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Pilars of The Masculine Journey -Hope

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 12, 2017 12:30 pm

Pilars of The Masculine Journey -Hope

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man craves upgraded major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are very glad today guys. It seems really weird not being on the phone talking to you. It seems like I've been on the phone talking to last several weeks. Am really grateful to Mrs. Sam in person five is not a reasonable facsimile here today. Actually this week and next week is seen kinda handle to last week. Thank you. Last week we started talking about a new series that we are kicking off and was called pillars of the masculine journey and originally we said that faith was initial pillar. I think as we volcano process to because God continues to work in our hearts, but faith isn't actually a pillar.

It's a foundation on which all the other pillar stand because you can't really have any of these other pillars that were going to talk about without being firmly on the foundation of faith.

Otherwise, it's not stable tonight and the last in all those types of things in and so you know working it can retract a little bit early's diamine say an organist start with the first pillar this week. Building on the foundation of faith is very yummy thoughts last week that God can work in your heart on the topic of faith. I know we talked about that before the show but the big one. He's been working on with me.

I love what you actually said right at the end of last week show which he didn't share with us. By the way Dennis and Kelly under the shelter. I know that is. He said that faith is a foothold and and you know is I've been thinking about that week. What a great start to put your foot if you can climb on the horse to know that the government be there and so it's a great great analogy allowed the word foothold challenge with foundation that will just from a standpoint of doctrine is the church's number one foundation is Jesus Christ. But you can kinda see faith in Jesus Christ is where that, glance yeah yeah trying to undermine that night I just throwing that out there for people are just going going and I think it's his house and make some sense, but the foundations of Christ building a faith in him, with him, faith in ourselves faith in that relationship is key to everything else working and so this week's pillars something a little different. People often get this one confused with a it's a topic I hope so. One of the questions I have for you guys, which hopefully you'll be able to answer is, why would in your mind. Hope you pillar in the masculine journey and why is that one that we need to have in order to really go on this journey in a way that we need to as Christian men walking go back to you are in charge. There was just listening to Ernie do that intro and he's talking about. You know how to we had a we fight this battle when it seems like it's a losing battle. At times how we walk through this life. Well, if we don't have hope this can be tough to do that in God's word. You know, we see example after example, that life is not easy having faith in God doesn't mean that you have an easy path. So were you work were you go with that if you don't have some hope you land in despair you land in depression.

You have all the things that can happen so it's kind of that white to me of this is how I can walk through this day, with the hope of with the hope of eternity with the hope that Christ is always with me at all this with the help of my brothers with me said that's kinda what I hear you Robert you have any things where I have faith guys can come through and this is God's. This can work out the way God's gonna win in the end I read the end of the book but man I don't about my own situation and and so you know that's not very attractive when you look at somebody that's not got hope for something that they want to work through which Scott a good set up for hitch. It is so minute yell in a little something up just a second for me. I would say the reason I know that hope has to be a pillar is because it's something that's most often attack from the enemy. He comes after my hope and if it's that important for him to take it much more important is do I need to have it and so that's for nothing else in my life. I look at what's attack. The most in its hope in one form or another else pick up her friend and hit Charlie one set this scene up a little bit got to the movie where essentially he is the date doctrine.

He's coming across the King of Queens with them… Kevin Kevin James Kevin JS with Smith and he is trying to date a girl that's way way way out of his league and the interesting thing about it is for him. It's something really worth hoping for but it's so attack like you talked about that he himself doesn't even believe it can happen and he keeps trying to walk away from hitch who points out that wow you know you you really have something worth hanging onto breakups for Sammy yet know I means that just got out of a relationship problem that is this anyway. Her life had a lot of bad experiences once that was general in the stand for anybody but men are will see my company finances so one of you interested why my pen was Allegra Allegra. I realize that I'm not her usual tight last boyfriend sweetener some guy was about. He didn't seem like a very nice to me you swing for the friends talking myself that this thing I know this is no okay I just know what is waste your time will like getting up every morning hopeless love your life is waking up with the wrong man. At the same time find happiness to be with you flat out out of your mind. You might Michelangelo, Robbie, you pick that clip into what about Albert situation really spoke to you and how we view hope that verse in first Peter three says always be ready to give the reason for the hope it's within you. Albert's hope is really attractive and and that's why we that's why will Smith is wanted taken on because you can see that he is swinging for the fence. I mean, he's really hoping for something that is real love. That's real intimacy member in and it's very attractive course you can see completely how it's under attack and how we would love to walk away from it because he doesn't want to get hurt again.

