart pumping physically as well as emotionally was amazing and so fun to watch and unite working to set on the bench Drive timing, but it was hilarious. You and Robby added an just guys in general you not try to get a couple pictures of the website. The one guy found an old dead Christmas tree. It was carrying it around as a shield down the Internet in the path and stop all of a sudden get tree like it was standing. It was the funniest unless you learn that you got a make rules about everything is. That was a fun time now.

Is it true that at the next boot camp were actually going to take video cameras out and I'm gonna provide play-by-play date. The yeah involve competition and then of course the disc golf yeah this is this is air soft and in your announcing would've been Robby is down again that would be just been a consistent incident that teaches Robby for not being here today is actually the truth when it was a federal record for being yeah how many times I killed the house about 12 to 15 his nose at least one yeah we at least need to sit like the nine lives were like at your downline.

Your bid Robby the first funding strategy talk about that another time another clip From glory. And this is some guys that have learned to walk with God. It is the story of the Civil War. Jim you are you familiar with that you set up and this is the 54th Massachusetts is one of the first black regiments and it was all black regiments in the North were led by white officers and this is the story of that unit I had a showed very well, but these men were most of them recently freed slaves and this clip has them around the campfire after they've been in training and they are preparing for battle to fight with the rifle in one hand and the right to own land. I made no pool. We do have a boot camp you line from the mic which is not real happy with me at the moment you have come up in November. It is on the night 12 92 the 12th and so would you recommend people come to yes it is a very amazing experience have been to one place yeah you are a school trip.

It is life-changing. It doesn't matter if you utilize a my age, Jim's age, or even Robby is a it does make a difference in your life and God steps in every time. As Jim said some special for you when you're preparing talk just your part of the crowd, whatever that is.

You always have something especially for you really think this last boot camp in the lives of change including ours masking attorney to register for the November night. Have a good day

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