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Pillars - A Beauty to Rescue

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 14, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars - A Beauty to Rescue

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are very glad to have you today.

If you're in North Carolina. It's been a confusing week has been for me it's been really warm again like the week before. It felt like fall that's been on 85 a week. This week, Indian summer.

Yeah, it's warm.

I don't really like it that way. It's been with different house guests. I had went together yeah yeah at this time looking at the pillars of the masculine journey we been talking about that now for little while a couple months maybe now they six or seven weeks and so you talk about the pillars in the concept behind it is is a pillar just like in a building is something that's needed for to stand up and if you if you're building a house and ground that's unstable you have to put literally concrete pillars in the ground for two pylons and on different things that's really exactly that a pillar in you being a builder you understand these mostly ensue without that the whole thing is going to crumble at some point it's going to give way well in mass and journey is on unstable ground framing the whole thing kinda get pitfalls and Jesus talks about the narrow path is just lots of things that come in the opposition of this pillars are vital to getting through is not that sure footing, organ, and at dammit really slippery road and wait. So some of the things we talked about as a pillars we started with faith, from there to help out action flick. It was love is love, Howard Howard, Harold, I think it was a joy so have been called a lot worse if you guys are here probably does that people find a new name and I give them the hardest time about the course of the year and when it messes up we had started to go into a different direction. Talking about some other pillars intentionally adventure live and we had a battle to find out the fight and Lindsley tested tonight which is a beauty to rescue one of the things I was thinking about talking about this one is the adventure battle in the beauty those are the core desires as John wrote about but also pillars that we need to have in our life. But if we take those in the wrong direction and try to make those identity way everything goes bad.

You know if the adventure is your identity right things are going to work out long if fighting for fighting's sake is my identity as being a lawyer at all costs is not like an anti-pillar is taken the wrong direction. And the reason I want to make that point is Jim we're talking a bit earlier.

This is one guys kind of struggle with this with the others, but this one is like the one that they really struggling. It is so easy to and I'll just preface this by saying I'm a rescuer so that's a big one for me, but if you go after the wrong beauty to rescue. If you are trying to do other things. It's a disaster and it is. It's a hard struggle still deal with trying to rescue someone today and I can't but he uses us as far as love of your life.

There is one and then think about Sam so many of the men that come to boot camp when we get there. Prayer cards.

This is why they can strip them out it's it's where the struggle as well. Want to go to clip the mind you listen listen to one of her heroes show track struggling with this concept of rescue beauty and this is what every little girl dreams about you know, stereotypically anyways that the is a princess in the castle in her rescuer comes rescuer. Let's pick up on that clip and see what happens, you know, maybe no. I can know know you wouldn't just wasn't in the job description is you where you say I'm not your type. Okay obviously this strict heart wasn't really in the right place on this venture wasn't. He was kinda conned into the whole brain sameness territory thing and is very self-serving for them as well is after to try to get his territory back in. This is just the means he had to take to get that get what he wanted and and that's where times guys trip up women as they see them as a means to get something they want and I love the picture or not it is.

I've been thinking about this show that the world sets it up like the damsel is in the castle locked by the Dragon and isn't that the way that really it is for the bride of Christ that she's locked away in this castle and he's got her chained up in and him coming to the rescue is there's a reason why men fall so hard right here it is. It's deftly hardware is an image bearer, we reflect that the thing that I was getting at is, we gotta check our motives along the way, you know, constructs, motive yeah he achieved what was it wasn't a paramedic and a second clip if we could hear this guys motive. This is from the movie pretty woman wrap you and set it up a little bit yet. While this doesn't require that much set up other than you know he's beginning to date. You know this very pretty woman in the story she is a prostitute right right in his mind in some way.

