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Blind Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 16, 2017 9:53 am

Blind Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many question turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are very glad to have you with us today and this is a special day for us is not Robbie. Oh well, it's not even leave open on the it's a very very special day because we have some friends in the studio. MC for a while. One of these voices you might recognize with one of our friends sitting right across from me, say hello, how you doing out there.

You guys have listened while at her friend Benny hasn't been able to be with us were excited having back and also in studio in a valve which we couldn't encourage to get on the radio with us today and Andy set in listening and there's Robbie and Dennis and Vinnie and I will be visiting one of the pillar topics we talked about a couple weeks ago were going to be talking about actually the one we call the foundation for the foundations Christ but the foundation of faith in Christ is what we build upon. But often that time. It's a blind faith and in many under this topic for you was one that was one you want to talk about because blind faith means something a little different to you sometimes and it does us with any also the point about how often we all step out blind faith that's exactly right. Because sideline since I'm blind how grateful I am for the other senses that I have feeling, hearing and learning how much faith God has put into me because my site is gone. How many people just get up in the morning get up a lot to do, opened the door, stick the key in their school to start will honey think that happens, you just think automatically is going to start you have to have faith in that how to how to the people that have been wheeled in for an operation you know they don't know losing the operating room they tell you to count the five you can't get the foreign urine there in some strange is going to cut you up and how is the linebacker that is blind faith.

That's what I mean by blind faith and I found out that most everything that you do in your everyday life has to do with faith, even a person that don't believe in God.

How can I put this this faith in his every moment of that day. Whatever he does. He doesn't realize it like starting the call.

Walking up the steps using a debit card. Sometimes it takes faith and Astrid.

The point is that almost everything you can think of this faith behind it and behind the faith is God. He's the one that gives you that faith you may not understand it like I didn't understand that I complained. Why did you make me blind.

Why and I realized the old saying that God has a purpose for everybody here anywhere on the site and he's not finished with us until we go home. Well it wasn't finish with me made me blind, I can't see the guys crust away from me here and I'm sure the role ugly as they would go. It's worse. You know I found out that there is a purpose for me just like tonight I haven't been here in six months because I was I had some site and I was managing now. I have no site and I spend my days in bed thinking about God and think in older things that he has given me and it comes to me and faith that I have in and if you don't have faith in God, you better find opening I'm want to come back and ask a question here in a few minutes but we have some really good clips from back in movies use all know before we were even around. I'm not.

I'm not making fun of that on the same before we really even more aware that there were movies in a lot of cases there were some movies here that were really good at Academy Awards and they were about a couple different movie clips about people that had this ability but I think truly cool when you listen to this clip are going to play one from Joe Belinda Johnny will and I guess I could say right Johnny Belinda, but somebody had to have faith that things didn't have to stay the way they were for this girl that was death. I answer this person has some faith and steps into your life and I want you to listen to this clip and listen to how lack of faith there is in there and sometimes and how there's also faith that starts to bloom in the midst of this clip you will want to see that what I was saying.

She can hear what you can. What I call reading your very good Belinda Linda you say hello friend, I see you and I'm happy to see you telling me she can talk that way. Of course studying the book of signs devised by Frenchman a couple of hundred years ago, priest would sign that mother is a woman with child.

It is day what is is is what I will be seeing. She did first came here because I Robbie you there's some faith in the father begins to happen as he is.

He's watching this unfold with his daughter. This teacher has another aspect of faith that God like Vinnie says God puts faith in this book faith in other people is nothing. Well, it's not my really had a long way to learn. Reminded me clearly of you know when I first went to work in the special ministries classic at Calvary and these people were hit in the air with their fist and it looks crazy to me and honestly I didn't see the value of these people just like in the case of Agnes Morehead she didn't see the value in her daughter that she was in the dummy. That's what she said but after you get a chance to not and now that I've worked with him for 20 years.

All my soul. These people bring an aspect of the kingdom that is precious and unique and interestingly Sam it's similar for me today. As you know is our walks in here and Vinnie walk in here.

They bring an aspect of the kingdom. We haven't had since they been gone and it's sorely missed, but it it has to do with having faith like yours. Talk about having a good faith that your brother has a good heart and that God put them here to bring the kingdom. When I was listening that Cliff I was just hearing how cool the God had some plan for these people way back right that this girl was going to need somebody any place it on somebody's heart to go help you know and there's there's some unity that happens in the family and never seen the movie. I'm hoping that the mother comes around.

