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Joy - Pillars of the Masculine Journey

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 2, 2017 12:30 pm

Joy - Pillars of the Masculine Journey

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 2, 2017 12:30 pm

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The heart of every man is a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. We are very glad to have you. Today we feel very joyful joyful Robert hit me and Jeremiah Jeremiah but not the germ are you thinking of how this one. He was a bullfrog you have any was a good friend of mine, but I never understood a word he said. I'll admit I helped him drink and always was a mighty fine line that were talking about today.

Saw Joy to the world to the world today. As we continue to car talk on the pillars of the masculine journey so far in the pillars of masculine journey what some of the things guys we covered first one was faith and having that strong pillar foundation of faith in Christ best liberals love love the last we had hope. We did have hope and love and that would only make sense right Andy at some point time we got to get to joy and so this week were going to be talking about enjoying room talking about why is it really a pillar in our life right in this masculine journey. Why is it important that we have joined what is the enemy come after it. So steadily and so tenaciously consorting. I think that's where were going to listen to or click here from a movie called meatballs revenue and set it up over yeah for me in my childhood that was certainly a movie of joy as Bill Murray was, you know that was in his classic years. From my standpoint and he was in this particular clip you know you've got the camp experience and you know what for me in my Christian walk. The further I go the more I enjoy Psalm 16 that in his presence.

In other words, being with God is the fullness of joy. Well, here we have this camp experience. And when you go to camp there something about the wild and all that that you get a chance to be in his presence, but often if you're with other campers, which is what meatballs was about was the camping experience then you get to be in the presence of others, and so there in this big battle with the Mohawk father camp and it looks like they're going to lose and so the beginning of this clip. I want to listen carefully that actually they're both talking about a losing strategy and is in a funny sort of way, but one of them, Bill says, is a really bad attitude and I want you to think about what brings the joy into what looks like a really horrendous situation all over, orienting the Mohawk Sabina's last 12 years and is just the attitude we know, because 12 years in a row. Please best equipment money can buy your own personal masseuse. Every Mohawk competitor as electrocardiogram blood and urine tests every 48 hours to see if there's any change in his physical condition union Germany powertrain and will will will will and will and before the show. You can take on the rest of the will for me. You know the spirit of team and the spirit of the idea of this thing is to have fun. That winning or losing is not really the issue is much as the joy and that by you know his and those he has and that he brings in and by chanting so everybody comes together and they begin to in a way you know become community and be invested in the same experience of having fun not necessarily concerned about whether or not I look at her.

I looked at but being in the team that all of a sudden this whole new feeling of joy is available to them and I think it's it's it's you just makes me smile to think of the whole thing. So Jim you you listen the same clip again.

God can split your heart differently got I actually had a big question is, who ended up winning the movie, but it just doesn't matter. That's sort of mate we get so bent out of shape over so many things in our lives just don't matter now there's very little there's nothing will take with this except relationships a relationship with God, our relationship with others who one what football game. People get passionate about it and that's okay but ultimately that will steal your joy if that's where you're putting your hope and your desire in life you we talked about earlier before the show, but any of those things that you know where you feel like you get achieved something I have this agenda have this checklist, so to speak of things I gotta get to and when I don't need it.

I don't have joy. It's kinda anti-productive right on what you're trying to do is to let you turn the lease for me to get those things done so I can have time to have joy and we look at the things that were expected to do as Christians we don't we don't lose our joy.

We set it down, but the outcome of everything that we do is up to God, not us.

If we can surrender that to not take responsibility for what is our responsibility. It's a whole lot easier to hold on to the joy absolutely.

And when we were listen this clip again. One of the thoughts that came to my mind.

Actually, Robbie was a couple weekends ago we went out when Wayne got a visit sometime with some friends now know about you, but small part of my most joyful time of that was a sitting around and laughing and there something in laughter in a group and fellowship that brings joy in onset is a list that clip he was bringing laughter is bringing joy in a little bit different way as well and so I think that there's lots aspects that we would listen to it and thinking well surely he's not that deep but there is some joy coming through that right lease to that group of campers in the movie you about using Crystal your ideas. The yeah okay or not.

Actually, that same weekend that you were talking about.

