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Hearing From God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 29, 2017 12:30 pm

Hearing From God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Of every man is a great adventure. One doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of delegates avoid roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We are really glad to have you today. I'm personally glad to be in studio today. I know Rob you might not be as happy forever and it's only been a couple weeks. It is so good and talk about a studio for you can be more excited about this that we never have this coming we have a huge group in here and how medium will be on the radio were still trying to talk a couple of them Eli into being on the radio.

With this, but not sure that he wants to do that with some new friends and a much older friend that's back with us and that even it's great to have you back with us with Mr. while I think it's been I've missed you guys.

It is is so good this evening. It's been a long time and and and with us today we have Bill, Bill, thank you for coming in here with the new life program yesterday and you were in your first boot camp just a few weeks back about a month or so ago right and so even in the new life program Winston-Salem for how long since January January OKC should be coming up for graduation that program sometime in the fall or winter. Yeah whatever November. I'm sorry this is right in their skin close and then also we have Samuel, which is not me why I am Samuel, but I go by Sam and you have Samuel with this is that the Winston-Salem rescue mission in their life, beginning life program.

What's what's a Congress. The light bill refer builders. Thank you. I never get that one right life, the builder I am that is very sad and you're in the house builders program program and I can't really get save you at your first boot camp this last spring as well, correct yes or by phone now is to relieve Rob with other people in studio today. We have Indian Gaither Jim and not the gyms you're aware of another Jim in front of any Jim that you bring up Oliver and then Eli in the course. Howard hi Howard, glad to have you with us today to go ahead and get her first clip where a were talking about the topic of hearing from God. Robbie, this is a topic that was on your heart when you ask about it the other day and so you cannot help understand why you want to talk a little bit about that topic.

I think through faith in all sort of the breath of faith is his prayer and boot camp is just a unique opportunity. I think that men get to not just have one way communication with God.

Prayer in other words, speaking to him, but actually a chance to listen and get a response and then it even becomes an intimate conversation at some point in time where you begin understand certain things about yourself in hearing from God that doesn't happen just well and when it happens, however, that happens in your life is just a remarkable part of the journey. It is in this first clip is from movie called Bruce Almighty. In this clip Bruce needs God led by Morgan Freeman for the first time and he really doesn't know who it is and so Morgan Freeman's talk to God's talking to him about a recent interchange through the wrist was having alarm on those one occasion KE didn't know the God was listening. So working to pick it up and go from there. Listen to how this goes on between God and Bruce's last exit was the staffing gloves are off.

God taken my bird so the mean kid with a magnifying glass might be Almighty. Now I'm not much for blaspheming, but that last one made me laugh. I am the one who created the heavens and the earth now find Omega race God see that your final answer is nice to meet you got thank you for the Grand Canyon's fingers and I holding up. Now Bruce shall not 9681 coming out seven been doing a lot of complaining about this. Quite frankly, I'm tired and don't come near me seriously back to wild animal instinct you have and want to fight this claim five is the son of John Bettis is Robbie there's a lot in that particular clip. But the funny part was a Buford home in time to be still laughing. Spider might be you got makes an offer to Bruce here saying we think you can do the job. My job, so here it is. As you watch that story plays out a little differently but a lot of people try to roll God in their own life when they don't feel like God is maybe listening or they don't have that close relationship with a note they don't know they could have as close relationship disease morning with in my own testimony with the way God found me really was through reading the Bible I kept being Bruce Almighty getting madder and madder and madder at him. I was mad because he smelled Aaron's kids, you know he was a mighty smolder and then I got even matter when he when he stoned Aikins kids and then when I got the book of Job and I'm like really you're showing off to Satan and you're going to kill all his kids and take away his business and always animals and I was just getting madder and madder and madder and almost like that scene the reason I laugh so hard is because God shows up into the book of Job, and says okay Robbie Almighty. If you're got it all together and you know so much, just make it's not one time or are you know you impress me bring in the tide and when you start to face that yourself that while there are certain things that I'm really not capable. Samuel, I would ask you a quick question. Boot camp you start talking about this topic of hearing from God and not knowing the whole of your story.

It was that something was somewhat new to you in your theology or is that something you can hurt in the past, but never really had an opportunity to practice it like we did, it became that lesson the first what to vacation Bible school, but it was nothing like the retreat yeah it's it's a lot to try to take in. When you go to boot camp.

There's that.

