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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 22, 2017 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves upgraded major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Wow it's hard to believe were almost halfway to April or past halfway through ITS yes, we are. And Sam is down at the beach. It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it but we are excited about this topic and coming off boot camp.

One of the things that we get a chance to experiences asking God what are the labels that we've been attached to us our whole lives in these labels have a significant impact on the something Sam and I builder that label got that right. That for you. Some of the questions that we ask eyes almost early on, especially in the posterior talk is you know what are some of the labels that you remember as a kid that different people or put them on. But often they had the same thing to say because they all had one mouthpiece that was essentially Satan trying to get you to buy into something that was a lie about your personality or whatever it was, well, I got on a cliff pretty quick here in and from cloudy with a chance of meatballs and you can imagine this guy struggled little April 2 especially as a kid, which is where we first get introduced to these labels. This amount might sound a bit familiar, different, something will just keep this no how it felt to me when waiting several large truths in that clip.

There are in that particular community. There are a lot of montage and once brake shoes versus not so much nowadays but here when you were a kid that they want with with what you guys where was it like Flintstones or what little kids in solids in Alabama back then didn't wear shoes and spray guns is hard to run away from your feet. Interestingly, I can relate to that clip and when I think back to the label because I guess you guys would agree on a bit different and I and I took pride like that young man did and being different and you know what they call me a retard. That was about back is a return and that It caught on so well that my fourth grade teacher called my mother and said we really need to talk but not be in a special class is my mother. My mother will relate this issue to that teacher told him I don't think Robbie will ever graduate from high school. You believe that Sam well it was. It definitely was and it was a bit of a struggle.

It made me feel like there's no sense in me trying to do anything because I'm a retard and I actually at one point in time adopted it in and you're shaking your head. You are my unit was funny because I was on the opposite in the scaling of the nerd, the geek literally I would try to, you know screwup tests just so I get worse grades, you know, so I wouldn't be one stick out like a sore thumb. But Jim Jim to Jim G. Jim Graham what Satan trying to get us to do with these labels except he wants us to buy end of the lie so that we don't recognize our true labels from God I miss with we call it an agreement, as we call it that, and share with our listeners will bit about what we how you can handle agreement how you can handle agreement breakup. Well first of all recognize where the come in from one of the labels by was the only thing because in fact I was that special kid like you to send to a psychologist in the fourth grade 5th grade because I was considered to be have a problem. I never paid attention to have mediocre grades except for science which always seemed to have a day with those cousins interested but most of the kids thought of me as a dummy and being big adds to let and I probably had a higher IQ than most of the kids in the class and that's what they found out when they tested, but he had found out that my problem wasn't that I was slow so I was bored and bought into it to a large extent and then I was really excited. So okay and so hot when in an and a lot of these labels Sam. Satan actually overplayed his hand important also recognize the true heart of that feels true is why would I not completely absurd to you. Maybe in a certain situation for me it was your never enough. You never going to be enough. Maybe in certain situations. That was true true in every situation.

When I started to buy into that label not being applied to every situation. As I looked at it, versus the say no to break the agreement with the part that's not true. It was true that day. In this particular situation is not true. All this other time you want to do want you to get in this by the whole thing hook line and sinker and step in and say no knowledge of this piece is true, but the rest of it. That's not true about me and break Jim's step and say no, this isn't always the case.

This is what's going on maybe one of the big ones we all buy into his on the center so God really can't use me not worth being his beloved child, which is the real label we have right well before we go to the Satan overplaying his hand will play another clip we have about a young man he was a baseball player and when I might when I mentioned to Jim the name of the clip was baby was thinking about a pig and Big Blue. You know, for those just think about it is you think about 3000 lines next shot. I said next son pick up a stick and I are trying to turn into lumbar great one will I'm not waiting 30 years for St. Francis Xavier to show me America I think it's just arrived since Sam that's a great clip to set up that concept of clearly Satan's overplayed his hand with this particular babe take a lot of time in early one. Always and never you always do this, you never do this. I don't know of anything that I never do. I don't know when I hear those things and I hear that combination of me for me overplaying his hand and wait a minute know that's not true. I don't always do whatever this is, never do it and so those are the key indicators for me just watching the overplayed and so one of the things I think when you go back and start the process with Jesus. I mean spend time with them. If this is really an interesting thing that often. His attacks are very calculated and they are aimed at your particular glory like in the case of Babe Ruth, who obviously could baseball like nobody you ever but I would imagine we have one person here actually saw Babe Ruth I deserve whatever I get, you know, those that were aimed directly at and how we can play so when we come back we have some really talk about more about the strategy Satan is using Windows labels on you that maybe I spending some time thinking about it. You might hundred uncover little bit of how God made and that's what we got him in upstate to get a lot more mass concerning radio, mass, country is my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support clearly smiled as he was on information that where we can get PO Box 555, Sam this November. Camp can literally change Lyman's life.

I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up to Spokane's Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days mass concerning welcome back to the radio today we are talking about labels you receive from the enemy.

