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Pillars of Community

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 19, 2017 12:00 pm

Pillars of Community

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 19, 2017 12:00 pm

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And as we see Jesus speaks of delegates masculine journeys for many sometimes losing life feels more like a losing battle, and something last longer than I was very glad to have you with us on this special day out is 1292 Wicker Rd. encouraged that the friendlier church got passed by your so many times, and I've seen it, but I've never had the opportunity to be here. It was really kinda need to walk around to see people from all different countries, you know some the stuff that they have from their home countries to look at them and things that you can learn about it. Did you smell the food thought about yeah yeah I have but I could not to get the food until after the show is Friday. I just be it a blessing not able to talk at all just really to see the community that's out here today.

That's really formed around the love of Christ. Even though they come from multiple backgrounds which is really pretty cool and that's our topic for today isn't Robin yet. We have been doing the pillars salmon. I've written about the team. We usually have Jim and any and all those people talk about the pillars of the masculine journey and with that idea being, you know, when you take a pillar out of the foundation then sums got a tip and it's not to go so well and we've done the pillar of faith, obviously, which is critical and hope and love and joy and joy and today we are talking one of the pillars and a lot of men may not realize this is community absolutely the pillar of community is vital. I know each time we talk about we talk about how vital things are. You just made the analogy, that's correct. Without a pillar.

Something is not going to say and stand it may stand for a little while but you get a storm from the right direction it's going to come down you know without that foundation and that pillar and in communities.

One is men we often kinda push away while it has to do a society kinda telling us.

Just be tough you can handle it. You don't need anybody wants Rambo yeah why what I need anybody I have my machete and my bow and arrow and I can blow up after work yesterday I just I need to be a survivor out there on my own and anything is like with a lot of it. There's elements of truth. That's what makes it feel kinda right but it's so far from the truth. You biblically when you look back you we were created in God's image, not just God's image are created in the holy Trinity is backing look in Genesis.

It talks about. We were rated as women and children and yeah it it's were made in community and were meant to be in community and that was man's original purpose in the garden is easy to walk with God in community you and we have all this that were reminded of it, but somehow his men, we tend to forget it and kinda move on and just try to be these lone wolves out there on our own. I don't think we just tend to forget that the enemy comes in and out with that lie. You don't need anybody, and you can you know me me help you can do this on your own and I need to good YouTube video. That's right that's on the nonathletic to go well and I think you couples with the fact that a lot of times people been hurt by community especially if you look at you and for me personally.

Some of my biggest wounds over time came from a community in which I thought it was safe yet whether that be family, whether that be friends but a community that in some ways was supposed to love me and protect me and keep things safe then end up being that way. And so when you have that in your background it. It almost makes you fearful at times of community and its enemies plan is to divide you and conquer you so he can just take you away from the pack and in the value down the road. Now you have to do is watch like on Netflix.

They have that BBC thing on the earth, and they show all these different you know the ocean there. They show the that the tundra wherever, in each case, if you look at what the predator does.

He is looking to separate the caribou from the packet care buoys looking to separate know the baby seal from the rest of the seals and the sinners again don't get them out there isolated you know that essentially shark food ha ha shark when you look at even the movies we watch you look at our TV shows you going to something back is very very secular in nature that the show friends.

What made friends so popular was at the end of the day, yet was about their adventures, but was about community you all the shows we see about football teams. What makes us so special is community. I think that team that made you feel like you are part of something yet. Remember the Titans is one my favorite movies. You have all the struggles that's going on around them, politically, socially, all the things of that, based on a true story movie and have this community of people from different backgrounds. They come in and form the small community that last for decades and this is friendship sees deep intimate people that they could walk through life with and that's what God is calling us to do. First and foremost with him, but in community with others and we can't walk in community in place of God were meant to walk in conjunction with God in a community around the question I have for you is I know communities been pretty important to you that our community has really been there for each other times in the group you've had in just think about a time where a community wasn't be our Christmas for Chris that Christian businessman, or any of those that have really stepped up and helped you in the community. Absolutely. Well, you know, I have several different stories that I can share, but one that clearly always will stand out in my mind will be you know what I was crushed with the Jeep. Yeah, and I just had my last chemotherapy treatment and went out on the Jeep jamboree and got crushed between two jeeps and Murphy North Carolina. They airlifted me to lift me up.

It took me back ambulance all the way from Murphy to Baptist Hospital because they were freaked out because here's this guy with his shattered leg and he just finished chemotherapy and one that got there it was like 3 o'clock in the morning and my entire Sunday school class.

I mean, in that this is not a few people. This was like 70 or 80 people waiting in the emergency room for this aim is to come will probably do more to go in to get treated for my like this situation and I'll never ever ever forget this was on the greatest testimonies of all time. The nurse, and she's wheeling me and you know with whatever she goes.

You must be from that Calvary Baptist Church and I said how would you know and she goes 01.

