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What's A Christian Man Part 1 (Compassion)

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 10, 2017 12:30 pm

What's A Christian Man Part 1 (Compassion)

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now we are really glad to have you on this June Saturday.

Can you believe it's June already.

What's the second week and I guess I should say lastly can you believe it's June already busting out all over like a couple exits can be July and so I was surprised. It just seems like this year's flying into today's topic.

I think you can enjoy it.

It actually came about because I was talking to somebody trying to explain what masculine journey was about this kind of hard to do that. I don't know how you really put a label on on what God calls us to do. If you've ever been to boot camp. You can understand why I guess would say they were called to try to help others find God in different ways but yet how do you explain that even in support what I was telling somebody was we help men understand what it truly means to be a Christian man might not be stepping out what you see on TV. Typically, she's not presented in the best light on TV and may not be what you heard in church, you may not be what you believe but what does the Bible say what's the things that are reflected in Jesus's life. That's were called to do were called to reflect Jesus as Christian men and so were to talk about that over the next couple weeks and this week were talking about compassion versus something bright probably. What would you say compassion versus what would be in the other side of compassion. A lot of people in the picture. Christians found that one time by a lady who came up and was give me a donation for what we're doing when she found that we are Christians. The Truth Network she went. She tore up the check right in front of me. You need to quit hating so much so obviously there's this aspect of that certain people in society feel like you know that we take a really hard lineman and that the haters you could say the just rigid right right unbending and that's different, and unyielding may sound the same. You know unbending is just a very, very rigid thing that people do not could be part of any what would be another word you would use different aspects of think to compassion or the early officer that I think of it is kind of an indifference may have a moment of compassion where I moved to help somebody out or whatever, but unless I notice what I think I struggle with. I get caught up on my daily routine, or whatever, and it gets me away from heaven that consistent part of compassion where I'm not just doing things you know as they come to me, but I'm looking potentially of opportunities to have compassion and help people out in daily life.

Instead of it just all be about me absolutely, and then I guess a term that I would use it comes to mind for me.

I greet with both you guys would be called heartedness just really uncaring and feeling distant anything the clip on coldhearted because you don't care what people's names are all that's how they pronounce or forget people's names.

Listen to this clip and it's a fun clips. I think you'll enjoy it hospital mess with me to Grolier for quality team will clean okay you want to play okay, Jake locker. Where is no blocking here today.

My name is Blake my eight what do you want will go toward real real sexy self nice nice wedding all says his silly name.

This whole class is my wrath. Nice name right right now right correctly right right thank you. Now where are you where you want right now.

No, you better be sick all want to transmit first like four times. So why didn't you say it the first time I said so will show now present. Thank you, oh my, this is obviously what we were told back laughter something funny about that, Rob, you're talking about shows a lack of caring, you know, which is was what we were talking a little bit about that which it is grace that Jesus had an that has to do with favor. So you knew when you actually know Jesus is present. Hopefully daily, hourly, that wow I'm I'm his favorite, and you can feel that.

So we obviously would have a pretty good idea which name is how you how you pronounce whatever but here you have somebody who is totally on his own agenda. You know he's got his own thing is is living in the smaller story and he hasn't seen that there is anybody there other than himself, and obviously you have a relevant story to this don't allow hey Rachel, all we need to do that is something about age.

What would you give me the blank stare as fly have to admit that I pulled something last evening. It was a little bit similar although the motive was different.

Had to go down the Charlotte airport pickup a young lady coming in for program we stopped at Chick-fil-A. The young lady that waited almost name tag was sincere and while I was waiting I said will be offensive, but I said how you pronounce your name is sincere or is it since right and she laughed and smiled and she said is sincere before we left October if you moved to Newtown where nobody knows you, your name is since right. You sound so much better, but names are important. We laugh and joke here because Robbie frequently calls me Howard. Well, there is a Howard who works here so it's understandable and I laugh about really thought you were going for producer now wasn't talk about Lord about Heraclitus, but okay thank you I that's the thing about these names and getting to know people at that level struggle sometimes to remember names and challenge myself for a long time to get better and because it shows a level of engagement, passion, compassion and empathy player. Click here think we have time for four division called heartedness what you see this and see if you can hear Christian man judging this person, but I'm saying is this what you would consider to be a Christian man and what's happened is that the man his brothers died in his meeting with the widow, his brother's widow in the family.

You must saunter along was to know about this also send copies to all.

