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Exercising Your Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 27, 2017 12:30 pm

Exercising Your Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Everyman plays a great imager but why does it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey.

We are very glad to have you with us today very glad that the rain is hopefully passed us, it's been a pretty rainy week in North Carolina and I'm sailing away seems like yeah tread water now that you know that's it's been pretty bad this week all over the state that hopefully you people been safe through it.

It's really glad to be back in studio. I am it seems like it's only been a couple weeks. I know it hasn't been two weeks but it seemed like a month or two in between for Monica to see you guys not as much a gym, but it still that is really glad to be back where it is. I'm really glad to be back here and Robby were talking about something interesting today with some really cool clips from movies, you probably don't expect to use today. I absolutely love the clips and the idea of exercising your faith.

You know I I picked this up from the Christian informer by William Col. and there he talked about that exercise like when you make a muscle long and strong. I never had really thought about it but you you do exercise your faith and you do want it to be long and strong and sometimes we start out with something regular and disciplined similar situation to of health. Exercise works that's all that pleasant subject for some people this you know, looking around the room.

Maybe some point I may not be would not be included in the some of us exercising faith. It is interesting topic and really go ahead and go to clip and this is one from a movie if you weren't around in the 80s are probably not real familiar with it, but it's a class all absolute.

It would came out probably late 70s potentially but it is the movie stripes in order to be listening to a group of guys that did some training on their own… Listen how that plays out.

What kind of trainings on will will will will know will will will will will I see so might understand the human completed your training on your own Capt., yes, these are exactly the kind of go-getters I want working on my EM 50 project in Italy. So let me Capt. I want them on the plane tonight clip. This makes it especially if you think you can picture all the boomers doing their funny things about this movie was reading about it has nothing to the topic is interesting but is actually from the Fort Knox and it's one of the few movies that they allow to be filmed and at the same time there filming Pvt. Benjamin and I got a lot more leeway with stripes and they gave them with Pvt. Benjamin which stripes poke fun at the Army a little bit pleased at the beginning and so I thought that was an interesting, but it was a great testament there to some guys that had some fortitude, at least at some point in their life right they were actually further having trouble feeling went under the scoop, but you have guys that said you know what we don't have somebody to lead us here sort of skin do the best we can and train on her own consumer talk about this topic I chose not clip because in this exercise of exercising your faith.

There's no Sgt. Hawker that's going to step in and do it for you.

It's gonna drive you through it and I got to help walk you through it. I mean he's obviously going to be there with us, but you have to take your own initiative and be a part of that and really apply yourself for that to really work and to take hold, because no one can work out for you you you have to work on your own because I can hire somebody to do it. I'd be much skinnier it could grow your faith through that's that's an interesting concept consider but no no doubt that as they are preparing to go into battle and you know those who are in the military and I certainly enjoyed hearing about the drills and different things. I had a friend that was in Sherman's. Excuse me, was in Patton's army and he was in a Sherman tank and he said that there was not a day that went by and sometimes four, five, six times a day they would do the drill abandoned tank because they knew that it could happen at some point in time that they would have to be able to execute that and sure enough he got battle with Sherman with he was in the Sherman German Panzer and he recalled the incident of his shell, bouncing off the Panthers armor and the tour coming around. He knew he was and he said then you know that cancer fire lit up the tank and they are all out of it in a flash because they had trained and trained and trained and trying and so when we talk about this topic Jim of exercising your faith okay now we all kinda can see what exercising is. It's hard to not have come through the first year and not see every ad on TV about exercising and losing weight all those things. What about this exercising your faith. How can you help us understand that a well for for me personally exercising faith means getting in God's word getting crane getting intimate with God. Robert pointed out that all too often you know where were busy going to God in our times of trouble and that's at the war that's not when you want to be exercise. That's that's on the job training. There, but if you take time with God every day. Pray spend time in his word. Learn his promises. Learn what he has to present for you in your life and take those intimate moments. You know, talk with God: answer and it is Robert was pointing out you know he would pray in a particular situation with his daughter and God was there and I I think we we all too often we we tend to only go running to our father when we have problems. I think you said something you said a lot of good things. Everything he said something very critical.

What it looks like for you is I think that for every person, it's a little different you. You may love you know walking is an exercise were someone else my love running in or someone may like lifting weights. I've had friends really enjoy lifting weights. I can't stand it. I never have liked it, and I'd rather do walking or do some other activity but with God.