Are you guys show up, you bring a group with and that is a picture of you know of what community and when people come around it when you got a crisis. It's just it's a testimony that that nurse knew that the only reason all these people would be down here at 3 o'clock the morning is that this person obviously was a member of a strong community and with the local we have with us Ramon. How did I get for my sister and remotest part of the community here at the friendlier pitch and Ramon is there a story in your life where you needed that that the pillar of community where people showed up for you when there was something that happened maybe people from this church, for it will worsen or talk about today.

Ramon is men tend to isolate weekly attendance can if you like. We don't need community but in truth, God tells us we need community you know and Wagnon learn from. A lot is listening to stories of when community really came for other men and and that's would love to hear if you have anything like that, you know, either here or at home or community really just came to your aid when you really need. Well I'll tell you just a small experience. I graduated over a year ago from seminary and I'm currently looking for work.

For example, so that is something I've been a been looking for for a while now and just just by spending time here very little time.

The friend out of the church. Many people have already started you know talking to me and see how they can help me and you know get in touch with with other contacts and stuff like that.

So that is something that might be a simple thing, but I think it is sent. Love you more when we come back to get me going to break in speaking a community.

People are free to come to the November, November 9-12 we find that men make bonds there definitely was God with each other. Community spring that we just pray about coming masking 30 to register now in Africa five-year-old shrew has no choice she and millions like her walk miles during water but together we can by providing clean water close by instead of spending hours walking. He wanted to makes the same rules can be in a classroom in mom's looking back time to care for their family, sons and daughters strong sicknesses you to stand water change of world vision.this is a engram lots of daily life for daily living. Why does God let bad things happen to good people and people sometimes his ways seems so hard to understand.

In Romans 828 Paul says we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him been called according to his purpose phrased another way Paul was reminding the children of God. They can be confident that brokenness leads to blessing us to live suffering leads to glory.

Has someone suggested you that if God really wanted your best. God really loved you he would never be allowed you to lose that job if God really cared you be healthy and problem free. God is said that the proof of his love is none of these things listen to me. God loves you. The proof is that he is just giving you Jesus.

This is a engram lots actually for young children, always safety steps to prevent all to learn new steps safely got a public service message from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. I'm getting older. I need to worry about falling yes you do each year. One in four people 65 and older will experience a fall, and many will be serious majority of calls happen at home with things that could make you treat and install handrails to keep you standing to learn more about the steps you can take to help prevent a fall. Please talk to your doctor. You can also visit AARP or Medicare made message is brought to you by United healthcare and AARP don't let that keep you down. Protect your career, your family and your financial future. With help from an FCC financial advocate who understands the money is current and former military members schedule confidential financial review with an objective nonprofit financial counselor.

Call us today 877404632 visit us at an FCC/military now selling siding like festival at the friendlier big church in Kernersville North Carolina since actually 1292 Wicker WHI CK ER Road. If you put that in your navigation you want to get over here because you want eat some of this cost that you want eat the kebabs you got some comments in the oh yes, it's all there. You can smell it from blocks away. Or maybe you want to adopt is that which, when the blinding light when I can't get… That I get with my accent. Anyway, they have that all is just all different things about the pillar of the mask entering the pillar of community and how is men you know, we need these pillars lifelike faith and love and hope and joy but actually if you don't have anybody to share life with somebody that's you can put your arm around when you break your leg like I did, which actually I guess I should share that briefly.

For those that don't know it.

I broke my leg on Labor Day and because I'm one of my best friends is Bob Young from 109 you poet and I know that when I'm in trouble. I can dial 788-9122 and he'll come pull my boat for me because my case I ran out of gas and I thought that I would call Bob because I knew he lived on the lake so you haven't heard the stories I called Bob and he comes out and he's going to tell the boat to get some gas and that didn't still to start so we can tell it away from the gas.and I went out on the bow because it look like were going to hit another boat and as I went to pushoff of the boat that look like you hit another boat behind me that I was not aware there it hit which then shook the boat and knocked Robbie off the front of the boat which would not been that bad because I just got in the water, but somehow or another. My right leg decided to grab hold of the rail on. I don't even know how I did it my ankle one side of my knee the other and snap broke my leg and there I am hanging upside down hanging upside down in the water and so Bob sees all this shenanigans and like my wife and family said before, you could even breathe.

The man jumped in the water off and he was driving his boat eat jobs of the water and he comes up underneath me to get my head up out of the water. Well, my, my daughter and her friend take my leg and wrap it from the which seem like to two weeks for me, but I think it was about two minutes of that leg being broken and hanging from it was not a very pleasant experience, but I say all that to say this, I have no concept of what that experience what it been like without having a brother like Bob Young who I can just assure you, a brother like Sam like that, like other people that I walk with it or just would do anything in the world for you in a moment of crisis, but we also have here with us today. Another brother who I've broken Peter with more than one occasion Camille and Camille.

There was a point in your life where that community really meant everything for you on a lot.

Some a whole lot bigger than a broken light years ago you got agreement that the cancer and we we stayed in Aptos Hospital for over about four years and we always water involved with our church family in our school family and the community around us and and you won't believe Rob home much and how important was that community surrounding us is important to make us go through this difficult time. We went through and it's it's it was so much support that we were overwhelmed with the love and the prayers from our church members from all school members.