I went to my first boot camp in Colorado and you were talking about the camper experience in all in the joy that comes with that. And that's exactly what it was you guys both asked me what have God come after your heart. There I really did have this humongous round and through Boot Camp's needs. None of a lot of times come after my heart, but in this particular instance, it was just a continual presence of ring just a feeling of joy. The whole time I was there and that was because he had his people there and I was in their presence and God was amongst you know all of us is as a group and it was just it was a school because it was just continual and there wasn't really any anything and I know these people you know but they were Christians able. They were strong believers that they were there for a purpose it was just Yvonne there so and being in the Rockies does not feel closer to God. Absolutely. And then going out and taking a dip in hot or whatever you know I think back on a throw into the something person. I think anybody listening if they think back to what best times where I felt like in my life I experienced the most joy and I'm just gonna guess the one alone that you are sharing some experience with God and use felt his presence, and in but you are in the presence of others and and those those are the times that in our precious time and you know obviously have a boot camp coming up which will talk about.

I'm sure going to break even for me. Boot Camp is the different experiences there's been times the gods come after me personally and on the backside of some painful times was joy rights and freedom in some joy. There is deftly the joy in watching what he does in other people's lives.

You know that that he blesses us with being a part of that small as it may be, but also just the blessing of having community enjoy it on the laughter that we have their my favorite parts of the weekend other than the whole God's obviously is just that time in community, enjoying one another's presence and I can imagine that it was anything different for Jesus and the disciples that there were times that they just really had joy being insert in each others presence.

Not not totally there some record of in the Bible where it didn't always get along. That's called community. That's called messy. You know, and in that there is joy. If you hold your way through has to be and I'm working to get sapiens to reply, but I have my personal opinion I'm open to it, is that working to find out that Jesus has probably the most he would make Bill Murray look like you know like EE that have what it takes from the standpoint of that I'm certain Jesus will make us laugh.

I cannot imagine 1213 guys walking around and not having some humor that you know the coin in the fish you, you know, if you don't see the humor in that and I'm thinking there are a few ponds that you know at the time about Peter needing some sensor something I don't know what it was but I know there's humor that was a show previous you have those every week as we get ahead in the regular talk about the coming Boot Camp it's good to be November 9-12. You can go to mask injury to register. Would love to have you join us there for that we have talked to people from different states, which is always cool to see who God decides to have their he's deciding to have you there likely to stick some time to pray about that to God.

Is this something you want me to do. I promise, if God ask you to go.

You will not regret it.

It will be a life-changing thing for you because you meet in their in a different way to mask injury to register will be back after the salmon mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at.

It was on the information that where you can click button waking PO Box 552 785 find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day venture with God. It's a masculine journey is designed to give him information to be what God's kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 masculine to register your thinking it was really nice. There was no Jeremiah.

That song joy to the world being young when I was out and just how catchy it was his or something.

It felt so right about the world have joy but if you watch the nightly news. If you read the newspaper you get on the Internet and read some of the news on their it's not full of whole of joy and on. So question I have for you guys is is why is the enemy come after joy in our lives are or how does he come after joy in our lives wasn't so important to him that we lose that joy. Jim wiped out jump in while Jim's thinking and I could see but you know, I've been watching the BBC's thing on wildlife and I love to watch the predators with a herd of like caribou or baby seals. Whatever you see and the predators move in to cause panic because if they can get, which is essentially taken the joy out of a herd because it once these animals quit just being of caribou and enjoying caribou life and they start to be in fear, and they begin to panic, they lose sight of one another because the idea is if I can get them to isolate then you know that calf caribou is essentially wolf breakfast absolutely.

This is a really obscure reference, but you member the song from Billy Ocean, Caribbean Queen caribou queen that will anyway. Speaking of animals and losing joy right are in heaven some panic or whatever that might be worth a clip from Seabiscuit in this clip you have the trainer that's trying to get this horse who's been just been used to train other horses really just literally been on a treadmill and a thing going round and round in circles. He's trying to get the horse to find joy in being a horse.

I want you to listen to this clip yeah whatever direction please still beat up. It's hard to tell what he's like.

I just can't help feeling they got a so screwed up, running in a circle forgotten what he was born to do just needs to learn how to be a horse again at a stop is listed.

