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The Enemy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 9, 2017 12:30 pm

The Enemy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 9, 2017 12:30 pm

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The heart of every man is a great adventure like doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are glad to have you with us today, and Robbie.

We got a full studio of of you and me are you and I and never did get a good grade in English so that you have this feeling like you're all alone and abandoned his point that Yasmin my sentencing in almost a month. It has been a long time so as it is really good to have the reunion. It's great to be back in studio so you will hear two voices today mind and Robbie's incident should be easy for you to keep up a lot of people on vacation.

It wants. It's just a wonderful time summertime and trying to get out some modifications. I know that I had one not too long ago.

You have one coming up. And so that's can be really really good for your heart as I know mine was reminded and the boys and submit a great time at today's topic is were we talking about how you phrase it if if I if you said what's a show about Robbie. How would you say I would save the common lies of the enemy, the ones that most of us have experienced in the NE almost another, and the sad news is we still fall for it.

Almost every time yeah and that's actually the exact words I was going to use the common lies of the enemy in that's a thought that was striking through my head was we know what they are because of inherent my whole life and wants are brought to our attention like oh that's not happening that he changes his approach a little bit and it usually comes back to these core lies that he brings up to another week we talk a lot about in this ministry and into ransom heart stuff that they've done John Eldridge's book while the heart is the question that man struggle with is you have what it takes, but housing enemy take that question and make it be a lie. Robbie, I mean, I know we talked about before the show, but as I was thinking of my drive over here that's still lie that I buy into the most and so have what it look like for you when that's when that's happening. The enemies come at you that way without lie. It's amazing how often I fall for that very you know issue of and it gets me totally paralyzed that you're not going be able to pull this off. I don't know why you're even trying and you know this is good to go bad. This is good be embarrassing and here we are again and you know I'm just an and I bought into it, but it's amazing how quickly we forget we leak in a year. You've got great faith in you got this understanding and boy he comes in at that angle and an old wound and for me as a salesperson you know through rejection. See you now see why that customers turn in the other direction. See why they haven't called background if they know you got nothing yet. I often feel like the dumbest fish in the lake because I fall for the same lures uses a different Luer may have a little different shine to a little different color. I fall for the same and that you don't have what it takes manifests in so many ways you could be don't have what it takes it at work or you have what it takes in this relationship situation and your wife gives you that look where your your son by his and oh I got nothing in and there's even be there whispering that because it can become paralyzing. If we let it, and we can you can rock the confidence in God's instilled in us that we do have what it takes.

He didn't put us here with his help, obviously, but input is here with, not the ability to go to him and to get through things that we don't know what that looks like on the other side we know is going to get through them with him, and yet it still rocks at confidence and it rocks that who we are and can feel very paralyzing. If not careful. Been doing what I do work for 30 years in one capacity or another. There are still times that he'll come at me from an angle that makes me question whether I have what it takes in this situation today and tomorrow. That may not be hard for me to really battle but some days it's just kinda tough. You know or never been the father to a daughter that has a baby yeah yes I have a grandson and it's awesome that opens up a whole new window stuff that I have no experience with you.

If I don't keep anchor to God in the midst of that is to be a lot a good foothold for the enemy whatever that life situation is take your situation. Fill in the blank you but where is the enemy attacking you with. You do not have what it takes. And so we gotta kinda defend that. But there's so many more other lies.

There's only about four or five that will talk about today with a pretty common yeah a couple clips around one of the lies we hear would like to set one of those apps sure the one that it's not my fault and you know we have used a Goodwill hunting clip many times were Robin Williams begins to confront him with.

It's not your fault, but I've got one here that were going to do from Batman begins Batman begins where I did not even know that how Batman begun, but apparently he begun in this this place for Satan to have him where his parents death was his fault and maybe you bought into that was your parents divorce.

That was your fault. Or maybe you bought into your mother's illness was your fault in which I did and and different things in my life that are so easy to fall for this particular lot. It's your fault, it was nothing that you did the same. Still feel responsible. My anger away stuff you is your chance. So stronger than your rage, possible grief was always here taken before you listed that there is this some really good fathering and there isn't. As discussed talking to him and help you really see what's going on behind that your fault right in the end it's a fascinating thing that it looks like it's making Batman in this case, more powerful, but it's actually in a way, creating his own prison cell that you know he finds himself in his driven place that I have to you know prove that is not my fault that I can eventually situation is. It's a it may look like you're being extremely successful.

It may look like you're being sick successful but for the kingdom, but it still bondage and so the beauty of you know I feel I the whole Christian experience is being able to go to Jesus in this and say Jesus help me interpret where I am and help me see the lie I'm living under or help me understand the situation and and what really happened here and you know ask the Holy Spirit to go in and say you know you walk through some of those wounded places in your life you be shocked, I am shocked that I continually open up places where I still feel like all that was my fault but we were talking will just cause or signal to back the question here in a second. But even in that clip.