It's amazing how everybody came together united under Christ, pray for us in praying for Ray my life and supported us and is leasing the way you can imagine some some school support us and in meals with the families of the whole school system. The decided to provide this meal off the meal after me. I really can't tell. I love food was a tremendous hit, especially where my wife and I walked in the hospital was really not. Most of the time, a schoolteacher from Steinmetz Christian school day.

They really help our kids through their homework and had to catch up with their school because we left home, like before to take care of the kids and the church members here. I mean we have visitation off the visitation every single day met and their sedate story behind that. I happen to know your story that this like mine was a testimony that other people are watching this and that there are at the end of the hall in ramus room you know is a Middle Eastern Christian festival going on in the root because they see this all these Middle Eastern huggers. Now if you haven't been a Middle Eastern Christian festival you what you would know this, but they love to hug one another, and so they see others hugging what the world is going there and and and some of the doctors took notice like what's going on and you know what chair she/he almost got other add the waiting room we want in the ICU for about four weeks. He wasn't home and that we have been an ongoing basis from like 10 o'clock in the morning till about 10 o'clock night. 22 3040 people from either shift member family friends from the school members are sitting in the waiting room hemming and praying and supporting us and talking to us and visit with us as it was amazing, was like a triage an ongoing basis and that waiting room for over four-week and nice you and a lot of people witnessed and we had a lot of people from the ICU unit family members that looks our family, but other families came outside and they asked us to pray for their children and who was going on. The difficult and there was actually a doctor who was who was touched by it that came to know Christ as a result of my right that's that's correct. Actually we met them, a professor where we would wake forest University. He was an English professor and the result on all of he so as EEs question was how could you guys be joyful when you guys going on there difficult climb like this and that open opportunity to share the love of Christ and to share what would Jesus have to talk to Thomas for old SKUs and even your daughter who I know the listeners are concerned they would be pitch sheets graduated now, but she gave you an answer. One time to the question theme and wouldn't before she got sick. Her biggest question was to me why GCS allowed Matt thinks to have people in the was the biggest question and I always try to toss that biblically and you know from from what I know and I show there are so many different places in the Bible know how God brought good that situations and somehow she never really got it till after that English professor I'm refitting to came to Christ on off agreement to come to Christ and Harold Brown and it's amazing God used very heavy accent guy like me in my my family to really hit it to share the love of Christ with an English professor at Wake Forest Baptist at Wake Forest University and that and then you got to know the answer.

He came to Christ enough that he left anemic and said that now I know why God allowed this to happen to me now was not the confirmation to see that how God he product life out of death, Jesus out of his death.

He gave us life okay and he always use or allow or order of things happen like this that he brings good out of it and you know Nina was sick, very sick and we all in the beginning wonder what's going on. Then we stopped utilizing how God used emasculation to really bring blessings to a lot of people around us in the community. Blessings loss as well because we have grown so much through that experience and now we understand that God will always bring good out of his situation. I don't care how tough the situation. You just need to trust in him and you need to believe he's the only thing he's in control, and if you believe that God will always be there, that's amazing that unites Christian sometimes were going through those things we that the shame of it is not that were going through that which is horrible that we sometimes let God work in it.

You know, we don't turn it over to me. Don't trustingly know give to him that faith that God you're going to do something.

Even with this business. Things can happen and they do happen.

If you like I do work.

We live in the wicked Gordon you know things that things would happen.

The question is are you phase the spec things by yourself or with with the law of Christ.

And then I and I design their part thereto that I wanted to bring out consist show is about community and it's not just you and Christ it's you in Christ and allowing other people to come in and be your community. When you hurt and it unit to be transparent enough to say, look, I'm really hurting. I need some help and and you know about. There are always people right now Baptist Hospital. I promise you they all have kids over there. They're not even telling their families. They're not even telling the church because they're afraid like you're talking about community and that's critical that you allow people to share in that your struggle because they got a huge blessing by coming over and you caught in the middle. There's this whole aspect of you know we know Jesus as Savior we know Jesus's friend and that develops over time. When your first a Christian, and even in your your journey. You know you really only get some of this glimpse of Christ from other Christians is that they bring that aspect and show Jesus's love to you in a very tangible real way that makes it so concrete in your heart you know you I think of the people that's gone through the stuff that's happened in Texas recently are in Florida and the power of community, reaching out in love is huge and it's so innate in us that even non-Christians don't realize that the drought of that community for got hardwired us with that need in unit he sent out people, Jesus sent out people to let them know about him because they need to have those communities within instant so many of these cultures and I never been from a place overseas, but I have friends there, is how much they needed that. We thank you for listening last hope you join us next week on when it's been an adventure to get the last couple weeks. Consider coming to night 12, pray to God.

I know you want to meet there to the masculine journey radio show comes to you weekly on the truth because of your faithful prayer and gifts their addresses. Masculine journey radio, PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 or Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the Truth Network

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