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Warfare: Unexpected Enemy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 20, 2017 12:30 pm

Warfare: Unexpected Enemy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey.

Today we got an interesting topic that they know we all face is maintenance is time moves on. Sometimes Satan's tactics change in the war fair changes and were in a new season and all of a sudden things start happening. Sam that I just didn't say that, absolutely.

Talk about a topic, then really the forefront for me is what is the warfare in my life and how is it different than the warfare in the past in order your house and me attacking me and my defending it but there that can really play out, but all something we face is life-changing. Some amazing how God always seems to have me on these less complex and even at the same time you brought up this topic topic I've been reading CS Lewis's first book, which is called the Pilgrim's regress, and in that book. It's a phenomenal expression of how history shows that Satan you know God will send a new message of Christianity and people start to make traction. What won't take long before Satan will find a way to corrupt that that has been working for people and so you know we find something that works is men and we stick with it because it's you know it's where we get our validation and that's always worked for me in the past.

Satan's reading your playbook every single day and now he begins to alter his warfare for you know modifying what he sees is working for you with the with the new strategy and then how do we face. That in and how do we battle bad or do we now take to the ditch them, and certainly have been there sanity by myself. There little bit now.

My current been extremely busy.

Probably the biggest I've ever been, probably on personal life or professional life and the with the I don't always, I rarely take the time I need for God to help and comfort me during that naturally happening. I start battling for legal things looking other things for comfort food or to fill the old towards biography or whatever that might be. I can defend most things, but if I would just take comfort from God and the front end. I would have to battle the thing on the back and then we just used to an end around to get a different way. So our first clip. Today we have John Travolta and Robin Williams movie called old dogs and you know essentially their cheese is been moved. Robin Williams is found out that he has twin children that he was not aware of and John Travolta has his bachelor pad that's going to be invaded by this and a course you know things are changing rather rapidly. And you know this is the result of what you get to hear about him spread down his assistant super kids out there that's got a 15 foot deep splice 20 edge furniture. I got spears the pups the boys don't want them in his house and I to not lead a child safe life and that my room will you know this is why it is a dangerous place for kids, so I hired the best job I hear is 1 Fail Civil Engineer Miliband Rd. potholes. That is, want to be extra vigilant in protecting your children there.

Seven and there is kids that's aggressive and I'm all for my even I know you do not baby per mouse for seven-year-old full 15 foot deep, and you got a flamethrower fireplace fastens a style guide buys poison tips here 2000 years ago there was out there poison now thousand years ago. Now that you expect me to believe that designed his house of hard just in his house as a dog treats. The reason know that they were dog is a beaten John Travolta's price salmon that had no refrigerator and I couldn't tell because of my mouth.

Things change. Don't pay them and where were were blessed to have John back with us today in the studio and and Shawn your younger man, but things if they keep changing at you every time you think you you figure. Oh, I got a leg up on this. Satan's got a new wrinkle for Elliott's that's indeed the truth Robbie, self season, every day pretty much especially when you say not even more than a year ago I found myself in a in a battling season with myself and how that went.

Was thinking that I really only I'm good now and then may not own. I'm fine. I'll need anything of you have got everything I want everything I need. You know God's provide me with everything so you know what, what else do I need, but also about a lot of anger issues letter in your ability going in and out of Reno somewhat depression not as bad as is. A lot of people suffer with. But there was always that little bit, you know, getting closer to God. I was able to find ways to battle these and and fight off horrific things that would pretty much control me challenge me on a day-to-day basis.

Well, now that I found ways of taking care of myself. I know now that there's a big world out there is not just me got family. God loved ones that got people take care me people. I gotta take care of and I'm now seeing their battles and its switch to them know it its switch to them, but it's attacking me as well so it still against me, but it's just a different season and and how I have to basically walk up on that front line and find a different way to protect those who I love you know the devil I think is one of those, like superhero things you know you always wear a mask because you don't want your loved ones to be attacked well once you take that mask often know he sees who you really are with me. I'm just trying to be God's image is he now sees that I want to walk with God and he's been attacked the ones I love. See Sean from one end of the spectrum heralds on the other day. So here we go now. I wasn't going to be my friend. Which is good employment.

