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End of the Innonence

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 3, 2017 12:30 pm

End of the Innonence

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man and let your wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey were joining us today in women. Very intriguing topic.

It's I forgot the name the top out I didn't. That's it. The name of the topic is actually the end of innocence and before you how to shake it before you go. Let your mind think about end of innocence like you are Jim right now. Okay let me quote this from the song that you may have heard, and the innocence by Don Henley.

I could remember that anyone here is the first line. Remember the days were long and rolled beneath the deep blue sky didn't have a care in the world with mommy and daddy standing by, but happily ever after fails and we've been poisoned by these fairytales, the lawyers clean up the details since daddy had to fly so you can tell Sam when he talked about the end of the innocence. This is a different kind end of the innocence and then we necessarily just go to in our minds so family structure not song the loss of the family protection and modeling known there's a there's a we have to grow up in that situation occurs and you do lose that time of an interesting thing about that whole concept about the end of the innocence is for even happen right at that moment that she quit thinking about the larger story.

What God was doing and began to worry about what she was doing and and she sounded like a lot like a character from Caddy shack right after that and she is one of my favorite I know that there thing really going to get equipment I would challenge is really a are we more like Spalding than we really want to have to listen for Spalding milkshake.

I want to nothing since I am Spalding that's hard to take your bill.

That way you're thinking I want I want I want the I think there are times in your life that we go through that. I'm glad to say that you know at some point.

But I find myself getting back from time to time of almost not waiting on God you know and jumping out ahead and doing what I want versus what I initially got when I wanted like I wanted what you think Sean you fall under this category ever. Oh yeah, deftly fall into S that's for certain.

One big fish on the big book. I want it now. Can't wait knows about tomorrow so that's that's definitely a one thing talking about the big fish, and even the end of innocence.

I went on a fishing tournament this weekend. A couple of them and you know always income tonight like something was tell me not to come either. I was just being lazy, the outlaws in the carpet as this is the carpe diem story for you and that's a lot of card getting the scale is a cornfield around here. It is awfully corny so so Monday we go. We got my soon-to-be father-in-law on his side and we got his fishing tournament and he just got saved. His name is John got saved out of some great news. You know it's awesome so young Chait choosing you know his path and so we get to this tournament and were staying around the truck just waiting for the term is start and we look down that as I would look at that as it is 1/4 picked it up as I had Zaza Amana making money already.

I look back down I see another quarter is on tales as a C know what that means dodgy. Is that what I like guys telling us something to do really well also going to see some really bad so is lie okay well so were fishing and window really you are catching them all bided by time we throw it out about 10 minutes later were bringing them back in so nonstop where catching fish all day and if you never been to a tournament. You know they have our rounds. So it's the biggest fish first and second so you know, we could never get that biggest fish we can always get that second fish but in some I would catch that next one and it bump us out window when one one rounds.

Like I said it.

They just kept on in that time we had three we had six reels. We had three women and so we're doing really well, but in the tournament comes and I say what I tell you John, I said Laura was telling us something and if it was it was cool or someone so young to see God's word and and how his science can come about, and it's really good for him because it shows you know, even though he may have a torn life or whatever he may go through.

They he can fight off the end of innocence and keep it and we see a perfect example of this in Willy Wonka going yeah I don't have night and honestly I'm going to pick though unlike me to pick the Robbie perfect one for the topic girl in my eye was bowed out to watch Willy Wonka is obviously spoiled brat that wanted her way. She goes all right as the golden goose. She can sleep in you know you will and you think to do another 10 minutes of that you could be the longest ever. But you got grandkids write Harold if you ever notice that they have this unbelievable ability to find themselves there where they've got nothing on their mind, but what they want. I am truly blessed my gums a politically I have to give credit there very good but I would if she would have some scream about it wouldn't be what she wanted to be what she didn't want well I have four children and one grandchild. So far that's old enough to do that. My other grandson do that but I assure you that they all I have yet to meet me. The child have you ever met one. Jim, the didn't have the capacity to the one child I know for sure is me and I probably find myself there, at least two or three times a day and I know my kids on my word to receive that with your eyes saw it more by the very gracious with other people's children.