There's a lot of different exercises that we can do last week for me and I was trying to think this topic of it into be very transparent when was the last time I could really say I exercised my faith when I pray at night with my sons. I pray you know on my own on things. I just was like whenever I really exercised then as I was thinking about it was last night when I was talking about this topic last week when I was in the coastal market where work in the off weeks and I had made the decision that every day I was going to see the water and I really didn't understand why other than I want to see the water just because I'm down there, but God knew my heart needed the sound of the waves it needed the beauty that was their needed time with him in a way that I couldn't even articulate, which is a way of bringing me peace and rest, that's exercising my faith in a way that I never would've fathomed until we do this topic is critical and I know because I know you but I don't know if all the listeners understand that for you when you made that commitment.

It wasn't just I want to go see the water it was.

I want to go share this experience with you. God, that when you were going down there. That was a journey on purpose to experience God in the beauty over how he created things and to be able to lift that beauty speak to a place in your heart needed and it was really cool to just the one day that actually made it to the beach itself was able to walk on the sand. I walked out and Susan walked out a person was for fishing and Oak Island had something hook up and I was looking out there and they brought it in is about three and half a shark is pretty cool. Just watch and bring an end and then get really nervous. Take it off the hook in this we watching the amazing parts of God's creation and that shark was really pretty cool. Is it kinda try to jump and actually bite at the guys it was is pretty interesting that the coolest thing about that whole experience. These guys are in their 20s and you had a guy that was in his late 60s was kinda watching the whole thing and finally look over and he shakes his head.

He's a man like one of these guys doing.

He walks over to grab the shark by the tail just drags it out when you guys do it is pretty funny. But even in that they resist a lot of levity and a lot of time there hook on the other side.

It was really cool just to have God come after my heart and exercise my faith in a way that wouldn't of been vision all I could say was it was a longing my heart to go there, you know. And then when I got there that was like. This is why have you here is your heart needs this right now. Need something that I've created nothing else could sprinkle it is it's it's more than: and I really love the idea of yes it's really really fun for me first thing in the morning real early to get up there and ask God to show me something really cool in the Scriptures today. My mother pray that prayer that I want to go deeper with you today.

Jesus and show me something and then just sit back and marvel at that what that is but it's it's another whole thing when I have an opportunity to pray with the member my family right with my granddaughter and and asked Jesus to come in and Hetrick help her catch of fish and she catches a bunch of fish and she continues to talk about that forever and exercise her faith right will keep her with me next.

It was her prayer that was well we have Jim when we come back and give us a bit more of his perspective is never heard from them yet.

The other two is one thing that I want you to pay attention to working back with another chicken. There is a chicken referenced in the last is a chicken coming up in the next, and you can't miss it asking journey to register can't come up in November.

I think you and go to mass injury radio orgy salmon my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily where you can click the donate button. We can get masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change a lot of man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what their places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men.

God designed us for freedom and is coming up at the camp that is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days. Masculine journey register Howard doesn't really get a say much on the show but we really depend on Howard for all the stuff every week and thank you Howard for everything you do. Robby, you, we had a date of the Boot Camp we did just because of 11th wasn't long enough. It needs to be nine through the 12th yesterday to the 12 PM so we just decided we go ahead and do an extra day yeah exercising our faith that you got things of your website. It's already there, which is mailing out the well it's going to another clip and will come back in and talk with Jim to rub tousled about this clip what you when I think of exercise.

I always think of the Rocky movies that just classic examples of what happens when somebody really trained and and clearly, Rocky has an edge on that which he shows a rocky one. But in Rocky to at the beginning he had some issues with his actual faith that his faith was broken up backup agreements. If you really go back and think about the movie Rocky two, there were two issues. One of them comes up with the perfect solution to was that he was to be trained on how to fight right-handed rather than left-handed, and he had an agreement that he couldn't change it. Stop that he really was. Need to work through, but if you also remember the movie as I was damaged and the one supposed to fight anymore and he wanted his trainer to train them in a way that he could win without damaging that I and his wife wanted no part of that and and so she had made an agreement that he wasn't gonna fight her that she was going to not exactly have really yet supportive of him during that which really messed with Rocky's mind throughout the movie, but in this clip you can see that rock is just not quite there. He's exercising but there's a faith problem. CS said I face loss for change in stock is the species we need we need greasy rates switch look what it rings and rings fly safe cheesy chicken voids in place because I said so and second is how we always use the training field against you can catch greased lightning was rather this thing for my I will not there's an interesting thing that I and picking up that I really miss when I got the clip was that Rocky didn't come into this particular exercise with faith. In other words, it was through the exercise and will see little bit later in another clip through the process.