He doesn't want to get married but it's really cool for me to see somebody with that kind of hope and you know words that come from.

It's obviously been laid on his heart so much that he can't walk away from you when it when it would make sense walk away potentially from where he was. It is what about that clip was anything in this book you well other than the music got very helpful.

They're talking about Michelangelo you know it's interesting about that is that when I kept looking at the definition of hope and was talking to some other people that we kept coming back to this word expect her expectation that with hope there is an expectation of something happening or someone coming into your life and I doesn't sound like he was quite there. What were the hits character was taking him was that maybe he was at a place where he could expect something good to happen and that hopeful expectation really something I don't know that we see it that way all the time when it really is. There's there's room we expect for healing your we expect an eternity for us, with God together. You know that that's something that's taking it entirely different place.

I think than what people would normally think of as hope exactly hope his mother's words, that's kinda in her language like love you I love potato chips, which is different than your loving my kids but hope I hope that I get this for Christmas.

I hope that I catch that light up there. You know I get to go through it is not the type of hope are really talking about. It's a steeper open and it only not have the words to describe what that is and think you did a good job talk about that but it's open something deep and great in and something God has to be involved.

Would you guys agree. Yes, something hopeful for something beyond the realm of normal human thinking on going back to hitch again in that clip or he's he's he saw himself short on it and hitch source to hear.

Well, this guy should expect that this could happen because he really he because were his mindset is and where his hope lies, it takes it again to a different place and I love as I was hungry for the show lamb Voss Camp wrote this book called the broken way and she sat down next this Jewish rabbi looking out of the clouds and he said you know you Christians are always talking about that you need to have faith in God. If you thought about the fact that he has faith in you, he woke you up this morning with an expectancy that you're going to do something to move the kingdom for that's there some real hope in that line of thinking for me that while God didn't like me and me.

You brought me in the still and and and you know that's a really cool way to look at that expectancy that you're talking about them and hope for intimacy with God that were on a lot bigger adventure than even going after the lady that last boyfriend en suite, what would it be like if we woke up every morning with the expectation that God was something great in our lives or someone around us that day. That's that's hope it is. And I hope you go and register for the expectation got there she something therefore is something there for register now messenger the is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support quickly smiled at. It was on the information that where we can get something PO Box 552 785 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change allotments life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what their places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up at the camp. It is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days Alaskan journey register big big hit was the little into the short two minutes and 30 seconds with bingo brother bingo store what he saying about basically as hell, his life isn't for anything you know you talk about all the things are bad, but all always got a smile on his face and Sam live in and hope that you can wake up tonight singing that song in your it would be good thing to have hope you can live in.

We had a plethora we could use this week some reviews before, and some that we haven't and when I can really get all of Dennis is to talk through one unit picked little bit. The concept of it and it was from the name of the not easily broken. Not easily use clips met in the past, but the last probably 20 seconds of that clip was powerful. You can discuss.

Note that a little bit it and what was happening and that clip well it they had been through a lot of challenges in their life and in the God that demanded planes character. There was talking about going to church.

He was harkening back to a time when he was younger and then he was finding it again that a church, the church, the body of Christ.

The way I see it not as the building, the people together was a place where he could find hope. It was always a place of hope we could come as you are in the Scripture that was used was Matthew 11 2830, which is for my favorite Scripture passages where Jesus says come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest and to me that's part of the seat.

I can always hope that I have hope in knowing that I can go to Christ with anything that's going on in my life I have hope. Knowing that I can rest in him. I don't know how people do that. They don't know the Lord, you know where you or you find a place to find rest in that. That's basically what he was saying, hope, rest, peace of mind. I can get all those things to the body of Christ you were talking about the body of Christ and in traditionally, people think that is the building right but you know we talked about a band of brothers. That's a body of Christ were two or more gather and we joked a bit. It seriously talk about the boot camp but what commonly happens out of those are the ends of the body of Christ to get together right that help have hope. We've all been through situations in our life and we were going through stuff. Now in life happens – just as it does everyone else and I can tell you from experience and going to the boot camps myself that there is never been a time where I have become a wave with from a boot camp with hope in the expectation for new things to happen in my life and new relationships to develop and count getting closer to God always happens at a boot camp always happens and we can find those groups that help us have hope and mean, obviously it's gotta be rooted in Christ. But there's times we've all help each other through things you know and God may have that in store for you to coming up boot camp and on November 6 to ninth ninth through 12th century thinking I through the 12th.