He's rescuing some pickup and listen to that interchange and how she responds to see this ranch car is a wide variety of stores guaranteed to suck up to a setting like a shopping is done last 10 how would it be well for one thing straight. What is it you want to see happen between us when I was a little girl my mama used to lock pretty often and I would pretend I was a princess attracting talent by a wicked cool on a white horse with these colors finally come charging up his sword way to climb up the tower never all the time I had this dream say to me, maybe going kind. We talk before the show little bit about a woman needs to know something. At the very basic or about that person who is God's bringing in her life to help rescue her. What was the thing you're sharing with this before the I think every woman wants to believe down the that her man will die for her if necessary, and I think that is a husband. That's a primary responsibility that we have if we truly love that woman and we would be willing to do that. That question you guys have daughters is very different for the daughter wondering what that step in their if need be. For me, probably right. It's one of the core desires lady has a several is my worth fighting for and it's it's a similar thing that I see clearly that is like a picture of what I know Jesus is government has done and is going to do for us. One of the things that just really thrills me to death is a sweetheart refers to me as her night and shining armor. The guy in the white hat and on draft white car and she constantly and it just that boost my 5 foot seven guy, I feel 8 feet tall because of the way she treats me in that regard.

Jim and Harold talked about that point before you went on hold concept about dying, but in no different way. I did and when he set up as a 5 foot seven guys that mean I have to be 9 feet tall as a six. The I've always visualized myself as being willing to at least get hurt trying to rescue somebody when I was kid and I've learned over a fairly long life that dying for someone physically, at least for me. For most man's it is easy. What's hard is living for the dying to self. Every day putting that person first.

That's, that's where you win the heart of the beauty literature daughter, wife, your mother if you are living for others, that is how we rescue the beauty in his first eclipse we had. We started with were either disguised dying to self warily in the mixed drink. He told if you watch Shrek later on. Shrek really comes around and does the right thing just have to watch it again soon.

Shrek to watch a great movie. We can talk about what really looks like the fight for the heart of a woman with pure motives, with the right intent. The way God intended for you to register for a bit can't minimize continue the same mask I talked about ways you can help support clearly where we can get PO Box 552 7285 you will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom venture with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be lawyers for the kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 masculine journey to register your thinking, talking about the topic of rescuing the US. Some women about that. You need to be rescued.

You think someone will respond to my daughter if you told her that she would put on the feminist hat and off she would go that's a fascinating question and in part of the puzzle that is a man you you can't help but kind enjoy but if you watch Clint Eastwood and you see them messing with Clint Eastwood's girlfriend or wife you see him start to hurt her whenever there's something if you're a man that wells up like this is gonna be good and in the end it's an interesting thing that that's where I feel like that Corey is that core desire that is really fascinating expression of how you desperately need to be able to do that, but do it and I will. I think that's exactly on point with the in some of their history plays in his men of trying to rescue them with the wrong intent in the wrong way you with with that Shrek -like motives are worse than that. Richard Gere motives as we had first that you went when you walk with God and you walk through the steps in saying that how do I go after this person's heart.

How do you want me to love on this person. It takes you to a totally different place. That's not immediate, sometimes it takes years and years and years and time and time again. The second clip that we had from pretty woman in and listen to something before this is he's really kind of changes motives changes in his hearts change that's really what it is as hearts change towards her. He's going after her for the right reasons and see how that kind of plays out as you listen. This little town. We do need to set up a lemonade and that he is coming in this white limousine on the outside in a wave of his umbrella actually like a sword, and he was deathly afraid of heights and so him, even climbing up this fire escape is a big huge deal in the course we can't show you that, but all that is going on as he is now climbing the tower to rescue someone conduct the time rescued him as something so don't think this is always on the last part was just for you. Keep on was dismayed to celebrate what's happened here that this lady to went into this.

It relationship with very low expectations and ends up defining what she really was dreaming for and you know it is.

It's a beautiful thing and then were celebrated.

It is shared a story he was sure that again about both of you and my feeling rescue yeah. She says that I rescued her when we met my goal in life. Five or six years inventive fighter pilot in the Navy and not two weeks after I passed the written exam for AOC. Her brother trick me into a blind date and about six weeks, we're engaged to be married and we had to wait for me to finish, go but she rescued me because I didn't become a pilot and have to go to Vietnam and perhaps now there so she is made it clear to me over the years and we've been married 53 years. Last June, and she lets me know that she rescued me to think that it is something that God uses for both your hearts in the midst of it not arrive as asking a question now rescuing can look very different in very different ways with with a female and what some of the ways that you guys would talk about this rescue. What's in some ways you can go after females heart for me and I went to this first boot camps with that very issue.