You know, stuff change for you at the point in time.

You know you are working in.

In all these things happen and then all of a sudden all yeah one day you got a great time for MacArthur.

You know it predates them just a little bit. That's right in there. It's right and then it would be a good time for MacArthur clip will have to save it is we don't have time so held your name after the share what happened here a few years ago for you. Well, being a little guy I mentioned in the previous program tend to be a little bit combative and when I was put out to pasture involuntarily, although I was already on Social Security but I wanted to keep working want to clarify that for our listeners. He worked for Enders Ingersoll and he was a computer programmer wonderful computer programmer, but the day came where they fought.

They outsourced our jobs to the company from India so I was retired.

Well I had spent over 40 years solving problems, and when I got home I started solving problems sweetheart did not really think that there were problems being the nerdy, and I could get twice as much stuff in the dishwasher. She could and close washing the I knew how to do that better will so it led to some some problems as matter fact we actually went to counseling and it was a misunderstanding between the two of us. She saw it as a personal criticism I saw this doing my normal thing solving a problem, but it really did create some issues for us even though we been married now almost 53 years and so salmon gets back to it's almost like a divine conspiracy. On the way the Arab situation was.

It was taking things in Japanese loved one. You want God round off the sharp edges and bring you closer together and that we have at you. Jim Graham is also women's.

And speaking of roof edges not listed as the Social Security recipient although I've not the most ancient here which are close to venerable.

I'm just old. They were the. The battle I'll fall pretty much the last 5 to 6 years is the is one of the acedia which is a fancy word for it. I don't care about that really matters anymore. We just coast to coast down these last few or severally even many years but the battle feels like it's hardly and it's not my battle right now is is that internal one that Abilify was Solomon not nearly as was everything is vanity so we conceive it. Whatever stage in life you are and you know that Satan's been reading our playbook and he's got something new coming your way and you know part of that engagement naturally leads us to our faith as a point of where we go is God help me. So ways can help us working to be able to hear John MacArthur find older than all of little bit from an all government leaders out in the where we can take this new battlefront and where we can win the battle boot camp November 9 11 is assuming that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Willie smiled at. It was on the information that where you can click button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change lot of man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up to Spokane. It is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days. Masculine journey and register the songs I understand it when it came out about that. Like you did when I was around Harold was to Sam, are you there for that song. Yeah, I remember vaguely.

Get well. As promised, what you know in in John MacArthur's case battle to Douglas MacArthur different old yeah he he had a change in you know the way he did war and in World War II and then all of a sudden he found himself in Korea and it sounded like essentially wrong? You might list some positive withdrawal. There are some of those back home believe that it's possible well without danger of lightning first time in my eye is the same as you know Sam is I list that clip a few times since we recorded that there is an interesting answer inside that clip that the one general that was speaking to Amir said we can regain the new offensive, but MacArthur couldn't really get there because he was so taken out of his comfort zone was so much in shock that he couldn't even perceive that there was a way to do this talk before the show. That really put up know how David how do you need to fight that battle and go to God's answers that relying on what worked last time you ensure that all that now. It's a wonderful story in I believe it's in second Samuel, where Peter's Peter. I got all my name is David and he is up against the Philistines is, as he often is and they are attacking him. I forget the name of the city and you know he does to God like you wouldn't. God says will just go up to the woman and you want to be with you and it's gonna work out any discos confronts them in and takes amount well, it isn't. You know within a year. He's in exactly the same battle condition and most men like me, you know, I know what I do. The last time God said just go up and I'm in to be with you so you just know that's what most people do, but got had little some different David went back to God before he faced in the second time in this time. David said he told David to go over and hide in the balsams. And when when you hear him coming through the balsams and you know that's when to attack and and again he won the battle but it was a completely different strategy on the second go around. You know the and. And therein lies the situation is that the Philistines had seen what happened the first time, and so they too would change their strategy and enzymes in your thinking. You know when we are playing what was it called pinball where my strategy was worse most a lot shields and I didn't know that that that Jim had this strategy of of sending them out three at a time that it was very important to have teams and the that was it and work out that well, but if you don't have somebody watching your back your vulnerable and the we have that life just as much is a more fair because it is worth and we are going to get different tactics that I was not expecting Robbie's attack attacking me with shields instead of having to go but we have to adapt and that the only way to adapt is what David you go to God every single time deposits. It may look beside every situation we encounter every day is different than the one we had yesterday and Emmett Harold you are I know a great student of history and if you can go on the offensive, which is what obviously working to take on this panel was not to be necessarily defense position.