I thought of the nicer granddaddy but I want my kids to be in my grandkids to be better with other children. I'm kind of a mean old man when it comes to selfish children.

Yeah, that's it. It's sometimes easy to see that Sam what you want on the way you got a grandchild on the way but you mean old man and I meet conversation with you live. My youngest son this weekend. He had earned money from long yards and he really wanted to buy vacation coming up and I kept reminding him you are you really going to want money on vacation and finally he kinda listened but he was trying to fight with that.

I want this now, I don't want to delay thing down the road my life for God to enable with all my traveling up and doing the little bit of money back from each paycheck, not a lot, but a little bit of money and build up a little bit over time I kept fighting that want I want this. I want that and got Aland hold on on them last week when I got home traveling week before last, my air conditioning went out on the upstairs cost me about $2300 and I was very grateful that I put that money back and had ended on things that I wanted more like me to go do what I want versus listening okay got my question.

I don't need to spend this right now.

So again the topic today is end of the innocence after I finally remembered Jim and I did is that when all the sudden he went from this and we can talk about this. As individuals we don't talk about it as her kids or whatever. We went from God centered to self-centered and all of a sudden my needs supersede anything else. It may be going on, which is harder to control is your child perhaps. And as we get there. There is an aspect of Christianity is the only thing I can possibly think of that explains gives us some context to how this works in everyday life that when we come back got more clips and we got more into the innocence coming away coming up November 9 through the 12th is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support only smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the donate button. We can get it once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November.

Kim can literally change allotments life.

I talked to a lot of men there saying this and they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom minutes, it is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days Alaskan journey register and offer up your best defense the end of the innocence.

That's the line from the song and got a pretty good about you. Jim you got a pretty good defense will know I try to close about their good women first heard the topic. What hit me is my loss of business when again. Nowhere close to where I thought we might be going and I was afraid we might be going but also business was when I realize I'm not basically good. It was a matter of realizing that my basis nature is later and say well that's that's really bad to lose your innocence know it's a good that's when you turn to God to become good is supposed to be a selfish brat. Now that most of us end up as it yeah it's understanding actually right that we weren't born innocent.

We were born guilty absolutely and we weren't designed that way. We are designed to return to innocence, but were not born that way and and it takes some understanding of Christianity right Sam to get to the point were going. How do we put this all in perspective. Take time and walking with that relational time reading his word is vital if we get a lot of relationship there. However, God, you know is where we gotta be focusing on time when we get that deep intimate relationship with our defenses are actually better yet you that Jim how his defenses are a lot of mind get tired. My defenses aren't real great notes.

I got to be very intentional about getting the right amount of because I know my own tendency my old self is not my new cell will come more to the surface when I'm tired. I remember i had to go through before finally got through my thick skull.

But a lot of them the understanding of the larger story and how John Eldridge points out so beautifully that we feel like we woke up in the movie 20 minutes late and what in the world is going on and why am I so selfish and why my round so many selfish people and wise all the stuff going on.

My Jim was talking about.

How is it that people are basically bad. No wonder the stuff doesn't know what others murdered him.

No wonder their suicide.

No wonder there's a drug problem. No wonder there's all these horrible things that are going on and even within my own family is the case of the song can only be understood through understanding the larger story of how Christianity Helen just how God literally stepped in to the scene to bring us back to a place of innocence and without Christianity there is no explaining all that trouble know when we lose the context of the larger story we start to step a lot more back into that behavior. And speaking of selfish behavior.

We got Bob Sam we have older a lot about and and Bob and Richard right so Marie is Bob and Richard Dreyfus counselor and Richard records is when on vacation and Bob the following about this patient and pick it up and listen to Bob's response to the counselors explanation.

Bob, your behavior is completely your angry I don't get upset I don't get upset. Well then let's have a little talk Bob, I do not see patients on vacation ever. How many ways can I make that clear. Know what I like you to do is to get on this bus go back to. I can't I'm totally paralyzed them all locked up so Peter clearly now getting back to be therapeutic little talk Bob, you are testing my patients so far I'm doing the work really bad shape so classic, you know, I find myself there.