Like wow I know that I'm not finding a way to love my wife well I don't know how to even approach this and and through understanding looking for your wife's glory and seeing that in my case after I began to look at it while my wife has a phenomenal ability to nurture babies and hold babies and I'd seen this in church and also to stuff but she was a stay-at-home mom and trying to figure out what her next step was in and suggesting and staying on her to go to work for essentially in Ardmore Baptist Church in a daycare. You have not had to see her walking her glory. She was completely like rescued and you know the way that she just loves what she does in an income that she came out of the dungeon so to speak, and into what it was that she could she could do and I got to see that.

But at the same time she rescued me because you know people have listen to my shows about when I struggled with pornography and I never thought my wife would forgive me for that and I really struggle with telling her but when I did finally, a few years ago my wife's forgiveness on something. I thought that I wouldn't should never be forgiven for literally rescued my heart in a way I never dreamed possible but it was a big part of this I rescued her, but then she came back and rescued me in such a way you know what this ministry has done for my life there in my marriage. There is no way that I can even begin to put a value on what Jesus is done through understanding this particular aspect of fighting for. Jim, I'm in an earlier question, I did ask reflecting on Thursday that somebody you done a lot of counseling over the people is there a formula of any kind or is each each time it's different.

You get to know the person story.

If you don't know the person you have to get some people harder to get to know that others, but now there is no set. If there is a one thing, it's What I said before you Put the needs of others before year-end. You have to train others to do that and that resolves most marital issues that so many men after conquering the beauty, not necessarily winning that becomes the battle to fight. That's a miserable place to be. You the things that your Eldridge writes about. He writes about you know the woman wants to know that she's worth fighting for things it that he wrote in either by the harder one.

The other books I read of his was hurt. Maybe as it is boot camp as it wasn't her biggest fear typically is abandonment and ingenuity here sometimes those walls that are out those things that are out it's dealing either with past abandonment or fear of abandonment, known sometimes as is coming along and letting them know I'm going to be here. I'm always gonna be here and not in a leaf and then that now night and it got somewhere or something like Sprite or shiny or whatever is right and stay here level and every marriage is different from every other one I think that what I think a man needs to do is to find out what will make her feel certain of his love for me again huge number of points I write poems for my wife and she just loves that and maybe you know you can't write a poem, but you can do some else Mike Michael piece of furniture so I can't really well for this last one to get in is knowing the woman's part in going after that. Now I want to go ahead and play this clip from Jerry McGuire where he's been married his wife's kind of left team because of some things. It's been going on and he shows back up at a women's book club writes its full remedy. Stefan is very vulnerable place. I want to hear this conversation that he has with her with the other women listening Project company picnic fairy Mary wasn't complete nearly close to being in the same vicinity as complete because I couldn't share with you and hear your voice. Laugh about it with you. I miss my wife.

We live in a cynical, cynical, and we work in the business of tough competitors. You complete just has this will really your favorite part of that last part was. It is a girl saying no, this is the best talking because you can hear the heart of all these ladies that want to feel something from the heart that somebody really chose them that there that there chosen and and and it's clearly a picture of Christ. He chose you and he isn't complete without you and that's really hard to grasp whatever but it is such a picture of our Savior and not just what every woman wants, but at some level.

Every person this beauty to rescue something that God lays on her heart. We can't do it without him we try to step into that in in runoff in that direction. You can crash and burn. Maybe not advocate for at some point, his nose kept crashing and burning. That's right. That movie ferment right me to start a business together that the shared adventure in a chart off on his own and leads are behind right and abandons her and so she takes off and say comes after her heart again. Now we this is just touching on the topic so very very small. We can't really get into it half-hour show that there is a time you can come up and listen to. More on this topic and in the things ago on either side of it. That's a bit later. November 9 through the 12th and the beauty of that is challenging with some things, but then you get to go talk to God.

And when he shows up and talks to your heart. That's when you really see the brakes are in you got had to speak to you.

I'm assuming the say hey Otto. After her after her glory as you look at it in women are puzzle their puzzle that there were complex and we are as men and you need God's help, to help her out.

What's that way in the really go to their heart after their heart and love with pure motives wanting to fight for them for their sake. Please think about what's my fight for your daughter to go fight for the Utes in your life that way. We invite you to get a mask Internet to register for the boot camp and November 9-12.

It's filling up quickly with love to have you there. Would love to meet you and spend more time with it today.

Have a great week

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