But you can go on the offensive.

You're going to historically speaking. That doesn't go the that the Army that goes on the attack often finds be the one that has more cash. Depending on the defensive positions at the enemy has set up all but one of things that struck me in the clip is talk about the not widening the war and that relates back to something I thought of yesterday or whenever I thought about being here all Pogo really great comic strip from many years ago. Pogo's little possum in the Okefenokee Swamp and his observation was that we have met the enemy and he is us and I think that in my own case quite often my own worst enemy because I'm constantly made aware that what I am is not what I want to be the conflict that goes on between knowing what audibly and looking and knowing what I am creates conflict internal conflict and internal conflict. Then can become if we don't learn how to control it.

External conflict like the fight between Michael-I about how to load the dishwasher. For example, but warfare is something that to me is unavoidable. Were in this world and Satan's there and there's always going to be a warfare going on Sean you you clearly were in the military. Now I'm curious on your inside, offensive strategy of battle, but you know it as soon as you brought that up. I thought about the man's boot camp that we just had, and how we played know that.

That night we watched Taxol rates first time I've ever seen it hard many many great things about it, you know true story which makes it I want to save better because it's kind of morbid by Anna since it does make a lot better but you said you know we go on the offensive. We take the most casualties. Well, it never seen Taxol rage, then a quick synopsis of it is you know a believer of God joins the military to protect his brothers. But you know won't put up arms, but he goes out there's a medic so that he can save the lives and were they due date. They climb this this little rope ladder.

They take attack after attack after attack after attack. And, you know. Finally, there like a we gotta get outta here and this is same as it was a guys name that's horrible when you guy is I'm taking vitamins vector guy who, yet he was a medic so you know EE says guy what you want me to do and he hears his brother cry out and Desmond that in DOS they go Desmond Doss and and what is he do he he goes out and he takes a different tactic and going in on them full force and he goes in there by himself and he rescues over 100 men know and this is one guy who follow the faith of God asked him. We tried this now. What else can I do and God said, go get your brothers and one more time and one house that was unacceptable. What I said earlier, all you can do this what you've gotten from a few at that moment and he kept asking for just one more just one more if we can do that in our lives. We will fall in the traps that are being late for us and that was some semi-learned my first encounter with paintball before we got to Airsoft was that my immediate natural tendency under fire is to hide a meeting, but the exhilaration of actually going on the attack.

There is really nothing quite like that and and and it's something that that really gives you the feeling that you're actually doing something about what the situation is rather than sitting back and just taking it. But when you do that you expose yourself. And while there's a lot to learn on this topic. Watching you play both of the Martello die off early right thing because just a few moments to the thought of what happened. If I fill right up and fight this battle in the new season what's affected is affected what the outcome of that for me. The simple little story that the other night. You know my I got really really sick and and so sick I could not. It was a night of the snowstorm and my daughter needed picked up Chick-fil-A and I tried my best, I could not physically get out to go pick her up a chick flick, snowing like crazy my license. I'm ago I'm in a go and I finally let her go. I died a thousand deaths that might as I laid in bed. I was too sick to get out of bed but warning about my wife who was in the snow and whatever and I would rather be out there totally exposed to whatever the enemy hasn't have to die a coward staff of no thinking. What if I would've just done what I wanted what I knew to do what was in front of me, it would've made all the difference is like to play part of the other night.

Well as you go.

You talk about flying is November before note another 1130

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