All too often. Sam and I mean just like last Wednesday and I was. I just couldn't get out of it.

I was to seem like there was an ongoing battle and if it weren't for some sense of wow I have fallen into the smaller story and I cannot fight my way out of it, but understanding larger story gives us a way to find out it is our defense when you hear Bob's character. You want healing you want to move life after hearing that thinking about it for while I realize how often I found like Bob feeling that I want and I'm feeling now and sometimes he does on certain things.

Another thing that the journey at the walk with you can see need to baby step and I saw the but I can get very impatient to and that's not good.

That's when you rush the field quite greatly and I quickly dived, Jim is seen but apparently you give us some wisdom here. I can see it on your face. Well, a lot of what's going on so far has been about selfishness, about wanting stuff now all I was young and growing up all we didn't have money for me to go get whatever it was I wanted in a lesson that I have money back. Now it was a long time and we try to draw from and stuff like that and so what I discovered was that it hurts when you won't and can't have so the best way to deal with it is not want. So if you learn not to want and expect to have. Then it don't hurt so that stand you in good stead not to be selfish about having all the little things that you might want learning that lesson early help me a lot.

Even as an oh man now that's a tight that's a tight walk a tight rope walk because you don't want to chill your heart because inside your heart are all those desires that God put down in their for you to experience life fraction. Oh yeah, that's that reminds me of my wife and I were discussing this before and she says one of the things we need most is to have God fix our wonder we have to do more and we heard back on somewhere way back to oblivion.

But we all need our water fix and what we need to want is what God wants and that's the bottom line following Christ is becoming more like wanting it's not God gives us the desire of our hearts is that him say yeah you can have a BMW.

It is know this is playing that you should want any fixes our water believe that was a lady that was what a mess of professors. I first heard that that was a big water I was studying. I have been studying for four weeks.

Jeremiah 42 of the people there if you may recall, the background was that unfortunately battle wanted to and there was a character that was gonna take him to Egypt brought but right before they went to Egypt they went to Jeremiah and asked Jeremiah to pray for them. Please tell us what God wants for the kingdom of the sort of a good idea. They want to. Jeremiah said, please pray to your God and tell us what it is that you feel like God wants us to do God's very clearly says do not go. Don't even think about it and always ease. He couldn't be more clear. Don't go to Egypt but as you said their water was superseding to what was clear in enough data actually asked the prophet and have have Jeremiah sit right there you go to a less pretty good thing you don't have one, or whatever that was. Heads or tails on that point. This is Jeremiah telling you that God is saying don't go to Egypt but anything inside that Sam is I listen to that I think about it is the adventure that was there in Israel for them would've been an adventure with God. That was beyond their wildest desires right right you know talking about the wonder. I agree with that is on till our desire we want to have the desires God in our heart and those things you places sometimes is not now sometimes you get the desire to fulfill the quickly to get this one. It's going to be a journey with them and I think that you understand the difference between that wanting versus God-given desire is the question of everybody.

Honestly, how many things that you wanted brought you life.

I can't think of many that I really wanted that. I went out and got it or whatever the truly brought me life. Let me tell you one God brought one into my life like I described earlier had tried to suppress wanting what he brought that woman in my life and I never wanted anything more than I wanted her and he blessed me were coming up in a few days it three years of marriage, and I still want her as much as I did say God will God will give you the desires of your heart when you don't know real desire of your heart. I thought I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Navy. He taught me to Sean, you're saying to set the stage and his beauty was Sam and the innocence there's a lot there we've got a couple of great shows coming up in the next couple weeks. Right happy talk about what is a Christian man on right so I'm looking forward to those that you can look forward to November 9 through the 12th week of boot camp coming up that's going to be awesome.

Again, a great way to find out what a Christian man is a great way to experience your water fix for her understand the desires of your heart. It's all there at mastering journey radio.all RG thank you so much for listening today.

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