At some point but is not sure this going to be on bewitched and really there was uncle Albert to get her strength, Agnes Morehead when she was in Doral and be with you evidencing that venue want to go back to a question for you if if that's okay sure how would you say so your faith is changed as you went into this journey of becoming mind you know would you say that your faith is changed in God in different ways.

At the very beginning, naturally, was anger like us.

Everybody something like that happens to them. It's a normal thing is sit back and thought the contemplate and think of the rest of your life.

Why should you waste the rest of your life because you hear God put you and I've always believed that if you hear there's a reason you and it took me a while to search what the reason was but to get to that reason I had to go to God and have faith.

So what it put into me was listen smell, feel, and you're worthy and you working again so yeah I don't have to shut the lights out my room because I can see on so I just go along with it now. We play game.

Sometimes I get angry at God.

I see a why did you put my shoes in the wrong place. You know that's true because I live with friends of mine and they try and help me straighten help from the column. Don't straight because I've home flying blind.

I know so little goes back to know. Put your faith fully fully I mean fully into God.

Thank you. Dennis would ask your question in your journey over the last few years we talked about it on the show some how would you say that your faith in God is changed as you stepped in some new seasons of your life and in the very first season. Now you just say that some of that faith relationship is change this blind faith of any stock. I thought I had faith until I stepped in the Winston-Salem rescue Mission. I realized I had a lot of faith to go to. We can talk about that after the break, but this definitely change things you come back we can talk about that talking about faith like for you to take some faith in us and go to the boot camp registry unmasking journey risk for the boot camp coming up in November. Evidence certain certain feeling that something special in store for you. There is a salmon mask I talked about ways you can help support clearly smiled as he was on the information that where we can get something PO Box 552 785 Sam this November camp can literally change allotments life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what their places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up with this book is good unmasking journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days mask when

I was expecting Ellen Andy to see you because I know that words was one of their favorite hairbands in the 80s you know back in the day, but you know something I thought about that little clip there. The song was called blind faith. I was looking for some call blind faith is that you know I play a song on contemporary Christian station.

Every once in a while that has been okay but will place only once in a while you hear some of the lyrics and you think we can be talking about a girl there until he gets to the part was talking about God so I can turn it around with this and I thought if you go back and listen to that the guessing.

I got blind faith in you before you find out he's talking about a girl in this case. How much do we think about that with God. You know I don't understand everything you do. I don't understand the plan laid out before me.

But I'm going to have blind faith in you.

I've never seen you face-to-face. But I'm going have blind faith pretty powerful it is. I'm still actually stuck in the thought of any Lycan here began before he placed his way back with hairbands and kisses and when we were leaving for break and as you're talking a little bit about that the blind faith journey. You stepped into when you walk back into the window, walked into the Winston-Salem rescue Mission in looking back now with the perspective of looking back how much is your faith change and how much would you say your behind faith is changed over that time walked into a situation where my dependency on God had a level never been in my life and had no idea that that's what was going to happen but I do depend on God that I would have food to eat. I had to depend on God that I would have a roof over my head. I had to depend on God that I would be able to get along with these other men who came from all walks of life. A lot of them spending a lot of their lives on the streets. I know how to interact with guys like that because to really truly except for an occasional weeklong mission trip I've never had a relationship with someone that has lived a different lifestyle than I'd lived, so I would find myself often times early in the morning and late in the evening just praying to God for the face to continue on from day today and sometimes it was from moment to moment, particularly in those initial 90 days or so that I was there so coming out of that it created a faith for me in God that I'd never had before real dependency on him that I never really understood why walked into that situation and also a real faith in humanity and weave you know we've had some bad things happen in our country lately with had some bad things happen in the home state of Virginia and I think it's a time for us to look at what were our faith lies.

Do we have faith in humanity.

Do we have faith and forgiveness and forgiving others, and health, probably more than you bargained for. But for me that's what it comes down to is forced faith. Well, I think that it's a question of what do we have faith in him and having blind faith in God Vinny. I know that you talk a little bit about you know the people that are blinded that have a dog crate and honestly the not to make up time, but the blind faith it takes to be with that dog doesn't exactly I mean dog I mean if you had eyesight and probably slap it in the rear, because it wouldn't do what you told this dog is so smart that you have built a faith with goal. Now how does that happen God is your body, and says you better trust in him as he trusts in me and you note this, so many different ways to explain faith in when it happens, a tragic thing happened.