Brevet will clip from the movie World Trade Center you talk little bit about that, transitions. Interestingly, just for what you are describing. Quite frankly have been going through something that I wasn't able to share with just anybody, not even those people. I go to church with, necessarily, but I was waiting, waiting, waiting to like it did with my band of brothers because it was some market share of their and yes I've been praying for. And yes, I've been hoping, but sometimes you start to lose hope leak I don't know the problem.

Riley called like a sinking ship and the stuff is leaking out and I'm losing and I'm losing minimalism and an interesting one is working on the show I came across this clip from the World Trade Center and as I was leaking hope and really really scary place for me. I came across this clip where these guys were buried underneath all the stuff and it really look like they were dying. The one guy who'd when you listen the clip you want him very clearly because he really is. I mean he is about at death's door and you know they hear somebody say will bang on the pipes and the one guy reaches out to the guys about time. What we do. He said will bang a pipe and then you hear him say keep doing it in spite of the fact that it looks like it's absolutely hopeless and I can't even tell you what it did for my own personal hope to see this guy struggle to keep banging on that pipe even though it looked absently hope hopeless because it was like, what can you do but try and then while he was the mission, Mr. Kimball, Mr. well it yes sometimes we had these technical difficulties, but you get to the World Trade Center, maybe not okay, come on Mr. Kim is lost in rubbish. Well, that's a you know you did a great job talking about it in in that scene, there is hope. And there's a great piece about that when you go to that now that's a good place to go because it bears the deal that you know you looking for hope in you find it in the strangest places is in this clip you do it in to set this up. It's a grocery store and have a guy walking through and you get the impression very quickly that he's been in that store pretty frequently in the produce boy who has down syndrome and him of had some type of cover stations in the past it and I want you to hear the hopelessness and Mr. Kimball.

What transpires through their conversation about five wasn't being honest is this not sign things. Maybe you need to call when you get a bumper sticker that I was more you and if you want to maybe not today picking them out label will use Moses.

I know the number on the top of the mountain okay go for 329-4329 is correct is impressive produce good job on everybody like 69 314. For example, we go Christ POTUS price use you hear that you have this great place to tell bit and maybe I'm just because I watch the clip you can can you hear hope growing him as is this this boy is responding to some hope that he laid a foundation of for him and told him you're smart naked young kitty calls produce took it and ran with you in is pretty cool. The his comment.

His love that he reached out provided hope for someone else that later that person's hope that it helped comes back to help him think about this guy's first second I went and looked up what looked up the definition and is more of a biblical deck definition. See if you heard that in his voice. In this scene here to trust and wait for look for, or desire something or someone, or spec something beneficial in the future see those words were all over that scene to me. It was a scene of hope you've worked with special needs people for number of years and that sound pretty authentic and in your experience in the clip, and that's the beauty of the clip is. He couldn't be unauthentic with produce. You notice have tried to fake them at the beginning and and then he came back and he said now, not you. I can't because they're the most authentic people that are not there don't have any mask and so here he has a chance to really share with somebody that he ain't doing so great that easily can and you know here's just pure pure love and hope as he is produce then sees an opportunity for two to speak into his friends life and then of course the manager.

Is this right in that exchange. But if you get a chance to watch outs from a movie called where hope grows and I'm not seeing the whole movie scene that clip and in that clip is on YouTube. You look at it, but it's really really good. From the standpoint the hug was the crown of it you know it really gave that guy hope his whole body language changes in it. He's not as stoic in his voice may sound the same but there's something that's going on a little different in some of those leaks maybe been plugged up a little bit from the love and the hope of somebody else and that's a question that were not going to get a chance to answer today on each of us, but the question I'd ask you guys before the show is over all the things in your life.

What is the hope for the most right now and I can answer that for me. I don't know how to answer that. Right at the moment. That's something I need to take God to guide what is the hope you have in my heart wouldn't want to think you're putting me to swing for the best thing that Rob is the swing for the fencer, Dennis.

If you that's listening to God to guide what is the hope that you placed my heart to rise up that I need to have faith in you, hope, and you walking this journey together, or homework assignment is to guess the question be if you're not hoping anything what's life really look like you need to have thanks will see you next week and go register the boot camp November 9-12.

I got it right that time. The

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