Maybe there is interestingly a backside or maybe you know some of things. The thing labels are important as we tend to look at our life through a lot of different labels and right at the end of the last segment there. We are talking about how sometimes Satan replaces hand and when you look into some of those labels, you actually can find something that God's gifted you with that Satan is really trying to keep trying to get you to hide rights a lot about my career sexually doing training, teaching things along those lines, and presentations with client a lot of opportunity to be in front of people speaking, let alone the ministry stuff of the boot camps and the radio station and a big part of used to tell me. And through the mouth.

My sister primarily when you have nothing important to say. Why don't you shut up and I live that way for a long time until God broke in and said no that's not true, and came after my heart in a big way which really was very freeing for me step more into the role that I really believe he wanted me to play in designing a client understand amazing journey with him to step into that and break free from that lie.

Now we have is I promised some amazing clips and you seen the movie hacksaw bridge, you can't help but see how Satan by way of a certain sergeant and some went after Desmond Dawson's glory which the last thing in the world. You would think he was a coward, but as we set up this first clip he gets introduced to the Sgt. and Sgt. all about labels and absolutely I would worry get some of the stuff from your very strange looking individual. If you don't mind me saying so private name Andy Walker hello dense Sir people name is cool you say Walker something off in your presentation Place that your hair is wrinkle in your trousers.

Yes, of course, the knife what is your name soldier's pretty right now your name is private to know why you placed the private was next to someone who's going stretch I'm heartened by the knowledge you did not place it with the intention through the knife part Indian tribe. He belongs Polish wrong, I believe you must capture your Suwanee blood, and I shall henceforth call you chief is a sign of great respect to your people like me Moyers that your natural state. Desmond hissing stalks of corn with butter physiques make you want to pull Terry weight is make sure you keep this man away from strong winds. Sgt. just saw treasure outside the memory of his heart. I believe any man would take such pride in his natural naked state will surely enjoy the brisk of the outdoors, move your private parts that some labeling right there. Jim did you experience an event in well.

My experience in the military was going to suitable for my first year. And yes they called us pretty much everything but names and as a plea first year the academies called maggot screw zero dozen things I can't say only here and everyone up on was targeting us to make us feel like we were nothing because they wanted to tear us down to build us up and it occurred to me while I was wandering around short while ago that one of the benefits of being torn down by the labels as we can recognize you. These are true.

Their lives and what we called it was was all Mickey Mouse stuff that wasn't important and you can let the labels rolloff and go for the real label matters which you get from God.

I keep on talking about the name Indian war cry from Raleigh click is Polish with I do have the limit. But anyway, getting back to Desmond Doss and what we were talking about that clearly there was one label that they really tried their best to pin on him besides the Comstock but the urgent was there anyway they were. They did their best and obviously Satan was trying to get his basket team there.

There are some courageous men in this world that I come across that I've heard about but there's hardly anybody like Desmond Dawson's using the movie but listen to their attempts here to put another labeling to assist in energy don't think this is a question religion close. I think this is callous plain simple write-offs think friction and herald us here in the studio when my really best friend. He was actually the first person to tell me to go see hacksaw bridge. You'd seen it the night before and you are like Rob you got this movies unbelievable but I'm curious what that brings out and you have this you see here that seem well the courage that man had to maintain his composure and do what he knew to be right regardless which is not a word, regardless of what the others were trying to encourage him to do. It takes a whole lot more backbone not to do something wrong when that's the easy thing to do and for me in the little guy and one of my labels are all unlucky big I had a different stroke in life, always one of the smaller people so I became pretty combative in nature.

For a long time I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Maybe. But God had different plans brought little Susie in my life and but identify a lot with the character in the movie, in the sense that I've had to not do things I wanted to do because my combative nature itself so people before you either turn around and walk away or I kill you and Sam. That's a critical issue in an part of the reason we use these movie clips is to have our hearts come back alive and speaks something that we did know was in long-lost happened so long ago like a faded memory or that we didn't know was there and got a bypass that that label to bypass that intellectual thing try to talk yourself out of it the right to that passion in your heart know this is really the fundamental truth that you need to be aware. Jim, in your case, you PGA MacGyver yes yes it was funny how that occurred. One of the PGA Tour staff.

We had a bunch new people coming to visit me think of Jim and when they're getting ready to leave and hop on airplane.

The man is locked the keys in the car was. It was an old Cadillac trunk release. I just jumper the fuse box and get their keys at the trunk of the car and when you guys guess you really are MacGyver stock for years.

Well you know it's an interesting thing Sam, now that we know Jim a little bit better. He is McIver and me better. Now the interesting thing is you know we we talk about identity a lot on this show and identity is is a critical issue to the masculine journey and so working to buy some labels and and it's in.

That's an interesting thing to determine and actually get with God alone. At some point with the piece of paper and begin to write out what you think of me what you know what is a herald.

What is a Robbie what is it Jim, what is a salmon. What are some of the things you've learned. Sam really are near and dear to you through this message speaking my heart on just the way that he sees me. You know that I do I fight for the right cause you know I can as attributes that used to think were negative used in his purpose and his way very much how a lot more not identity this amazing journey. I just highly all this thing today take a pad of paper somewhere and begin asking flesh out some great way to sign up for next boot camp in November 12. Yes, masculine radio early 50s

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