As I listen to listen to before there was some things it was going and what am I believing is my fault you talk a little bit about that before the show on some stuff John Eldridge does and how that's impacted you mind sharing that question that he asked and how that's really kinda impacted you over time. Sure sure I I have this is kind of fun. He has a video series called restoring the heart and where he actually will take you through an exercise with you and Jesus to to help interpret a similar situation or wounded situation, so I was doing that just this week where I had I was selling turquoise jewelry. Actually because you know I'm from New Mexico. At one point in time we had a really lucrative company that was selling jewelry to what is called PGY at the time of those that was like a five and dime store really successfully while I was out in California they fired me in, stole my business with TG and why the company that I found that the whole thing with and so my boss and doing so there is this horrible wound and it ended up with me being stranded in Los Angeles with my at the time brand-new wife that led to lots of different disasters and I blamed myself for years and so was his John was taking you through that.

He said look for your green is there an agreement in here. Can you see where you've made an agreement meaning someplace where you've agreed with Satan on something that was alive. He made an agreement pasted.

Do you think it was your fault and I went holy macro is all my fault I went, wait a minute, Jesus was this my fault and began to read that I've been taking responsibility for that person that was there's a big difference between the enemy whispering at all. Taking ownership we can talk about that we come back, but like free to go. Consider some really good counseling opportunities going to boot camp counselor there is our heavenly father in Jesus and the Holy Spirit leading her to get a mask under the to register now is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change a lot a man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up with this book is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days mask when register all this is the song it actually made me start thinking about topic of this week I was riding along and memorized the customers going down to Charlotte this week and I just had some songs playing randomly on my my phone through speaker.

The sunken mines were Springsteen song, and he singing to a girl about it, but we just take the context of the piece that we heard right there. The enemy loves to make us feel isolated.

He loves to make us feel like were alone you were alone in the situation were alone and what we battle and how many men we met over the years. It felt like the only ones that battled this issue for that issue. Surely no one else does answer the enemy's big strategy one is big lies is your talk a bit more about that here and secondly go back and visit one thing were quickly we talked about before we went to break was that there's a huge difference in the lie of the enemy saying it your fault and taking ownership for whatever your portion and we talk on the show lots of times that if the enemy came at you with justice, outlandish lie.

You probably wouldn't believe it but yours comes at you with some little grain of truth that you say you parts true, but the problem is with that green be treated, nurtured water at all those things and harvest now becomes a scraping field that feels like everything is our fault and they will peel that back as you talked about earlier going to Jesus and Jesus, Holy Spirit, heavenly father, I need the truth in the situation is a really really stuck your another's pieces that are true, but you're the only one that can lead me to this whole truth and letting them do that.

I'm sure that probably happen for you as you work through some of those issues he's let you really see the whole truth of the situation, how I was totally duped. Yeah, I mean totally duped into believing that I did not have what it took to get the turquoise jewelry sold in Los Angeles where I end up losing that particular job, and it led to this whole concept of you can't hold a job you're getting is to get it's going to go the same way your sales and you drop your gonna get fired you know and that's a horrible prison of your salesman it is. It is so the couple.

Isaac talked about so far as you don't have what it takes but your fault in a little bit of this topic of euro loan.

I'm sure there are times in your life as you and through you felt much isolated and completely on your own, even in the midst of other people horrible. That's one of the more faceted diamonds of destruction.

I can think of is all the angles of of how you can be alone sometimes for your own choice. I don't need any help. I don't want to deal with aggravation of the other people or sometimes nobody cares about me and all the different ways you can find yourself he comes at you. That's one lie, but it's phenomenal. The different ways that he tries to isolate the baby seal is allowed access points from to that to get to that in the truth is, are times we are by herself, but were never alone you and that's the thing that he really tries us to get that even think that even God's turned his back on us and leads us to this next clip.

This is from a movie and I can't stay strong enough. I do not recommend this movie it's it's got some really good scenes are a really good seeing here rest movie, not so much in so it's from a movie called into days and had Arnold Schwarzenegger and it was about some of the that the devil in good and evil, and in so conceptually there's a lot of cool things there but it was really really hard to watch and I wouldn't really recommend it for most people, but in this you hear the scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger is lost his family. He's a police officer and he had to testify against some bad guys and ended up killing his wife and his daughter, and in this literally one of the characters in this movie is Satan the devil is one of the characters in person interchange here with Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the devil and I want you to see what angle he takes him on the lie that is trying to get them to believe it wasn't your fault.