It's like drinking from a fire hose and that God has a lot that is trying to show us during that time to yeah I was actually uncertain if a leader will be able to come to the retreat.spiteful broiler for me a lot of stuff and then he sent you the table next to Sean that first night and so if if you can do anything is put you next to Sean and Shauna get you talking only a yes that sounds good to get people to talk to Bill what offer you something in some your your background you really thought about having just an intimate conversational relationship with God. Yes, something always wanted but you know just never really knew manual that they give you a list. I never got one when I became a Christian on okay now what it was like always build up to say the prayer which salvation is amazing, incredible gift now know what I do know it's kinda hard to know is I think it's that whole idea of the book is a Bible of examples. If you look at that way that you know all these guys heard from God in the Bible but it's not necessarily interpreted that way for us like you to hear from God the way that David heard from God on you know how to take on your daily task, it's clear when David talks about the Stephen in his 20s.

In a battle battle time and this time I will circle around this time, I want you to wait until you hear this noise when there's a conversational intimacy and also all aspects of David's life through Scripture as he walked with God through that in Abraham all these other people look back at all his people and he had that type of relationship with God even later on when you get in the New Testament. In the road to Damascus in the conversational relationship begins.

There is well enough for you that conversational intimacy is been a huge thing for you over this last several months has not very big idea.

I have found out the last few months will first of all, everybody knows I'm an old coat and I'm blind and now I just lost my wife after three.

Three months ago but prayer to me was always pray for me. Pray for Anna help me with this. I'm a sinner that now I found out what prayer really is.

I miss my wife very much and I can't wait until I could see her again and it may sound all to you, but I pray that when he does come for me that she'll be there in all go right into Holland's sign miss her that much. You know I told God in my prayers and I've always prayed. I tell him no, this is two wives and two sons back off now. Please a much more do you want from me. That's wrong, I'm realizing now that's wrong. It's when he's ready to free you and come to him truly come to heaven with your requests and your prayer is when you'll finally understand what God means I have found out what God means in this list. Three months with tearful nights very tearful nights and it's not hard to forget a loved one, and how to pray.

But now I know what prayer really means what it really means. That is our salvation. Pray and he will help you know that will connect this week we come back and break that you had deep relationship with God for several years and I'm sure that if you can become more intimate over the last few months is you can walk through this with you my love to hear more flat on your back, and he thought more with Samuel right at time and bill them about their experience in hearing from God that the boot camp and never became, probably when November 9 through the 12th nights already there. You can register people registering the same mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support clearly smiled at him as an informational website that where you can click button waking it out once again you mail something to PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November.

They Can literally change a lot of man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up with this Boot Camp is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days go to mass country register journey. We're glad you're back.

With this in your been talking about this topic is hearing you guys soon studio whole bunch of people sitting with microphones as Vinnie Samuel Bill Robbie and myself and I would talk about this topic and we had a clip last time in the last segment from Bruce Almighty in the stomach to get a clip will go to hear a quick second from Evan Almighty. Robbie set that up a little bit about what the to be hearing in this clip now this is a really neat clip from my standpoint because so many of us offer our prayers and we don't see the answer how it's framed in this case Evans wife who if you seen the movie Evan Almighty he is asked.asked him to build the ark which based on the rain this week. It might've been a good idea. Sam and I was thinking was time for gopher wood that you know she has run away and she is at a diner and no more than whites on her. But the funny thing is his name tag says Al Almighty. You can't see it but it's so funny how mighty I Almighty and and he approaches her, but he is in this discussion with her. He's reminding her of what she actually prayed for more. If you hadn't seen the movie you would miss it if she had been praying that their family would grow closer, and God is now explaining how the circumstances have something to do with what God has in mind and so often he's doing that in our lives is bringing in a less closer through our prayers is pretty cool. Any when he shows up to shows waves actually don't excuse me know. Story like stories has been New York's number of the art I love you think about God's wrath and anger is what is the story of the ark, leaving show my son is signed, God told that sound like if someone presentations you think God gives him patience to give them to pray for us. If someone pray for family you think one 552. I really like the little things in heaven that the scooter talks but I got a lot of people serve as a waiter in a movie. But that's not what he's talking about you.

I thank you for joining us on the show to talk a little bit about times when we went to the covenant, the silences and this was her second boot camp and one of things that we go to covenant silence on is asking God to help us understand more about herself and how he sees this what he may call us in assigning on something happen for you about that would like to share that with us on what you can heard from God. Yeah, I had asked God why my name was and I had heard help her because whenever someone asked me to do something.

I say yes before even thinking about what the situation is and recently had gotten student of the month at my school for compassion.