Indeed, if you have the hots to break.

There was nothing left for you, try to sell the house and no one seemed to want to. So what remained coming all the way to see what I could do for this dying wish for his children.

How is it when a man dies without any property of his dispose of other people's incomes. How far things hope brother Noble which meets normal while it does seem on row, but I as I listen to that I picture myself in Christian funeral where I've heard people actually say things like Jesus promised peace, comfort you, you have faith. This really would you be glad that the persons up and having all sorts of interesting things come out the you know that really don't speak to you know the broken heartedness of the situation and it's been my experience that Christians are more tenderhearted about situations like that unless as you look at Scripture trying to back trying to find a time when Jesus lacked compassion you think you can really find one you talk about how he treated the Pharisees was pretty harsh for the Pharisees, but you speaking truth to them in a way they needed to hear it.

There was deftly some forthrightness. I guess you'd say something a strong, strong words towards him, but they were also responsible for being teachers along so they were leading other people astray.

But you know what I think of the woman at the well son treated her heart still spoke truth to her, as Christians there's there's times it and we need to speak truth to people but it's all in how we do it rubbing in the clip you probably met somebody along the way.

If you been a Christian for a while that you consider to be legalistic and how hard it is to kinda work with that person. But legalism has a way of working its way into our church and our group suffer not care if it's something that the enemy loves to put in their just set a perfect example of the woman taken in adultery and all he says okay if you don't have any sand go in Frerotte, nobody threw a rock and he didn't condemn the woman he just told her to go and sin no more packing. I've got a whole lot on that you know where we end up in quickie situations and situations Christian schools with this lot and we will talk about being compassionate. We have a great clip on that you don't miss that, not Coming up November 1912. Please register management journey journey as I talked about ways you can help support smiled that where you can click button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change Lyman's life.

I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up at the camp is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days Alaskan journey will always do that but music a little early, but it made the point walk like a man talk like a man call me a man so what what is a Christian man and that's where talk about one aspect of that this week is is a Christian man is compassionate, rubbing the left were talking about a legalism can kinda make its way into our church into our small group into lots of places where Christians are not careful and it's always easier to see and somebody else in ourselves why that is but I can remember I was on a day school committee.

At one point time of the Christian school and it was obvious to so many members of that day school committee that the students became very quickie that you know because I went to a Christian school that made me better than something to a public school and so when Sunday came. The kids did mix and there was always conflict that was going on because they considered themselves because they were Christians to be of higher moral stature, etc., etc., than the other group.

The thing that I found hilarious. And that is that if you'd gone the same people's Sunday school bit you know where similar groups had formed within the Sunday school you know these were the righteous and these were the you know based on several other issues and you know that the challenge for me is to look at myself and go where is it really you know that I find my dry really need to make these comparisons or do I need to look at everybody as an individual and we talked earlier about unbending and unyielding information unyielding is giving into the world. I've yielded I given away unbending is just like a tree in the wind and sometimes it has to give, not to break in and that's where you and I can go in and I couldn't not prove or like what somebody's doing that may be against Scripture doesn't mean I can't love on is meaning to treat them harshly. It means I can just be very honest and say I don't agree with that but I love you anyway and I think a lot of times a pictures of people getting Christians and special in the news don't really show whole of the love there and I think that's a lot away. A lady like you centers of the check or things of that nature. Remember were in a world that is not designed for Christians. I mean we we are behind enemy lines and so we see things on TV. We shouldn't really be surprised because that is the world and the world is going to be against us. And Jesus says that people will not understand you and that's what we see, but we get to put our best foot forward to go to show that love and compassion, we have probably the best clip for compassion rubbing want to set it up that is from the movie Ms. Rob which I'm sure destroyed. Nonetheless, John Valjean, himself, received a phenomenal amount of grace from a bishop/Jesus in order to be forgiven is found himself in a new life. But then there's this poor essentially prostitute who was abused by some man and then arrested him and mistreated. And now she's got tuberculosis and she is literally dying and she is very worried about her daughter and where the police in this in this particular situation. I want to lock her up.

Whatever because she is a prostitute, but there's life involved and there's grace involved in this beautiful sentiment to attend the school worries is his creation is not an issue rubbing that's a clip we've used pretty often Boot Camp to show that compassion sidemen and help them understand what that looks like and what what it means to love a woman well without necessarily wanting something in return. And you know that that is such a picture of that. It's hard to pick it up in the just the audio but of course her being a prostitute and she sees him. He's trying to get her clothes dry, so he's unbuttoning in a part of her what she's wearing and she's assuming that he wants to take advantage of her and so when he won't accept the kiss. She's like what is this, I've never seen this before. You are your real man and and the bottom line to it. Sam is, she may be he may be the only real man she's met absolutely.