You just you are doing your job that you possibly guilt. You didn't do anything wrong. You are an honest cop take money you have to testify against them and after they threatened your family. Most people never testify like you have to do the right thing.

Where was God we could stop but he didn't make you feel guilty me. I don't know what happened.

He did just think about that and you tell me was really a friend so readily as you listen will first of all I ask you another question in second, but use try to time, it's not his fault but is that what he's telling through that. I mean he's is accusing them in the midst of it, even with the words on the same it's not your fault there's a loaded with accusation in the midst of that really sets way I heard it right that the real accusations against God absolutely and you can't trust. You can't trust God and boy if that is not common why I don't he come through for Sam, but he just doesn't over Robbie life situation happen right you know that the God may be you wouldn't really even want someone makes a choice of the free will and and something happens and we lose a loved one, you have lost my my mom and my dad and a good portion of that has to do with the making the decision to smoke for several years, and one of them really struggled with COPD and smother things in a complicated and it ended both of their lives early, not the enemies you try to tell me that God took my parents from me today. A lot of other choices helped lead to that.

I miss him I love him all those things but it wasn't God's fault in any way with the enemy will try to get you to think that along the way, are you sure could have done some yeah how something could happen and it's amazing really. If you if you really can ask for some interpretation. Hear from God into certain situations and I can tell you in the moment. There's sometimes really difficult to find where is God in this you can imagine the people walk around a 911 in 911. You know where is God in this but one week. I as I've lived my life I've seen certain things played out that I thought were the ultimate disaster my children's life turned out to be the turning point that led them back on the right road. It's amazing to see how some of things that I really really thought God left me out on the diving board somewhere turned out to be. And now I can look back and allow I went through all this agony when God was really doing some good doubletime and allowing these things go absolutely. I don't know if it is used only heard it a few times that one of the people interviewed at Ground Zero was asking that question was on if you want out so that again yeah I'd interviewed and one of the people at Ground Zero was runaround was not a Christian and everybody was saying where's God was God and he goes well.

If wasn't here every day would be 911 and in the point B that the air you breathe in any piece that you have as a result of God's the other stuff that was our friend Meredith is telling them you know it that when that particular part was partly you can't trust the heart of God.

Obviously that's what that is but it's God's fault, pick up just another short clip from that same movie just a few seconds later, where he really is telling even more clearly you can't trust God's heart is so I took away our family to something. He is the biggest underachiever of all time.

Just a good publicist something good happens. It's his whip something bad happens he moves in mysterious ways to get overblown press kit. They called the Bible for the answering that. What did they tell you what happens place he treated you like garbage, she walked away, probably think that all these lies even going back to Adam and Eve.

It's been all about you can't trust the heart of God as we can sever that anything's possible.

And so each one of these lies try to compound on each other to get you to that point we feel like God's abandoned you is there is the only place of aloneness that really exists is if God is in this with me. Then I really am alone. Yes, I'm alone or he put me in the situation didn't income for me. That's why I don't have what it takes this guy didn't show up all these things at once. We continue to buy until yes it's an attack on our heart like we are not first clip from the movie is continuing to accuse us even more so is accusing God and try to drive that wedge and it's a fascinating place. Christ on the cross was given the same stuff thrown at him and and he says my God my God why you forsaken me, and he's feeling alone and it's one of the more difficult things to understand, other than clearly if Jesus is dealing with this and still ends up a few phrases later says, into your hands I commit that may be the case but in your hands I commit my spirit. I trust you your the guy and you know I think that's all heart cry that God loves to hear his look at it. I feel alone, but I trust you.

We talked a little bit earlier about you can be in very good intent, your hearts in the right intent. Tony story about someone I knew that really wants to do God's will.

But they started dating somebody they been wanting to date somebody for lots years and their dating somebody and in question became what if that person isn't God's will for me is he going to take that person away from me. I answer the heart was good and wanting to do God's will and make sure they're pursuing God's will, but really what's happening there is… Other beliefs. Somewhere in there is you can't trust the heart of God and he's easier to get this motor is the offer of Bruce Almighty together, but in that's that's part of the sizing really touched just a little bit on a lot of the but it comes down to a lot of times you don't have what it takes or the second one being what would you turn the Robbie of the ones we talked about today, but it's your fault it's your fault, and you're all alone in this case you left God out here not in his will. Your standard out there, and God let it happen.

You can all those things that I've asked you a question. Robbie asked earlier today when he and I were talking was where you feel like right now in life that something is all your fault, she's probably not all your fault, that's a great place to start if you don't know where to start and asked God to just unveil these things to you what you're hearing and help you find the truth go to our website asking journey get past podcast register for the boot camp this coming November.

See you next week

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