I think those because I help whenever whatever the job was you to say yes before the even knew what it was and so how did it feel to have God in it confirm that for you that it was a kind. How did it feel for you to have God can confirm that for you and made me feel good because it made me know why it I'm supposed to be like in a way in an aspect of which must be like may not be the whole thing but at least it's a piece of God's revealed to you now stand, this is a part of how I created you uniquely just to show my glorious being a helper to others. You, Samuel. Now when you went out for you because of the silence.

If I remember right, as you told the story you heard something little different and maybe what you expected to hear when you got when you ask got a little bit about how he sees you his name for it, you mind sharing this. Well I was actually Allawi like you helper. When I went back to silence. I found it is tailor-made out of order, battle sword looks in my life with abuse and almost doubtless he came to me in a way that you about this for this battle some more and amazing how the enemy in the world can have labels is definitely the God seizure. That's not the same label he has is in the situations you talk about. I'm sure there are things that the enemies thrown at you over time, the God can reset. That's a no-no. You are an amazing warrior and with things on the server quickly. If you don't mind it was throbbing.

I about this as we were watching you before. I think that that segment of you getting your name.

We were now we were out for the Airsoft battle all my where he was on my team yeah and you talk about a warrior this if you regular play Airsoft and you can find Samuel where you can hunt and the man is unbelievable going through the woods with two guns should never let this dude is a warrior and not in. I was just obvious, and then when I heard it came up. You know after that he heard that from God is just so clear that that's what he was.

He just came to life when he was after the same thing for me. I wasn't playing because I was just having fun counting every time you got shot.

Robbie, which I like you couldn't keep track but I saw this flash just run across in the way I can figure what it was.

It was Samuel, a man he was flying, no one is going to catch him and he was really sore the next day but I was looking going.

That guy is amazing that's for annuity, the story about his health into that whole roll of lawyer that you are in and then to have God come at some point that we can say see that's that's how I major major to battle against those elements are made to the battle against things that other people would maybe turn away from you know and I can even imagine how cool it must've been for you to hear that from God and only saying that it was her some little bit of a doubt anyone initially at first there was but there butter alone for the week and that collateral on enemy comes right out that the sound of that can't be right in God's is annoying and approve it yes or does it really comes right after that bill did you have an opportunity to hear from God. This that we can camp as well. Please go ahead and talk a bit about what that looked like for you because they're my story. Fragile different than what was your well. Robbie Scott involved in that somewhat will actually a lot Tim and I were speaking what I don't remember the depth of the conversation, but he may remember a little more than I did but I had even before the you know the name thing, the server for a long time and then we had the little you know the code. In the silence and it just hit me sir and I went to him is like that's that's one of the cool thing Sam missed a lot of times I get I get up earlier than a lot of folks and so I'm in there. You know in the area where we do the talks and I'm studying and reading the word whatever it's like five in the morning and Bill walks in he starts cleaning the tables and stuff let you know like he works there and I'm like mandated your your like a servant, and he said you know that's funny, I've I've been surfing all my life and then when he came back later and told me that it the God it confirm that form is just one of the choices of boot camp is getting a chance to hear from God. Some of the things that he sees it absolutely interesting aspect of how we reflect God how we reflect Christ others. We just think of all the acts bill of Christ service towards others right and how amazing how just world changing is the sure service that he had washing the feet of the disciples things that he did that just blew people's mind of that day was all ask out of love and not a service was a huge part of his mission here on earth which is frequently reflect the letter that before the boot camp in the Transformers program we have with the college I and I just finished up my first time low self-esteem and God just kept you tell me the whole weekend humbled yourself to me I'll pick you just just keep doing what you all that you that it's it's amazing how data come after your heart in the midst of that and break through some of those and even verse, he did.

He didn't get to that clip. I think with time to get in on on this clip what's happened is Bruce has finally given in to the will of God. We have things to do it right in the middle of a road gets ran over by a truck and next thing you know he's appearing to God in God's presence in here. So the conversation kinda plays out between them is God's really telling him a little bit about who have God seizing and then also help to understand a bit more about himself Bruce you have lines bring joy.

I know I created to see that's what I thought.

That's the spot price for bringing peace to all of mankind.

If you want to be Miss America. What you really care what that means she does seem as I write on it is good for joining us is talking about this topic in hearing from God is able to touch little bit on the surface below shows Samuel to many you've been greatly missed. We love you and are very glad to have you back and hopefully we'll see you again and that is next week as we will discover what topic to talk about together and discuss it yet but we will be talk about God's love, his grace and his mercy and you too can hear from him

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