Horses of the consumer were not horses right stubborn as a mule. Lots of other things. But isn't there something in our life that the enemy wants us to believe that were stuck on a treadmill that things are never going to change the margins can be like yesterday that type of thing or just make us lose our identity in the midst of the busyness of life I mean I'm sure that's happened you guys from time to time but you see that around you every day.

Yes, in the middle that clip. I started thinking in my mind, substituting the word horse with Christian and so many of us are on that treadmill and we're not going the same going around in circles are never going the same direction, but once every time around and then you hear the dramatic music which helps, but the running free and running until you stop and there is joy on that, however busy it may be if you're going in the direction that God is pointed you, but if you're just being the good old Christian.

We talked about the joy here's a better since I have you right here and if you'd been out of the last boot camp and we hope you're there for the next one but you know during the break. Jim mentioned that he took particular joy in shooting me in an air soft and I took it quickly. Joy in tackling him while he was sitting on a big dent, but nonetheless if what I was thing about as I listen that clip is the joy of the jockey as he saw the horse come into its identity of who it was and and actually loving being a horse again. You know the horse was feeling that the sense of freedom and in being a horse again, but the joy that we experienced you and I know when that little guy.

I can't remember his name, Sam, Sam, it was he was a warrior and when we were playing Airsoft mean you had to see this dude jumping over trees and going and he you got admit he came into his glory and we all just sat back in and we were like screaming like that jockey may look applicable at that what that guy did when he broke free and he began to run in his glory and we learned where you got your nickname target that it wasn't from shopping there. Why does the enemy was it a priority to him to come after joy with what's his goal in doing. I think you have the pillar answered you got you got a shirt you know, for me it it's it's it's a gateway it's a way that he can get in and that pillar of joy if it's Rob from you if you let the joy leave your life. All the other pillars will follow easier and easier and easier and pretty soon he does have this crumbled foundation. The chapter try to rebuild the presence of God brings joy right will we need to be in that joy all the time in the have that pillar of our life to be hard to hold onto the other ones out. That's a tough one gets hurt and hope if you never have joy you know it says that the joy of the Lord is our strength so strength to me if anything is motivation for life. Essentially, so you ripped that and that's what he does. He comes for for that joy. If that's our motivation. That's where people get into depression.

They don't have motivation to live to get up and do their daily task or whatever it may be, or didn't move into their glory. Are you and maybe you've been loved by somebody that in that joy before we're talking a little bit before the show about you just coming in here song the kids longer have that joy joy joy in my heart right will if God is a presence of joy and have that joy in my heart and I have God's presence in my heart and makes even more sense when it tells us in Proverbs, to guard your heart towards a wellspring of life guard that joy guard that relationship with God because that's that wellspring of life and we got one more clip and try to get in here and it's from how the Grinch stole Christmas revenue and set it up to collect why the Grinch stole Christmas as we have an opportunity to see how father who was after his daughter's heart when it looks like it's all is lost, but clearly it was why the Grinch stole Christmas 1 variously girl who had no I hope you're very proud she isn't.

I am glad he took a presence.

I am glad everything is is that the grades Julie not read over my you can't hurt Christmas Mr. me because it is about to get the contest fancy lights that try to tell everyone and me try to tell me what you as a child my child happens to be right. I don't need anything more I got lifers actually John 1633 the whole thing but it's Jesus talking disciples and he says I told you these things so that in me you may have peace. And it's not a peaceful time and then he goes on to say in this world. I have tribulations you have suffering but you could be of good cheer could have joy because I've overcome the world and what really hits me on this is joy and peace are always available to us. All we have to do is remember the God of the universe loves and sees our father and he's overcome all of the problems we have. So if you're a joyless Christian and something's wrong with your walk with God.

Absolutely your you're buying into some of the lies of the enemy. Some things not yoked. Accordingly, there if you're not a Christian, maybe not Christian you know you have that joy available to you to discuss God in your life is not always do that one of us will help walk you through it to their website would be happy to talk to about it this weekend. Like Freda to pray about and ask what are those things in my life that I worry about that just doesn't matter whether those things that keep me from being the person you created me to be being that person enjoy being the person finds joy in you, and how do we get back that deeper meaning of things in our life that really truly bring us joy could have a great time with it and enjoy have become an expert camp November 9-12 masking journey to register now

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