It grew his faith in in in his own ability to be able to box right-handed, but in in and get fast and even catch a chicken possibly told it was a chicken clip of Jim, how do you go about exercising your faith or what's it really means use.

We talk about it will be in this clip is actually a good example of that. But what model is very different from Jim's bar like a lot of things, but for me it's when God is silent is when I exercise this week this month might be this year, but dealing with a fairly immature Christian that thinks everything is supposed to go, not Jim. He's thinking I was yeah now that I'm a believer.

Everything is supposed to work right on not supposed to have diseases. I'm not supposed to have relational problems and I keep trying to point out to this person that and she would think she too late. She doesn't think that God is speaking to her possible.

This is the perfect exercise faith to trust him with your situation rather than expect a miraculous cure to all the ladies and some of that has happened, God will come through on the things we absolutely need to leave us hanging where we need to exercise and let's assign muscles going to get long.

One thing you talked about Robby is the you through that that faith exercise. You grow faith if you don't pray about something that you're struggling with and watch God answer that.

However God chooses to answer that Griffey and that's not gonna happen in any right Jim, it's not I get what I want. It's not the grand you know machine of hacking put in some money. I get whatever I want out of the candy machine that's not like that but God's got your best interest in mind. And when you can grow that faith along the way you begin to understand that although I don't understand what's happening right trust that God has my best intent and the best intent for me and I feel quite at the physical exercise and are you going to get more out of one rep or doing 30 until you can barely move. That's what builds God answered our prayers wanted first time every time we wouldn't have any faith we would be relying on him in a way that is not what he wants us to trust in the main thing I solemnly but another neat aspect to this last clip that we have is that is we've talked about before, faith is a shield and we can lock shields and sold later on in Rocky's adventure here. You know there's a scene that to me is one of the best things are moving all time. I just was consummately drug. You can where Adrian finally takes her shield of faith and raises it for Rocky and says win and when she does that if you just listen and think through what's going on as she raises her shield immediately make the trainer locks is shield and I'm I'm trying to member's brother-in-law who is Polly Polly Polly Johnson in the course when Rocky's in and he begins to train, and faith as is happens immediately. You get you get this really sensitive while gods in this not thinking it will be mixed to create new will make up some other kind will you know if what is in Rocky cut the chicken so speed the thing that I just just just pause and ponder is that Rocky had one with repeat Apollo in the actual battle is immaterial at this point because the actual battle was one at the point were Rocky believed, and in how many battles are like that in our lives that it's faith that is the is battle against flesh and blood were Paul agreed was against spiritual forces in high places that were trying to get him to make agreements against his own ability to fight. Now I understand why you're running up the steps of the street just like my Rocky teacher is to convict so exercising your faith.

I guess the question would be what's God calling you to do right now because it does change over time and suffered some people stays the same. Robby, I know you really well as well and I would say that there's other times when you're out in a tree stand is not time with God is not all absolutely and and the different person go into that and and take them on adventure. It isn't just in the place of trouble but on the place of adventure that I really really like your out there in the ocean. Those are precious intimate times because that's that's really I think the prayer of a lot of our souls is to have that real intimacy like man this this is what I was meant for you. We talked earlier that you know Rocky didn't train the day of the fight known as Christians. A lot of times, at least for me. I want to jump in and pray at the last minute when I really need some help instead of praying early and often in building this day and I think that this like any other training is talking about. That's what God calls us to do is to partner with him in that training and to help him grow our faith in him, knowing that he loves us unconditionally, knowing that he loves us more than anything, knowing that we are the apple of his eye and he just wants to help us grow and that faith and that reliance in our heavenly father we can walk intimately with him and so this week I'd encourage you to go out and find a way. What more intimately with him and exercise your faith also to go to mass country and register for the weekend coming up tonight to 12 November Army trainings are

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