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What's A Christian Man? Part 5

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 8, 2017 12:03 pm

What's A Christian Man? Part 5

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey.

We are so excited for joining us today here in July. Sam is on vacation so we got Dennison big Jim Graham with us today on the organ to continue this topic on what's a Christian man and a lot of folks when we talk about what we do the math and Internet radio show they have that question. What exactly is a Christian man and so actually on Park for this week and what that is. So that first show that we did on what you Christian man. Sam was on Santa's not here sample here, he would say compassionate and we talked about that show how important was to get men's names right is right and this you remember the second show Jim what we talked about last week strength. Now the first person was compassion and then the idea was unfortunately why people take compassion or kindness for weakness and so we we are second show was on strength and then last week Dennis was right to demand delight in God. Jim right you can go ahead. Your view shows you not to give his little summation which is now today and so we are we are on the fourth one and so you're right on that and the fourth aspect of a Christian. We are going to discussion will go there today is a question man loves. Well love as well is kinda interesting is the delight in God and I would like another's exactly look and how does it play out this one turned to getting a grasp of how man took a Christian man, what is that love look like, I mean does it look like is it the old WWJ D what would Jesus do, is it is it a worldly look at law.

If you know what we fall with that system interesting to explore that. And so, as you might imagine. Robbie has a clip since I got the house today that that is a long line of cars but I got I got a set this up. Yeah, and that it's from the movie my cousin Vinny and I hopefully you know as I grew up as a Christian man I had some understanding of love, joy, peace, patients kindness those kind of things as far as loving well but what I really felt like when I started going to boot camps. I began to understand and that they taught me about loving other others well through the boot camp experience was to see that each of us reflects God's image in a very unique way. We are God's image bearers and when we reflect that image in a unique way that would be somebody's special sauce.

It's their glory so to speak. It's like wow they really shine when it comes to in this matter fact Howard are sitting in the other is our producer. I know he is a really really cool sports play-by-play announcer that his glory so when you see Howard doing play-by-play sports. I mean, you're looking at an image of how he reflects God and so in the in the movie my cousin Vinny Vinny is up against Herman monsters the judge I don't know if you seen the movie but that's kind of what's going on and Herman monsters is is a southern judge in this case and you know he's he's kind of pay attention to this, obviously, New York gangster sounding Vinny character and only know about you but Vinny is actually loving his girlfriend very well here, and I want you to see what's happened is he is determine what his girlfriends. Gloria happens to be that she knows cars, and let me just tell you I know a Buick Skylark and a Pontiac Tempest and she did know cars what she is saying is extremely accurate automotive information that she describes here, but in doing so not only does Vinny love is girlfriend well and bring out her glory. But as you listen, it actually sets his nephew for you is up on murder charges or something along those lines. So here we are. My cousin Vinny on loving well got because expertise in general. Automotive knowledge is in this area.

That testimony will be applicable if Mr. Trotter wishes to Vlad Diana witness to the extent of her expertise in this area. Sure he's going to be more than satisfied vita please the question does the defense's case hold water. Now are you sure how could you be so sure you verify the court where the witnesses stating opinion of fact, this is your opinion. I find it hard to believe that kind of information about tracking nothing In the right lower South.

We and because both because when me by G. Con available me green thank you Ms. Vico. No questions. Thank you very very much.

You've been lovely lovely that that is being brings back memories for me. The 64 Skylark in the 63 Tempest Jim how much you mean you got admit she was a lovely what will obviously young lady.

But the way hello hello beautiful.

The expert still got not come across where he gave her all the glory was what whole area like when you Robbie Sartori marvelously pointed out whole direction of the one thing I was thinking about Robbie was that she kinda became more attractive to me. She just started talking and I was sitting here thinking about that wise that because I really like that accent that much, but if you put yourself in the place of, he's bringing out her glory and her aunt part of her identity is having this knowledge that comics are attractive then it's like the sex I am a loving standpoint it is and I see it every week Dennis because you know I'm blessed to host kingdom pursuit and so you see these people they've never been on the radio before they are nervous they are terrified is actually the white part of the reason I originally came up with Robbie's riddle was to come up with some punishing little things that some people would relax, but when you see them go from whatever it is that they are nervous about being on the radio to talking about their passion they get that same you can see there in their comfort zone.

They're talking about something that they know and it's their special sauce is there glory and you can see were God's given them something a place to shop for the Hardee's you have a unique ability to bring that out of listen to those shows and you do that well in terms of bringing that out of people and you can tell when they start talking man there dispassionate about this. Whatever it is they're involved in, and I really really am so grateful and and Jim. It did you discover that same kind of thing. If it is you came to the boot camp that wow this is a way I can love my wife well is to begin to see where it is that she reflects God. If we can bring out and we can pay part of being loving is stepping back and letting others take glory. In the spotlight be appreciated by others.

You can use in my way. All of our love is very what we can put the other person first and let our love will in that way a lot closer. Absolutely Jim by the way, if I will bring that song into a show you have permission to shoot me now Dennis you had recently a series that you been studying on loving people well and I love this new angle. It is an opportunity and we don't have time to get to the clip that is can represent what you can get started and setting up the idea of what what you been learning you talking about the that the client scenario that we were talking about earlier is actually came from a brother in Christ who heard speaking on loving others, well recently and it was interesting how he kind of brought out an issue about judging someone's identity. So that's what we need to get yeah we have a movie called back to be drilling on into determining identity, discovering how we can love others well. As part of a Christian man that's a much more is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at. It was on this information that where you can click button, waking it once again, PO Box 552 785 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change Lyman's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up at the Spokane.