Okay Dennis just tossed on it. What's going on the world. We all realize that we have the faith to people that are crazy enough one. Well I don't know if he's crazy, but they got their fingers on a button that could just eliminate everything. I don't think that's what God wants.

I don't think that's what God wants you to think that we do when I have faith that God created something in human that's redeemable that's right right that's why send his son to have it only go to a clip from one of our favorite movies we've used in its from Leigh Ms. and this is the part where the bishop is John is talking and where we pick it up, as is John goes on and stay there the night before and had robbed the bishop and the lady that lives there can the none I guess would be gastric yeah in the none of their silver and then he gets arrested and brought back to face the bishop going to listen to the exchange here and come back when you talk a bit about faith in what God does in human so I'm sorry to this matter very angry with usual virtual didn't he tell you he was.

I guess last night we searched his knapsack found only civil but you gave it to yes getting the silverware. Why didn't you take the candlesticks. That was very foolish about sex, the silver candlesticks worth at least Fr.2000. Why did you leave them as your Valjean has to get going is lost a lot of time. As you forget to take you saying you told us the truth course. Thank you for bringing him back. I'm very relieved to really letting me go to understand the bishop offensive line and must be thirsty and forget. Don't ever forget you promised to become the new John Jean, my brother no longer belong to Eve with the silver ball to some ransomed you from fear and hatred and now I give you back to go Vinny. That was a clip that really was important we play this and in so talk little bit about what that clip really speaks to you in this topic of blind faith will have to go back to the faith that the bishop had him that it would work first, and it worked for me. I know that I didn't get silver. I got darkness, but for me it was God in my deceased wife who took care of me and made me live like decent human being instead of a blind old fool, and what the bishop did with this man as he says I bought you so will I feel that my soul was bought by God and he just puts the faith in me. Trust in him in every moment of my life of every day of my life and I know that when he calls me.

I owe him a lot.

I know what I could do know maybe what you do with clouds. I have no idea rape them not to fall through.

But I owe him something as was his name Trumbull John yeah owed the bishop and paid him he paid him. If you see the whole movie you will understand a lot more of that scene. He did pay the money and in you actually paid God as well because when you yes when you look at that movie John Valjean paid by loving others, well helping others well and right as long as I've known you you've loved others very well and so that that is constantly being paid right to God's trusted you to love others in your life around you. That way no one else can.

And you know I mean I'll obviously price paid the debt.

It's been payment that desire to give back the desire to give more to God you're living out through how you treat others in love on others decision it will. I thank you for that and I'm going to live on. I'm going to live on and I'm going to continue.

We hope so because we want to have you back here in talking to us would love to have the backing of a plug-in. I would love to have you back might have Al back now that he can't say anything over there that would really like to have a back and I will and I would love to be back, but it's live so far away now you know it's difficult but my heart every Tuesday night is here in with you guys and I wish I can see you because I'm pretty sure you did get yeah it's without a doubt we can take your word for that. That's blind faith. That's reality. You know what I was listening. This clip probably you know the thing that really struck me as a course of bishop has faith is John Valjean can be different that faith is really rooted in the workouts into doing his life right yes is an act of grace that's given by the bishop but yet unless God came the steps in and fills that void and continues that grace in that where the change really occurs in people's lives is with God's interaction.

After that initial grace. Another not really question how their slants a great and follow the movie you see he doesn't really get it right there. He's just in a period of shock like what in the world of happened.

I was arrested I was going to jail. I'm on my way. And as he begins to leave town.

You'll see comes up upon the cross, and he goes to his knees in he sees that it wasn't just the bishop that was you know and involved in his life. At this point in time that he really had made a promise to make a move to be a new man in and it was God that was going on. Make that available to him in the end it's a wonderful mood and that's really where the faith in humanity can come in for just as the bishop's heart was changed and he reaches out to touch another. We also can reach out to touch another and maybe show them something that will lead them back to the foot of the cross of the leading back to God that their life can totally be changed. Before starting to make mistakes God will use us working others lives.

If we letting them just give ourselves to him in that blind faith knowing that he's got us where he wants us is taken us where he wants us to go talk to you next week and go register for boot camp asking for any

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