And if you watch this movie in the person that's supposed to be the one standing up for justice is the one that's really the legalist holding the line that's that's not having any grace at all, or any any compassion of any kind in the movie and it such a great portrayal when you watch it. There's some great scenes in it. It's it's one that for me personally. I want to expand the movie but I love the clips were in it, just so amazing that they continue to speak to me but it it it is a good movie to watch me get to see Grace because he solicits suffered talking about anyone. I say compassion for Robbie.

Your Harold when I say compassion. What's that word really speak to you soon so you know what does compassion mean I guess that's the thing. When you look at the note or example for compassion has to be Jesus himself talked about many times about he was moved with compassion, whether beaver raising Lazarus from the dead or heal one of his many healing accounts.

The he was moved with compassion that was to me. I just look at evidence is human love herů Love it. God's love gone coming through human to reach out to another him just to a move of the divine to the not divine and just concerned for that that individual with like what Robbie was saying not expecting anything in return. And that's the difference than a lot of attempts of man's love is it's always expecting something in return is really not love but compassion is the absence of that expecting anything in return. I am here to benefit you without expecting anything. Robbie, what about you, how would you ossify compassion for that's interesting. I find the opposite again.

I remember when I first heard the Jesus labor love program. I went trying to find people to help these you know and and being in the car business.

I could relate to what they were telling me in one particular dealer that clearly could've easily helped when he said I don't want those junky cars and that's not the word used. I want those junky cars in here that you want to fix one thing will be another thing and another thing that's a waste of money. It's a waste of time if you fix the car there just to be back in the sky be broken again and I was the sad news is everything he said was true if on cars give Bill continue to break that brand-new 2017 will do the exact same thing over.

Time if you fix it it will break again and it will break again. But in the meantime you know this person has a chance to experience life as a chance to take the kids to school, whatever. But when you're up against it and why should we do this that's a question that's always underlining so much of what we walked through, it is Harold.

You sound something I read in your book.

This recently I think relates to this all think our attitude toward other people affects whether or not we act, and compassion. What I read in your book talk about the difference when looking through a window looking in a mirror and I think if we more often looked in the mirror to see ourselves as we really are, and went back and looked out the window.

We would see people slightly different and have a different attitude toward them and be more willing to reach out thank you title of that book that every drop strengthening your good heart. Find it on Amazon differently if it is a really good book. I am thoroughly enjoying this a daily devotional and sandstone a wonderful thing. There think you said yeah I know it's God's word through because I remember right in that part that I do not like it was good to run for our we got a couple minutes here a bit. If he doesn't think the stories were Jesus.

We model yourself after Jesus and he shall compassion and I'm still the easy one here but if you go back and look at the story of the leper that healed he didn't just heal the leper if you look at the Scripture he touched him first in the yielding and there was such a healing of the heart and that because the thing that he's never had in years is being touch because another person would become dirty and so he's missed the touch of another person. And Jesus knew that he needed his body healed he needed his heart and inside healed and so he touched him first and let them feel that love and healed his body for me. That is just embodiment. As I looked out of compassion.

I know exactly where you are and I want to help you get through that for me it's what he did for me personally because remember, I was terrified of the dark and I screamed out to him one night you got to help me. I can't take this anymore. Being afraid of the dark and and he showed up for me in prayer and said clearly to me, Robbie, what's the worst thing make it happen and I was like will something you know it's just I was terrified and he said to me Robbie, what would be so bad about that and he walked me into threatened me with you. I would be with you forever and it really healed me through a conversation there and I have never been the same. And I never will be the same as it literally took that fear the compassion he had for me, just a chicken laying there in bed till my wife to go up and check on the noises he made a bet. I just love the story of the woman, with all their tears what their dad's house and he definitely treated with love and passion are so many more stories because that's who Jesus was and that's who are called to be more likely we cannot do that onward are only here to send will be more compassionate tomorrow.

Return to the Holy Spirit and say please guide me directly open up these things my heart to help me find the compassion that mirrors God's love to others is a challenge this week to go out and be praying to him sing God's help me find the compassion that you want me to have me to see it clearly through your eyes. See you next week

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