It is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days Alaskan journey register as well and fly like and I think I went back and listen that song which is like 1976 when Steve Miller band that song that was back in her team here and I never heard that message.

That way before. That is if it's the Holy Spirit that's leading you and you soar like an eagle. What how you soar like an eagle.

While you're down here in your loving others, well and I got this picture this eagle soaring because you know God wants us to go into community wants us to love others well. So how do we do that. Those are few examples you take care of the needy. It's a cool cool concept well. As I was studying the anointing of Christ which find in Isaiah 11 chapter I just ponder on a great deal that the third anointing that that Christ gets is the anointing of counsel and what I looked inside that word.

The Hebrew word for counsel, Jim. I found this idea of purpose that a counselor helps determine your purpose and get you on purpose which we understand is obviously to delight in God and a lot of things but it it speaks to a lot of what were talking about right here. Is it Jesus. How cool is that. I mean, he had anointing from the spirit was going to rest on him. Help us determine our purpose." Topic love God loving God is God, we still critical part of loving up and just as he is realizing Jim you are right in and Dan and Dennis.

I'm just horribly wrong. There have been four and this is the fifth and the one that we left out was being submissive Christian man is I elected you right in the middle of that. That was so good to say it again or trouble word word I don't like to do like the God God you love or what was you boiled it down to our love God, love, and all the 10 Commandments we can get our hearts around loving others and knowing what that means bifold outů Love we can click on work so we could dive a well served mother all look like. By all means and we get it we can this drill bit clip that you set that up for us because it it said it points to what you talked about how I can put this together little talk it kind of wine heard of it either. So I went and went and looked at this, so it was interesting to me because I seem to examples.

One is in this movie clip us, seen and heard in example talking about before the break of how you apply that in the real world. So I see one with a client that owes you money. The story that I heard the other day and you know how do you how do you handle that situation without judging someone's identity and Sam were there. Just a low down crook and then I can pay me and I'll let you know how you love well in that situation when you're running a business and then in drill bit you have this clip released these three guys have had their first few days in high school.

They look kinda nerdy. You know once, heavyset in their kinda nerdy sort of guys and they run into the bully. The first couple days there in school, the Filkins guy who's the schoolboy and they run into a problem with him so they send this letter called the soldier of Fortune magazine and then you end up talking to this guy called drillbit.

It's like he's not homeless he's home free. According to him, and he gives them advice on how to handle this and he talks about handling an entirely different way than these guys probably would've thought about and this is how that plays out in the movie what you write. He said the set up of common ground so you this commonality, a commonality he's going to go try to find out how to wrap look, you're not ready to fight.

There is another alternative.

You gotta be honest with you, only the strongest of warriors can pull this one difficult and tremble on like love him talking about love and compassion and understanding. Find your commonality. We are more like different. And remember, guys. Just because you don't see me there nice things member my way running and hiding all week talking on finding commonality he's wrapping. I believe that the school like that. I drillbit sounded to me a whole lot like lightning McQueen from the movie cars.

What can I say everything scars on my brain. Yet he could first thing I thought about Jim as I thought about Jesus you know that it kind of a weird example for Jesus but the guys out.

He has no home he's given them a bison.

The first thing he saying is to love them and it takes the real strength of a man to love someone.

Now we talked about this Robbie and the outcome didn't work for the bully right up front. There I think later on something happen but it did work for him. He responded the same way always responded but I wonder what a difference it made in these kids lives the date they approached it from a different manner. They called out something and found a common ground to reach this guy rather than trying to figure out a way to gang up on different way. Loving and one things for sure the kid could wrap bully could wrap that was a very funny wrap that you know he put together after you know that that whole and think a little chubby it was that bad. But again there for their their meeting him at his identity.

You know, not judging in meeting him is his identity and I thought that that was distinct. You know how hard it is to do that particular people that it's really easy to love well on people that you get along with people that you like about someone that's a bully. What about someone you don't get along with. What about someone like I live with a bunch of guys that are homeless and have these different ways of looking at things.

How you love them well and one of the things that we talked about Dennis not get up before the show was that sometimes you love on people and you did you let go of the outcome. Like the lady that the client that owed him more money. Whatever the situation the sheet you know he was left but how do I do this and let go of the you know effective.

What happens did you speak that when a second Jim will one thing that really really love to love really love the Lord.

We are loving the local without really love. We Love lady followed by the go after her deadbeat court. Well, love that you love her more money but we let that those things come in between like no and yes love the unlovable called Jesus in the one curtain per love those love you big deal. Yum American bird that clip which actually got time for movie chef where and how to set it up for you because I think it speaks well to another aspect of this. If this man is with working with his son and their cooking sandwiches and some pulls up as part one in there for promoting the new thing that they're doing with this sort of mobile food wagon and so they're not charging for the food and since the sandwiches burned the young man says what it doesn't matter. Not paying for it anyway, and the dad takes him outside and since now, son. This is what we do we do it well. We love what we and he gives them the bit. This whole concept of what it means to do something well in spite of whether or not you're being rewarded for it, but in doing so he's calling his son to higher values and it's a great example to me of another way to love people that that do love us well are trying to let us but still where work were asking of them more than just was average. I think that's the real key is not going forth in love, acting in love and not be concerned about with the outcome. That takes a lot of strength is obviously that Was Way, Jesus loved a lot of people including the Pharisees, he told the truth that it was always easy stuff for we are so grateful for your following is the series. Of course we got a lot of stuff. We didn't get to so I have a feeling we might do a Christian man version 6 and since was five, so you can find out about 123 and four by going to the podcast and ready register for boot camp again were so grateful that you listen to us next week

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